Hasib Noor – Quranic Reflections #05 Allah is wITH THE Believers

Hasib Noor
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Sula handleless also mostly Valley savage Minister Alec Dogra? Really Chela, we're starting our series again day five illuminations pluronic reflections from the Halloween. And today, the kadhi the Imam recites from continuing from Saudi Arabia, Milan and Alia Milan. There's a number of reflections that came to my mind which speaks to that Allah is with the believers how and this is called in and the aspect of spirituality.

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The concept of Mallya to Allah which means Allah is with constantly the believers. Now, a last part that I mentioned this in a number of ads, I'll pick a few of them and Charles, just reflect on I want 33 from Surat Al Imran, where Allah subhanaw taala speaks about

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enjoying the believers to rush to something. And here, you see that we are always in a state of rushing and, and maybe in a state of hurry. And sometimes we say we're busy and our lives are very, you could say, in a state of panic and chaos sometimes Allah says what should you rush to? Was Sadie Oh, Elon Musk, Filati mirabito magenta in Abu Hassan Allah to will, or a deadly motorcade and hastened towards forgiveness from your Lord and Paradise as vast as the heavens and the earth. Prepare for those who are mindful of Allah subhanaw taala we're conscious of Allah, who are the motorcade those who are consistently conscious of Allah subhanaw taala and he says Lavina what are

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their characteristics? Olivia noon Fiona for satellite you will Darla he will carefully mean alive. Well, I phenol in Nashville, la hibel. Maxine in their characteristics are they are those who donate in times of prosperity when they have a wealth and they have the ability and maybe they have an expansive bank account at this point in time or in times of adversity and hardship. And that's to show you what true sincerity is when you give from your wealth, things that you know, normally people withhold the notion of giving wealth for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala as mentioned at the earliest part of the Quran, right, those who believe in the unseen, and they give from what Allah

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subhanaw taala has blessed them with. So that's a sign of true faith when you give, it's a sign of sacrifice, and then we'll call them in a life. So not only that, but one of the signs of truthfulness, of being a true believer is that they are those who withhold their and control their anger and rage here is that that type of fury, when you're so furious, and anger that you will just lash out based on your own, of course, Hala your desire or something that you're really upset about. So Allah describes those believers as their catecholamine alive, they're withholding they control their anger for none other than except the loss mindset. That's why there's a funny joke with

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a wife that was upset at her husband. And she said, You know, I'm controlling myself only for Allah not for you.

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So the notion being that she was doing it for a loss point at that, I mean, you shouldn't say that to your your spouse anyway. But it was a it's a beautiful way of looking at it that we withhold even our anger for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And our sponsor says, Well, I Fein and a nurse and those who pardon others, and allow your husband Mycenaean Allah, those who loves those who do things with excellence, those those who do things with excellence, and among the ways that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about being with the believers as well in the sumup. So Italia Milan, again, which establishes a sense of steadfastness like we spoke about yesterday, Allah subhanaw taala speaks

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about some of the things that Allah does then for the believers. And one of the most powerful I just want you to reflect on is the Iowa last point that I says is number 179. McCann Hola. Hola. The other meaning?

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I want you to stop at this portion. Allah would never leave the believers.

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This is one of the greatest sentences in the Quran. Mata can Allah Allah that Allah what meaning Allah will never leave the believers, Allah will never leave you Allah will never abandon you, Allah will never allow you to go through something alone. Allah is always with you. Allah is with the believers, not kind of Allah who the other meaning Allah will never leave the believers. Allah and tamale he had you may use a hadith caminata here, but there's also process of filtering those who deserve Allah subhanaw taala Allah is not just going to give himself to everyone but in reality it's for those who deserve it and truly

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are deserving of the companionship of Allah suppose that and he says, until he distinguishes the good from the evil among you. What are kin Allah Yeji Tabby mere rosary Hema Yasha but rather Allah directly

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reveals to you than seen when I can hola hola yo Leo clear icon

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Hola labia Wallachian Allah wa middle so the Maya shell, but rather Allah subhanaw taala would Allah directly reveal to you the unseen but he chooses whoever He wills as a messenger

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for Amina Villa he will also the way into me know what Turku Farah coma Jonah Aleem and if you are so believe in Allah and His messenger Allah says and if you are faithful and mindful of Allah, you will receive a great reward. And Allah Subhana Allah says what I said then and Alina Yaga Haruna Bhima Tahoma Allah home and fatherly who are higher Allah home balharshah Rola home so you thought we were gonna Maddock you Ruby yo multi Yama, what Allah him you're off of Samoa to a lot of what Allah who we met him but when a hottie last mantra says Then, and do not let those who greedily withhold Allah's favors that he gave them thinking it is good for them. In fact, it is bad for them,

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they will be held by their necks on the Day of Judgment with whatever wealth they used to withhold and Allah is the sole inheritor of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is all aware of what you do in this reality is that Allah subhanaw taala is going to test us to see if we are truly worthy of Him. And that test of Allah subhanaw taala in that sense, is to show our faith and our truthfulness to Allah and that's why the prophets of sentences in the hadith of Sudan they say,

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look, Mala is to be truthful with Allah.

