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The transcript discusses Zillow's earthquake and the concept of "the turning point" to make people feel like they have done everything they want to do. The segment also touches on the use of hate to signal pride, loyalty, and desire for something. The transcript describes a group of horses and their behavior during a storm, including their deeds and weight. The use of "has been a fire" in relation to weight is also discussed.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Surah Possehl Zela

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either Zillertal or Lucille Lucha, either when Zulu zealot it will be shaken up. What will be shaken up out of the earth? The entire earth will be shaken. How Zillow Zillow with its earthquake. Zillow, what is Zillow? Zillow is to slip Zillow to Khuddam is the slipping of the foot, Zelda Zela there's the crore lovely, there's repetition of the letters, which means there's repetition of the action also. So, a situation in which the foot will slip not just once, but again and again. And again Zela therefore, is earthquake, it is to shake to convey volts. So what will come volts, the entire Earth will come volts. How? Why Zillah Zillah ha. Zan. Its final quick meaning with its most violent,

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rocking, shaking, the likes of which has never happened before the Earth. Yes, it shakes. There is no della, there are earthquakes. But this earthquake is the final earthquake. This earthquake is the most violent earthquake, this earthquake is such that the earth will continue to shake

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until everything on its surface is destroyed until the mountains are no more until the oceans are no more.

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Until there is no building nothing on the earth until the earth will become completely flat and smooth in Rotorua, para ir for yo mythology for Raji for that bhairahawa differ, it will shake not once, but twice two major earthquakes This is a Zoda to Sara,

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the earthquake of the Day of Judgment

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will Raja till Urdu and the earth will throw out it will bring out Earth Allah ha its burdens plural of the word fickle, meaning everything that's inside the earth will now be taken out because of the earthquake there is nothing that will remain inside the Earth. Everything will be thrown out what either out of blue moon that's what I look at my feet high water, Khaled it will become empty. We'll call in Sun and the human being will say, Mala What is wrong with this earth? Why is this happening? What is going on? And it won't stop there. It's not that the earth will shake and this is something that will amaze and shock the human being. No, something even more amazing will happen, which is

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that yo mama even on that day to have diesel, it will talk the earth will talk it will report it will narrate just as one narrative Hadith, it will narrate the earth will narrate about what about AHA it's news, Florida the word Hubble and Hubble remember its factual information. True information. The earth will report its news, meaning the earth will begin to talk this ground will speak who did what on me? At which place? Who gave sadaqa who prayed who lied who abused who stole the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reported to have recited this Iowans and then he said, Do you know what is its information? What is the Kabbalah that the earth will report? The people

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said Allah and His Messenger know best. He said Verily, its information is that it will testify against every male and female servant about what they did upon its surface. The earth will testify against who every male and every female servant of Allah, about what they did upon its surface, it will say so and so did such and such on this day. This is it's above. How will the earth talk be unknown Rebecca, because your Lord, Oh Ha ha, he will have commanded it. Oh how ye. Allah will inspire it meaning ALLAH will command it. So the earth will not disobey its lord, it will speak. Yo mama even

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In that day, yes the Runa Su, people will depart. Yes do Ruth saw Del Sol, dude. It's basically to proceed after having water. So when people go to a watering hole, they go they drink. And then once they're done, they go away as they're going away. They're departing, this is Sue. So yes, don't sue people will depart they will set out how a statin as separated groups is that plural of the word shut. We have done a similar word earlier.

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Shut down in this area con Lucia. This is different this is ash that same route, but the form is different. And shut ash that is used for many groups, many categories of different types, as Allah says Fattah tuna of wotja. So people will be divided in groups on that day into categories. Why? Why will they go where are they going? To the hasher to the great gathering for hisab, Li euro or Amala home so that they are made to see their deeds? They are shown their actions. What happens? We do what we want and we forget about it. We said Don't think about it, ignore it.

