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You guys sit tight. We're gonna be bringing you the all new self defense workshop on the D show. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

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We'll be right back.

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Welcome to the Dean's show. Stay tuned, we're gonna be talking about original goodness. So you've heard the term original sin, but we're gonna flip it around, we're gonna talk about original goodness. So sit right there. We'll be right back.

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Check this out.

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I better care to welcome to the deen show. And another episode of The mailbag, where we answer your questions the best we can and offer some clarity on some of the things that causes many people to have a misconception about Islam. Let's see what we have today.

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Okay, why would anyone the questioner ass leave Christianity, which is all about love to enter Islam, which is always associated with violence and terror? That's an interesting question simply because the questioner obviously has been influenced by the media interpretations of Islam. Normally, the media, which makes most of its attention, and money, off off of the excitement, of news and the things that that show excitement towards negativities is usually the only thing that makes the news. And so as a result of that many people who rely on the media, whether it be television, newspapers, or radio, the only conception they have of Islam is what they're being told.

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But actually Islam, much to the contrary, is not about war, and not about terrorism. But Islam actually is about peace, and we, and even the name of Islam itself, which means the act of submitting to the will of God, that is Islam, and the will of God is peace, he created this entire universe, in an atmosphere of peace. And our very nature drives us toward peace. And when we're at peace with creation, and we're at peace with ourselves, then obviously, we as human beings, not only Muslims, but also we want to be at peace with ourselves and with the Creator. And so as a result of that, we want to just clear that misconception that Islam is definitely not about war, not about

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terrorism, not about frightening people, or any of those negativities, but the submission to the will of God. And that's the only way we can be at peace with ourselves to submit to the will of the Creator who created all of us. That's it right now for this episode of The mailbag. inshallah, we look forward to seeing you again next time on the Dean's show.

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Which means peace be unto you, for those that have not learned already. Many people have been hearing me say this quite a few times Muslims know what it means. But I like to translate it for those of our

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brothers in humanity who get to hear us this is a greeting that actually Jesus Christ would also say Whitney, absolutely. So those who don't know you, this is Joshua Evans. You can hear his story on the D show. But we brought him back to talk about a very important topic. You've heard of original sin, this is what your life was based on. Yes. And a lot of people are indoctrinated to believe this, that you're born into sin, and someone had to come which was Jesus, pay the ultimate price be the ultimate sacrifice. And if you don't believe this, you're going where the hell to hell fire. Alright, we're gonna start to question this. We're going to diagnose this we're going to try to pick

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it apart and see where it is stems from, where this came up from, and we'd like for you to explain a little bit about this whole thing that used to believe many people believe today Original Sin.

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Well, the original sin stems and gets its origin in Pauline doctrine.

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This concept was first manifested in the form that we see it today from Paul the

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self proclaimed apostle, he, someone who never really saw Jesus Christ Himself

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just says that he saw Jesus in a vision he never saw is a very important point he never met, spoke to Jesus never met him never saw no evidence and he never claims to have physically seeing Jesus when he was on this earth. He never he says that on the road to Damascus,

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which was he at that time he was persecuting Christians, he was killing them

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rampantly. He said, to have had a vision from Jesus that told him that you are my apostle, on the world now and that you are to spread my message.

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And they say it was blind for three days. And he went and you know, there's some things happens. But then he

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becomes the bearer of this new doctrine that has never been heard before in the world of salvation. And the whole way that he justifies salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ is because of the original sin concept. Okay, hold on real quick, Joshua, real quick. We know that God has strengthened strengthen profits, too, because anybody can make a clean home profit, you know, but got to show the people that this is indeed a messenger about a prophet, a guy, he straightened them. We know about Moses splitting the sea, he discerned miracle Jesus, we have tested those miracles that he did, in the name of by God's permission, but for somebody to say that, Okay, look, I'm an

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apostle on this on that. What did this man is there any miracles that this Paul that is actually the founder of Christianity? Did he do anything amazing, besides bring this doctrine? Did he do anything that was like, okay, fascinating. That was like, Wow, he he made the, the moon split, or he, he didn't, he did nothing is a supernatural, nothing, nothing. Nothing supernatural other than his claim that he saw Jesus.

