Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 262B Tafsir Muhammad 20-24

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Surah message is discussed, including the "arepas of the beast" and the "arepas of the beast" of Jesus. The importance of following the Prophet's command and not giving up on one's beliefs is emphasized, along with the need to realize that anything they do is not a loss. The difficulty of protecting one's religion and the "med strict" mentality of individuals is also discussed, along with the importance of the Bible in shaping behavior and reflective of the verses. The segment also touches on the concept of "over" and how it can lead to changes in one's behavior.
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Are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim al number 20.

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Yr Kunal Lavina y ocho Lu, and he says, Who Alladhina amanu those people who believe meaning the believers say, Lola, why not? No zealot it was sent down, it was revealed Surah tone, a surah. Why has a surah not been sent down? Meaning when will it be sent down? Many sources were being revealed. What did they mean by this? They meant a surah that would allow us to fight back our enemy. Because up until this point, the believers were told, Go for idea come, keep your hands to yourselves, meaning do not assault in return. Do not even fight back. Do not even lift your hand up to defend yourself. Don't do that. So now that the Muslims had migrated to Medina, what happened? They really

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wanted to stand up and defend themselves. So they would wonder Lola no zealot Surah for either so when on zealot it was actually sent down. What Surah tone more calmer tone, a sutra that is more karma. More karma from hokum. Malcolm Malcolm is basically one that has a hukum one whose hukum is clearer, and more come with a shabby we have learned about these two categories of the verses of the Quran. Some verses are more common others are with a shabby insert earlier and Ron it's mentioned, one of the meanings of Markham versus with a shabby is that Markham are verses which are precise, right? Very clear, and unambiguous in their meaning in their wording, meaning it's the command,

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which is contained within those verses is obvious. You couldn't misunderstand it. Even if you tried, you couldn't the meaning is just obvious. This is more common. And what the shabby in contrast is that which is open to interpretation, it's open to interpretation. The word more calm is from a common calm is to do it on to perfectly knit together to perfectly bring together so mahkamah tone, meaning specific, clear, unambiguous. This kind of a surah was revealed. And in that surah was Tokyo Rafi hookey, tal and Qatal was mentioned in it, meaning the command was obvious. The believers were ordered to fight back. And how many such verses were revealed in the Quran? Many, right? So for

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example, we see sort of Muhammad is one of those sutras in which there are many verses commanding the Muslims to fight their enemy. Right. And then there's also mentioned sort of Hajj in Surah Baqarah into Nyssa. It's mentioned so far either OMSI that Surah to mahkamah tone, well, Loki Rafi Hopital what happened then?

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Ada you would see Alladhina fue Kuru be him Murghab those people in whose hearts is a disease when they heard that Surah what was their reaction? Yun Runa alayka they were looking at you how Nevada as the looking off el Maharshi. Here I lay him in a boat as the looking of a person who is overcome by death

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mulshi Lane sheen well Lee Shaohua or yet Russia to cover right and Mueller she is one who has been covered. One who is overcome Moshe Alaihe the one who is covered with what middle mouth with death meaning with the bangs of death with the stupor of death.

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This is how he begins to look at you. This is how he stares at you as if someone just gave him the death sentence. This is how he looks at you. Allah says for hola hola home. So whoa to them a big water them great destruction for them. For what? Why? Because of how he is reacting to the Command of Allah.

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When Allah gives a command, even if that command is to fight back the enemy to defend yourself remember every single command is what? It's a source of fight for us. In total and file is 24 We learned yet are you Halina mono is the G booty let you a little asuni either da come Lima Yohei come respond to Allah and his messenger when the messenger called you to that which brings you life when you're

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Call to something that will bring you life, meaning every command is what an invitation to a better life. That is what it is. So those who respond in this way as if they've been given the death sentence, and that is how to look at you, as if they're in the state of dying.