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On the Day of Judgment, Li euro armella home, people will be shown their deeds made to face their deeds, see them for my yarmulke. So whoever has done myth Allah the rotten mythical weight of what the rotten of an atom what is an atom the smallest particle that we know off. So if a person has performed an action, that is as small as an atom's weight, and this action happens to be higher on, it happens to be good than yellow who he will see it, because that is the day when you will see your actions. So if there is an action as small, as an atom, so small, that people don't really give much importance to

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even that a person will find it before himself. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said do not belittle any good deed. Any good deed, even if you give someone a rope or hand someone a shoelace, because sometimes, this is all the help that we can offer in a given situation. All we can do we just pass something on, pass something on but even then we say things like, where it's okay, they can take it themselves.

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And not anybody servant over here. No. Even if we can pass something to someone that is a small good deed. And that will count on the Day of Judgment. It is these little deeds that will make the scales heavy. You all have heard the story of the turn upright, where a farmer grows a turnip and the turnip becomes really big and one day decides to pull it out. No. Okay, so he decides to pull it out, he's not able to pull it out. So he calls his wife and then she pulls the farmer and they together pull the turnip, but it doesn't come out. So then they call their cow and then their dog and their cat and mouse and whatnot. So finally when the mouse comes, and pulls the turnip comes

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out. And what I find amazing about the story is that sometimes it's the mouse that will make a difference. It's that little bit that will make all the difference. Is that little bit for me, I'm gonna miss Carla the rotten Hi, Ron Euro who haven't you ever gotten an eighth grade just because you got that point five.

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Has it ever happened? Or you missed out on a because you didn't have an extra point five?

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My university offers like pretty amazing scholarships, you know, depending on your average. So my average at the end even after like asking teachers for help and whatnot alone, the light came out to be an 89.8 Right? And the range that it was in ends at 89.9 and 90 has a whole 1000 more added to it and then missed it by 0.2%. You know

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this matters in this world also right?

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From a yarmulke with Karla the rotten, Kira on Yahoo. So do not belittle any good deed. Well, my yarmulke with Karla, the rotting shoveling Yahoo. And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it because Allah does not neglect anything. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said or Isha, beware of sins that are belittle indeed they will be taken up

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don't have by Allah

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never belittle a sin. never consider a sin to be too small in total and am I a 38 Marfa Ratana Phil kita women che we have not left out anything from the book in total we have Molly huddle. Kitab la Ugadi Rosselli rotten, whatever can be rotten Larsa recitation this

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man you're

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we're all jetting off is fall

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walk on

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yo man eating to handle this we'll

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young Ed Newton

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the Euro

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by me

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me Miss Paula gum What

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shall we do?

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This Mullah Rana Rahim Surah to our idea

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one idea to Baba ha well are the by the racers above Baja panting

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by those that race and when they raise Baba ha they breed so heavily that you can hear them breathing are the Earth is a plural of idea idea. She who does or do under other literally is to run fast. So our idea is she who runs fast? And this is referring to battle horses, and the Arabs preferred female horses in battle because they run faster. Well idea. And how do they run? Baba? Baba Baba is to breathe hard, heavy breathing because of aggressive motion, such that the chest of the horse is shaking. You can see it moving. So Bob had that snorting that noise of breathing heavy breathing panting that you can hear when a horse is running fast. Well, are they to Baba ha. And

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originally this word bump is actually used for wolves. So it isn't the battle horses are being described as a pack of wolves that are running so fast that are racing galloping so fast that you can hear them breathing heavily full Moriarty then they're not just Banting as they're running fast, but they're also moody Attica. Her Maria chlorella Maria Maria, one who does era well raw. Yeah. Era. And what does that mean? To strike a rock against the other in order to produce fire, so to kindle fire, so more yet meaning as the running the light fire? How are the HA by striking cough dal ha. God is literally to pierce or to bore, make a hole. And the word is also used for offending