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And then even in his own claim, and his own claim, in his own words, in one place, he says, then the road to Damascus, he saw liked, and he could see the light, but he couldn't hear who was speaking to him. And then when he tells the story at another place later on, he says that I was on the road to Damascus. And I heard a voice but didn't see who was speaking. You know, so it's so conflicting stories also. Yes, yeah. isn't even the story isn't even we don't know where they saw Jesus. And then hear him or you heard him and didn't see him. So we passed on from this, this is a, now we go on, he introduces this he introduces this doctrine of original sin, through some verses, such as for

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as an atom that is an atom all shall die. So in Christ also live. And he says that you know, that, through Adam's sin, nature passed into the world, into humanity, therefore, Jesus Christ became the redemption, of that sin nature by shedding his blood, and taking that sin, the entire nature and nature of the world, he took upon himself, you know, and and therefore died with that sin, nature. Therefore, those who believe in Him, can be redeemed, and have eternal life.

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Now, this concept of original sin, nature, is not found anywhere else in the Bible, in the Old Testament, and the Old Testament not found they speak about it. I want to know Moses didn't speak about it didn't know was speaking, Noah didn't speak about father, now of the Prophet Abraham. Abraham didn't speak about it. He never spoke about this, he never spoke about it.

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The way that they would get forgiveness of sins was that they made offerings and sacrifices to God in order to seek repentance, showing their their sincere notice of repentance before God they would sacrifice and you know, they would make a ritual and only do this only to God, this was their way of showing that I have you know, Paul have streamlined all that, you know, he streamlined the process. Yeah, you know, all you do is believe Jesus Christ on the cross. So good. It's kind of like the sacrifice that we we as Muslims make. It's to show our obedience and then we give the food to the poor. Yes, God doesn't need the blood or or animal. Yeah, just let's say in even in even in the

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Quran, we need the food we need the even in the corner talking about sacrifice it God says it's not the flesh of blood that reaches me, but the intention of your heart. He says that were in the Quran. In the verbatim last and final revelation, what God has said, is not the flesh of blood that reaches me. It's what's in your heart. It's what's in your heart, your obedience, your obedience to me that you told me do it like when Abraham when Abraham was told to sacrifice his only his firstborn son, who, by the way, was

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Ishmael? Yes. Ishmael was not Isaac, that can be very easily proven. It was not Isaac.

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It wasn't that he wanted to him to kill his son. He wanted to see his willingness to do it. That's why when he was ready to do it, God stopped and said, You've proven You've ruined

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point. So he didn't need that pound of flesh. He didn't he substituted what actually would have ran around. He didn't need it. He wanted to see what was in the house as soon as he proved his obedience. That was it. And that's actually what raised Abraham, to the status.

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In Islam, he's called the friend of God in the Bible, who is a friend of God, the only friend of God, the best friend like he, in Arabic is Hollywood. Hollywood means my best friend, he became the best friend of God, through the sacrifice. He was willing to sacrifice only you want to talk about having friends in high places, you know, he was willing to sacrifice his own son, I have a two year old. Yeah, I couldn't do it. Right now telling you today if I had a dream that told me I need to kill my son.

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I don't think I can do it. Yeah, Abraham could. But this is how the revelations used to come to these messengers through dreams into their dreams. Every messengers dreams were true when they when they saw these things in dreams. It was from God, they didn't have crazy dreams, like we have, you know, their dreams or our dreams can actually be from islamically. It can be a dream from the devil. Right? Yeah, it can be a dream from our own soul, our own soldiers, ramblings of the mind, or it can be from God. It can be any spirit, which is one of the 46 parts of prophethood that are left in this world is true dreams, things that you see in a dream and that happens.