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There is suffering from the banks of death. They're just staring in horror, because you see someone who is overcome by death, then it's as if his gaze is fixed. Right? It's just fixed. He's not able to move around, he's not able to do much it is lying down in one place. Eyes are fixed. Yeah, maybe he's not able to look in one direction. It happens. You know, it's as if nothing's coming out of his mouth, he's not able to express himself not able to say anything, because he's in so much pain. This is what happens to these people in whose heart is a disease when they're given a command. It's as if they are overcome by death. In this verse, the difference between a sincere believer and a hypocrite

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is mentioned. The person who believes the person who believes Alladhina amanu, what do they want? What do they want, they want clarification. They want guidance, they want instruction. They want opportunities, because they want improvement. They want to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So they're eager to learn about different things that they can do to earn Allah's pleasure and a hypocrite. A person whose heart is diseased, what happens to him, when he is informed of an action, have an opportunity to do something to earn Allah's approval, then what happens? He doesn't want to do it. So much so that the fear and the detestation is obvious on the face. And through to xaba 19.

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It is mentioned for either journal hopeful or at home, Yun Luna, a Laker do our usual color the usual? Are they human about something similar is mentioned over there. So that this is 77? Also, something similar is mentioned? No, yes, this verse is specifically about battle.

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But extracting a lesson from this? What is it that we need to reflect on our reaction? When we hear about a certain command of Allah? What is our response? Is it somewhere in our authority?

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Is it our Allah hito color?

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Or is it something else? How do I respond when I learn about something I have to do for the sake of Allah? What is my reaction? What is my first reaction rather?

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You know, for example, the month of Ramadan, before it came this year. It's been going on for a couple of years, actually, few weeks before Ramadan few months before other people start fear mongering. How is it going to work? How is it going to happen? Don't even think about it. Don't even talk about it? Yes, it's difficult. No doubt. Yes, it's hard. Very true. But it's about perspective. It's about the state of mind. We need to realize that anything we do in obedience to Allah is not out of our own strength and ability. It's because Allah gave us that strength and ability.

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This is what we mean when we say La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah. No one has the power to refrain from evil, or the strength to do any good, except by whom? By Allah, meaning by his Stovic.

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So it's about the state of mind. It's about perspective. Yes, man.

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So, when ALLAH SubhanA, Allah is calling us to follow His commands, he's actually telling us that he wants to remove the burdens on us, because he knows we've been creating week. And if we do the opposite, that we're, we're putting ourselves in difficulty, right? We think sometimes that obeying Allah, following a certain command will be difficult. But Allah says, you read Allah Who and you have foreign come, he wants to lighten the burden from you. This is why he's giving you this command. He wants to make things easier for you, because he knows what you call internal Bhairava he has created the human being as weak, right? So Allah knows our weakness, and he is giving us these

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commands for our good. And when we turn away, then who are we harming?

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Who are we harming ourselves? This is similar to how in school if you find out you have an assignment coming up and you've done zero readings, alright, you have a task coming up. And you've done zero readings, then what happens? Some people it's as if they've been given the death sentence, right? You can see the fear on the face.

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Right? But even that is what I mean. Be grateful that there is a test coming up because of which will force yourself to study otherwise you'd never study

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All right. So we think about our response our reaction when we learn about the commands of Allah. Now sometimes we say things like, I know it's there, but I'm not ready yet. I know I'm supposed to do it. I'm not ready yet. When are we going to be ready? When are we going to be ready if we keep delaying and delaying

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Then when are we going to be ready? Allah says for hola hola home. Hola. This is understood in two ways. Firstly, hola from Wayne Wayne meaning destruction. So oh Allah much destruction. much destruction, a lot of destruction. Why? Because they're turning away from that which will bring them life. Secondly, hola hola. Whom is from the letters Well, lamb Yeah. Wali, which means core closeness. So Hola. More.

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More suited, better suited, more appropriate, closer to correctness. Oh lala home more appropriate would have been ba tone workout tomorrow.

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Obedience and good words. This would have been a much better reaction, as opposed to looking in horror. As if a person has overcome by them, what would have been much better? Bottom obedience meaning to the command will call new models and good words meaning saying words which are appropriate words of acceptance of submission of the vocal on Allah. This is what they should have done. This would have been better for them if they had responded in this way.

