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Al-Mujadilah 1-22 Tafsir 11


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The speakers discuss the importance of space and respect when it comes to gatherings, including small spaces and finding a place to sit. They stress the need for people to find space for others and show respect for people of knowledge. The speakers also emphasize the importance of showing respect to individuals and educating them on their knowledge, even if they are not the ones who ask for information.

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Now Allah says yeah you're Latina, Manu either pleanala come to foster who fill modality FAFSA who oh you will have believed when you are told space yourselves meaning Make room in gatherings then make space space yourself Make room the first sir Who is from the roof letters first in half

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and what does it mean to be wide to be spacious

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fossa is to take a wide step

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to take a big step and the first step is there was sir What is the facade there was sir to make vast to make why to make spacious

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now how do you make space?

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How do you make space How do you make room by moving or by collecting yourself right by bringing yourself together by bringing yourself and your belongings together

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so the facade What does it mean there was sir there is another word which is facade haha

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that's from first slide her false facade or see her listen that's from Salt this has seen. So, when it is said to you the first several fill modality Make room make space space yourselves in the gatherings majelis plural of the word modulus and what is much less mean the place of juice the place of sitting so much this can apply to a seat

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much this can apply to a meeting place a gathering where two or more people they're sitting together

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whether it's in a car or in a classroom or in the masjid or in the cafeteria

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or it is that people are making their guards sit somewhere so it could be the parking lot.

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So much this could be different places different situations where basically people are together. So when you are told make space in the assemblies in the gatherings and what should you do ignore no Allah says FAFSA who make space make space make space for others so that those who are coming they can also find a place to sit. They can also be comfortable

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yep sir hula hula calm. And when you will make space for others, then what will happen? A lot will make space for you.

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Yep, so hula hula calm, alone will make space for you were in Jannah. Allah will make space for you were in your hearts, in the hearts of other people, for you.

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alone will make spacious for you alone will make vast for you your risk your time your majelis your gatherings because sometimes we think that more people are coming we don't have any room for them. No, make space and Allah will create more space.

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You have sir hula hula Ko, Allah will make space for you.

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Don't be too tight in your heart. You make your heart big, you make space for the other and Allah will provide more space for you.

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And the more space you take, and you think that no no, there is no room for other people that really there will be no room for other people.

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You know, sometimes it's amazing how people are standing in the cellar in a soft and you find a small gap and you go and stand there. And it's amazing how people just stand and pray easily now. It's not like every person is you know trying to move with a lot of difficulty. This is Baraka that Allah subhanaw taala places

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in the place in the hearts when people accommodate one another.

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So either Peter come Professor Whoville modality FAFSA who EFC hula hula calm?

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Now this part of the ayah What is it related to gatherings and gatherings majelis we encounter every single day,

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at the dinner table, in the living room, in the car, in the classroom, in the parking lot, anywhere we go where we interact with people, where are we in imageless and it's different everywhere. Now, what's the rule that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us over here that when you're told to make space for others, then make sure you make space for others. Don't become arrogant over there. Don't become selfish over there. Don't become stingy over there. Don't become tight hearted, but rather have some musar.

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And when you will do that, Allah will definitely increase the space for you.

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When you take care of others, Allah will take care of you

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When you are considerate of others, Allah will put Baraka for you.

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But unfortunately, what do we use? Sometimes we go and sit somewhere.

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And then we put a bag on the seat next to ours and nobody comes and sits there.

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This is not respectful. This is not being courteous

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when somebody else arrives, welcome them. Sometimes our reaction is that we're sitting, somebody else walks in, and it says, Oh, they haven't walked in it says, Oh, they haven't come know, when somebody comes, it means they need a place to sit. Right? So when they're coming, move a little bit. make space for them, move your chair slightly. move yourself slightly. Move your bag, pick up your bag, move over Why? So that the other person can also find a place to sit?

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And what's the reward? You have sir? Hello. Hello, can you think there is no space but actually there is space? There's always space for more. You have sir hula, hula calm.

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And if a person does not make space for others, and what will it lead to?

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In feelings? Isn't it so? That just imagine you walk into a place other people don't even move? Not even a little bit? There's a place right next to them. They don't pick up their back. How would you feel?

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How would you feel extremely sad, disrespected

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that other people don't care for you. So it will lead to many problems many conflicts many disputes if you think about it in these is also in Los Angeles teaching us o'clock good manners.