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But now this original sin nature, this doctrine that Paul spends his whole life, trying to

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indoctrinate the people into

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his disproven by the Old Testament. And this was another reason why Paul had to Paul had to abolish the law.

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He had to this was a he had to make sure that he cut off the Old Testament that this Old Testament is dead, Jesus came, he sacrificed himself he abolished the law, because Paul knew that everything he taught was contradicted by the law. He was contradicted by law, Moses, he knew it, he knew it. So he had to go about saying, as he told the Galatians, that Jesus Christ came, and the law is cursed. Therefore Jesus Christ came and took the curse upon himself by taking the sacrifice of dying on the cross, therefore, forget about the law. Now, I want to know from the lips of Jesus, did he ever say that, that I'm canceling out the law by me being crucified? Did he say that I'm dying for your sin

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that everyone is good? Did he say anything explicitly like this about this original sin, He actually said, Whosoever shall

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obey the smallest commandment and teach men to do so he'll be raised high in the kingdom of heaven, whoever shall obey the smallest commandment and teach others to do so teach others to do so should be the greatest King of Heaven. And he said, Whosoever shall break the smallest commandment, and teach others to do so shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. Now modern English that means obeying God, yeah, whoever obeys God, even in the smallest thing, yeah, it will be great. And if he teaches others do so whoever disobeyed God, and the law, and teaches others to do so he'll be nothing. So Jesus came to fulfill the law. He's saying, obey God, obey the way the commandments,

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yeah, listen to the law of God. And God is saying the same thing. God is saying the same thing, because this is how we live our life. You know, God didn't just put us on this earth and say, Good luck, figure it out. No, he gave us you know, I saw a billboard one time I was driving on the road. And it had a baby with a with a tag on it. They said, um,

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user user manual, or instruction book enclosed? And it says, Don't you wish life was this easy? And honestly, it is. God did not put us on this life without giving us an instruction. And he did. He gave us a law, you get most of the law you get, he gave all the profits a lot.

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And we were given a lot to Paul was given a lot Jesus was given more. So and Paul was supposed to be following that law. But he decided that he was going to go the other way, because the very thing that he taught about Original Sin is contradictory to the law of Moses, because the law of Moses says that the father should not be put to death for the son nor the Son be put that for the father, every soul that sentence szalai meaning in modern English that look what I do. It's on me. What you do is on you in Deuteronomy 24. It says, Every one will be punished for his own sin. So if I do the crime, I do the time that's it. So now if my great great great great grandfather did something not a

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lock me up for that song, just you if anyone said that today, like if someone came against you and said, You know what, you're your ancestor, so and so killed people in Europe. We got to get you. His sin nature passed to you. You'll be like,

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he will be flipping out. Yeah. But so you're going to try to tell me because Adam, disobeyed God by eating from the tree. Now, now I have to be punished for this doesn't make sense. And that's what we're talking about today. Original Sin Nononono. We say original goodness. And we're going to be right back. Don't go away on the deen show.

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We'll be right back.

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Watching the deen show, this is the mailbag. We're taking a call right now. Yes, I know I've had you on hold. I appreciate that. Go ahead. And was the question.

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Okay, we got it. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. And be sure to watch this right here on the dean show you every week, same time. That's right.

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Alrighty. Oh, okay. Salam aleikum. wa rahmatullah. All right. This is us versus we're here on the deen show. This is the mailbag. And we take calls. When it's live when it's the live program. This is we take the calls. Now, let me go to the question of our caller, which coincides with one that I had received here and find it. Here it is. This is asking a question about Jesus. And what do we believe about Jesus? Can Jesus be God?

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First of all, thank you for asking me about my religion. That's what we always say, we have the truth and we have the proof. The truth is, I can't lie or I go to hell. That's in my religion. The other thing is, we have evidence Anyway, what is the Quran tell us about Jesus. We believe in a man by the name of Isa, if you call him Jesus, that's up to you. But we know his name is ERISA. And he was a miracle birth. His mother was named Miriam. We have a chapter of the Quran named after chapter 19. And his miracle birth, there was no human intervention here, there was no man there was nobody who fertilized any egg and implanted in her like they do in modern days or anything like that. She

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had a miracle birth, and it was by the will of God, Almighty Allah willed it to be done. He says goon fire can be in it is, and that's how Jesus came about. But does that mean he's God? Well, how is it that we got Adam in the first place? If he was anything less than a miracle? I'd like to know because he has no father or mother.