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somebody because you will offend somebody by hurting them right? And also to strike and emit sparks. So foul Moriarty, these horses they run so fast that as they're running, and they strike the ground, the rocky terrain with their hoops. What do you see as their hoops trike the rocks? Sparks you see sparks coming out. Fall Moriarty, God her imagine. First they're running so fast. And now they're even running on rocky terrain so forcefully and speedily that they're producing sparks Full Movie raw to Sobha. And this is happening not in the middle of the day, early early in the morning. Fundamentally lots than those that charge invade when Sobha in mourning, multi rot plural of Mahira

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lainnya ra Ihlara is to attack to attack. And Malayala is one who attacks you may have heard the name Lila right. This is a common name when you learn about Islamic history. And you can see the Arabs you know their love for fighting and even the names that they gave their children. Right a little the little barn when his son was born. Her son What did he name him how on the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no, he's Hasson right? So they have this love for battle. So Molera those who invade and attack when Sobha early in the morning. Now imagine running so fast, that they're panting and running so fast, regardless of what kind of grounded is rocky or plain doesn't matter. And then attacking when early in the morning. And the Arabs, they prefer to do this, that when they wanted to attack someone, they would attack early in the morning because this is the time when, you know, people would not be expecting an attack. So this was like the ideal thing. They would come in the night. Take their rest, and then as soon as the morning would come in, they would

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attack familiarities over her. Look at these horses for a thug, no biggie Nakamura and as they attack well, so powerfully, the dust clouds you see dust clouds rising in the air, a thunder a thermal farewelled our thought thought is to stir.

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Remember, to theory of the plowing the earth, alright, so I thought that meaning they cause to rise, be by it, by what by their running and by their attacking Nakara. Naka known cough is a cloud of dust. As they charge as they attack the enemy, they cause dust clouds to rise, follow us help Linna then they go in the middle well seem thought

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was the middle of something the center of something, they go straight in. Be in it Jamaah collectively, meaning together. These horses, they go right in the middle of the enemy. And this shows how fearless they are. Now horses are mentioned over here. And these horses, why are they running so fast? And why are they running on rocky terrain? And why are they running so fast that they're breathing heavily? And why are they charging early in the morning? And why are they going in the midst of the enemy? Why? in obedience to who? To their masters? For the rider. The man comes takes his horse early in the morning makes it run fast and the horse gallops. The man comes the

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writer comes make the horse go on rocky terrain. The horse doesn't stop there doesn't slow down over there.

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You will see sparks coming out so forcefully these horses run. And then right in the middle of the swords and weapons these horses go in obedience to their masters. What about the human being in Al Insana? Indeed, the human being little Bihi to his Lord lucky no, Surely he's ungrateful,

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a horse, symbol of obedience and loyalty to its master. How obedient the horses Night Day, danger, safety, whatever, whether it is snow, hot, whatever, the horse will go, the horse will run.

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Thirsty, hot, cold doesn't matter. It will obey its master, but the human being to his Lord is kennelled Canute or will canoed is used for land that absorbs all the water, but it won't produce a thing. First you fix the soil, you know, you try to put the fertilizer and then you put the seed in and then you water it and you try so hard work so hard, but what do you get nothing. It doesn't produce it doesn't grow anything. This is a horrible Knuth. It takes everything but it doesn't give back. This is the human beings attitude towards his Lord.

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He takes all the blessings whatever Allah gives him takes it takes it but then when it comes to giving back when it comes to showing obedience, excuse upon excuse in in Santa lira behavior, canoed

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we should learn obedience from horses. connote is also used for a person who remembers the mostly bad the difficulties, the hardships, but he forgets the favors. So when you talk to him, he's got a list of problems to discuss, but not one good thing

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to be grateful for.

