Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 211C Tafsir Luqman 6

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of clear understanding of the meaning behind each type of speech to avoid confusion and distraction. The distraction of actions that stop people from doing things is essential, leading to embarrassment and punishment. The distraction of actions that stop people from doing things is designed to make them feel like they are distracted, and the "will" of Hadith is a tool of distraction and is used to make people feel like they are distracted. The speakers explore the concept of music and its various forms, including music, song, and theater, and emphasize the importance of learning and teaching children about its various forms.
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Allah says Wamena NASCI and among people, man who yesterday he purchases he buys, what does he buy? Lao Well, Hadith, vain speech, amusement of speech. This is what he purchases. One group of people, what do they do? They take guidance from the Quran.

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They listen to us and Al Hadith, the best speech, they benefit from it, and therefore, they're successful in this world and in the next life. And then there are some other people who don't benefit from us another Hadith. What is it that they spend their lives in LA while Hadees? They're not on Hooda? They're not on guidance. What are they upon? Bala al misguidance. So among people is the one who yesterday is straw is to purchase to take something in exchange for a price meaning you pay the price, and then you get what you want.

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So yesterday, he is taking it by giving something in return. You understand? He's taking it not for free, he has to lose something in order to get it. He has to give something in order to take it. It's not a bonus. Law will Hadith. But what is it that he's purchasing? What is it that he's taking? lehle holidays? Now what is law? Well, Hadith, Lao means diversion. Distraction. And Al Hadith means speech. You see, there's different types of speech, one type of speech discourse discussion, right? Whether it is in the form of poetry or in the form of a lecture in the form of conversation, some kinds of Hadith speech in its literal sense, it is beneficial, it is useful. Right? It is almost

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necessary. It is productive. Because it's informing you. It's educating you. It's helping you. It's enlightening you, it's showing you what you should do what you should not do, it's helping you make better decisions. Right? It is good Hadith. Another type of hadith is that which is a distraction.

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Low, because you see the word low. It means diversion. Okay. In the Quran, we hear the word, Larry.

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Right? What does it mean? Play? All right. And labor is basically to do something aimlessly.

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To do something endlessly, meaning there's no actual gain, you know, that you're receiving at the end, there's no actual benefit that you're receiving at the end.

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You know, for instance, if you are coloring, okay, your coloring, it's an action that requires effort, attention, you know, your mind, you're choosing which color, how much with how much pressure, you understand, it requires effort. Now, if you're coloring for the purpose of a project, which will be marked, no matter how much coloring it is, you say it's worth it, isn't it? But then you see children coloring in a page after page coloring on the walls, coloring on the couch coloring on everything? What is that? Like?

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What are they gonna get in return? Yes, they're getting some skills. Right? But are they gonna get any marks? Are they gonna get any grades for a project? No, this is live. All right. Now live in itself. It's not necessarily you know, something really bad. Live in itself. It's not necessarily something but it's kind of like part of life. You know, every action if we start weighing every single action, what's in it for me? What do I get at the end? Then life would become very difficult, isn't it? So yes, we have to be careful about what we do. But at the same time, we can't always analyze super analyze every little action that we're doing. Should I put the glass over here or

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here? What's the benefit? If I put it in here and what's the harm? If I put it No, you don't do that. You don't waste so much time thinking, isn't it? But sometimes what happens is that Larian it stops you from doing what is necessary. All right. These actions sometimes stop you they distract you from doing what is essential.

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Like for example, if you are coloring the project, okay, and your coloring, so much, so much so much that you have no time left for actually writing out the words.

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If your entire focus is on the color scheme on the design on the background of the PPT that you're making, you understand, you spent so much time looking for the best background, best fonts

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Everything, what's gonna happen? It's distracting you from the actual presentation, isn't it? Has it ever happened with you

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that you're wasting too much time on unnecessary details? Right? So then it doesn't just remain Larry, it becomes what? Low? Because it's a distraction. It's a diversion.

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All right.

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It's like in middle school, when we were all told to use PowerPoint for the first time. And we were just like figuring out the different functions, we would spend so much time on the animations, that it would take away from the project trying one clipart after the other, you know, and then it's not just kids in middle school who do this, it's even adults who are working on some serious projects, but then what happens it gets so lost in the colors and the fonts and the sizes and the designs and the layout and the background that the actual content is not really given much focus, right. And if you think about it, if the content is put together properly, then what happens the background, I

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mean, it matters but it's not everything, all right. So let while Headies what kind of hadith is this? What kind of speech what kind of discourse is it? It is such that has become a distraction.