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Adam was created from dirt, and Allah blue life into him. And then let's take the example of Eve, he was taken from a bone. from Adam, we have this in our Koran. By the way, if you didn't know that, you need to know that we know Eve she is created from Adam.

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And from these two, Allah says, The brought forth many people, many tribes, many nations, Allah brought forth on the earth. And he made us different from each other, that we recognize each other. But at the same time, we look at Eve and we say, we would not worship her, even though she was born in created without any mother.

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We don't worship Adam, we don't worship Eve. So why should we worship Jesus? Just because he didn't have a father.

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Makes sense.

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There's another point too, is let us look to Jesus and thanks, peace be upon him. Did he eat food? Yeah.

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Does God have to eat? Did Jesus sleep?

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Does God have to sleep?

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Allah doesn't sleep. He says in the Quran. Allahu La ilaha illa Hu l Hyo. Lata Hutto. Sen. Allah now that He is Allah beside him, there's none other to worship, the all living, he's always living, he's never been created. He didn't just start up one day. No, he's always living and always self subsisting. He doesn't need anything. He's not needy at all. And then it says, he doesn't send it to him, doesn't grow weary.

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And he doesn't know he doesn't sleep. God doesn't get tired. He doesn't go into that Twilight Zone.

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And he doesn't sleep, because he's a law. He's not like a human. So get that in your mind. But now what about eating if you eat don't have to go to the bathroom. And you want to say that God went to the bathroom while we do blood stuff for a while. This is too much for the Muslim mind to even contemplate that you would put God in the creation. Although we immediately recognize from the Koran itself, that Jesus fulfilled scripture, he fulfilled prophecy, he came to fulfill prophecy that he would be the Messiah, that he would be the miracle birth, born of a virgin, and he was and when he came, he brought a mighty message and the message was worship God without partners to know Oh,

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Israel, the Lord your God is One Lord. And you have to love him and worship Him with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength. That's in the book of Mark chapter 12, verse 29, very clear. And that's the message of Jesus, not worshiping Him, but worshiping the one he worshipped. Who did Jesus worship when he prayed, and he said, and you pray who to the one above and how do you pray God

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Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And when he was in the trials in the fitna that was coming about in gift 70. And he prayed and he was asking God let this cup pass from me. But even so your will be done, Who's he talking to himself, and on the cross, according to the people that have him on the cross, the one on the cross is saying, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? And we wouldn't accept this. We won't accept that because no prophet would say, God was forsaken them. It's the devil who has forsaken, not in you, the prophets of God. They were always in the best care of Almighty God. And this is why Muslims say what we do. We believe that this is true that he is a

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mighty prophet. He is a miracle birth. He is the Messiah. He's Jesus, or in Arabic. He's our Isa. This is our belief. If you want to know more about it, though, go to the website for this purpose. Go to Bible Islam, Bible islam.com. Check it out for yourself and see what you think. And send us more emails like this, or call us during our live shows. Let's return you back to the program and progress. You're watching the deen show right here.

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Welcome back to the Dean's show the all new show helping you understand Islam and Muslims helping you develop a better understanding. Former Christian youth minister in the studio today on the deen show, and we're talking about Original Sin, actually, original goodness. And let's continue on. I want to know what did Jesus say, Okay. Before we talk about someone who never met Jesus, he never walked with Jesus. He never talked to Jesus. I want to know what the creator's talking about. And this mighty messenger that 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide we love Him we revere him if I don't believe in Jesus, I'm not a Muslim faith, so tentative our faith, our faith without believing in

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Jesus, you can't lose your faith is in complete. Jesus. Do you love Jesus? Absolutely. He just testified that let's keep on.

