Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L290F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallahu spoke about the history of his struggles with African enemies and his approach to protecting his wife and family. He emphasized the need to fight against evil forces and protect others, while also emphasizing the importance of showing faith and loyalty to the Prophet's wife. The segment also discussed the negative impacts of chastity on women, including being considered "immediate of men" and being punished with a "has to be up to your own" approach, and the importance of changing one's mentality and ideology to avoid harming their children.
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After we let him in the shade regime Bismillahirrahmanirrahim lesson number 290 similar to him

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yeah you have a you all Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam JD Rockefeller wellmune African strive against the disbelievers and hypocrites. jahad do jihad against them?

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Do you have an answer? kofod was what? With the sword? Going to battle against them? But doing jihad against them when African How is that that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wage any war against the hypocrites? Did he raise any sword against them? No. What does it show to us then, that jihad is not just about going to battle. It's not just about raising the sword. But it's about struggling against anything that becomes an obstacle on your path.

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on your path to Allah, your way to Allah.

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So anything that becomes an obstacle, you struggle in order to remove it.

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The Prophet sallallahu is in the midst of struggle against to the kuffaar. And when everything when was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told to fight against the kuffaar when he migrated to Medina, when the Hojo was established against them, and then when I feel clean, what does it mean by struggling against them, being strict with them? Being firm with them, being tough with them. And once their conspiracies and their crimes are revealed, then establishing the punishments against them.

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Like for example, we learned that when the hypocrites they built that mustard mustard lid off, remember, we learned about it instead of the Toba? What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam do? He sent his companions to boil it down burn it. That is what happened. So jihad against someone African is what once their conspiracies are opened up once their conspiracies are revealed, being strict with them implementing the punishment against them. So Jackie delco, firewall, Muna 15, while New Orleans, be tough with them, be strict with them, be stern with them, meaning Don't be lenient with them and accept their excuses. No, you have to struggle against them. Because if you're not tough

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with them, then what will happen? They will lead you they will influence you, they will harm you, or my home Johanna. And their abode is Hellfire will be selling mostly and how terrible is it as a destination? Why do you think this has been mentioned over here?

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That where we have to be active, to save ourselves, to protect ourselves and our families. At the same time, we also have to fight against the evil forces, those who spread evil, those who become an obstacle in the way of Allah, because if you let evil thrive, then what's going to happen? Eventually, it's going to overcome you. So if you want to save yourself, then part of saving yourself is fighting your enemy as well.

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Barack Obama, Huma Thelen, Allah presents an example for who lilla Dina cafaro for those people who disbelieve Allah presents an example that is relevant to who? The disbelievers what is an example of who in my new hen wamba loot, the wife of new hire s&m and the wife of loot Elisa.

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Both of these women, Allah says Canada, both of them were that Aberdeen him and Reba Dena slyly hain they were under to righteous servants of ours, meaning under their authority in the sense that they were their husbands and who are these two righteous servants of Allah. prophets of Allah knew highly solemn, Lutheranism.

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So they were under two righteous servants of Allah.

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But both of these women What did they do for Hanukkah Houma, but they betrayed them too. They were treacherous to both of them. They were disloyal to both of them. The wife of new artists and I was disloyal to her husband, and the wife of Lutheranism was ultra disloyal to her husband.

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And their disloyalty over here, this treachery. What kind of treachery is this?

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Typically, the Fianna of a woman to her husband is understood as Xena that she loves another man, or she has secret relations with him. She's married to one man, however, she has relations with another. This is understood esteana of a woman against her husband. However, over here, the piano of these women to their husbands was not obscene, because there is a consensus amongst the scholars that no wife of any prophet ever committed Zina no wife of any prophet committed dinner

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What is this piano? This piano is of Deen, this betrayal is that of Deen that outwardly, they appear to be believers, but in their hearts who are the disbelievers because their loyalties, who were there with, with their nations with their people,

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their people did not believe in the messenger. They had no respect for the messenger. And these women also, they had no respect for their husbands. They had no respect for the messengers,

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which is why we see it is sad that the wife of new hair salon, she used to call him at noon just like the rest of the people would

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the wife of Luther at a salon, what would she do? Any guest any person who would visit those cities, Luther, his salon would protect them? Because he knew that if these people find out, they're going to harm them, because they were homosexuals. So Lutheranism would protect them in his house. But the woman, his wife, she would go and tell the people that look, there are guests in our house travelers who are stopping by if you want to come Go ahead, which is why we see that even when the angels came, the people came in order to do evil with them.