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And really, if you think about it, when we sit and when we talk, and when we chat. What is it that we talk about? She did this to me he did that. This happened that happened. We remember problems upon problems. But we don't remember Allah's favours. We're in now who and indeed He, Allah VALIC upon that Lesha he's surely a witness. Man is a witness to his own ingratitude, meaning it's no secret. It's no surprise

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Is man would himself agree that he is ungrateful to his Lord? What inna who and indeed he lay her bill highly for the love of hate what is quite good, but here high doesn't mean good. It means wealth. And the reason why the word hate is used for wealth is because we think money is good, which is why we all desire to have money. And if we haven't, we're happy. And we don't have it. We feel deprived. We're in the holy hood Bill Heidi Lesha did. Surely he is violent, intense in his love for money. Isn't that true? We're crazy about money.

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We're violent in love for this, which is why we'll fight we'll wage wars will cut off from our relatives. Why, after what after this money, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the son of Adam grows old but two things only increase in him greed for money and greed for life. A file AR llamo does either not know either but a filler when it will be scattered mirfield COBOL. Whatever is in the graves birth ILA what either Kobudo Berthelot. We have done this word earlier back ain't that what all four letters Some say that it's the combination of Bartha and Arthur, alo Arlen but the word Bertha it means to upturn something, all right, and then take everything out of it. Like for

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example, a bag you're trying to search for something inside you can't find it. So what do you do you turn it upside down? Take everything out. This is by thorough, so the graves which contain the bodies of people on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen all the contents of the graves will be taken out, exposed, scattered? Does man not know about this? What keeps us away from obeying Allah? What holds us back from running in the way of Allah?

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What makes us canoes it's our desire for height, her bill hide our love of money, love for this world. But remember death. Remember death? Remember the time when the contents of the graves will be scattered? What has sila maphis So do and what Hustla it will be obtained Mathis So dude, whatever is in the chests are asleep at the wheel house Odlum that sleeve is basically to build something. All right to feel it and then bring now what was inside. So think about a pistachio. Alright, you open up the shell and then you take the nut out think about an almond. You break the shell, right? And then you take out what's inside. This is gasoline.

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You removed the covering and you have direct access to what was hidden inside on the Day of Judgment. Well how slim Murph is so do we hide stuff in our hearts? Feelings, intentions, pretenders if they're not there, or how sealer it will be taken out it will be exposed all the secrets will be exposed. So the seal the hidden will be like Alania nothing will remain hidden anymore. The Battlin will become the law here. The hidden will become the apparent in narangba home indeed their Lord be him with them meeting with people Yama even on that de la Hadid surely fully acquainted. Habib is one who knows the hover of something and remember what I mentioned to you earlier. What kind of

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information is this true factual facts? So hobby one who knows the reality of something so all that Day their Lord will be fully aware of them? Is he not fully aware today? He is but why is this mentioned that on that day he will be fully aware meaning whatever he decides on that day will be based on what his complete and perfect knowledge in other words his decision that day will be just unfair. In not a boom be him Yo Ma et la hobby recitation

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Bismillah of man your war he will lie to you Baba ha morning to bother ha had fun movie or art is

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being heating up

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oneself on a beach

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Jose hold on

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Russia he were in

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Molly Belhaj Isla Shadi need

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know no

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easy love hobby

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Surah two Korea and Korea the striking calamity, this is one of the names of the Day of Judgment Malankara what is the striking calamity? What is this Adira one that adorar Kamal Carrera and what can make you know what is the striking calamity, you have no idea

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called euro is from their letters got our call fluorine and Carrara means lava to strike to hit macpaw from the same root is used for a whip or something that is used to beat or strike something. So our era is one that comes and suddenly strikes a sudden calamity, a sudden disaster that will strike even the hearts of people and terrify them. The calamity that will knock and hit everything.

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When things will collide.

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When they'll hit each other, warmer or the rock I'm Acharya yo Mei Hakuna NAS it is the day when people will be getting Faraj like moths.

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All people like moths, the plural of the word for Asha. Moths, Mbah zoos that are dispersed, scattered Bertha, Bertha, you see frosh marks, they come out in the night, kind of like butterflies, but not butterflies. They come out in the night.