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Right. So some people they purchase Lawwell, Hadees meaning Lahore Minal Hadith, such speech that is a distraction. Why? What's the purpose? Leo brillon Surreal Allah in order to mislead others from the way of Allah. And when he's misleading others from the way of Allah, he's doing it how behavior Illman without any knowledge, meaning while being ignorant of the way of Allah, he doesn't even know the reality of Seville Allah and he's taking people away from the way of Allah. He doesn't even know the reality of Lawal Hadith, and he's calling people to Lawwell. Hadees he doesn't even know the reality of what he's doing. misleading people its consequences. And he's doing it without any

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knowledge because if he knew he wouldn't do it way a toughy the HA and he takes it who's we're in mockery, meaning the way of Allah Subhan Allah Takita ha ha refers to subete Allah, the way of Allah, the deen of Allah, the Quran, what does he do to it? Who's Allah? He just marks at it.

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He takes it in ridicule. Hola, todos LA home for them. Are they able Maheen a humiliating punishment? Why a humiliating punishment? Because they try to humiliate Allah's I act. They make fun of them. They mislead people found them, they use local Hadith to distract people from Allah's kitab. So such people will have a humiliating punishment. Now there is a particular context to this ayah remembers would look mine is a murky Surah reveal in the middle Mechon era and then wish to Kenan maca they had tried various strategies in order to stop the prophets of Allah Islam from the Dawa. Right. And at the same time, they made various attempts to turn people away from the Prophet

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salallahu Salam as well. So they tried stopping the prophets of Allah Islam and they also tried stopping people from going to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So they spread rumors, they spread lies about him, they threatened people from going to him. When the prophets of Allah Islam recited the Quran or he spoke to someone where he prayed in the Haram The machine would make noise. So for example, instead of firstly that ayah 26 We learn letters Marathi, had them Quran one lofi don't listen to the Quran make noise instead. Meaning each time the prophets of Allah Sam starts reciting the Quran, start making noise.

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Make noise so that people don't hear drown his recitation with your noise. So the tried many things, all right. Now in this there was a man, his name was another Ben Harris. What was his name?

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And not the known BOD, not dal, not OVA, but BOD known but not the nether Ben L. Harris. Now this man, he traveled to the lands of Ferris, the lens of Persia. And basically he was a merchant, so used to travel different places. And he returned to Makkah with singing girls. So he bought slaves from there and the skill that those slave women had was they would sing and dance. Right?

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And why did he do that in order to hold gatherings of entertainment?

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In which not only would these girls sing, and dance and entertain people and serve alcohol, but also stories of wisdom and the kings of Persia and all of that their leaders their their stories, they were narrative. Okay. Now this sign of

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entertainment. This was something very new in Makkah, was like the end thing. Right because the stories off the kings of Persia, they were unknown. It was foreign, right? Foreign. So anything foreign culture that comes in becomes a pop culture, what happens? Everybody is interested in it. Everybody's attracted to it or this new thing, new thing, new singer, new movie, you understand new thing that distracts people. So this man, he did this, why Leo Milliron sebelah. His sole purpose was to mislead people from the way of Allah. So what would happen? Any person who was inclined to Islam,

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you know, there is this thing about oh, this man is sitting with Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he's really getting affected by, you know, the beliefs of the Muslims. Such people were invited to these gatherings or the singing girls were sent after him.

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Okay. And then they would entertain him, distract him, keep him busy. So basically, the whole night he's having fun instead of being with the prophets, Allah, Allah is instead of listening to the Quran, he's listening to music and singing. Instead of listening to the stories and the examples that are given in the Quran. He's listening now to the stories of Rooster men, you know, the kings of Hamlet and all of that he's entertained by that. And then this man would be told how the Hyrule man Maya DeLuca la Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam This is better than what Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was calling you to? Isn't this more fun?

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Why go to a gathering of Quran isn't this more fun? This is more fun.

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All right, this same man, also it is reported that he would follow the Prophet sallallahu Sallam around and other been had his would follow the prophets of Allah Azza Maroon. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam if you would recite a passage of the Quran, immediately after another been had it before the crowd would disperse, he would go and tell them the stories of the storm and all of these foreign you know stories that he had brought in this form of entertainment that he had brought him and then he would say in the Mohammed then you had this hadith and with the moon will enter or Hadith Hadith Roustan what is fun Dr. Akbar Allah Cassia that Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he tells

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you the stories of Aden someone and I am telling you stories off was Thomas van der and the stories of the kings.

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I also have stories to tell not tell me whose stories are better, whose stories are more fun? Well, of course, one is very serious. The stories of Ireland are very serious, right? You're shaken up from your sense of heedlessness, and you're told to be more conscious about not just your beliefs, but your speech and your actions and your behavior. And on the other hand, there is a story that just lets you chill. That just makes you have fun. You don't just hear it. It's light. This is funny. There's things of the dunya mentioned in it.