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For either so when Azzam al Unruh as Emma, it was determined unroot the command the matter, meaning the command of fighting, the matter of fighting was settled, it was done meaning it's done basically, the enemy is approaching fellow southern Kula, then at that time, when it was time to go to battle if at that time, if they were truthful to Allah, Locanda higher Allah whom it would have been better for them, truthful to Allah, how in fulfilling in staying true to their word, because previously they had been saying, Yes, we will obey. Yes, we will obey Fatuma Coloma roof, but now

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Unruh the matter of fighting is done. It's resolved meaning it is time to go to battle.

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What would be appropriate for these people who have been saying we will obey we will obey? What should they do at this point? prove their words true. Fellow southern Kula laka Anna highroller home. So what do we learn over here until the command did not come? The hypocrites used to make great claims along with the believers. What? That if there is a battle, we will do this, we will do this. But when the situation arose, they tried to escape. What's the lesson? When the Command of Allah comes?

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Then how should we respond? Say a word that is margu Golden model

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and show thorough intent bar with the difficulty Yes, it's difficult.

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And you see whenever a challenge comes up, what you say at that time will affect your thinking how you respond at that time will affect your thinking and your you know course of action for the entire duration.

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So for example, you're fasting and in the morning when you wake up you start complaining about thirst or I'm so thirsty today I don't know how I'm gonna do it today. I'm so tired I'm so this I'm so if you keep talking about the fact that you're thirsty, how is your fast going to be thirsty? How are you going to be all day very, very thirsty.

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But you know you're thirsty. And you say the Alomar roof at that time is insha Allah salah, right? And then you show bar, then what will happen? You'll make it you'll do it you'll be fine. Whatever it is that we focus on becomes big, big in front of our eyes.

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So when something difficult when a challenge comes before us, what we need to focus on is the help of Allah, that will feel of Allah say follow model appropriate words and shofar. Another thing we need to reflect on over here is that we all claim to be obedient to Allah. And we all say that we should be obedient to Allah.

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We talk about it Allah the importance of obeying Allah, the importance of following the Quran. Let's show it in our app.

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She's also

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for her. So would I say to him, perhaps you for her, I say to him, so would you perhaps this means law law.

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Meaning may not be the case with you for her law SatAM meaning it is possible that you interval later

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if you turned away, meaning if you turned away from Allah's command, to rise up and defend your religion and remain steadfast on it, you turn away from the command to fight basically, what would happen, perhaps, and tuxedo fill out that you will spread corruption in the earth, what to come through and you will cut up or how Macomb your relationships, you will sever the ties of relationship, this is what might happen. Meaning if you turn away from the command to fight, then what will happen, you would revert to your old ways of facade, you would revert you would go back to your old ways of facade fill out severing ties of kinship.

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There is another interpretation of this idea. And that is that for Hala SatAM so would you perhaps meaning it is possible that you interval Latham if you are given Wilaya, meaning you are given authority and charge and leadership.

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If you are given authority, meaning you're given victory, basically

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without having to go through these tests and trials. If victory comes too easy,

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then what will happen? And obviously do fill up, you're going to spread corruption in the land, meaning instead of Islam, you would commit injustice, what to up through our hammer calm, and you would sever the ties of relationship, meaning that power would blind you to this extent that you would start committing aggression.

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What's the message of this if you don't like the command to fight?

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Why are you being given this command anyway? What's the reason? Think about it? Firstly, to defend your religion. And if you turn away from defending it, what will happen to you down the road, your moral situation would deteriorate, you would go back to your old ways. If you don't defend your religion today, you let your enemy attack you and attack you and destroy you and destroy you what's going to happen within a couple of years, you're going to lose what you have.

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This deed is going to be lost. And then what will be your situation, you will be spreading facade on the earth just as you were doing before Islam, you would sever ties of kinship just as you were doing before Islam.

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So in other words, if you don't defend your religion, you're harming yourself. If you don't defend your religion, you're going to suffer.

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Secondly, why are you being ordered to fight so that you may strive for your religion?

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This freedom of religion is not coming easy to you. Why? So that you strive for your deen so that you value it through your struggle, you would get the necessary training. Allah can give you a victory over your enemy without you having to fight. Right? If you think about it, was Allah subhanaw taala not capable of granting victory to the Prophet salallahu Salam within a day? Of course he was. Allah can say couldn't and all these enemies in Morocco would finish. That's it, isn't it? It could happen in an instant in a minute. But it happened over many, many years. Why? Because through the struggle, the believers were trained.

