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Al-Furqan 1-20 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 10-16

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Now all of these accusations that they heard against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what does Allah say to them? How does Allah respond to them? Allah subhanaw taala says developer lady bless it is the one who inshallah, if he wished, if Allah wished, Gianna laka Haldeman zelicah he could have made for you better than that better than what better than what the people demand that you should have? What do people say, you should have a garden, you should be able to eat from it.

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You should have guns, you should have a lot of wealth. You should have angels surrounding you. Allah subhanaw taala says this is what they demand. If a loved ones he can give you something much better than that.

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And what would that be genette in gardens, 30 min tactical and how underneath which rivers would flow wired your electrical surah and he could make you palaces.

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They demand that you should have agenda. Allah could give you Jeanette,

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they asked that you should have guns. Allah can give you a console. console is a plural of acid from the root letters cough sodra.

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an ulcer is used for every house that is made of rock.

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It's not made of bricks, because bricks are made of what might we're talking about solid rock, like bricks of rock.

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And it is of a very solid structure. It has a very, very solid structure.

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And for the Arabs, how do they make their houses they made their houses of mud of leather, palm trees. So imagine a Lost Planet. Allah says he can make for you also, Allah can give you something much better than what these people are demanding.

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But the messenger does not come to make a display of worldly things.

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The messenger comes why, in order to guide people in order to deliver the message. His mission is not that he should become very wealthy,

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that he should show off to the people, his powers and his wealth and his money and his houses. No. The mission of the messenger is to deliver the message.

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We see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that out of the LA Jacobi ledger, I really bought her a Makita the ribbon that my Lord he offered me that he would make a portion of Mecca of gold for me that just imagine a big portion is made of gold. For the profits that alone isn't it. But go to layer of the but I said no. Oh my Lord. Well, I can asheboro Yeoman was a Jew or Yeoman.

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I wish that I should eat one day, and I should go hungry the other day. Allah offered the profits on a lot of setup, I can give you so much Well, I can give you so much gold, I can give you so much money. But what if the profits are allowed Islam choose that he should be allowed to eat one day and remain hungry the other day?

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We'll call us LS an owner who had or he said this about three times that for either jury to double or to illega that when I would be hungry, then I would be humbled before you

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were comfortable. And I would remember you

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that if I go hungry one day, then what will happen? It will make me humble before you it will make me remember you. It will make me pray to you what either Shabbir to shack up to Mohammed Touka. And when I will eat, when I will be satisfied, then I will thank you and I will praise you.

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So the prophet SAW a lot of sudden he chose to not have a lot of worldly blessings. Why? Because when a person has a lot of worthy blessings, and it makes him sometimes he lists, it doesn't make him humble. He gets so busy enjoying one thing after the other, that he doesn't have time to thank Allah. He doesn't have time to remember Allah. He doesn't have time to humble himself before Allah.

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So it's not that Allah subhanaw taala could not give to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. No, he could give him

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definitely you could much more than what the people demanded. But the prophet has not come to this world to make money. He came to this world to deliver the message.

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And the people do not believe why because well camdeboo bizarre.

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The reason is not that they don't see the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. The reason is that cuttable bizarre, they have denied the final hour. This is the problem. They don't believe in the Day of Judgment. They don't want to think about accountability.

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Because of their belief in the Day of Judgment, if they thought about accountability, then they will be very, very

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Be careful about how they were living.

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They will be concerned about what they're supposed to do what they're not supposed to do. If you have an exam coming up, Aren't you concerned about the subject that you have to study for? Of course, you will take it seriously. But if you don't have the exam, if you keep denying that No, no, I'm not taking the test will you study? Of course not.

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But camdeboo bizarre it This is the real problem that they have denied the Day of Judgment. What are uttered in a lemon get the verb is, sir, are the surreal and those people who deny the Hereafter, a loss of personal data has prepared for them, sorry, Utah, a blazing fire. For such people, severe punishment is prepared for them. Sorry, it is not just fire, but it is such fire that is blazing that is burning, huge flames, fierce fire.

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This is the kind of fire that hasn't been prepared for those people who deny the Day of Judgment, who do not have fear of Allah, who do not believe in the messenger.

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And for such people, the day of judgment is going to be a terrible day.

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intelligentsia is 32 we learn what either killer in the world the law he Hulk was sir artillery, but he had also mandatory Massara. In no no 11 women are going to be mistaken in and when it is said indeed the promise of Allah is truth. And the hour is coming. There's no doubt about it. You said we don't know what the hour is. We assume only assumption. And we are not convinced. So those people who are not convinced about the coming of the Day of Judgment, for them is a severe punishment in the hereafter.

