Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L148E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of bringing something like the Quran and bringing others together to produce something like the Quran. They stress the importance of repeating something in a row and bringing others together to produce something like the Quran. The speakers also emphasize the importance of making up one's mind and avoiding negative behavior, as it is impossible to do so. They emphasize the demands made by the Israeli government to see the truthfulness of the Prophet sallaviat, and the importance of showing the truthfulness of actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of compromise in relationships and creating change.
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Call say, let in each time it will ensue if mankind gathered together, who else will gene new and the gene if all the people and if all the gene, they each time Are they united together, they gather together they combined all their efforts to do what Allah upon and yet to that they should come, they should bring women's Lee with like similar to handle on this Quran if all the Djinn and if all the ins were together Together combine all of their efforts to produce something like the Quran. What does Allah say, layer to nebulously they will not be able to bring something like the Quran. Well, okay, and even if it was borrowed to whom some of them liberally and for others for hearing

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assistance, meaning even if they assisted one another, even if they helped one another supported one another, they would not be able to produce something like

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if you notice, it has been said, the mystery has gone if they bring something like the Quran, that is the challenge, because many people have tried to produce something which they claim is revelation. But it is nowhere near the Quran.

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Because this is a condition we miss lee, it should be similar to similar in what way that first of all, in commandment minor imperfection of meaning that it's beneficial. It means something it's meaningful. It's not just words that are put together that rhyme really well that sound really nice. And you say Oh, it's revelation from God. It's worthy of being followed. And it's meaningless. No, in its content in its meaning. It is perfect. It's very meaningful. Because we see that there were people who tried to produce something like the Quran. Like, for example, Alfie Melfi or elephant, what is an elephant? Because they were trying to imitate the manner of the Quran alcara Muladhara.

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When the Quran is conveying something very serious about the Day of Judgment, and they follow the same manner, elephant or elephant. Similarly laughter about frogs.

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And, I mean, if you listen to those words, even there, they don't make any sense. They're completely meaningless, completely meaningless. So be Miss Lee, meaning in meaningfulness. They should be like the fallen. Secondly, in for Saha, in clarity, not that it's ambiguous. It's just puzzles. It's just riddled and you have to decode what has been stated? No, it's clear in its clarity.

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Similarly in its Bulava in its rhetorical excellence in its eloquence, that the way that the column has been said, it's very eloquent, it reaches the heart, it's very effective.

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Similarly, in Hersman, nasm in its perfect arrangement, marvelous arrangement. Then if you look at the arrangement of the Quran, if you look at the ayat and the surah, it's amazing. So it's a challenge to people that try to bring something like the Quran, try to combine all of your efforts assist one another, but you will not be able to do so. This is something impossible. Why? Because the word of the Creator is far better than the word of a creation.

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The Quran is a word of who Allah soprano, darlin. And if anybody else brings something, then what would that be the word of a creation. So there can be no comparison.

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You may have received emails, false for on new Koran. So never be a part of those and get worried and keep forwarding them. Because we should realize that if anybody ever bring something like the Quran, first of all, they will never be able to bring something like it. Secondly, even if they do, then what will that be? Still it will be a word of a human being a creation. And this Quran is a word of Allah soprano.

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And if you look at it, the Arabs, they were not able to produce something like the Quran. Whereas the Quran was revealed in their language. If they were not able to do so, then who can do so after them? Nobody else can. Nobody at all.

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So sufficient for us is to know that if the Arabs were not able to do so then after them nobody else can do so.

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What are the sort of net and certainly we have diversified. The threefold number is to repeat something and mention it in different ways. Lynn NASA for the people. He has called on a

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This could mean Colima of every example. Every kind of example, everything that the people need to know, its example it specimen is mentioned in the Quran so that people can understand, so that people can accept the truth. But what has been the reaction of people forever XL nez, but most people have refused in lack of foreign except disbelief.

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They have refused to show any response except of denial.

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They have only been doing go for most people.

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Why do most people refuse to accept the truth? Why do they refuse to internalize it accepted even after seeing it? Despite the fact that Allah has presented in so many different ways with so many examples? Why do they not understand? Why do they not take it? Because they are closed in their shakeela? They think that they are right.

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And they think that if anyone differs from them, they are wrong.

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They will not see what Allah is saying. They will see what do I see? What do I believe in? What have I always believed in?