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Because when power comes to easy, it can really blind a person.

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A person forgets humility. When a person has not suffered himself, he cannot understand the suffering of others. You understand? When you haven't gone through hard times yourself, then you cannot care about the hard times that other people are going through.

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You know, like somebody said that. I don't know if it's true, but one of the Queens long time ago, went somewhere in the peasants. They were revolting. And she's like, what's the matter? And they're saying that they don't have bread. All right. And she said, Well, why don't they have cake? They don't have bread. Why don't they have cake? Well, if they can't afford bread, do you think they can afford cake? This is the thing. When power and luxury and victory and success comes too easy. You lose empathy, basically, because you haven't suffered yourself. You don't know what it means to suffer. And instead of is law than a person does facade. And we see this. I mean look at how

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In the whole of Russia, don't worry. Look at how Abu Bakr on the lower end who are model DeLorean who Earth man on the lower No, a little deliver on him, where what kind of whole effort they were, what kind of leaders they were humble,

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humble, caring, concerned. Why? Because they had struggled for Islam. They have gone through the training.

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And then we see that later generations down the road, what happened?

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Islam came too easy for the people. And so while they were Muslim leaders, they were committing haram in their palaces.

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Right? Why? Because Islam came too easy.

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It came too easy. While there were Muslim leaders, there was a lot of injustice being committed in front of their eyes. But they didn't really care. Instead of mending relationships, they were breaking destroying relationships.

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So here, the wisdom behind the command to fight is mentioned. Why is it that you've been ordered to fight so that you defend your religion because your religion is essential for you to remain morally upright?

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Allah has sent this Deen for your hidayah and if you don't preserve this, Deen, you're going to lose hedaya

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Then you will be spreading facade on the earth, just as the angels have predicted. Right? And then secondly, why Allah can give you a victory in an instant.

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But he's making you go through the struggle, because the struggle is going to teach you it's going to train you. It's going to keep your intention sincere.

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It's going to keep you humble. Yes.

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It's kind of like how, in the west you find the really good Muslims. Mashallah, like, yeah, compared to the Muslim majority countries, you know, because we have to struggle for our deen here, you know, to preserve it to keep it to hold on to it and stuff. And were questioned about it. And over there, it's like, overall Muslim, so it's okay. I mean, compare any Muslim minority population with a Muslim majority population generally. There is a difference in commitment to the deen and the love for the deen. Why? Because, for one group of people, it's very hard to cling to the deen. And for another group of people, it's very easy.

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So how should we view difficulties in life then?

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How should we view difficulties in life? Because sometimes we want things to come to us so easy. Like I've been making golf for it. Come on, don't I deserve it? Why does it have to be so hard?

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Exactly. Difficulties are basically training us. Hola, Iike. Those people, meaning the agents of corruption, those who turn away from Allah's command, and then they spread facade, and they sever ties of kinship. They are people who are Lavina Lerner whom Allah those whom Allah has cursed, they are far from Allah's mercy for Osama home. So he has deafened them he has made them deaf or some make someone deaf. What I mean he has made blind absorb at home, their vision of sort of flora, luff bustle, he has made them deaf and he has made their vision blind. So they do not understand what they hear and they do not learn from what they see. Then the hearts become so hard of who of people

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who do facade in the earth.

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A fella to the Brunel Quran then do they not reflect on the Quran? I'm Marla Lubin, or upon heart or UK follow her. There locks up file Florida of the word

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of Allah. And what does it mean lock up falou her locks of the hearts meaning those locks that prevent the heart from reflection that don't allow the heart to open up. Because what does a lock do? Closes something right. So doesn't allow the heart to open up to think to accept to absorb?

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Are their hearts sealed shut? Why don't they reflect on the Quran? Meaning what has made them turn away from Allah's command? Don't they reflect on the Quran? How could they turn away from the commands of Allah? When the commands of Allah are so clear?

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They should reflect on the Quran yesterda Varuna from the book. What does the double mean?