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So for Hanukkah, Houma, both of these women, they did theater with their husbands, they betrayed their husbands. How? By being when Africa by having NFL

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despite the fact that their husbands were prophets, they were not loyal to them. They were outwardly Muslim, but their actions were not that of a Muslim woman. What are the actions of a good Muslim woman for salejaw to carnita to have a lot of delay be more happy, Lala, righteous women are who obedient women and also have a lot and invite those who guard and preserve the secrets that which Allah subhanaw taala has given to them.

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So for example, if a husband shares a secret with the wife, what is the wife responsible with keeping that secret, not letting it out? For Hanukkah, Homer, both of these women were treacherous with their husbands. But unless as fun Amelia and Huma I'm in a lucky shape, then they could not avail Eugenia both could not avail who knew her listener and Lutheranism neither of them could benefit their wives May Allah heat from Allah Shea and anything at all, meaning they could not save their wives from the punishment of Allah. Why? Because they did piano the women were treacherous themselves, work Isla de hula narrow ma de Haley, and it was said enter the fire, along with those

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who enter meaning when the punishment came upon their people, these women were destroyed along with them.

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When the punishment came upon the people of New Hampshire center, it also drowned her.

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When the punishment came upon the people of Lutheran s&m, it also rained upon her. It also came down on her with Pina, the hula Natoma. adapalene. And it was said, enter the fire immediately. What does it show? What does it show to us? That when people are punished in this dunya Yes, they go away from here. But immediately they're entered into another punishment, and that punishment is that of Bursa, which will be until the day of judgment. And then on the Day of Judgment, people will be sent to their final destinations as well. So Peter, the hola nanometric definitely. What do we see over here,

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that these women, they were wives of who? prophets of Allah, righteous servants of Allah.

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But they were treacherous themselves, which is why the righteousness of their husbands, or the great authority or the great rank of their husbands, could not benefit them in any way.

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And this is a warning for who the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because earlier we learned that the wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam were addressed, that you have to be sincere and loyal with the Prophet, if he shares the secret with you, you cannot let it out even to one another. Because if you are not faithful to Him, then Allah says helper gibreel is going to help him the rest of the believers, even their his helpers there his supporters.

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And then a warning is given to the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that if you don't do what you're supposed to do, then Allah can replace you.

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And over here a warning is given through the example of the eyes of other prophets, that look at them. Look at their example. That Yes, they were the wives of the prophets of Allah. But just because they were wives of the prophets of Allah doesn't mean

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They could do anything, doesn't mean they didn't have to abide by the rules of the shittier.

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So for you as well, you are under the protection of the Prophet, which is a very noble position, which is a very high position. But remember that if you oppose the Messenger of Allah or harm him or treacherous in any way than a look and also punish you to Allah can also hold you accountable. And when Allah holds you accountable, then remember, even the messenger cannot rescue you.

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This teaches us another lesson as well, which is that having love for the messenger alone is not sufficient. Because this is what people do. Sometimes. They just show a lot of love for the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And by that they tried to show they have a very deep connection with him a very deep relation with him, a very strong bond with him. They love him, they admire him, they adore Him, they weep for him because of him. Right? But Is that sufficient?

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That alone is not sufficient.

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If it was not sufficient for the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it's not sufficient for anyone else. A person has to do something himself.

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A person has to stay away from wrong himself. If he doesn't protect himself, then other people cannot protect him. This is why we learn cool and full circle wanna come narrow? Your family members may try to protect you. But if you don't protect yourself, then nobody can help you. And this is the case with the wise the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well.

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Well don't have Allahumma salon and Allah presents an example for who lilla Dina Amano of those people who believe and what is that example in autofair own the wife of your own.

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This example is the example of what of subject of patience is the karma remaining from saving yourself from the hellfire. No matter how difficult it may be?

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saving yourself from the Hellfire, no matter how the situation may be on the outside. Because if a person has made up his mind, he doesn't want to go to *. Then no matter how oppressive people are around him, he can still save himself.

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Look at the example of the wife of her own. Who was she? She was a believer and who was her husband, a disbeliever. a tyrant. She believed in Masada Sunnah, it said that her name was ESEA. And for their own use to punish her because she had believed. And He punished her very, very brutally.

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It is said that he would punish her by tying her hands and feet to pegs and placing a huge rock on her chest. This is how we would punish her and he would ever laid out in the sun. And even in that punishment, she would be smiling.

