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At-Tahrim 1-12 Tafsir 7-8


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The Day of Judgment is a mistake that is based on what the wrongdoers commit to, and punishment is based on what they commit to do. The importance of avoiding regret and being faithful to one's Lord is emphasized. Forgiveness of sins is also key, and exposure to regret and rewarding it can lead to death is crucial. It is important to save oneself and their families from the danger of the star's shadow.

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Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you have Latina cafaro or you have disbelieved la tarta de la Leone, make no excuses this day, which day.

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They have judgment meaning on the Day of Judgment, as they will be entering into Hellfire, it will be said don't make any excuses. don't offer any excuses. Because in number two rizona malcontent term alone, indeed, you are being recompense for what you used to do. This is the result of your own deeds.

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We see that people, when they will be punished in the Hereafter, they will present excuses why, in order to be saved from the punishment? What kind of excuses will they make?

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For example, some people will blame others for having misguided them. It's not our fault. It's actually other people's fault. Just like today, when a person ends up in some trouble, who does he blame other people? Isn't it so many times children are found blaming who their own parents.

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Women are found blaming who their husbands husbands are found blaming their wives, because he doesn't get up to pray. I don't get up to pray. He watches television, I do the same thing. He ends up wasting his time I end up doing the same thing. People do that a lot blaming each other. And on the day of judgment as well. People will blame one another. But what do we learn here in Nevada, Arizona, my content arm alone, you are being recompense for what you used to do. Remember, somebody can only tell you to do something, they cannot force you they cannot make you do it.

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At the end the decision is yours. If you do something, it was your decision. They may have pressured you, but they could not make you do it. This is why in the hereafter people will be told don't blame others. This is a recompense of your own actions. In total arafa 38 we learned Coloma dollar to metal learned

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every time a group of people enter fire what will it do? curse its sister nation blaming it.

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Similarly, we learned the same if pilot wrongly Ooh, la, la la la luna, these people misled us. But is that going to help a person on that day? No. blaming other people does not help you are responsible for your own actions.

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Similarly, we see that some people will deny having done anything wrong. They will say we never did anything wrong. elanco Allahu rabina mokona Michigan we never did check. But what does Allah subhanaw taala say instead of the room I have 57 for yoma in LA and for Latina Lola mu ma zero to one when you start a boon on that day, there mardela there excuse will not help them into the office I have 52 yo Malayan for lolly Mina, Mara de la to whom the day their excuse will not benefit the wrongdoers. The time to do something is now on the Day of Judgment, you may have a list of excuses, I could not teach my children because of such and such reason. I cannot give time to my children,

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because I was so busy. All of these excuses will not work in the metro rizona muy contento de Lune.

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This also shows to us that the punishment of the Hereafter is ignited by what the sins that a person commits. The fire of the Hereafter is ignited by what the sins of a person sins it nightfire of punishment if a person persists in fulfilling his wrong desires, he's doing that at the cost of is a hero in his own American alone.

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Yeah, you have Medina Avenue. Oh you will have believed tubal in Allah He Toba Tana suha repent to Allah with sincere repentance change your ways. What does sober mean? that a person changes his ways leaves the wrong action. replaces that with good action seeks forgiveness doesn't repeat wrong ever again. Yeah, you have Medina Amano doable in Allah He toe button so ha yes many mistakes have been made. Many errors have been made in the past. Yes, you may have been neglectful in the past, but now you can change yourself to boo repent it Allah He told her that Nestle her

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daughter Nestle, ha if you think about adobo could have been enough. But what has been said dealt with and this will have this is a kind of repentance that Allah subhanaw taala wants us to make. What is Nestle? Nestle has from their newsletters, noon slot have

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and now so is right from the word nothing. And nothing is to wish Well, for someone to be loyal to someone. How in one's word

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In transactions

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so NASA is who one who is loyal. One who is faithful one who is a well wisher. And NASA means extremely loyal. So tell us about a NASA what kind of Toba is it being loyal to yourselves, being faithful to yourselves.

