Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 016A Translation Al-Baqarah 104-112

Taimiyyah Zubair
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said I'm already Komodo hula hula aka through mathematical winter Solea la Sudhi Hill Kareem and my birth father was a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish roughly a Saudi were Sidley Emery waggler of that Emily Sani of Coco Lee bobbins ignorant.

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Next lesson,

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lesson number 16 Surah Al Baqarah is number 104 to 112.

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Yeah, Are you her? Oh, Allah Nina, those who

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know they believed. Love, do not tell guru you all say or you know, pay attention to us. What? And go Lou, you all say on sadhana, look at us was Maru and you all listen.

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Wha and Lil Katharina, for those who disbelieve, or there been a punishment, a Lehman painful? Mal, not yo ado, he loves a Levina those who care for rue de disbelieved men from belly people. Al Kitab off the book. Wala, and Nora l mushy kina those who associate partners with Allah, and that Yuna Zilla it is sent down or lay come upon you, men from hiding any good men from Rob become your Lord Wallah who and Allah young does so, he chooses, he selects Biraj mercy with his mercy, man, whoever, Yeshua who he wills with Allah Who and Allah, zoo possessor I'll follow off the bounty. l Aleem the great man whatever none sir we abrogate men from a it in any verse. Oh for non see her we cause it's

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forgetting net D we come behind in with a better men her then it oh or Miss Lee her similar to it.

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Lm did not darlin you know and that indeed. Allah Allah Allah, Allah upon Kali, every che in thing or the Iran always all able Adam did not darlin you know and that indeed Allah Allah La who for him, MOLKO dominion, a summer word of the heavens, while Earth and the Earth warmer and not look home for you, men from Dooney other than Allah He Allah, men from what Legion any clause protecting friend, why Allah and nor mislead in any helper

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and or duty doona you all want on that this or do you all ask for solar calm your messenger Gama just as so Isla he was asked Musa Musa already has salon men from God blue before woman and whoever yet about done he changes al kufra the disbelief Bill Eman with the belief. So called. Then in fact, Bala he lost solar street a Seville the way

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what does he wished cathedra on many men from earthly people. Al Kitab of the book low if only Euro dooner Calm they could turn you back. Men from bar the after Imani calm your belief, Cofer one as disbelievers has sudden due to jealousy men from or in the near unfussy him themselves men from bar the after math that thereby Jenna it became clear law home for them and help the truth. Sir are full so you all pardon was for who and you will overlook had there until yet the year he comes Allah who Allah be empty he with his command in the Lucha indeed Allah Allah upon goodly every che in thing or the Iran always all able

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what okay move and you all perfectly establish a salata the Salah, whatever

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too and you will give us the data does occur, warmer and whatever to cut the move. You all send for the unfussy come for yourselves. Men from hiding any good that you do who you are will find it Rinder with Allah He Allah in the Lucha indeed Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you all do. Mostly you don't always have seeing

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what Carlu and they said, Learn never Yehuda he will enter al Jana the paradise Illa except man who can he was? Who then a Jew. Oh, or nasaga a Christian DeLuca that a man EU home their wishes.

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See her to you all bring Bucha Hana comb your proof your evidence in if quantum you were saw the 18 ones who are truthful

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Bella, brother. Yes, man whoever a slammer he submitted. He surrendered. What you her who? His face Lilla he for Allah wa Hua and he more sin on one who does if San Juan who does utmost good fella who so for him a doodle who his reward in the with Robbie he his Lord Wallah and not KOFUN a fear or lay him upon them. Wala and nor whom they yes unknown, they shall grieve

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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Yeah, uh you

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know, while in theory in

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any Maya What do lady mean?

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Machinery keen I

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mean by REM mere work being calm, Wallah we have the soldier of matchy matchy insha

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Allah hola fugly Lolly

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manners. Minaya

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See, DB hire

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me to me.

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Allah Allah militia

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on the LM dot

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Allah do you

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do you wanna you will see

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em to redo this.

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So Isla Musa

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Pablo, or me, Danny Robin Imani

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Salah Saturday.

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What des Kathy?

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da ve man he

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has Adam

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has them in the

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mute. Dima

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me Dima

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woman who

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was who had de de la will be a MIDI in a lot

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for the what elke Masada Zanka warmer to the moody

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that you do the law in the law Habima down Aluna those who need

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a God who lay

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Ghana who doesn't

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deal DeLuca Mani you

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all have to go behind

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the bed am and as an analogy

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here who are seen

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be worth

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