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What either peeler, and when it is said on shoe zoo, rise, meaning get up and leave, then what should you do fun shoes, then stand up and leave.

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Don't become stubborn. Don't become arrogant. We're either Akira Lacan, Xu Zhu, Zhu Zhu is from the real fetters known jeans a NASA and NASA is to rise.

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What does it mean to rise? New shoes? What is new shoes?

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The rising up a woman against her husband in arrogance in disobedience.

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Similarly, we have learned earlier k for noon, she's

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someone next to her.

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So now she has a means to rise. So when you're told to get up, then what should you do fun shoes than you should get?

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Now, why would a person be told to get up? Like for example, people are sitting together, they're talking. Somebody comes in says Get up and pray. Hmm. So then what should you do?

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Get up and pray.

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Similarly, you're sitting comfortably? somebody tells you, can you please get me a glass of water? And then what should you do? Get up and get it?

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Don't just sit there as if you didn't hear anything?

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No. So when somebody comes, especially the person who is elderly, especially the person who is responsible? Who is the head, who is the in charge, when they tell you get up and do something, or get up and move from here, then listen to them obey the orders.

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Similarly, it's possible that you're sitting somewhere, somebody tells you, could you please move from here and sit somewhere else so that there is room over here for other people?

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Or, for example, somebody tells you, could you please move from here and fill up the seats in the front? Then what should you do?

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What should you do? Get up and move from there and go and sit at the place where they're telling you to sit? Don't sit stubbornly at the back, as if you haven't heard the instruction. No, this is also disrespect. We're having a private conversation in front of the other is disrespect. We're not making space for the others is disrespect. Similarly, not listening to the instructions is also this respect.

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Similarly, it could be that a person is told, get up and leave now. Meaning get up and do something else. Now. People are sitting talking, you're told, okay, get up and leave, go home now, go do something better now, then you should get up and do it. Fun shoes.

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Similarly, it could be that a person has to get up and make space for another.

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Like, for example, you're sitting with your sister, okay? Your sister is older, your mother walks in your sister tells you get up from here that mom said here, then what should you do? Listen to your sister, get up and let the older person sit.

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Similarly, sometimes we are in a public place. And you know the sign is written over there or the instruction is there, that if there is an elderly, if there's a person with children that make space for them, get up from there and give them the space and what should we do?

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We get up and make space for them, give them the space. Similarly, sometimes we're sitting at the wrong place where we should not

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be sitting at the wrong time.

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Like for example, it says, No standing in the hallway, for example, and we're standing there talking.

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Or for example, while the class is going on, we're sitting in the cafeteria. And if the incharge comes in tells us please get up and go to the class Then what should we do? Fun shoes you don't say let me just finish my food. Let me just finish my whatever work I'm doing then I'll go No. Once you have been told, then get up. Fun shoes. Don't become stubborn.

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What either keylolo common, Shuzo, fun too.

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And many times, people think that if they're told to get up, if they're told to move from their place, they have been disrespected, isn't it? This is what people think that the other person has not respected them, they have humiliated them. This is not humiliation. Because Allah says funches allies telling you to get up. And if Allah is telling you to do something, remember there is no humiliation in that.

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When a person follows a command of a law, there is no humiliation in that.

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So there is no humiliation no disgrace in this and in fact, if your rank is actually high, Allah will elevate you and whose rank is actually high young fella who Latina ama new men come when Latina Allah Allah,

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Allah will elevate those who believe among you, and those who have been given knowledge in what in ranks.

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So in other words, honor, respect is not gained by sitting stubbornly somewhere.

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Honor is gained hell by a man and what else are in do things that depending on the level of the amount of a person, his manager will be high, depending on their aim of the person whose dojo will be high.

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And who is it that will elevate the believing person and the knowledgeable person a lot will young fella who Latina Ama nomen como La Nina autonoma de la jet will love will be met there Madonna Hobbit and alesse fully aware of what you do. Whatever you do, unless fully aware of that. What does it mean that Allah knows your true status? Allah knows how much Eman you have. Allah knows how much time you have. And Allah knows what you do when you are given instructions.

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How does a person's Eman increase? How?