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And what is that punishment? That either at home, McCann and buried in that when it will see them from a distant place? What will see them?

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What does that refer to series, the blazing fire, that when this blazing fire is going to see these people from a distant place, that the people are actually very far from the Hellfire on the day of judgment in the hash. But the Hellfire is going to see these people who are supposed to enter the hellfire. What's going to happen? semi rula they're going to hear of it. Delay us on a raging was a feeler and a roar. The youth from lane Yeah. What does lanes mean?

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Raise anger, fury, certainly use is to express anger to express fury to show one's anger the high youth.

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So they will hear a sound that is raging, boiling like an enraged person. Just like a person who is very angry what happens to him, he begins to yell, huff and puff. He shows his anger in his sign in his behavior in the way that he moves in the way that he speaks in what he says that I use was a feeler and the feet is the roaring, roaring sound. And in particular, it is said sound that is produced when one exhales when one reads out.

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And an animal can only roar as it exhales. So they will hear of it. The high yield and the fish.

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If you think about it, you can hear the roaring and the rumbling of volcano before it erupts. Isn't it so you can hear forest fires. You can hear fire, the sound of fire you can hear it. So imagine the scene of the Day of Judgment. The Hellfire is prepared, it is ready. And the criminals they're going through the hassle. They are to be admitted into the hellfire.

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But as the fire sees them, what does it do? It begins to show its rage and its fury just like a hungry lion that is about to attack its prey.

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In the Johanna mechanic Masada the Hellfire is lying in wait.

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Just imagine that if a person is going to be attacked by a vicious animal. What does that animal do before it comes in attacks? What does it do?

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It gets up at roars it how old like for example, if there's a dog and you happen to pass by a place where that dog is and you're not supposed to be there and the dog thinks that you're coming in, you're not supposed to be here. What will that dog do?

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It will stand up words it will raise itself up it will start howling it will start barking and then eventually it's going to come and attack. This is how the Hellfire is

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that in

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Imagine that Hellfire when it will see such people. It will blow out a rage. Blow out of anger

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we learn in certain MOOC is 78 either all goofy her samiullah Shahid Khan we're here to fool the car determinism in LA is that when the people are thrown into it, they will hear from it a dreadful inhaling inhaling sound as it boils up, it almost burst with rage, the catheter may Yasmin and haze. This is how angry how furious the Hellfire is. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the fire of hell complained to its Lord, the fire of hell complained to its Lord saying, Oh my Lord, my parts are eating one another.

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That it's so furious. It's so full of fire, that parts of Hellfire are consuming other parts.

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This is the end of those who deny the Day of Judgment, who deny the messenger who don't live by the book.

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This is how the Quran is Leah Cohen and I'll Amina Nabila. This is the warning in the Quran.

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What either oil coalmine, her and when eventually they'll be thrown into it. This is from a distance of the fire we'll see them it will start raging and roaring and the people will get to hear that raging and roaring. And then eventually when they're going to be thrown into the Hellfire butt into a place that is mecanim the Yukon into a narrow and tight place. The US body of one that is cramped, restricted, confined, narrow, such a place they'll be thrown into Hellfire because the Hellfire is a ditch and it will be such that it will constrict them. They will not be able to come out they will not be able to breathe comfortably confined, restricted mecanim they you can a narrow and tight

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And why would it be mecanim by you confer them? Because they'll be maccarone they'll be chained up together. macabre Nina's applaud of mocha one and Nicola is one who is tied up because cotton Khurana What does it mean to tie one thing with the other to tie one thing with the other to join one thing with the other? It basically means is the watch to join to connect two things together. It is a car rental very low morale berries that are tied one camera with the other camera. If you see ever in a caravan. camels are walking together. They're all tied up one with the other, isn't it? So this is what macaron is that when they'll be thrown into the Hellfire they'll be more cavani. Now

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how will they be McCarney into ways that first of all, all the criminals will be tied together with one another. Now, obviously, when they'll be thrown in together, the place no matter how big it is, it's going to become tight upon them because your movement becomes restricted as you're bound to someone.

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Secondly, also there'll be more colonies because they'll be shackled how that their hands will be bound to their necks,

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they will be tied up their bodies will be tied up makani So, when they will be thrown in the Hellfire like this, what will they do their own Anika surah they will call for destruction right there and then What does nanika mean? right there at that place at that moment. They will pray for support and support means death destruction. They will pray for destruction that they should finish right there and that we learned so to whom I have for tonight that color the humor then nothing Hold on one other command hold on no law his other that no he will be surely thrown into the crusher. The Hellfire is called her Tama because her Tama means one that crushes something.

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And what can make you know what is the crusher it is the fire of Allah. That is one other that is eternally fueled.

