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The speakers discuss the concept of salvation in Islam, which is the ability to overcome sin and receive forgiveness. They stress the importance of avoiding sinful behavior and acknowledging and apologizing for sin. The responsibility of Islam is to avoid sin and avoid sinful behavior. The speakers also emphasize the importance of forgiveness and proper deed to avoid sin. Additionally, they provide deceptive examples of police officers killing drivers and advise to be strong and defend oneself in a situation. Finally, the speakers emphasize the importance of living Islam and being a pure, simple, easy-to-reporting person.

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When we say salvation,

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my assumptions that you're talking about something which she means and ways that make you be forgiven or be saved or something like this.

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I don't know what's the equivalent, my language, who knows Arabic, but this what I understand from salvation. So the people that are going through life, and they believe in a creator, and they're looking to be saved, they're looking, they know that look that this life will come to an end. And tomorrow, that I'm going to be accountable that I've been doing some wrong things. So I need salvation, I need to get saved, or you mean I need to be saved, or I need to be forgiven. Otherwise, other words, yeah. Okay. So let's talk about today, the concept of salvation in Islam, for instance, we'll compare it to Christianity, they believe, once you accept that Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the

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blood of Jesus, that He died for your sins, that you're all good. Okay. Correct. And do you? Do we have this same concept in Islam? Yes, we once we become Muslims, or we say,

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yes, but are you continue to be saved, because you don't know any better before. So now you find the truth. And now you're willing to submit yourself to your Creator. So as a gift, as a prize for you, now you are forgiving. For all what had happened from you before, not knowingly that this was the wrong way. Now you find the right direction. So by making this U turn, now, as a result of this should be forgiving. But what's going to happen after this? Are you going to continue in the life of sin, or he tried to do better now.

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So this is the issue here.

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But nobody has to give his blood or her blood, for you to be forgiving. So basically, that you acknowledge your Creator, and that you're willing now to live, what he the way how he wants you to live. So how do we, as human beings, now get salvation? How does a human being let's talk about, we weren't going to put Christian or Muslim? How does a human being in general, a human being he doesn't know any better now? He's starting to seek the truth. How does that person now achieve salvation? Okay.

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salvation in Islam, even before we talk about salvation, is very important for you to understand that Islam doesn't believe in the original sin

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is that Islam doesn't

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teach or promotes the idea that you born in sin. So you just come into this life, but you already center. So this is not what is in Islam.

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Even Islam, give you a period

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to grow up and to develop your understanding and your mind to be responsible about your action. Because we have to understand, I think it's very important to try to understand what is sin in Islam break is the law of God, this what is the sin, okay? violation

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towards much is the creator or towards one of his creation. So by knowingly by doing this knowingly, now you are committing sin, but a child

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who just born,

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how he can be a sinner. He didn't do anything wrong yet.

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In addition to this, Islam say that the child is not going to be responsible about his action or her action until he reaches the age of puberty. Okay. So you have this grace period, that you are not responsible, really about your action. So your parents still have to discipline you, correct you and teach you that this is shouldn't be done. Now, when you reach maturity, now you become responsible about your action. If you know that this is wrong, and he's still doing it. Now you are a sinner about this action. But none of us been born in the same neighbor. None of us carry the sin of others. Gotcha. Okay, we're going to take a break. We'll be right back on the deen show.

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If you ask me who my god is, on whose name I call, if you ask me who my god is. He's the God

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So Allah, The Merciful.

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Muslims believe that every human being is born clean and pure, ready to submit by nature, which means no one will come on the day of judgment and say, oh god, you cannot punish me because you are the one created me bad by nature.

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One of the wonderful things about Islam is that we do not believe that human beings are born into some type of original sin or curse. We believe in the fact that the creator of all God Almighty, has written on the hard drive of every human being the ability to know him to draw closer to Him, and to worship and serve Him. Thus, instead of original sin, we as Muslims believe in original goodness. Muslims believe that people are born without any inherited sin. Although we believe that we are from Adam and Adam is from Earth. We also believe that if someone has committed a sin or a crime, he should carry the sin on his own shoulder on the Day of Judgment, not on the shoulder of his sons, or

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his grandsons, or his great great grandsons.

