Lifting Our Shoulders Part 1 Of 2 – Postures Of Prayer

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Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate from within you as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. So, as we're trying to form our peace today, I'm welcoming everyone out to postures of presence. postures of prayers, always been a place for us to come and try to improve our balance. But I'm hoping that that balance will translate over into your Salah. So let's try it together today. Let's see where that leaves us at today's Joomla. So I wanted to try something unique. See if we can

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see on Fridays, a lot of people are making dua, so I got blood for those of you just joining us. So so far, we've talked about the postures of prayer about unlocking ourselves. We've talked about our feet, and if you haven't caught the Hon the Athan episode, brother Belaz. Vlog, if you haven't seen it, yet, the last episode really focused on feet. So if you saw a ground game from postures of prayer, that's the before. And brother below is the after. It's what your feet should look like. And if you're looking like wow, we have a long way to go. Well, so do I. So we'll be part of that process together. So from the ground game, then we said we were really going to work on opening up

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our we wanted to open up our lower back, open up the hips, and then start the lower half of the body wide ecommerce, Santa Monica Missoula start healing that lower half of the body. But today's Juma, so I wanted to do something a little special. If everyone would join me for 10 Salawat. A lot of my Sunday was salam ala Nabina. Muhammad.

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A lot of times we we ask from a loss, why not with the IRA and when we don't get it immediately. So today, I want to talk about the ask, let's assume, and this is okay, if this

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is your first episode, let's assume that you have

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you have your lower half under, under wraps, ie feet are not too far out. Feet are not too far in. But there's a neutral position. And there's that buoyancy in the knees, you're comfortable. your kneecaps are not coming out in front of your toes. Wonderful. So let's assume that but today is Friday. So today, I want you to try with me, I want you to start a dua from demo like give me give me give me, I want you to start a DUA, and I want you to come from the back. So you're going to now come into your wings. And I want you to as if you're lifting up something, right? Do you see a difference? Or do you feel a difference. So let's come back, identify your wings, suck the air in.

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And as you're holding that air, and after a while you'll start to feel you'll start to feel where the ribcage is some of us do a little bit, Jelly feeling Gooshie filling in the belly. Let's try it together if you want to roll the shoulders for just a little bit. And these are all I'm doing this one because it's Friday, but if you haven't identified your shoulder joint, and if this is your first time watching, please don't hurt yourself. So for everyone out there, fifth and sixth part, I've got my shoulder joints, I've identified my wings. And now it's the concept of you see it right, you're lifting up. And from here, you're holding your hand, sternum level, but now I'm holding from

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a bottom up bottom part here. So if you could come from your wings, pull up from one place here and I am going to ask that imposter you try to put your elbows together. The idea is if you really want it from Allah subhanaw taala you're really going to ground yourself into a posture and then not just give me kind of just hanging here, but I'm going to identify my wings

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and then I'm going to lift up