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So then what do you think would happen?

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This tool, Lawwell Hadees what was it Lawwell Hadith was a tool of distracting people from the Quran.

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It was a tool of distracting people from the essential Hadith which Allah has revealed. what Allah has revealed, accidental Hadith it is food for the heart. It is nutrition for the soul in his life of the heart. It makes you more conscious, more aware more careful about your speech more productive in your life more useful in your life. And learn Hadith what does that do? It just makes you sit, eat popcorn. And just watch laugh a little cry a little turn it off and go to sleep.

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I sent her a hadith made you a better person. Love will Hadith when you bought it when you took it. You had to give something and what is it that you gave to get a part of love? Well, Hadith, your precious time, a part of your precious life.

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It's not just money that is given to get Lawal Hadees right. Sometimes you do have to give money, you have to pay like $10 or something to buy a movie, right? Or to rent a movie, or you have to buy a ticket, you know, to go to the theaters, for example, right? But it's not just money.

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It's actually you're giving a part of your life you're giving a major space of your brain.

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You understand? Because when you will listen to something, when you will walk something is not going to stick in your head is not going to stay in your head. And when it's going to stay in your head. It's occupied a space in your mind what's going to happen. It's going to affect your thoughts so that you've been seduced but instead of thinking about Subhanallah Bill Allah you will think

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about what the characters were saying.

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La will Hadees la will hadith is a tool of misleading people from the way of Allah. It's a means of leading people in a state of such heedlessness, that instead of following the way of Allah, what do they do? Boy, a turkey that Ha ha ha, they make fun of the way of Allah

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has an industry. He said about LA will Hadees he said, Can Luma Shalaka and rebirth Attila he were the Cree he

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everything that distracts you from the worship of Allah and His remembrance.

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that is a diversion. It's a distraction. It's not letting you fulfill the purpose of your life and that is to worship Allah.

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It's distracting you from it, it's taking you away from the remembrance of Allah. And then he gave some examples he said mean a summary. Some basically when the Arabs would sit together at nighttime and tell stories to spending the night in entertainment, while Abrahamic,

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even jokes.

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Even jokes, because if you think about for example, comedies

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really, don't they distract us? comedy shows? Do they distract us?

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How long are they if you think about

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and then what happens if you don't understand something you rewind and you watch again and you listen and then you ask somebody and then sometimes you're in the middle of your work and you just remember some comedy show that you watched like really long ago and you wonder on youtube if it's there, you know, clip from that movie, and then you just find it and then you just have so much fun and then you forwarded in a WhatsApp group in which there are 100 people and then everybody watches everybody has fun and some people criticize and some people forwarded on

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mean a summary while Allah Hake one Hora fan made up fabricated lies

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because many of such stories actually what are they?

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Are they based on reality?

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No. Even reality TV is no more real.

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It's all fake. So fake that the fakeness is so obvious. Right? So who do you tell made up?

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When Lena and singing singing songs at the lobby must Rudra DE LA or New he said by Allah besides whom there is no other God

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will love the La ilaha illa who and he would say this three times. And then he would say it is who will Rena what is lol Hadith? It is Elena meaning singing and music, singing and music. Because seriously, there's a song. I'm not talking about necessarily a bad song vulgar words.

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Song in general, when you hear it? Do you repeat the words?

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Do you repeat them again and again?

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And then does that make you want to listen again?

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Does right. So it is something that distracts us now will Hadith

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we learned that one of the companions he said that singing and music makes hypocrisy grow in the heart like water makes plants grow.

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It feeds hypocrisy feeds, it fuels NEFA.

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Because what is hypocrisy, lack of self awareness?

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Losing yourself losing self respect even and this is what many times song and music does to a person a Saturday said This includes all manner of haram speech even lies in trying to make people laugh. This is also allowable Hadith, all idle talk and falsehood and all nonsense that encourages Cofer and disobedience.

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To be said, This Lina means that that song which moves the soul, and insights to desires and disobedience, and such songs that mentioned the beauty of women, and it praises alcohol, and all haram things.

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Love Well, Hadith it's a tool of misguidance and notice over here yesh study Wamena NASCI. Mania study. They buy it, they spend money on it. They purchase it the download it they're rented the pay builds for it. Why is this disliked? Why is this being condemned over here? Because in essence, this whole culture, what does it do? It makes a person heedless. It kind of disconnects us from reality.

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I was reading this article

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In which the effects of music were mentioned. And one of the things was that it changes your ability to perceive time.