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And because she would be smiling, what would happen for her own would get even more upset and he would increase the punishment on her. What do we see here? Typically, people blame the circumstances that they're in.

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I cannot avoid this wrong because that's my family situation. I cannot do this good because my husband doesn't do it. I cannot get up early for fudger because my husband doesn't get pregnant. This is what we say. We blame other people. We blame our circumstances. But what do we see? Allah subhanaw taala presents this example for the believers. Why? That if she could save herself, look at the situation that she was in. Then you can also save yourself.

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Well dorabella who method alladhina amanu mo autofair own and the wife of her own? What did she say?

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When she said Robbie? Oh my lord even really built for me in the near you bait and a house filled in engine

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because she gave up. She sacrificed the glitter, the glamour, the splendor of this dunya For what? For the sake of her Eman for the sake of her

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when she gave up her dunya for the sake of her Look at her. Alma I don't want to house here. I went to house in general and I want to house near you, near you. But I've given earlier in the debate and Phil Jana when it didn't even fit our own our family and protect me Save me from our own well I'm only he and his deed which deed is this historischer hisco save me from his ways. Don't let me do what he does and protect me from his torture from his dormant Don't let me suffer at his hands would have done even for the owner Amelie when a gentleman will come inside me and save me from the wrongdoing people who are the wrongdoing people herniation who are mushnik Why are they called on me

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because they're emotionally and while

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ethical dilemmas because we're very oppressive towards the Bani Israel towards those people who have believed. So look at her daughter, and look at her patients. Look at her perseverance.

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One mother him and Maria meaning and also the example of Maria, for who, for those who believe, who was she even at Enron, the daughter of Enron and she is an example of what? Higher of modesty of chastity of sobor as well. Learning the deen Miriam, the daughter of Mr. And Letty sonitrol jaha, who protected her chastity who protected her private part from what from how long? So she never committed Zina. Isn't it amazing? That Madeira has Salaam whenever she's mentioned Allah subhanaw taala talks about her chastity that she guarded her private bar. people accuse her of Xena and Allah says that she guarded her private part. She never committed anything.

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Unless he acts on it for her. She was chased she was modest. And we know that as a young girl, where was she? In the heyco? worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Learning the deen which is why every time a Korean restaurant would enter upon her What would he find? That is and that risk is understood as fruits as well as knowledge that he did not know about some scriptures that he did not know about what is there in the hardest. So our summer torture her. She guarded her chastity. She was modest. She was focused for a foreigner fee him Aloo Hina. So we breathe into it from our spirit fee. What does it refer to the pouch and what it refers to is her womb? And we blew into it from our roof, the

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roof over your first breath of life. And why is it called ruhuna? Because it's rude that Allah owns it's exclusively in his control. He gives life and he takes away life.

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So find a foreigner fee him in lieu hanaa was sadaqat weekly moto BIA, and she confirmed the words of our Lord. If you notice, funnily enough, what this show over here. Then she was chased and look at how Allah rewarded her with a child. And that child was a prophet of Allah. Out of all women. She was chosen to be the mother of a Saturday center.

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Any other woman could have been the mother of use on Instagram as well. But why did elect use her? Because she was modest. She was chaste. She was an arbiter. She was Canada. Excellent forger. Look at their award that Allah gave her Illa chose her for the special work.

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Well, sadaqat be kalama tilapia and she confirmed the words of our Lord. What are these words referring to revealed scriptures? she confirmed them, meaning that she believed them to be true.

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And confirming them believing them to be true is not just, you know, to say that yes, I believe in it, but it is to accept it, live by it.

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And some have said that Karima over here doesn't just refer to the Scriptures, but it also refers to the decree of Allah, his commands because we're called to be here mentioned separately.

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So if Kota were mentioned separately, then kalimat in particular refers to what his decrees His commands His laws. So she accepted the decree of Allah, she accepted the commands of Allah were called to be here she also confirm them, what cannot be no carnitine and she was of those who are devoutly obedient,

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devoutly obedient. Look at the example of Maria Maria Salah. Do things we see over here, her modesty and secondly, the fact that she learns,

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you can only confirm the truthfulness of something when you know it, isn't it so? How could she do this live of the kotoba Allah when she knew that when she learned them? What did she do in the Heiko spent her time daydreaming? No. She spent her time worshiping and learning young women generally. What do they do?

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in their youth? Are they concerned about protecting their chastity? guarding your chastity? No, it says though, it's mandatory to have a crush on a guy.

