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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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either who level Esma

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or shadow, Mohammed Abu humara pseudo sahiwal mata mill Mala. I'm about to follow the ministry for the virgin Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Cody lap for one more Bill roofie were added Daniel J Helene sakalava. Now the

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honorable Allah respected brothers, mothers and sisters.

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In this month of Ramadan,

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we seek the forgiveness of Allah with greater intensity.

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In this month of Ramadan, we are hopeful of the forgiveness of Allah to a greater extent. This month, this great month is synonymous with mother Farah and forgiveness. There is no Muslim anywhere in the world who is not seeking forgiveness.

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But a different aspect to what I've just mentioned.

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Each one of us in this month we working for the free desiring the forgiveness of Allah, we are seeking McFerrin and pardon from Allah. But how many of us are ready to forgive? How many of us are ready to forgive? This verse which I recited in my introduction, Allah says, instructing Who? Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who they love for who they love for the brevity of time does not allow for us to go into the linguistics because there's beauty and there's nuance in the meaning if you look at the linguistics, but let me just say to you this way, that Allah tells nobody said Allah honey was seldom adopt a forgiving attitude. In other words, it's not about

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forgiving once off. It's not about forgiving a particular individual or over a particular occurrence. In general, a Muslim ought to have a forgiving attitude, who they laugh for. One more Bill roofie and enjoin, good. Daniel Jalen in life will always get those who are five Bob shots. So let them be on their way and you'll be on your way, there is greater peace, there is greater emotional stability and there is greater unity when you ignore the ignorance when this verse was revealed, and when this instruction was issued by Allah to Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then mbf Allah has gibreel Ali Salam that elaborate and unpack what does it mean? So jabril

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Ali salatu salam said those very famous words which are mentioned in the Hadith in the traditions, sin men Khattak sin men Khattak build relations with those who are breaking relations, or for a man of Allah MK forgive those who did wrong to you. Well, I sin Isla de la and be good to the one who's not being good to you. So as we move into these last 10 days, and we are desirous of the forgiveness of Allah and we are aspiring for the forgiveness of Allah, it's also a moment of reflection that To what extent have I subscribed to this code of conduct which Allah made mandatory upon his nebby in which he in turn advocated for every

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sin man kata for Mandela mycotoxin element as a lake. You know,

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it's, it's an irony. And even that would be an understatement that we desiring the forgiveness of Allah but we're not willing to forgive.

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Just breaking any one command of Allah is so serious because of the greatness of the being whose command you are breaking, that all the people in our lifespan have done wrong to us. They collective wrongdoing is not equivalent to our one wrongdoing, because they transgress the rights of a mere mortal, we transgress the rights of slavery.

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And we have asked and we are asking and we will ask to, to Allah rolana do not forgive only one but forgive all. Don't only forgive it Allah but substituted with good deeds. Don't forgive only my sins as it is now forgive my sins, as they will continue up to my last breath. So we seeking that degree of pardon from Allah, Allah is willing to give it to us allies willing to embrace us in that regard. When are we going to start let go of that baggage that we are carrying the people who have wronged us who have hurt us who have transgressed our rights but we still have not brought ourselves to the point of properly and thoroughly and fully forgiving them for the pleasure for laughter Baraka with

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Allah. To forgive is also Sunnah forgive for the pleasure of Allah. It is Sunnah we

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Should not constrain and we should not limit the student of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, only to the actions of eating, drinking and sleeping, those are great sunon but the characteristics, the qualities and the values of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam There is also part of this

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if you look at other verses of the Quran, Allah says what opened for them, Kali, Balan for them and howling, Allah addressing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if you were very harsh, hard hearted, firm, aggressive in your approach, even though the Sahaba or the greatest group of companions ever granted to any human, even they would not have managed walks with a gentle mini in Lower your wings for the believers. Why is it today we want to be held, we want to be held to the yardstick of forgiveness. But we don't want to hold anyone else to that same yardstick. We want Allah to forgive us, even though we repeat the same mistakes time and again, but we don't we don't willing to show

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the same kind of attitude to forgive others, even though they repeat the same transgression, time and again, they laugh whether it's the instruction of the Quran, adopt an attitude of forgiveness. You know, to put it bluntly, it has a lot to do with our egos.

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Who are we that we feel we cannot forgive? Who are we?