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And they come in large numbers surging into one another. And they don't know where they're going, where they're headed, which is why they hit each other, they hit things. And when there's fire or there's light, they're rushed to it. And as they rush to it, they die they burn.

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Or sometimes they will keep hitting the light again and again and again. In confusion. This will be the state of people on the Day of Judgment. People who are unable to recall whoever called who have intellect whoever isn't on the Day of Judgment totally confused, lost. Complete chaos. Can now home Gerardo monta shares what are called G Bell and the mountains will be choleric gentlemen Fouche like everything that is meant foosh what is there a him or him is wool. But it is used for wool that is of different colors. Don't think of white cotton. This is wool of different colors. And man Fouche known fair sheen Natasha is to ruffle wool up. Now Fisher is also used for when something scatters

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we read this word earlier it never shut learner Muqaam when the sheep of people they never shut they spread out meaning the trample over the property of the neighbor and then they ruin the farm. Remember the story of today man already center. So mountains will be like cotton that is fluffed up. mountains that are heavy, solid firm. They will become weightless on the Day of Judgment. So weightless that even wind will pick them up. So they will be like cotton. You know, like cotton. What weight does it have? Especially when it's fluffed up? No wait, what are all G Bella Cebu Hi Jeremy that and we're here tomorrow? Marla sahab

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mountains will have no weight left that day. What will have wait then? Deeds for unmanned sokola Tamala Zeno. So as for the one who's my wife, Xen or thuc Goulette they are heavy. Self off lamb, colons tequila, heavy. Magazine, plural of Mazoon Mazoon is that which is weighed

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while was new Yoma even ill health.

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What is it that will be weighed on the Day of Judgment, deeds, words, scrolls, a person himself like we learned even as Rudra de la hora and who his legs will be heavier in the scale than even mountains. There are certain words Kelly mutton huffy. fatahna Allah listen light upon the time

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On but 30 Latin fill Meezan heavy in the scales for a moment circular tomasino. So the one who scales are heavy. magazine can also be understood as a plural of the word means n, meaning the scale. So either it is that which is weird meaning the deeds or the scales. They're heavy meaning heavy with good deeds heavy with something that will have weight on the day of judgment for Hua theory, shutter labia, then that person will be in Asia in a life that is Robbia that is pleasant, and that person will live a happy life, he will get to live a real life what a madman have Fatma Zeno and as for the one who scales or light. Why, because when the deeds are put on the scale,

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they're hollow. They're weightless. They're turned into hubba almanzora They were rejected by Allah, so they carry no weight, they will be like ashes, weightless dispersed. What a madman Hufford, my wife Zeno for Omaha, we're then his mother will be her we're his mother will be an Airbus how are we? How are we here is a deep or seemingly bottomless pit bit, because it's from how, however, to fall, when Najmi either. However, this is why how our desire is also called why because first and falls before it or when he pursues it, then he faults. So how we are meaning that in which one a person will enter he will only fall he will only fall only go down, down deeper and deeper. For a

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moo hoo ha here. This is hellfire. Why is it called own? Why mother?

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The Muskaan the home of a person is called his mother. Why? Because children when they're tired, who did they go to? To the mother? And when you're done your work, where do you go home? So for a little while we're meaning the only place that will take him in like a mother takes her child embraces her child, the only place that will take him in is this bottomless pit for Omaha we that will be his refuge, that will be his abode, wherein he will fall and tumble warmer the locker here and do you have any idea about what it is? What could make you know, man here, here this is here who it is that is? It is now on Hermia it is a fire that is how many are intensely hot. How many Mia? How hot? The

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the fire of the children of Adam, meaning the fire that people you can do is only one part of the 70 parts of the fire of hell. What does it mean? The fire of hell is 69 times worse than the fire of this world. Now don't have me along but I didn't I mean and now. Recitation

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Merlijn wahi mean a little body.

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mental body.

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Body on yo man

00:33:52--> 00:33:54

who can fall off

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hold what that

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for whom or for URI Shatila warmly and well

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now, me