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Allah teetotaler rlf, either which mounds directed at the hearts it reaches the hearts, it will penetrate the bodies in the heart I lay you Masada. Indeed the Hellfire will be closed down upon them fear or the momenta in extended columns, they will be closed. They will be tied up bound in columns in chests so that they will not be able to escape. This is the mechanics of hellfire. This is how they'll be punished. And they will call for death they will call for destruction. But will they die? No, because some Malaya mafia

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When I hear, this is why they'll be told, let their Leominster boot on, we're hidden. Do not cry this day for one destruction, weather crucible on kathira. But cry for much destruction. If you pray for destruction ones, it's not going to work. It's not going to work at all, it's not going to make a difference, whether it was the wooden Cathedral, and go ahead and pray for a lot of destruction, even then you will not finish, because you will die again and again. And you will suffer various types of punishments, whether it was civil war and kathira.

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Now, is this a good result? Is this a good consequence? This is a consequence for who, for who, for those who deny that they have definitely

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for those who deny the messenger for those who deny the book of Allah,

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this is one end.

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But on the other hand, there's another end as well.

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A lot of pantalla asks us for say, alcohol, Is that better? Would you like this to be your end? Would you like to meet this ultimate result in the hereafter? Is this what you want? As an eagle

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or janitor hold a garden of eternity Is that better?

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Think about it. What is better?

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A place that is tight and narrow and full of fire, where people will be locked up unable to escape. People will be chained up tied up with one another.

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Various forms of punishments being inflicted upon them for their own wrongdoing, is that better, or general hold the garden of eternity. Now eternity over here has been mentioned. Why? For praise that this gentleman is never going to end because what happens to the gardens of this world. You have a lovely garden. You put in so much effort to prepare it. But what happens? winter comes, one storm comes, you know once no storm comes and that's it. Everything that you grew, everything you planted is gone. It's finished.

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genital halt, it's the garden of eternity. But this garden of eternity, it is for who and Lottie worried and moutoku the one that is promised to do those people who have

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those people who have done what they have been promised this tin can at lunches and women see.

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This agenda is for them as a recompense and also a mostly a place of return. This is their destination in the hereafter. And this is the reward that they will get. But who will get this garden of eternity? Who will get it? I'll move the home those who have Taqwa. So what is this the court that they have? That because of this fear, they have this criteria in their heart because of which they do what Allah likes. And they stay away from what Allah dislikes, what he disapproves of.

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And where do they develop this from? From the four corners of her husband?

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loan fee, her Maya, for them they're in is whatever they wish, whatever they desire, anything they desire, where will they find it? Where will they find it? in general?

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What does it show to us? that gender is the place where your wishes will be fulfilled? Where your wishes will be granted? Not dunya

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What do we want? That Indonesia, every wish of ours every desire of ours should be fulfilled?

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I want a big house. I want beautiful children. I want to have lovely skin I want to have this I want to have that. We have all these desires. But we see that dunya is not a place where your desires can be fulfilled. Where is it that your desires will be fulfilled? In general, the homefree have Masha anything they wish, whether it is some food or drink or clothing or housing, anything they wish they will have it over there.

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And they will have it as Holly the one surviving eternally

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they will be in an irrevocable state. Once they're in general, they're never leaving. Once they're enjoying their pleasures never coming to an end. Gender will not come to an end because it has genital hold. And they will also never come to an end over there because Holly Dean cannot bigger. This is upon your Lord. What are the must oola a promise that is worthy to be requested? must always from the root letters seen Hamza Nam what is so adme question and Massoud is one that is questioned about one that is requested. One that is asked for

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so this is a person

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promise that your Lord has made. And this is a promise that is worthy to be requested. worthy to be requested that people can request for it for this promise to be fulfilled without any sort of alien bond I have 194 but I've been out what attina Martina autosleep that Oh our Lord grant is what you promised us through your messengers. Ghana Allah Rebecca, what are the Missoula it's worthy to be requested? People can request this into the profit I ate we learned a lot when our genetic identity ality we're at the home, that our Lord admit them to gardens of perpetual residence, which you have promised them. So cannot be garden masuleh it can be requested. And it's something that Allah will

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This is a promise that Allah will fulfill but for who? For those who have Taqwa for those who live by this popcorn, for those who believe in it, and those who live by it

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will listen to the recitation and will continue.

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Lumina walk on

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Bill Keller movies.

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if you look at it, the promise that Allah subhanaw taala has made what how does he describe it?

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How does he describe it the promise of gender

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masuleh Canada be kawartha Missoula it's worthy to be requested. Now we have to see how much do we requested? How should we pray for it? How much do we ask that we should be?

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Those people for whom this promises fulfilled

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