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Be genuine with Allah. Allah will be truthful with you.

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Fulfill Allah Allah is promises allow fulfill your promises. And that's our last point that it says in the Surah that even if the prophet Muhammad as I said in the past is away to the to the companions that What did you stand for? Did you stand for Islam truly, while Manmohan medulla rasuna colored men probably also and Mohamed Salah Sam was just a prophet that came before him many prophets for him Tito pata. If he was if he passed away or he was killed in color Tamala kabhi con would you then turn your backs on Islam? Well, minion polybagged after being here for the EULA, che and whoever turns their backs and turns their heels on Allah Pantera will not harm Allah subhanaw

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taala and the least was the yes Zilla who shacking Allah will then reward those who are shackling who are grateful, grateful for this Islam grateful for this belief, grateful for the fact that we're Muslims, grateful for the fact that he's given us faith grateful for the fact that he's given us an opportunity to reach Ramadan and how many people have not reached home alone, grateful for the wealth that He's given us grateful for so many things that we have family and Allah subhanaw taala tests us with those things. So when you see how Allah azza wa jal asks us to, in fact, earn

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him earn his company, Allah Subhana Allah says, and keep that in mind, while Hola Hola, yo little Minion. But alas, Pantera will never leave the believers, but they have to establish belief first. So Allah is always with the believers, but they have to establish that belief. It's something that you have to show, like we said, said about the Surah Surah Ali Imran it speaks about steadfastness and steadfastness has to be shown. If you tell your wife a million times I love you, but you don't show it with your actions. What are you going to say? I want to see it. So Allah Subhana Allah says the same thing you say you love Allah, you love Islam, you love this faith, you know, it's the

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truth, but it's about showing a truly to Allah subhanaw taala so that we are deserving of Allah. Are we truly deserving of Allah? What have we shown to Allah subhanaw taala of our actions to make us deserving of him. And among the greatest things that shows us that we care is what you do, number one, this beautiful month, that gives us an opportunity to turn to Allah subhanaw taala really, with our hearts truly, sincerely, and it's an opportunity, just like the five pillars of Islam, each one is an opportunity for forgiveness, the shahada, when you say the testimony of faith, is forgiveness for all sins. The prayer of the Prophet Muhammad Hassan says between each prayer, you being forgiven

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every time you pray, it's like you're literally washing your sins as the prophets I said, and I said, as you're taking a shower five times a day, will there be any dirt on your left he says there will never be dirt on your left just like the prayer washes your sins. And just like as a cat when you give purifies your wealth just like Ramadan comes, purifies you from everything for you did the year and the dollars that you make in Ramadan will carry on for the next year you will see the effects of those dollars. So if you only make that statement true, that Allah will never leave the believer.

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Mark can Allah via the remote meaning remember that I Allah will never leave the believers. But may we become deserving of Allah's pinata May Allah azza wa jal makers of those that are deserving of him. May last month that accepts from all of us, the actions that we're doing, we're showing Allah every time you pray and you raise your hands to Allah say, Oh Allah, make me deserving of you. Oh, Allah make me someone that you're proud of looked down upon me at this night in this blessed place, that we serve you and we do everything for you and that I don't care about anybody's opinions except yours. I don't care about pleasing anyone. I don't care about anyone's attention. I don't care about

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anyone's care, except you Oh ALLAH. So in that sense, that will give us this beautiful statement of being deserving of it. This is so tell Imran Mercan Allah Allah that meaning that Allah subhanaw taala will never leave

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With the believers Allah is with the believers constantly. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that he is with constantly. Inshallah Allah give you leave you off with this beautiful side of machineable inshallah May Allah azza wa jal blessing Excel from all of us and make us deserving of him. Because sincere make us genuine to him, allow us to overcome everything that is a preventer of coming near to Allah, every sin that prevents us from the nearness of Allah Samantha, May Allah take away everything that we think is too hard for us to give up. And we're, our hearts are attached to it more than even our bodies May Allah take it away from us Seattle anatomy, may Allah make us of

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those that were pleased with him as our companion and him as the one that we need the most. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us with the companionship of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, WA sallahu wa salam Baraka Have you been wondering Mohammed Allah who stuck with me it's funny gloomhaven decrescendo Allah Allah He lent us off and go to break we'll see tomorrow inshallah Tara with illuminations Quranic reflections from the Harmon.

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