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Allah has sent the Quran why Leah de baru it so that people reflect on the verses Correct. What does the double mean? The book basically, is to pause to stop at the verses meaning when a person is reading versus he is reciting the verses of the Quran. He stops he pauses in the middle and he thinks about them. He

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He reflects upon how he can benefit from them

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in order to act upon them. So basically the book is the effort to

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benefit from the Quran.

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That is what the Buddha is. You're not just reading for the sake of completing the page for the sake of completing the surah you're reading in order to be affected from the Quran in order to take benefit from the Quran? And how are you going to take benefit from the Quran, when you stop and think and reflect?

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All right, it will claim said that the double means to read through the beginning and the last portion. So for example, one sorta you read all of it, you take the whole picture, all right, and then

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read again.

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So not just once, but again, and again. Because the work that the book on the structure of the firewall, what does it mean, to do something again, and again, like in the Quran, we learn yet the general rule the general rule to take one sip after another,

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to take one sip after another, so that the book to reflect deeply, repeatedly taking time with after bit,

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because Quran is for our Ummah,

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it is to act upon

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correct and for Amen, that the Buddha is necessary.

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So basically, the Buddha is the link between him and Armen. If you want to transform your knowledge into action, then what is necessary in the middle?

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What is necessary in the middle, that the Buddha reflection, deep reflection, repeated reflection

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that the Buddha is from double dal Balraj and the Buddha is the back of something. So when a person is reflecting on the meaning of the Quran, what is he doing? He's following the back as an just as somebody's in front of you, you're following their back, you're not leaving them. So the devil is when a person reads a part of the Quran. He doesn't just read it and leave it. No, he reads it.

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And then he reads it again. And then he thinks about it. And even when he's closed the book, he's following those verses in his mind meaning he's thinking about them.

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In sort of solid i 29 Allah says keekaboo unza NanHu la como Biocom Lea de baru IoT, this book has been revealed to people may reflect on it

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remember that there are two pillars of the book there are two parts to the book. The first is a recruit another ad

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a local another ad. So basically

00:27:49 --> 00:27:52

understanding the text the theory part,

00:27:54 --> 00:27:56

learning about the seat, what does this mean?

00:27:58 --> 00:28:17

This includes the word analysis, looking at the Hadith, looking at other verses, understand the meaning of the verses the theory part and then the other is a look and alarmingly to focus on the Aman that okay, this is the ayah This is the meaning.

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Now, what do I get from this? What lesson can I get from this?

00:28:26 --> 00:28:34

Allah says a fella Tada Brunel Quran, will they not reflect on the Quran? It's a question. So what should the answer be? Yes, we will.

00:28:36 --> 00:28:52

Yes, we will. That as we read, we will reflect so we can reach from Erbil to Amman. As we read, we will learn the meaning the theory the explanation, but then we will also focus on the practical lessons. Because Quran is for

00:28:54 --> 00:29:00

cobble about he said, Hold fast to the Quran, for it sharpens the intellect.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:09

Meaning hold fast to it as it read it and then read it again and again and again and reflect on it. And the more you do it,

00:29:10 --> 00:29:58

the more your intellect will be sharpened. It is the light of wisdom and a source of knowledge. It is the most recent of the books revealed by the Most Merciful. Allah revealed in the Torah, that oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will reveal upon you a new book, which will open blind eyes, deaf ears and heedless hearts. So what is it that opens the heart that unlocks the heart? It's reflection upon the Quran. So I felt at the Brunel Quran Amala Kuruman up falou look at the context people are having difficulty following the command. What does Allah say reflect on the Quran? Reflect on the Quran and obedience will become easy. Holo maruf will become easy because when you

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reflect on the Quran

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on what is it that is fixed your mindset your thinking, right? Your heart and when the heart changes on the hardest transformed then everything is fixed. So if you find lack of harmony in yourself, then reflect on the Quran and reflect some more. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. While you're all living in

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New Zealand

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for either

00:30:31 --> 00:30:37

Zillah true or to gamma to kill offie betta

00:30:38 --> 00:30:41

laziness evolu being

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in a carnival on Melville she on a new meaning

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for Ella bar to uphold

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the either

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more Furlong Florida law Hanna can

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tune in

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later on

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to see don't feel we were to pop

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it can lead

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long over

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going on

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