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Jesus said in john nine, that when he passed by, and he saw a blind man that was from his birth, and people came and asked him, was it his parents sin or his sin that made him born blind because he was born blind? Therefore, who's at fault? Why? Why was he born blind? Is he being punished because of his parents sin or he's being punished because his parents said, he said that

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it was not him or his parents. It was sin. It was so that the works of God may be made manifest. And then he healed him. This man, Jesus said, This man was born blind so that I could come on this day, and heal him and show you a miracle or a miracle of God. So he said it was not his sin was that it wasn't anyone's fault, that he said this. It wasn't anyone's fault. It was so the gods works, maybe made manifest. Also, Jesus said that truly told His disciples truly I say to you, unless you become children, you cannot enter into the kingdom. Unless you become like children. Why did he say become like children, because children are pure.

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Children before the age of puberty, and this is Judaic law. This isn't the law of Moses, that a person before the age of puberty is now responsible. Islamic law, same thing. before the age of puberty, you're not responsible before God, if I die, before the age of puberty, I go directly to heaven, because I'm not accountable for what I do. So that's why Jesus said, If you become like children, then you get into the kingdom, what do you mean, go back to that pure state, go back to that pure nature that you were born in, because every single human being is born with that pure nature, that pure nature that knows that there is one God because Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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said that every single person is born as a Muslim, meaning that they are born innately submitting to God, that's the uniqueness. That's what Muslim is one of the semester.

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So he's saying, if you like, if you if a child is born, and you just leave them all by themselves, they would grow up knowing there is a crate, it's all this year. You know, I mean, they would understand innately within themselves. This stuff didn't just happen, you know, but the Christian now, theology is that every child is born into sin. And that's crazy. I look at my two year old son and this thing. You look at your child, you say, Man, this child is so beautiful, is so pure, innocent, a Tommy's full of sin, if you raise it would be a criminal who probably be a criminal. Right? But God is put innate goodness in him, that he's good from the start. And then I question

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also, my pastors, if I'm born into sin, what happens to a child that dies at five years old? They don't know how to accept Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior they go to, and there's no explanation in Christianity for this none. So we don't have godson and anywhere in the Old Testament, Moses, Noah, Jesus, Abraham, none of the mighty messengers got ever talked about this explicitly saying that, look, Jesus is coming to die for your sins, except this and you got a one way ticket to paradise. Not anywhere explicitly, but you got someone else talking about it, Paul? Yeah. Why don't people just fall on this belief. I mean, we the evidence is very weak. Logically, it does not

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Makes sense. And if somebody now wants to argue this, you ask them would Is it fair that you sit in jail right now for something your great great, great, great grandfather did? What would they say? No? They'll say no. So tell me what what uh, why don't people now

00:25:14--> 00:25:22

follow something like this just blindly? Why don't they just accept this? without really looking into a question much? There's a few few reasons.

00:25:23--> 00:25:29

Number one, and even God talks about this in the Quran, the final revelation to mankind that

00:25:30--> 00:26:04

most of these people this is the way of their forefathers. This is the way my father's father You know, this is the way this is how we are and I have people tell me this when I talk to him, then they'll even say, I believe what you say, but I can't leave my religion. This is just the way I am. This is where I was born. And the other one and you're probably gonna get some emails about this is the easy way out. It's a very, it's like that. The free lunch they're free. I get a jail free card to get a job with work for nothing. I said, Jesus, do what I want the rest of my life somebody's gonna have what makes somebody think that look, you can go to your boss and say, Look, pay me after

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doing no work. This life is about struggling striving for finish let me come in and punch the clock and go home. It doesn't work like that. I work for you say that I work for you. But pay me so now you just say look, I believe this and now that's it. I'm good. I can do whatever I want. Because really, there's no criteria nothing a system that you really gotta stringently stick by is there you are Christian, tell me. No. I mean, there's levels of being good Christian. But Christians believe once saved always say not all Christians. A majority of conservative Christians believe once you're saved, you're always saved, you cannot step out. Once you have believed that Jesus Christ is your