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It is that when a person repents, he doesn't go back to the sin again. This is being faithful to yourself, being faithful to your Lord, being sincere.

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Then, who knows ohana so has also understood from NUS, which is used for a class I sell to NASA is clear, pure honey.

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So repent with a repentance that is sincere, that is honest, that is truthful, that is firm.

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Be true to yourself, and be true to your Lord. Once you leave something, make up your mind, you're not going back to it again. And once you leave something, be faithful to your Lord, be sincere to him really mean that over, don't commit that sin again, don't have any desire to return to it again. doable in a law he Dilbert. And so

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this is the kind of Dilbert that Allah subhanaw taala wants from us are motivated to learn how he said Dilbert. And so he means when a person repents from a sin and tells himself that he will not return. He will not repeat that same again. When is it possible that you don't repeat that sin again, you tell yourself and never going back to it again, when you actually dislike that sin?

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Because if you like it, if you're attracted to it, then what will happen? Will you end up doing it again? It's quite possible.

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Will you feel guilty when you do it? No. Not that guilty. Why? Because you like it.

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So it's important to leave the same dislike the same, hated, detest it and make up your mind you're not going back to it again.

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Because if you have even the slightest attraction for it, believe me you will fall,

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hustle and bustle he was asked about Dilbert and also and he replied, Nether mill call that a person is regretful remorseful at heart, what is the foul be lisanne and that he seeks forgiveness at the tongue without bilgileri and he leaves that action with his limbs. What Mr. Elia ruled and then determining making a firm determination that he will not return to that same again. doable in a law Hito button.

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Below loyal to yourself once you've made up your mind. Don't go back to the sin again. And be sincere. Be faithful to your Lord. Because when a person is doing Toba, who is he going towards Allah subhanaw taala right. So is it right? that a person is going towards Allah? And then he goes back? Is that right? It's not right at all. Once you have made your focus Allah and his obedience, then again once you have established your face, don't go right or left. Don't go back. Be firm. tubal in Allah He Toba No. suha acera bukem. Hopefully your Lord and you can feel our uncomfy article that he will forgive you for your sins. What is the result of sincere repentance?

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forgiveness of sins. The result of sincere repentance is what forgiveness of sins, which shows that the condition for forgiveness of sins is one that a person repents sincerely, if a person is not sincere in his repentance, then forgiveness of sins is not guaranteed. Were you the healer come Jeannette and he will admit you into Jeannette second benefit of sincere repentance paradise set Jeanette daydreamin tactical and her underneath which rivers flow yo mala usila hoonah Vidya will Latina amanu on the day when Allah will not humiliate His Prophet, and those who believe

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on the Day of Judgment, when Allah will admit those who sincerely repent to Allah into paradise. On that day Allah will not humiliate His Prophet, nor will he humiliate the believers.

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What is humiliation on the day of judgment

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that his sins are exposed?

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That he is admitted into the hellfire.

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We learn robina in the command to the hidden narrow

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zeta, that Oh our Lord, whoever you admit into the fire, in fact, you have humiliated him. That person is disgraced, he's humiliated. It's the greatest humiliation

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because when a person is being admitted into Hellfire, what does it mean? He is guilty. He is sinful.

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his sins will be exposed. People may have been thinking him to be very righteous. But if he enters Hellfire, what does it mean? That that righteousness was all fake? In reality that person was sinful. So sins be exposed on the day of judgment that is humiliation for a person. When a person has repented to Allah with sincere repentance, look at the reward. You can fit uncomfy article Allah will expand your sense and enter you into paradise on the day that he will not humiliate His Prophet and also those who believe are larina Amma Newmar who

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noodle home their light yes avena ad him will be emani him their light will be running before them and also on their Right. Which light is this? The light of their Eman the light of their deeds and we have learned about it earlier insulted Hadid, yo mata mininova minute yes or no Romania at him will be a man him. Where's your local neuron? I'm sure NaVi This is what Allah says elsewhere. So noodle home Yes avena ad him will be a millennium and this new proceeding before them, showing them the way taking them to what? Jen destination? Your coluna they will say robina Atomium Lana neurona Oh our Lord, perfect for us our light, don't let the slide die out. Don't let the slide decrease.