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Yusuf Ali, salaam, you know, we read the story. And we like the whole romantic element about it. I remember one scholar said, you will do the whole Tafseer of surah Yusuf. And at the end, the only question will be did used to have medical data.

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That's only you know, we grew up. We grew up with all those Sophie's and all that novels. So we see everything from the prism from the perspective and from the lens of romance. Did he marry her? Didn't you marry her that is inconsequential to the story. What is consequential Is that yours, a boy who in his infancy is snatched from the lab of not an ordinary father. But the father was the Nabhi. He snatched not from an ordinary house but the house of Nevada. He's not discarded in some faraway places. This got it to the bottom of a duck Well, he's not snatched by some ordinary person within the fairest intention. He snatched by those who are making slaves. He's not taken in by some

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people with good intention. He's taken in by a woman who wants to use him for her own perverted desires. The consequence of all of that is not that he leaves a tough life, it is that he becomes jailed and he becomes he's reputation takes a knock. And after all of that, after all of that, when he's in a position of power and authority, when he couldn't make the perpetrators against him feel the pain that they made him feel. That's when he says, Let the three barley come alone. I'm not going to hold you to account today, actually, I will make dua to Allah that He should forgive you. You're the federal law.

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And he was so sincere in his forgiving attitude, that even in his solitude when he's making dua to Allah, He does not blame his brothers, he says, mean by the anessa shape on obeying you abena equity. Ally don't blame my brothers shaytan came in between us. This is a man who was snatched from the lap of his father, who had to be taken from the bottom of a well, who had to see his father lose his eyesight over the separation. Yet he could bring himself to the position of saying, I forgive you, there are no grudges there's no resentment, there's no hatred. What didn't Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam go through? What didn't the Meccans do to his children to say nebrodi Allahu anhu

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was stabbed while she was on the camel to fund the murder of the loved one how used to scream due to pangs of hunger in the valley of Abu Talib during the boycott, yet when he comes in a position of authority power and Mike's latter three Bali communium. Today is a day of forgiveness. Shadow, the law says when Sabrina de Serato Salaam descended to tell them who the man was was responsible for certain black magic against him. So yeah, there was no Amil speculating, no, this was gibreel confirming via revelation that that is the man instead of the loved one who says the next morning, it was lovely had been awesome. And he was a hypocrite he was pretending to be a Muslim. yet. The

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next morning when the rest of the listener met him, he met him with the same smile and the same warm that he met him with the day before he was given the knowledge before he was given the information, to forgive for the pleasure of Allah ease also. So now, as we desire the forgiveness of a line this month, it's about time we let go of that baggage. It's compromising our own happiness. Take the message to the families as well. People may have done wrong to you, but the more you carry it, the more it compromises your own contentment, your own happiness. It's like walking a long distance but you have the thorn in your shoe, which you're not removing

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it constantly agitates you. It constantly creates restlessness and unnecessary anxiety at some point for your own health, for your own goodness for your own peace of mind. You need to let go. And Allah says, if you do it for my pleasure, I'll forgive you. You know, if you don't forgive, what will you get? Let's say someone wrongs you, you don't forgive, you'll be able to claim your rights on the day of karma, and you'll get what is due to you. But if you forgive for the pleasure of Allah, you'll get much more than what would have been given to you if you were to claim your rights by not forgiving. So it is to your advantage in this world, and it is to your advantage in the mirror to

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forgive for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, people sometimes do hurtful things. We live with humans, not with angels. But the reason Allah emphasizes forgiveness is because as humans, we cannot live in isolation, we have to live with one another. And when you live with one another, temperaments are different values that different people have their own idiosyncrasies. They have their own weird ways. But if we cannot learn to tolerate and forgive one another, we will never be united. That whole talk of unity of the oma will remain a pipe dream. So whatever the mother in law did to the daughter in law, whatever happened over the inheritance, whatever the one brother said,

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because the two wives were quibbling with squabbling, we need to go beyond that. And Allah says, the more you are willing to forgive others, the more Allah flings open his doors of forgiveness. What great things are can they be than those who insulted it, Chateau de la Juana with the accusation of adultery. And there was that one Sahabi, who was a who was getting a stipend from abubaker of the land was getting a monthly assistance, and abubaker the law in that state of emotion said I give you money and you still take part in the accusation against my daughter and Allison's revelation when they are full Well, yes, overlook and forgive annato Hippo know Yellowfin Allahu Allah come. Don't