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We're talking about salvation in Islam, Islam, yes, and Islam. Okay, so nobody, we got this out of the way that nobody's paying the price for your sins. No one, you're accountable for your actions. Exactly. Now, what if you make a sin? What if you go ahead and you do something against the commands of God, okay, what I'm saying what's happening, when your children get dirty, you're gonna have to take it to the dry cleaner. Okay, y'all know but through this shirt, okay? Or maybe wife, if, like one of these good wives, old days used to wash it and take care of their husband. So the same thing, committed sins that now you dirty, your soul, not your share. Now you did something. Again, it's the

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command of Almighty God, the Creator, how you going to clean yourself

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is very important to understand. That is no single human being that free from sin.

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We are not angels. God Almighty created angels that their own nature, they could not sin. Okay. You could not say God Almighty create us with abilities that we can sin, but he's not telling us to sin. But it's still our own weakness, our deficiency our problems as a human being, that we can sin, but does not mean that this is the end of the life if you commit sin. Now go and commit suicide and kill yourself because you sin, there is a way how to come back. And start number one, acknowledging the fault and the mistakes that you made. Number two, that you need to feel sorry about what you did, to regret. And number three, you need to ask Almighty God, Allah to forgive you. so appealing for

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forgiveness, humbling yourself before a mature creator, acknowledging your sin, and begging His forgiveness. And you can follow this by a good deed.

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This is a sin, because there is two different types of sins is sin, which violation of the command of Almighty God and it's between you and God Almighty Allah. And there is another kind of sin which a violation of the command of Almighty Allah, but involve the rights of a human being. As example, if I did not fast or if I don't make my prayer, okay, this is not in didn't harm you by any means. I break the order. I break the law, okay, by not making my prayer. So this between me and God, it doesn't involve the human being, but if I steal your wallet,

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stealing is forbidden. But taking your wallet. Now this is add to the sense that I'm taking violation against you and your property. So part of the salvation here, or let's use the word forgiveness, okay, that I need to return your wallet to you. I don't continue saying God forgive me. And I'm enjoying you understand using the credit card doesn't work. It doesn't work like this. So when it comes to something involved your relationship and Almighty Allah only. So now what you need to do, you need to ask God's forgiveness in return the property to the lawful owner.

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This is something very necessary for the forgiveness to be accepted.

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Gotcha. Let's move on to the next question. If we

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When looking at Islam, which is very rational, that if you make a sin, that you, yourself are responsible for this, of course now at what age? Do you are you accountable? is a child born into sin in Islam? No, we said we don't believe in the original sin. Yes. And even with our own logic, okay. Like, okay, now, a child just born.

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Definition of sin is Breton's a command of God. violation. Again, is God or violation against his law or violation against a human being? Okay, or part of his creation? It was a child just born just come into this life. What sin did he commit? What does he know about sin yet? So even in Islam, if you do something by mistake, you don't know that this is forbidden, and he did it. So there is excuse for you. All right. So how a child who is not capable to think he doesn't know the law he doesn't, how you can call even himself? How he can commit, how you can attribute to him out.

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So at what age is someone

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who says that when the reaches the age of puberty, maturity, tell us? How do you answer the question that when certain people, they try to tell you that look, someone has to pay the price for you, since I know this goes against Islam, but they used to justify that back? way back. They used to offer animals a sacrifice. Have you heard this before? Yeah, I heard this. But what does the animal okay? If you're talking about that you make a good deed, asking God Almighty to forgive you. And as a result of this doing a good deed, the blood doesn't take the sin, we're talking about doing a righteous deed, getting closer to God because He made violation. Now you try to please God, by being

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good to the poor and the needy giving them food. This is okay. But does not mean that blood has to be the only means and way for you to be forgiving, shedding the blood. This is not correct. And also the thing about somebody has to pay for your sin. This is I don't know how he even reached this conclusion. Because even the Bible doesn't say this. That the son doesn't carry their the sin of the Father, neither the father pays the son of his son. This is a Bible.

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But people make their own idea or their own understanding. But the whole thing is that you so you have

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to believe in somebody has to die for you. So basically, is going to be Jesus. And this is the only conviction about for you to believe in Jesus is that you have to believe in Him that He died for your sin. And

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so, but is not even in the Bible. Was this teaching of Jesus? Excuse me again? Is there any authentic information? If nothing like I said, even if you read in the in the Bible in the Old Testament, and the teaching of Jesus Anderson, who is the Ask him, Master Master, tell me about the salvation He said, believe unrighteous deed, he didn't say believe in in my blood.