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By obeying the commands of Allah? So many times when the believers are given a command? What address is used? Yeah, you are Latina, Emmylou? What does it mean that if a person follows that his Eman will increase? If a person follows it, that means he has IE man, isn't it. So the level of Eman is determined by what the level of obedience

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and the level of obedience is also determined by what the level of knowledge because a person can only obey when he knows? Right? So the high level of a person is determined by what his man his obedience, his. And if a person has that, that Allah says he will elevate that person. So don't feel insulted, don't feel disrespected, if you have been told to move, if you have been told to get up from your place, where either perilaku Zhu, Zhu Zhu, because your father in law, who Latina ama New Mexico, were Latino to the Alma de Raja to allow the matter meluna hobby.

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And over here in this ayah, we learned basically about two things. First of all, the etiquettes of majelis. And secondly,

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the fact that who truly has honor, the one with the one with a man and the one with armor, these are mainly two things that we learned from this ayah

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The first thing the etiquettes of majelis, what etiquettes do we learn that first of all, we should make space for others, accommodate others when they come in

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accommodate others when they come in? And the second thing is that when we are told to move from somewhere, then what should we do? We should move from there.

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And if you think about it, this is mentioned right after najwa? Because where do people hold their private conversations in gatherings? Right, so gatherings, and najwa. They have a very deep connection. We learn from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No person should sit between two people without their permission.

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This is also the etiquettes of gatherings. That when a person comes in, where should he not sit?

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between two people. They're sitting together and you come and sit right between them creating distance between them. This is not appropriate. How should a person sit between them?

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With their permission, ask the message here.

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Similarly, we go somewhere we find an empty spot before sitting over there, we should ask the people, is somebody sitting over here or not? Can I sit here? Is it okay if I do always ask before sitting.

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Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that a man should not make another man get up from his seat in a gathering in order to sit there,

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you understand that a person should not make the other move, just so that he can sit there.

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Where we have been told that when you're told to move, then move, this instruction is coming from who

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and who is telling you to move any random person, not any random person, the person was in charge, like, for example, the host, for example, the teacher, for example, the in charge, when they're telling you to move, move, but it doesn't mean that any person, you know, takes that authority, and he says, move, move, move from here? No, no, you can't do that.

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And especially telling people to move so that you can sit there that is also incorrect.

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Then we also learn in this ayah, that who has true honor to respect those who have event and those who have,

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what does it show

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that those with a man mean, those who have a lot more, and those with him, should be respected by others.

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So if, for example, you're sitting somewhere

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and you see, for example, your group in charge pass by then what should you do? Pretend as though she didn't pass by?

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What does it mean by the foster home for jealousy, make space meaning show that you welcome her? How will you do that, by moving slightly by giving a smile, by acknowledging her presence, you understand, this is very important, because this is part of etiquette, which we neglect a lot.

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And similarly, when they have come, then make space for them, get up from there, let them sit, you understand. Similarly in gatherings who should be at the front, who should be provided space in the front,

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at the higher ranks, those with more in, but who do we give more honor to those with perhaps more edge, which is also very good. And also we give honor to those with more wealth, those who are more beautiful, those who are more impressive than their personality in their appearance. But that's not the standard that Allah has given us. What's the standard that He has given us, a man and I,

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which is why we see that when a person has to lead the Salah, even which person is to be selected. The person with more

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not just a person who is older or richer, wealthier know the person with more in

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and sometimes you say, what's the big deal? They're late, they're not here, forget about it, everybody's equal. And you know, go ahead and do whatever you want to know. If a person is disrespecting a knowledgeable person, who is disrespecting knowledge? And what is this knowledge that Allah has revealed?

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If you don't acknowledge a person who has put on in his heart, then what are you dis technology on?

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What are you not giving respect to the Quran.

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So respect of people of knowledge is in fact, respect of what knowledge.

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The other day we went somewhere and there was a person, she has commanded monkey. He was also over there. So I told my husband going greet him. He's like, why

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he's with some other people, you know, if he's sitting with them, let go and greet him because this is a part of respecting people of knowledge.

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That when you when you see them, when you come across them, don't ignore them. When you see them, go and greet them.

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Go and show that you notice them. Go and show that you give importance to them. Because when you show importance to a person who has knowledge, you're in fact showing importance to the deen of Allah. It shows that you have respect for Alice, do you have love for Alice Dean? You might wonder that person doesn't know me that she doesn't know me. Even if they don't know you. So what? Even if they don't remember you? So what?

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Yes, it happens sometimes that you wonder that perhaps they're busy, you don't want to disturb them.