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you desire that Allah should forgive you, like you desire Allah should forgive you forgive others for the pleasure of Allah. So if Abu Bakar was instructed to forgive, if Mohammed bin Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was instructed to forgive, who are we honestly? Why is it that we can bring ourselves even in this great month of Ramadan? When hearts are soft when the devil is shackled? When the nurse is suppressed? to say, I am going to forgive for the pleasure of Allah? Who is that man who has agenda Do you remember the famous narration when the beast of alleles send them to Sahaba? This is the genetti in the lab in Omar Abdullah bin hammer went to accompany him. And

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what he said, every night before I go to bed, I clean my hearts. I don't do much in terms of nothing, I bother. I don't do much in terms of the extra. But every night before I go to bed, I clean my hearts. I say Well, whatever it is, I have wronged you put it in their heart to forgive me and whoever has wronged me, I forgive them for your pleasure.

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These are the values of Islam. This is also a symbol of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and Ramadan is not only about coming back to salah and reconnecting with fast and increasing in recitation and spending more time in the masjid. It's also about rekindling these values and the true principles of Islam. One day musala salat wa salam wa Salatu barakaatuh, who is the most beloved of people to you? And Allah said men either refer the person who has the ability to take revenge yet he opts for forgiveness. You know, forgiveness is not truly forgiveness when you have no choice. Like when the wife did something wrong, but you know, if you don't forgive, you're not going to get a star. And

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that's not genuine forgiveness, right? That you just soloing. It's called a tactical retreat. You put it on a back burner to bring out another day. If the boss does something wrong to you, and you say no, no, no problems. No problem. That's a fake. That's a fake utterance you smiling but you're swearing him from inside. But when you are the boss, when you have the ability to exact revenge, and you opt for forgiveness, then you are being an almighty of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, because he wasn't the head of a 10,000 strong Muslim army who could have emulated the Mexicans who put them through 13 years of hell, who didn't leave them even when they migrated to Medina left no

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stone unturned in making their life difficult. But you know what, if they took revenge on that day, perhaps you and I would not be proclaiming the Calamine, the southernmost tip of Africa. When you forgive you conquer. When you forgive you prosper. When you forgive you succeed. When you forgive you succeed, you know, even psychologists have written I got to put up a habit of reading these books. Not that there's anything in there which we don't have in our Dean, but it just helps us to show that the beauty of our Deen is appreciated by others without them realizing that Islam has taught this to the world 1400 years ago. They say it's good for your mental health, for your

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emotional health and for your physical health to forgive people. They don't believe in reward. They don't believe in gender they say for your own health, internal and external. You should forgive people you should let go of the risk.

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When you should let go of that desire for vengeance, because the more you forgive, the more you pool your energy towards that which is constructive and useful. You know, when you're carrying baggage, when you're carrying hurt and pain and anger, no matter what the wrong is, and no matter for how long the wrong was perpetrated against you, you you always restless you come into the mercy, you're supposed to be performing Salah, but you're thinking about what the person did to you what your wife was supposed to be in a moment of romance, but you're thinking about, and that ngay swelling within you. So even from a psychological perspective, we need to start letting go, we need to focus on that

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which is important. Life is too short. It's in the greatest scheme of the era, all of those things over which we had issues and over which we felt hurt and pain will be inconsequential, forgive for the pleasure of Allah, it is also so now forgive for the pleasure of Allah. It is also so now, you know, I read a very beautiful quote, they say

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forgiveness doesn't change the past, but it can enlarge the future.

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Think about that, if the lowest moment in the life of

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the Meccans drive him out. He's just lost his wife and his lost his uncle, his two greatest rocks of support. He goes to tardif thinking perhaps maybe they I'll get some support. Some assistance. They treat him even worse. They send the children to drive him out. They get the children to pelt him. His shoes are clogged with blood. Emotionally, the number four law was in a state. Yet when he was given the option, vengeance against the people of party for forgiveness. He chose forgiveness. That's why you and I today when you go for O'Mara. You can go to die if it's full of Muslims, the mccarthys in five tarrif is a Muslim city. Because then if Allah choose forgiveness,

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there is another code that I read. They say when someone does something wrong, when someone does something wrong, don't forget all the things that they did, right? Don't forget all the things that they did right? Many times, the devil magnifies the amplifies the wrong that was perpetrated against us. But the many good things that were done by the same perpetrator, we tend to forget. We tend to trivialize it, we tend to minimize it, we tend to push it to the periphery in terms of our mind, and then we kind of hone in with the super imposed focus on that one wrong or those few wrongs that were done. Look at it from the perspective that Allah wants us to look at it, how they laugh, what Allah

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instructs us adopt an attitude of forgiveness. This was a son of Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasallam. Let me conclude by saying this, Allah takes it one step further.