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Even if a girl does not like someone, she will just say that yes, I have a crush on him just to impress her friends, just to look cool, just to be part of the group. But remember that when a young woman is looking at men like this, then she's in fact making herself dirty. She's not keeping herself clean. The quality of materialism that's mentioned over here is chastity, her modesty, we think being chances that you put on her hijab. That's not about us.

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Being chaste is that you lower your gaze. You protect your thoughts, you guard your thoughts. You guard your looks. You guard your conversations. You see who you're talking to who you are being extra friendly with, who you are spending time with, who you're going out with. Just in the name of hanging out with friends, just in the name of doing some work together, project together, many girls across limits. Mario artists when I was a young woman, there were temptations back then as well. And think about it. She was the only woman in the Heiko. Everybody else was who? Men. She was the only woman. But still, she protected herself. She guarded her thoughts. She guarded herself. If she can

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do it, you can do it too. People said there's so much fitna using there was no fitna at that time. The Bani Israel were they in a very good condition. No, they were suffering from a great moral decline. But she remained chaste. And look at how Allah rewarded her. Allah chose her. He selected her out of all women to be the mother of reciting Salah. And look at how her name is mentioned. Maria, Risa, even Imodium, isn't it? So, so many times are you sorry, this time when he's mentioned, the name of his mother is also there. Allah honored her because she was chased.

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The second quantity that we see in Madeira Hassan was what? That she learned that he she learned the Scripture. She spent her time learning and worshiping young women, what are they told to do?

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Learn to know learn other stuff. And they're in fact discouraged from learning. Because they say you have to raise a family. So learn how to cook, learn how to dress out, learn how to do all of these things. And don't spend your time only reading and studying. Because if you do that, then you won't be able to have a good family, you won't be able to get good proposals. But is that what life is all about? Look at the example that our last panel that is given for the believers, she should be your role model. She should be your role model. Her example you should follow not the example of other women.

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Genie, Genie,

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Genie, Mina,

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from Jonathan as often as we move in,

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to be to be work.

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Do you remember the theme of this just

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the main lesson that we learned in this just that is emphasized again and again, serving the theme, supporting the theme.

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And if you look at the example of these four women that has been given over here, women, what do they think they can only support the dean if their husbands allow? Right? If their family situation is perfect and ideal.

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If you look at it, the wife of new Harrison and Luther Hassan, both of these women, if anyone had the opportunity to support the dean who had it, they had it. But they didn't avail that opportunity. Because if a person doesn't want to do it himself, then even if he's given the opportunity, he won't benefit from it.

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On the other hand, look at the example of

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that, did she have any support? No, no support at all, to even pray to even have the right belief.

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Look at the example of Maria Maria Santa

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She brings restart s&m and what happens she's accused of Xena immediately, her entire image is shattered.

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So we think only if we have a perfect husband. Only if we have an ideal situation, then we can do good. But you know what? It's up to you. It's up to you. If you want to do good, you can do it. No matter where you are, no matter what situation you're in, no matter how ideal it is, or no matter how unsupportive it is. It's about you.

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Similarly, young women, they keep waiting when this will happen when I get married. When I have children, then I will do such and such. But we see that Maria Maria center in her youth, she's busy worshiping Allah, when she has a child. That's because she's a mother doesn't mean she neglects her duty to Allah No, both go hand in hand. Both are important.

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anything you'd like to say?

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We think that it's okay to take our children for extracurricular activities, let's take them for sports. Let's take them for swimming. Let's take them to extra tuition. But the minute you say, I'm taking my children for extra time to learn the deen so that you equip them, you will get opposition. So the first thing we need to do is change our mentality and ideology, because we're so focused on adonia that, you know, we're willing to take to burden the children even though they've been going to class the whole day to go into extra activities. But the minute you say you're burdening, it's not really a burden. When you say you're taking your children to go and learn, then it's a burden.

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So we need to change the first thing, our mentality. And the second thing I was thinking about, life is not ideal. The world we live in, it's not ideal. There will never be an ideal time. So seize the opportunity when you have it. And don't stop regardless of what's going on around you keep going because trust me, if you don't do it, you will not get that opportunity and it's not gonna get easier. Life will just keep getting harder.

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And if you don't do it, then no one can protect you. No one can save you. You have to do something yourself. Even if your relatives maybe the most righteous ones. If you haven't done anything yourself. They can tell you

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Yeah, you

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is on a top.

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Money Genie

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Genie mina powermill

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manomaya Marina Terran Milan and finance

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So protocol no one will be handy

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in the stock

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