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And he says that there is no soul carries a burden of other soul. The same single I can Islam

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is this is something that all the messengers taught. This is always because God Almighty is fair and just

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God is fair, unjust. I didn't do anything wrong. And after this,

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my neighbor I understand coming, calling the police and the police coming to take me because somebody else did something Exactly. Like I was given example somebody like me, and you drive in a car, speeding on the highway. I am the driver, I'm speeding. And here is a policeman come in and say, Mr. Eddie, can I have your driver license and your registration? Why would you want your driving? But exactly what we say. But the problem is not about asking you. Maybe you try to know who you are in the car, but he's given us a ticket giving me the ticket. I am the driver Amazon who's speeding he given us a ticket. Of course you're not going to accept this. I don't think anybody

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nobody, but one plus one equals two but when you say one orange plus one apple will be three banana. So the cans of a one plus one equal to A can work with some people certain times, but other times will be three and V five.

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That's if you could not accept the cancer of a policeman given the person who set himself deliver a ticket not the driver.

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So why do you accept that Jesus, peace be upon him have to pay for your sins.

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And in Islam, he says that was furthermore a buffalo, so much double horrible for tabouleh who had that Adam had violate this obey God and he went to stray. But later on is say that he turned to Almighty Allah seeking forgiveness and Almighty Allah forgive him.

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So now the sin of Adam is already been forgiven even before its upcoming Jesus. Allah says that is not forgiving Adam commit a sin what Jesus have to die? Why does it have to be the sin of somebody else?

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It doesn't, it doesn't make any sense.

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Come and see what everyone's talking about.

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Alright, guys, welcome to the deen show self defense workshop, where we teach you how to defend yourself ever confronted by someone who is trying to attack you, you or your loved ones, then you move to the self defense situation to be able to defend yourself in a bad situation, you got it?

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Going I have two hands around my neck. Okay, it's a bad situation to be in if you don't know how to get out. So from here, what I'm going to do is, one hand is going to shoot through boom,

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it's going to shoot through I'm going to hook his head and step in at the same time. From here, clear the hips. Now notice I have control over his head and his arm. And from here, look around facing the same direction he is now head arm. And from here, all I need to do is strike my legs.

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And he's down. defending myself from being in a bad situation. Now I can run out go get help. We'll see you next time on the self defense workshop on the D show.

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So just to recap, so what you do, you're responsible for yourselves. nobody's paying the price for all the wrong that you've done. You got it, you're responsible about it. So you have to turn to your Creator alone. Exactly. And ask Him to forgive you. Exactly. And he's the most forgiving, the Most Merciful. He forgives. Exactly. I make sense. hamdulillah I got a bunch of parking tickets. You can pay him for me? Of course not. Not actually I don't. I'm just playing around it.

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But I don't think anybody would if you did have a bunch of parking tickets. And you try to put it away for one thing to know, because people always do not be able but some of these people in the media talking about Muslims being terrorists and for your knowledge on been in this country for the last 33 years. Almost 33 since 1975. I say I think about 33 years. I don't even have one traffic ticket for your knowledge. Alhamdulillah I'm a clear man. my racket is good in Egypt, good in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, in Sudan, Emirates, in England, in Sudan, in, in America, in Ghana in all these places, wherever I went until today, Alhamdulillah. And is my intention to do my best not to have

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any kind of violation, not even a traffic. You keep up the good work. To set myself example for others. That's good. That's what we need to do. We need to live Islam and live like the last and final message of the Prophet Muhammad taught us to live. And I think that more people will be coming to Islam that What do you think, of course was no doubt. Yeah, this is, this is your nature. This is the air that you breathe, you may stay away this time because you're betting through a smoking area or a lot of traffic cars and smoke coming. But you could not stay away from the fresh and clean air. And this is Islam. Islam is pure, simple, exactly. easy to understand. We just got to implement it.

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That's the problem. sokola Hydra. Thank you. Thank you. My pleasure to be always the odd one. inshallah. we'll have you back again. Thank you, Mr. Lee. And thank you for tuning into the deen show. We try our humble best to educate you guys bringing in some learning men in Islam to tackle these very important issues. So forgive us if we make any mistakes. And continue to tune in every week. Until next time, continue to tune in the deen show calm th e d e and show calm. I like to thank everybody for all the support. And we'll see you again next time in sha Allah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you