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Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the artwork at Alhambra Palace in creative England, which is a masterpiece created by the French printing company in 1492. The artwork is a testament to the culture of the Catholic monarchs, who had control over the city and attacked the last stronghold of the Muslims in Spain. The decline of the Muslim culture in Spain is directly related to what happened afterwards in the world, and the artwork is a reference to this.
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Cassandra come everyone I am at Alhambra Palace in Granada, and de Lucia, also known as Alain de luz. This palace was built by the Nazareth kings of Granada. This particular courtyard was done by Muhammad the fifth in 1364 1364 CE. So the 14th century and if you look at the artwork is absolutely mind blowing. The Muslims have achieved amazing things in London, in Spain, in Cordoba and Seville and Granada. You see these masterpieces there they are too good to be real seriously, is the camera cannot show you the extent of the beauty of this place. This place is too good to be real. You know that the artwork is the peak of human excellence when it comes to creating artwork if you follow me.

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we look at this artwork, on top, you see Mullah olive oil Allah inscribed 80,000 times throughout this palace, Alhambra Palace. This formula Wallah olive oil Allah which means there is no one overpowering except Allah 80,000 times it has been inscribed in this courtyard was clearly very special for the full time for him to create this masterpiece. So this was created in the mid 14th century at the same time, well, when Alcazar or Alcazar of Seville was being built for the Christian king, Peter the first or Pedro the first, right. And these are the famous lines of Alhambra. You can see them they are well known. Any picture any images of Alhambra, you will see you can see these

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lines, and the climate is absolutely amazing. This product is right next to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. And it's an absolutely amazing place for the soul bands to build this masterpiece for themselves. When the Catholic Monarchs took this city, this was the last stronghold of the Muslims in Spain in 1492. This particular city, this particular stronghold, this particular Palace, fell into the Christian hands to Christian monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand. They joined hands through marriage to states, Castile and Aragon. They came together and they attacked the last stronghold of the Muslims in a London was in Islamic Spain. And it felt in 1492, the same year when

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Christopher Columbus left Spain for the Americas. I mean, he was looking for India, and he bumped into the Americas. And lo and behold, we had

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the American continent discovered, and we have South America, Central America and North America. So the decline of the Muslim in Spain is directly linked to what happened afterwards in the world. Okay, so the decline of the Muslims in Spain changed the history of the world forever. Okay. And this is the peak of Muslim civilization, Muslim achievement in Andalusia in Spain, as you can see around me, thank you very much for listening. Watch More.

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