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Don't let the slide extinguish, perfected for us and ensure that we enter agenda.

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When will they say this? When they see the light of the moon African turned off when they see it extinguish they will pray to Allah that Allah robina Atomium la neurona workfit Lana and forgive for us in the Carla coalition in Cadiz. Indeed you are over all things capable. If you look at this I what is the loss of data telling us change your ways no dough within this will

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change your ways now. Do something good now. Because if you change your ways now, then you will have light on that day.

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If you have sincerely repented, you have been sincere to Allah, then Allah will also take you to gender in the hereafter.

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And if you are deceptive, like the Mona fitting

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that a person says Yes, Yes, I do. Toba? Yes, yes, I will not do this wrong again. But then he goes back to it deceptive behavior, like the Mona 15. What will happen to such a person on the Day of Judgment, his light will be there, but then it will extinguish because he was deceptive. He was disobedient. Typically what happens when things are easy? We tend to do good. When things become difficult. We say I'm too weak, I cannot do it. But what does Allah want us to do though within the soul, which means you become firm on the good that you're doing? Don't just do it when it's easy and leave it when it's difficult. This is the way of the hypocrites. And when a person lives his life

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like this, when it's easy to do good he does it. When it's easy to do evil he does it. Then on the Day of Judgment, this is how his life will be as well. When he needs it most. It will not be there to the believers will pray that Oh our Lord, perfect our light for us. Make sure we entered in make sure we reach our destination. In the Karla condition for the Allah says on this day he will not humiliate the Prophet and the believers, those who are sincere.

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Now what is the way of attaining the slight doba performance of good deeds, the Quran, we have learned earlier, when a person performs will do regularly properly, this will be a means of light for him on the Day of Judgment. The Quran, Allah subhanaw taala calls it news light.

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The more you read it, the more you live by it, the more you share the site with other people, with your family members, with your friends with your acquaintances, the more light you will have on that day. But if you have this light, this goes on and you keep it closed, you don't share it, then what will happen your light will also be limited on that day.

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Instead of the new we learn about the example of the hidayatullah Allah subhanaw taala gives to a person and what do we learn new dawn, I learn who light upon light. How does that happen? When a person has knowledge, when a person has armor, when a person shares that when a person is in good company, clear glass, remember that example, no smoke in a niche and because of that, that light is so bright, it is already and it spreads everywhere as well. Similarly, this cold on the knowledge that Allah has given us we cannot keep it to ourselves. You have to save yourself and your families from the fire. When you will save them you will have more light when you have more light in this

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dunya you will have more light in the hereafter as well.

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boom, boom,

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boom say

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So if a person wants light on that day, he has to have light. Now

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he has to have. Now

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if you want to have a huge light, a light that is spreading everywhere, like we learned that some will have light as the size of a mountain even. So if you want that much light on that day, then you have to share that much. Now, you have to implement it now.

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And you have to tell your families about it as well.

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And you have to hold on to it until you die. When you hold on to it until you die, then you will have light in the hereafter as well.

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If you think about it, if you're told that there will be a blackout, no electricity, then what will you do?

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You will be like yeah, we'll see when it comes. No, you will make sure you have your batteries, your torch, some kind of light candles, whatever you will make sure you have them from before, isn't it so you have your food. You have your work done, your laptop is charged. Your phone is charged everything that you need. You will make sure you have it ready from before and this is for dounia What about the camera

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over there also, at one point they will be complete darkness and the time to prepare in order to have light at that time is now

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