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But the thing is that Alhamdulillah these days are so many ways of showing your respect to you know, a person who is more knowledgeable, for example, somebody over here, they asked me that, how can they, you know, talk to my mother, how can they communicate something with her said, email her today? You know, we don't want to disturb her. Like, no, no, email her It's okay. Because when you're emailing someone, then you're not disturbing them, isn't it? So? What are you doing? You're sending a message when they have time when it's going

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For them, they will look at it. And she said she emailed her and she got a response as well. And when we don't send emails when we don't, you know, show anything, then the other person wonders, you know, perhaps people don't miss me. Perhaps people don't want me.

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You know, many times after keep convincing My Mother, please come quickly. She was wondering if she should come for the advanced course or not make you have to come.

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But perhaps she gets this feeling because she doesn't hear from us. Enough, right. And where she is right now, people want to learn from her. You know, they're asking her questions. They're writing to her seeking her Shula. But if we are just doing things amongst ourselves, we don't ask her we don't ask her how she's doing. You know how her work is going. We don't share things with her. We don't seek her advice. And perhaps, you know, this is the feeling that she's going to get that you were perfectly fine. So if you're perfectly fine, then perhaps I should spend my time elsewhere. So if you want her to come for the advanced course, make sure you communicate with her.

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So, anyway, going back to the topic, what do we learn over here, showing respect to who to the people of knowledge as well?

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Because Allah raises them. Allah elevates them. Yo ferry, Lahu Latina Amano, main como La Nina otter, a Madonna jet. If Allah raises the status of those people who have been given knowledge, the new Are we not to acknowledge them? We must do that as well.

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We learned from our Heidi's over the data of the learner he said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If anyone traveled on a road

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in search of knowledge, if anyone traveled in a road in search of knowledge, Allah will cause him to travel on one of the roads of paradise. One person is seeking knowledge. In fact, what is he seeking paradise, the angels will lower their wings in their great pleasure with one who seeks knowledge. This is how much the angels respect

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the person who is seeking knowledge that they lower their wings. And the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth and the fish in the deep waters will ask forgiveness for the learned man.

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The person was learned who asks forgiveness for him, the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth and the fish in the deep waters, even they pray for the learned person. the superiority of the learned man over the worshiper is like that of the moon, on the night when it is full over the rest of the stars. If you see the full moon,

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compared to the stars, isn't the moon very superior? Of course it is. This is the superiority of the knowledgeable person over who, over an alphabet over a worshipper. And the learned they are the heirs of the profits. And the profits leave neither deny nor their home. What do they leave only knowledge. And he who takes it, meaning he who takes knowledge that in fact he has taken a big fortune.

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A big fortune. That's what he has taken. What do we think somebody who has a lot of wealth, somebody who drives a very expensive car, somebody who lives in a very big house, they're the ones who have a big fortune, who has a big fortune, in fact, a person who has a big fortune of knowledge. Which knowledge is it the knowledge of the dean?

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This is why I show respect to such people. And why is is mentioned over here right after Magennis right after, you know making space for other people. You know, when you're told to get up and get up Why is this mentioned over here? Because we feel we have been disrespected if we have to make space for others, but the thing is, what is the way of gaining honor not by becoming stubborn.

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But the way of gaining honors what that a person increases in his he man in his obedience in his

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and when he will do that. Allah will give him honor anyway. He doesn't have to fight for it. He doesn't have to strive for it. He doesn't have to demand it from people know it will be given to him anyway.

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either t Nana kung fu

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Shows Oh,

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c'mon levena

00:24:38--> 00:24:41

a hobby.

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Unfortunately, if somebody tells us to move to get up to make space for others, what do we do instead of listening to them, we talk bad about them behind them in a private conversation. So one wrong thing leads to another wrong

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And when a person obeys, accepts follows the instructions, thinking I'm supposed to, and this will only elevate me in the sight of Allah because Mantovani lay refer Allah

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then good leads to more good.

00:25:17--> 00:25:25

The one who lowers himself for Allah, Allah who raised him up and the one who does not lower himself, then Allah will humiliate him even more.

00:25:28--> 00:25:30

And remember that these projects are both in dunya and also in

00:25:32--> 00:25:37

that Indonesia, Allah will raise such people in their status and in the after also, Allah will raise them.

00:25:39--> 00:25:52

Like over here we see that you're very low Latina Armando min como La Nina Audrina diraja that it's still a Latina, odoratum alladhina amanu who will be given hydrogen, not other than

00:25:53--> 00:25:54

la habima Dharma Luna hobby.