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Spit out having to do with Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Welcome back to embracing polantis zero salty as seen. Now we're in the last section of the second segment of the surah. Allah subhana wa tada is now telling us of the result of these people. But let's do a little bit of a recap. In the first section of the second segment, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us of the Syrian Antioch to which two messengers of God were sent. They were rejected by the people of that town. So Allah subhanho wa Taala sent a third messenger and the third messenger and all of them together, they proclaimed that Allah Subhana Allah had sent them all his messengers, there were still rejected, and there was a lot

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of opposition. So there is a man who came from the for this part of town and that was a second section of the second segment. All right.

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Now, this man, what did he do? He was a caller to God. He started saying you guys oh people Oh my people your phone. My people. It Debbie through al mousseline follow the messengers of God. These are messengers of God who have been sent to you by God from God. So you've got to follow them.

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What do they do to this person? They ended up killing this person as well when he proclaimed that he believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala The only one they ended up killing this person and that person he's Allah subhanho wa Taala narrates to us the things he said after his death. He said that, Oh, how I wish my people knew how Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven me. And now Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us the outcome of those people who reject their messengers, when the message comes to people and they reject that message that comes with that what that comes with consequences from Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah takes us now to those consequences. He says, well, mountains are not

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only human bad, he mean June the minister, he will not condemn and serene.

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We didn't send to the people of this person who was murdered because he was a color to God. We didn't send an army from the heavens, and we didn't have to do that. Well, not when I was 18. And there was no need for us to send down an army, okay? Because these people are so weak when it comes to the strength of God. So Allah subhana wa tada saying, I didn't send an army down to destroy them. I don't have to do that. Oh my god, no one's even in Canada enough for hetton wahida. All it took was one large screen. That's all it took for either Hong Kong, me Dune. When that happened, all of them were completely extinguished. That's it, they're finished. So Allah subhana wa Tada. His

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strength is such that when people become arrogant, because of the strength that they've been given, and they try to attack the messengers of God, Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't even have to send an army to distinguish these people. All it takes for Allah is to allow a screen to happen and everything is annihilated. So Allah says all it took is saying hetton and they say that falar is as it been Malik says with a Latin Lima Ratan Kegels. Literally I think that anything that comes on the the pattern of failure, it's for the occurrence to happen once. So to say how was just once the word so you have already denotes the fact that it happened once but Allah emphasizes the fact that it's

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once by saying so you heighten wahida it was just one one only screen.

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If Allah didn't say why that one, the word it are it already denotes the structure of the word already denotes the fact that it happened once. But Allah wants to emphasize that it was really just once that's all it took the entirety of this village and the people all of them were annihilated, and all of them were extinguished. Yeah has certain Island.

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Oh, pity be to the slaves of Allah subhanaw taala Oh PTB upon these, these slaves have a lot of publicity well,

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and the pity happened, why Maria de himolla sulan there was never a messenger of God that would come to them. Illa can OBS does he own except that they would mock the messenger except that they would mock that person. And today as well what do we see? We see people mocking the colors to God within the ranks of the Muslims sometimes and also sometimes within the ranks of that non Muslims as well. So we see people who call to Allah subhanaw taala being marked in every which way. Look at these people. They're so backwards. Look at these Maulvi sobs. Look at these x y Z's everybody's got a name for it. And there's a lot of mockery that takes place and and Allah subhana wa tada saying,

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what PDB to these people who are mocking the messengers of God, my God.

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Hema Rasulullah Not a single messenger comes to them. And and the men over here, it's supposed to be for emphasis. Okay, my de Moura soon no messenger at all comes to them in that kind OBS does it all and the only thing that they will do as they would mock, that's all they could do. mockery are brothers and sisters, mockery is not a thing that is accepted in Islam, it's a sin. And Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says in the Quran, that, that the man shouldn't be mocking other men and women shouldn't be mocking other women as well. Because sometimes within the same gender, we see a lot of mockery as well. Right? That is how women men call me as a co hire on minimum, that don't let a

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group of men the word comb actually refers to men, even though oftentimes it's translated as a people that

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but the Arabs, they used to use the term home for men specifically.

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And this is within Arabic earlier with poetry as well. So the word home is referring to men's Allah saying that a group of men shouldn't be mocking other groups of men. And a group of women shouldn't be mocking another group of women as well.

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When did he when it's too hard to agree upon Allah hellsten omnicell. A poet says that I know not. And I'm never going to know or I'm not going to know that whether I do heslin the people of Destiny's basically trying to, to assault them verbally saying that the people of heslin I don't know if they happen to be foam, or they happen to be nice. And that's how we know the word poem actually means men, because he used the opposite of that. And he said he saw on the opposite side. So Allah Subhana, Allah says in Surah gerat, he says that a group of men shouldn't be mocking a group of men, perhaps those other men are better than the ones who are mocking. Similarly, a group

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of women shouldn't be mocking another group of women, perhaps those women happen to be better than the ones who are mocking. So there is no way that you can know that you are better than a person for you to go and mock them. And when you mock a person, then you're belittling them and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us that the the problem with kibin he says it basically leads a person to Hellfire, that the person was even an atom's weight of Gibbon within them, they're going to enter hellfire. And the prophet SAW Selim discouraged looking down upon a another believing Muslim. He said, it has been a minute shown, and yet a whole Muslim, it's enough for a person to be

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evil that they end up disdaining and looking down upon one of their brothers. So these people, that's exactly what they're doing. messengers of God are coming, and they're disdaining and they're looking down upon these messengers, and they're mocking these messengers as well. Now, if you're forbidden for mocking people who are regular people, what about people who are people of God, we've got to hold our tongues and hold ourselves accountable. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to give us the ability to hold ourselves to account and I asked Allah subhana wa tada to give us the ability to hold our tongues as well. And a poet, he says that,

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is very

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hopeful kalami in the whole Mo, that a person who is very scrupulous and pious, perhaps he will hold his tongue back, even though he happens to be a person who knows how to speak. Just because you know how to speak doesn't mean you have to speak, okay? Just because you have been given words doesn't mean you have to always use them. Because if we use too much words, then sometimes we end up becoming, we end up becoming aggressive in the way we speak and will be held to account for that. So we have to hold our tongues back in order for us to not be held to account by Allah subhanho wa Taala for the things that come out, that are intended by us and sometimes even unintended by us ask

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Allah subhana wa Allah to grant us that Sophia column I mean, or some Allahu Allah say Ed Nam hamedan early he was a marine.