What are the sins that I should seek forgiveness from

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You need to understand what our seams are, you know, there are seams that we know about. There are seams we do not know about, like in the in the drywall for sort of muscle alone while he was in them. When he used to ask a law for forgiveness, he would say

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to me Who am Adam Adam, forgive me for the sins I know in the sins. I don't know. When you're making a Dover and you're conscious of your Dover, you should be thinking about what your sins are. So many people say I don't know what my sins are. Okay, I've done this. I've done that. And this What else? No, you've got sins that you've done, since that you don't know that you have also

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give me the good deeds, the shortcomings in the good deeds. The shortcomings they need is still like after solid when you sell stock for the last for the last offer a lot of solid as what because of a senior deed. But because of shortcomings that took place in a salon of the house you're supposed to make is still far after the cat you're supposed to make is still far after cm you're supposed to say make it still forward. You know, you need to find a you need to seek seek is still for a loss, forgiveness and Toba from the from the evil qualities of the heart, envy and jealousy. Can anyone say I don't have jealousy in my heart? I don't have envy my heart. Can anyone say I'm free of

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defects in my heart who can get to do that? So in other words, when you're asking for forgiveness, and you're making a Toba, ask them all to forgive you from the evil and bad traits of the heart, from jealousy, to animosity to hatred, hypocrisy, all of these things that we cannot guarantee for ourselves that we don't have

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to keep us safe from all of these evil traits. But at the end of the day, we're supposed to ask the Lord to forgive us. Maybe we have some of that in our hearts that we don't know about that we're unaware of some arrogance, you know, a little bit of arrogance like this is enough to prevent a person from entering the paradise. How can anyone say Alhamdulillah I don't have arrogance. We hope that we meet a lot of social with no atoms, we have arrogance in our heart. But we need to ask Allah for forgiveness from it. Maybe maybe a moment of arrogance did happen in us, you know, when someone backbite someone or slept with someone that's has two things. It's because you are jealous of that

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person. You envy that person. And it's arrogance. When you backed by someone that's because of arrogance. Because it was from jealousy. And jealousy is a trait. It's a result of arrogance. So you need to understand these kinds of things. There are things that you did in the past in your life, that you never made Toba of them. You just lift them because you grew old, you know, like the sister that never wore hijab, she just said, Well, you know what, now I'm married. I got kids, let me just wear the hijab. Now. That is different to someone that said, I feel alone, I should be wearing my hijab. I'll still throw off and give me for the days I didn't wear and she puts it on. There's a

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difference between leaving the sin because you just got sick of it and leaving it for a loss sake and making it over from it. So in reality there's so many categories and and Ramadan is an opportunity for us to make a sincere about the fasting itself is a sensitive over the last evening, not wipe away all our sins.