Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 262A Translation Muhammad 20-38

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers a wide range of characters from a TV series and individual political campaigns. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding privacy laws and following them closely. They also mention various examples of murder and deeds, including a woman named Kari and a woman who refuses to admit her crimes. The potential consequences of the evil spirit on people's behavior are discussed, including false expectations and "weaksuff" behavior.
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As Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah he little cattle whoo

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hoo hoo on a Sunday or Laura SUTI has given him a mother Martha was a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish rashly Saudi were still the undie Washington data melissani Kahu Kohli Robina Ziggler

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Surah Mohammed is number 20 to 38 Translation Waiuku and he says Alladhina those who are mono they believed Lola why not? New Zealand. It was sent down sutra tune a sutra. So either then when on Zilla, it was sent down. Sutra tune a surah a chapter. Mark comma tune one decisive whether Kira and it was mentioned. See her in it. lt Turlough the fighting raw ater you saw a Lavina those who fee in Kullu be him their hearts. Model balloon a disease. Young Luna they look a Laker towards you Nevada, as looking and McShea you have the one overcome or lay on him men from a remote the debt for Hola. So better or for Hola, soy wall. La home for them. Bar tune, obedience, war Kowloon and a word Mark

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are often good for either so when are Zuma it resolved, Unruh the matter? Fellow then if Sudoku they were true, Allah do Allah La Cana Surely it was Chiron better LA home for them

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for her then what I say to him, perhaps you all in if there were later on? You turned away on that. Tootsie do you all make mischief fill up in the earth? What took up the crew and you all got our hammer comb your ties of kinship?

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Owner Iike those Alladhina are those who learn a home he cursed them Allah who Allah for us on the home so he caused them to be deaf. Were armor and he made lined up Masada home their sites. A fella do they're not yet either. berguna they reflect Al Quran and the Quran or Allah upon to lube hearts. Aquifer do her it's flocks in the medina indeed those who entered do they turned back are the upon a devotee him their backs. Men from bar the after ma what? Dube Yena it was made clear law home for them. alHuda the guidance, a shame upon the Shavon so whether he made easy LA home for them, or unloved and he gave false hopes the home to them Delica that the unknown because indeed day they

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said, Linda Xena for those who carry who they disliked ma that which Nasrallah He sent down, Allahu Allah. Sunil theorical soon we will obey you fee in BB some of the matter will Allah Who and Allah Ya Allah mu he knows is Radha whom they're keeping secrets for K for so how either when they were fed home, it recalled them al-mulla Iike be angels yobbery buena they strike would you her home their faces or a developer home and their backs? That Iike that be under home because indeed day it terbaru they followed ma that which as Hopper it angered Allah, Allah or Kenny who and they disliked. They hated revoir know who his pleasure for Ash buffer so he made fruitless or murder home

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30 deeds

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or hassy but he thought Alladhina those who fee in follow be him their hearts model balloon a disease on that learn never Euphrasia he will bring out Allahu Allah a blonde whom their secrets of blonar home their secret it wills or Ablon home their grudges one Oh and if Nesha we will let Elena to home. Surely we showed you them let our Inaka home surely we showed you them so now I lost a home then surely you recognize them be SEMA home with their distinctive mark? What authority fun now home and surely you shall definitely record

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Nice them fee in lash me don't allow the speech. Allah Who and Allah urina mu He knows our murder come your deeds well under blue wanna come and shortly we shall definitely test you had until now furthermore we know own muda he been those who strive men come from you, Warsaw Berrien and those who endure with patients whenever they were and we shall test we shall try about our comb your effects your reports in the Levina indeed those who Cafaro they disbelieved was I do and they stopped on from sebelah way of Allah washer. And they opposed of a Sula, the messenger men from Bharat after ma what? Dube Jana, it became clear the home for them alHuda the guidance learn never

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yo boo boo they harm Hola Hola. Hola. Che anything worse or you should be able to and soon he will make fruitless? Our murder home their deeds?

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Yeah, are you hurt? Oh, Allah Xena, those who am a new day believed a plea. You all obey Allah, Allah, what Eliyahu and you all obey of Rasulullah the messenger or Allah and do not doubleplay do you all nullify our murder comb your deeds? In Alladhina Indeed, those who Cafaro they disbelieved, also do and they stopped aren't Sabina Allah from way of Allah, Soma then Matu they died we're home while they go foul when our disbelievers finance so never yell Farah, he will forgive Allah who Allah La home for them Salah so do not die he know you all become weak. What are the root and you all do not call Isla towards a cell the beasts were unknown and you are ill are alone. The ones who

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are uppermost the ones who have upper hand Walla Allahu and Allah Mera Kaam is with you will learn and will never yet your comb he will decrease you are Mala comb in your deeds in nama indeed not but I'll hire to the life a dunya of the world. Larry Boone a play wala Hoon and an amusement we're in and if taught me No, you all believe what a Taku and you all fear Allah you tickle he will give you or do you record your rewards. Wala and not yes uncom he will ask you, he will demand from you. And while I comb all your wealth

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in if Yes l Kuhmo. Her, he would ask you for it. So you fickle, then he would press you double Hulu you would become stingy where your college and he would bring out a barnacle, your grudges her and Tom here you are, how old are these two their owner you all are called Leto and fuchal. So that you all spend fee in Seville Allah way of Allah, some income so from you man who yerba hollow he is stingy. Woman and whoever ye befall. He is stingy for in nama than indeed not but yerba hollow he is stingy and from Nazi he himself will Allah Who and hola hola hola ne you the one who is rich, we're Antonia and you all and Fukuhara the ones who are poor. What in and if data were low, you all turn

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away yesterday he will substitute Coleman of people while you're calm other than you so much than not your corner they will be

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like Have you

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listened to the recitation of these verses

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that either

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be him not only

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know she

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either has

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the headline say he told me

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to see to feel

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then you can

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that gave

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it to me Aubrey guna will do

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Allah Allah you

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be followed you along with

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saw the Rena

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he was she

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yeah you

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enamel HYAH duniya

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wha to me

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he is Ellison

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people follow you on

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movies I've eaten

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one as

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well hola hola honey you

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