00:26:38--> 00:27:18

Lord and Savior, you can't step out of their salvation. No matter what you do, you're saved no matter what, because that's how monument that thing is. Let's turn it around and go back to something that I think that anyone with an open heart and open mind will agree with this. And there's no arguing is that original goodness, it even sounds better just from the start when you say Original Sin EULA. Oh, some trouble here. But when you say original goodness, you're good from the start. So talk about now, what is what you believe in now, this original goodness, where this stems from? And what is the belief how we achieve and stay on this original goodness? Well, I believe the

00:27:18--> 00:27:28

way the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, told us which was he was the last and last final message of God, they came seal of the profits of 610 years after Jesus.

00:27:29--> 00:27:34

He began his profits at 610 years after Jesus born 570 years after Jesus, he said that

00:27:35--> 00:28:17

and he even spoke of himself. He said, I'm the one Jesus spoke of when he would speak to Krishna, he would say that you've heard of me. You've heard of me, Jesus told you about me. He said that every one is born as a Muslim. It is their father or mother their environment that makes them something else. So that's why when Muslims say they have reverted to Islam is because they have come back to that original state of goodness so that you were born with the will of one true God so people don't get now spoke with Arabic. Yeah, they you know, they come back you revert I consider myself a revert to Islam. I did not convert to Islam, I converted to Christianity. Through my upbringing, I reverted

00:28:17--> 00:28:25

back to the original state of being one who submits himself totally to the will of God. And that was my purpose of creation. This is the reason I was created.

00:28:27--> 00:29:03

So this is your belief. Now this is what Islam teaches that everyone is born pure is from the start from the original goodness. Now when you reach the age of what puberty, puberty, puberty, now you're fully sound up here in your mind, you become accountable now you become accountable. That's like around what they say like teenage years. Yes, for for a woman, it's when they they reach their menses period. And for boys around 15 it's almost close to the age where even in today's society now you're accountable. Like you go, you can actually go be held like an adult, an adult adult dependent go to a penitentiary. It's logical. It's logical nonsense. You're old enough to know what you're

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doing. There is nothing illogical in Islam at all, because what the one who revealed Islam, which means surrender submission is from the Creator of the heavens and earth. So original goodness is what we're talking about today. And I hope that everybody, we started off with original sin, and we came down to original goodness. And how do we stay on this original goodness? By continuing to submit, continue to do that? Every day is a daily process. There's no one saved, always saved. I can step in today and step out tomorrow. It's a continuous everyday process, doing good, doing good, so continually submitted this why Amazon prays five times a day, because he has to continue to remind

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himself to submit. Exactly And you know what, you can't do these things on your own. So that's why the last and final messenger the Prophet Muhammad, peace be Ikano, peace be upon him came to the whole of humanity with the last and final revelation to mankind which is the verbatim

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Word of God, which is the Quran. It's the most read book today in the world and we encourage you to pick up your Quran. You can see it on the deen, show calm read it for free. Email us if you have any questions, I'd like to thank you for being with us. totally original goodness. And we hope you stay away from the sin. And we'll see you again. God willing and the deen show. Salaam Alaikum. Peace BMP. Welcome to the self defense workshop on the deen show. Remember, these moves are only for self defense to be able to defend yourself or your family if ever put in a bad situation. So let's get to this move of the week is going to go ahead and do a push or shove with his hands. He's going to

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strike my chest. Okay. So from here as he does, so,

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I'm going to trap his arm. So he's going to go ahead and push one hand on the wrist, one hand on the elbow, and now I'm going to lean my weight forward.

00:31:07--> 00:31:13

He's signaling Otherwise, the wrist is broke. Alright, let's do that again.

00:31:14--> 00:31:15

He's gonna go ahead,

00:31:16--> 00:31:23

push my chest, I trap his arm, wrist, lean forward, for the break. Suit again.

00:31:32--> 00:31:34

And that's the movie of the week.