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When you're listening to music, it changes your ability to perceive time. Why do you think when you're put on hold?

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music is played?

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Seriously? Why?

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Not news?

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Not infomercials. Right? Not anything like that. Music. Why? Because it makes you lose sense of time, isn't it? Has it ever happened that you listen to something and you're like, it's over? And you look at it? For God listening, YouTube, you know, mashallah, YouTube, you put it on? And then what happens? You watch the whole thing. You're like, Oh, my God, seven minutes. It was seven minutes long.

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Right? You're waiting waiting for somebody. And then I was unusually two hours have gone by? And what were you doing just watching one video clip after the other after the other after the other. It just makes you lose sense of time. And if you lose sense of time, you're losing sense of self. Because what are you your time?

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You have life and life has time. If you're disconnected with your own reality, what are you going to do in your life?

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In a hadith we learn over here I'm not going to go into the discussion of whether music is halal or haram. Whether singing is halal or haram. There is scholarly difference of opinion over this. And one Hadith is sufficient for me at least, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said, there's a hadith in Bukhari, from among my followers, there will be some people who will consider Zina the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcohol and the use of musical instruments as lawful.

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They will consider it to be lawful. And if the profits on a lot of time is saying that what does it mean? That it is actually in reality? Otherwise, it is unlawful, they will consider it lawful? You see, the thing is anything that's useful for us that's beneficial for us, we've been told to do it. And anything that has more harm than benefit. We have been told to

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stay away from it. You see, singing is something very natural, very natural.

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You see little children, even the draw towards rhymes that draw towards songs, which is why so many concepts that you want to teach children? How do you teach them through songs, even the alphabet, so many things, even the sound of different vowels, you teach them through songs, so many interesting songs are out there just for the purpose of education. Right? So in essence, I mean, it is singing in itself. Singing, I'm not talking about music. I'm talking about singing, singing in itself. It's not prohibited. It's not in fact, remember sort of the shirt I mentioned to you different verses of poetry that even the prophets have a lot of Salam said, or the Sahaba said, right? They recited

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poetry and what is poetry but singing, it is singing. It's a form of expression.

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Right? And there's no harm in that. But what happens is that in sort of the shout out, we learned that which kind of Sharla are good those who remember Allah much. The problem is that when you get too much into this, it distracts you from the remembrance of Allah. Instead of saying this be of you know, Subhan Allah, He will be handy Subhan Allah. Hey, Darlene, you might be saying this bit of something else. Honestly, that's what happens.

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Instead of saying Alhamdulillah Subhan Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah, La Quwata illa. Allah, you're singing words of Rashid, even the sheep.

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Right? Anything in excess is bad. And the problem with this culture is that it's addictive. Right? When it comes to watching one movie, what happens? Is there a second part to it? Is there another part to it? Well, there's another part that's out. Maybe I can go to the theaters. Maybe I should not go. You know what I mean? It's addictive, and you can't get it for free. You have to pay a price for it yesterday. This has been condemned over here, because it makes a person heedless. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, two voices or two sounds are cursed in dunya and akhira. Music and singing at the time of blessing and secondly, wailing and screaming at the time of muesli bar.

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So at the time of blessing, like for example, wedding,

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there is a voice that's cursed.

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And what is that salt? It is the salt of music and singing. But it's amazing that if we have to celebrate also, we have to celebrate with music. Why music saving? Just saying you know use your words seriously

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Why not?

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We go to extremes either we prohibit all forms of singing, we think even the sheets are bad we look down on people who sing the sheet, or who are nasheed artists? Right? Or we condemn it completely. Or we go to the other extreme of making everything permissible. There is a middle way the correct way As Salam Alikum was helping me with to not waste my time to not watch movie I say to myself, in the definitely I'm I have to watch my own movie. So I'm gonna see myself watching movie or I'm gonna see myself playing music that will be embarrassed in front of Allah subhanaw taala because one of my friends I remember she went wedding and she was dancing in a wedding with the music and the mix men

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or everything in then now Alhamdulillah she wear hijab and everything. She told the people please raise my picture. Nobody wants to raise a picture and she cried every time and she said that I will see myself like that in a day. I am. So the same for us too. We will see ourselves like that in a day if we keep listening to music and watching movie. So we have to be careful.

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You see, this man other than Harris was very clever.

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This is people's weakness, right? We get very easily distracted by these things. Has it ever happened that you go somewhere somebody's watching a movie and then you're like, what's going on? And then you're so affected by that your heart is you know it's gonna get out of your body or something and you're you just sit down you're glued to it. You know this weakness is within us we got very easily distracted by this law. Well hotties

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see me yesterday law one how do you feel your way

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