Zakir Naik – Supplicating The Forgiveness Of Others

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying for others, not just yourself. They recommend praying for others, specifically those who believe in Islam. The speaker also suggests asking for forgiveness for those who do not believe in Islam.
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Am I allowed to ask for the forgiveness of the sins of other people in my personal supplications? If I may, then how should I do so? It is not that you can, it is recommended that when you pray, you should pray for other believing Muslims, other Muslim brethren and sisters, it's mentioned several places and it for the mission, the Quran in surah Mohammed, chapter number 47 was 19. He said, I for forgiveness for yourself, and the believing men and women. That means for yourself for forgiveness, as well as forgiveness for the believing men and women.

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And there's a door of new Allah salam, Prophet, nor insert a new chapter number 71, verse number 28, it says that Noah, peace be upon him, paid to Allah subhanaw taala that Forgive me, my parents, and those who enter my house in faith, forgive me my parents and those who enter my house in faith and believing men and women.

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And a beloved prophet masala Salah, it's mentioned in hadith of

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Timothy added number three trait five, that the Prophet masala Salaam, whenever used to ask forgiveness for others, first used to start with himself that forgive me and then say, forgive my Muslim Brothers, sister, etc. But you have to be careful. You cannot ask forgiveness

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for the unbelievers for the mystics for Allah says in the Quran in Surah Tauba chapter nine, verse number 113

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that it is not befitting for the prophet and for the believing men and women to ask forgiveness for the pagans was supposed to partner with Allah subhanaw taala even if they be Aki ankin for those who you know, are surely going to go to the hellfire.

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But you may ask for other things you can ask for the help for of unbeliever dinar for the well for an unbeliever. That's perfectly fine. The best way you can do for the machine if unbeliever is a dire with a beloved partner fella from said it's mentioned in hadith of

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Timothy. I did number 3681 where the Beloved Prophet said that out of the two Omar Malaga that one Omar and Omar bin Khattab Milla be pleased with him. Allah gave him a die and accepted Islam. So you can always ask for diarrhea

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of the unbelievers. That is the best way I can do for them.

How To Supplicate For The Forgiveness Of Others?

June 24, 2016

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