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Allah says forgive, forgive, right remember the Hadith we generated in the beginning sale, man kata.

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Bull ties with those who are breaking ties, or for a man Lala muck, forgive those who do wrong to you. And then if you want to be a true Muslim, if you want to be a champion, Muslim, if you want to be an above average Muslim, you see in every other aspect of life, we want to be above average, I don't want to have the average job. I don't want to have the average car. I don't want to have the average wife. I don't want to have the average kid. I don't want to have the average home. I want above average, if not closest to the top level. So why is Muslims we suffice with mediocrity. Why don't we want to become champion Muslims, above average Muslims, Muslims who pursue excellence in

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terms of the teachings of Islam, and if you pursue excellence in the teaching, in terms of the teachings of Islam, then this is the teaching which I am super imposing for you today. We Allah says in the Quran, either far below it he asks and today the odds are stacked against us. As an Omar the whole world has become very negative in their thought and in their approach towards Muslims. Muslims have been demonized individually we all caught up in our rat races. By if we don't forgive for the pleasure of Allah, Who is there left with whom you're going to have a relationship

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because as humans we we, we fail.

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Your own father will wrong you at some point your own son will show disrespect to in appreciation your own wife will retort in a way that will break your heart, your own husband will do something that will shatter your confidence. But if we're going to hold a grudge against everyone who is the left with whom we're going to have a relationship as an omen if we are going to be continuously hostile and aggressive. We're never going to win over people. Look at the bigger picture look at the bigger picture law says when you retaliate in a way that's better for either lady been a carabiner who Ida Khanna who Walia amin, then

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Your sworn enemy becomes your bosom companion.

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You want to prosper in life learn the art of genuine and sincere forgiveness. On the occasion of the conquest of Makkah, there was an execution list, those people who were guilty of the most heinous crimes, and then every offender said that they are to be executed because of the heinous crimes. Then the nopea fella stepped up and pardoned all of them. And what was the result? Each one of their families and progenies embraced the dean. Had they been executed, perhaps they would have been in continuous legacy of resentment on the occasion of the conquest of Makkah, when it crema fled, this was a crema, the son of Abu Jamal, he left no stone unturned in trying to match his father in

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causing harm to the Muslims. When his wife sought amnesty for him and the number of Allah granted, when he karma was on his way back, look at what the number of Allah told the Sahaba he knew the blood was boiling. This was a karma. this was no ordinary enemy. He said, You know what, when it karma comes, don't say anything bad about his father. His father did what he did, and he's gone and he'll have to pay for it. By saying anything bad, you're not adding to the walls of Abuja, hell, but you only going to cause inconvenience to the emotions of a karma. This is a student of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we have forgotten about, when economists saw this kind of charming

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manners and wonderful behavior. He not only embraced Islam, he then left let let the rest of his life to trying to do as much as he did against Islam for Islam. I leave you with this, because then it'd be a fella had adopted a forgiving attitude. Think about this, because then IVF Allah had adopted a forgiving attitude. And because he retaliated in a way that was better. Those who are at one stage, ready to spill his blood. At the latest stage, they became ready to drink his blood.

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That kind of transformation in society, that kind of transformation in the world will not happen with mics. It will not happen with force, it will not happen with aggression. It will not happen with demanding every inch of your rights. It can only happen when you adopt an attitude of forgiveness. I'll conclude by saying what I said in the beginning that this month of Ramadan is the month where in the forgiveness of Allah is available to a greater extent it's the month we're in we aspire to a greater extent for the forgiveness of Allah. It is the month weigh in. We seek the forgiveness of Allah to a greater extent, in our quest to seek the forgiveness of Allah. Let us not

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forget to start forgiving others. The more we forgive others, the greater our chances to be forgiven by Allah. May Allah grant me in all of us the understanding was that Allah was sending more about a Canon Amina Mohammed walkertown and in hamdulillah Hello, Minister, Mr. Kumar.