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And the same, we can also apply for ourselves that we learned so many things from the Quran. But unfortunately, many times we refuse to change. We refuse to improve Why? Because we think what we are doing is right? We have some reason behind it.

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Like, for example, if our manner is a particular way if our behavior is if our way of speech is in a particular way, instead of trying to improve it by reading in the Quran, we're kulula, nasty person. What do we say to bad I've always been amongst people who are very harsh. So that's why my speech is like that. That's not good enough of a reason. Just because you have been raised in a particular way does not mean you cannot change. You can change anytime. But you can change when you want to change. When you have decided that you will change.

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We learned that once this man, his wife yelled at him. And he became very upset that How dare she yelled at me. She should be submissive and humble before me. How dare she raise her voice before me. So he went to her mother learn who to complain to him.

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When he walked through his house, and he almost knocked at the door. He heard that remodel dinner and his wife was yelling at him.

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So he's like, that's it. I mean, if he's being yelled at Who am I then say you made up his mind that fine and just have to change. I'll just let her be. So he was going away and remodeling our home because he had heard somebody, he did not give a response to his wife and he went outside to see who it was. So he asked that man and that man mentioned that, you know, I came to you complaining about my wife would when I heard that your wife is yelling at you then who am I?

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So motivating her has said that my wife, you know, she does so much for me, she cooks for me, she does this for me. She does that for me. But this is something that I just take, I just take it I just tolerate it.

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So it's about making up your mind. If you want to change you can change and if you think that no, this person should treat me like this and they should respect me like this and they should talk to me like this and they should change I should not change, then nothing will work in destiny. Nothing at all. No relationship with work. You have to compromise. When you see someone has a right to do something, then accept it change yourself

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or call you and they say we need the machine say landmannalaugar we will never believe in you. We will never affirm your truthfulness we will never listen to you. Do you meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had that until death do you cause to gush forth? Lennar for us been an Aldi from the earth yamamura a spring, Ember is from the roof efforts known by rain. And number is used for a spring. And Irene is also a spring. But the Ember in particular is such a spring from which water is constantly gushing forth. Constantly you see some springs, what happens to them. For some time, water will come. And at other times it won't be there. Only when there is a lot of rain. In certain

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seasons, there will be a lot of water, but at other times it will be dry. But the Ember is constantly flowing constantly.

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So we're never going to believe in you until you cause a spring to gush forth from the earth from us. They made this demand because there were no flowing springs in Makkah, they had something but other than that, there were no flowing springs.

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You know the story of Zamzam even when it gushed forth, hygiene, what did she do?

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She collected in one place right. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said me Allah have mercy on her cheek, let it flow that it would be flowing constantly.

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He preserved it and so the water only remains in a certain place out Hakuna laka or you should have or it should be for you. Oh or takuna it is laka for you Jonathan a garden meaning you should have a garden and orchard minute cleaning update farms were in urban and grapevines four to five years and then you cause to tear and how to the rivers Ilana her amongst it between it

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clearly is the middle part of something def JIRA a definite gushing for

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or if you cannot fulfill that, if you cannot cause a jamboree to gush forth from the earth, then you should have an orchard which should have dead bonds and grape vines. And there should be streams that are flowing in the midst of a garden. Where are these people living in Makkah and Makkah is one wedding, Raila Odinga that does not grow anything it's dry,

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out to step off, or you guys too far to split a scene after

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too far, you cause to fall a summer the sky come as anta as you have claimed

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arlena upon us,

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meaning as you say that the sky is going to fall down upon us when

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on the day of judgment that the sky is the whole earth the whole heaven everything is going to be destroyed. So you say that the sky is going to come to an end. So cause the sky to fall down upon us now. geese often in fragments. k seven, is the plural of geese pattern. So cause the sky to break into pieces and cause those pieces to fall down upon us. Oh, or do you bring biLlahi with Allah? Well, Malaika and the angels are beelen face to face. Amin is the plural of first of all Kabbalah.

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And abila is what? A group of people, so covalent in groups, in tribes that the angels should come before us in groups.

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And secondly, it's also public. And what does that mean in front? So Cavaillon face to face, and it's the opposite of double.

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So bring Allah and the angels in groups.

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Or you should bring a lot and the angels in front of us face to face so that we can see them. Now this was a demand that these people were making. Out of what out of extreme arrogance.

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Who are you that for your sake, the sky should be cause to broken up and fall down? Who are you that for your sake? The city of Mecca, its entire surface should be changed and there should be rivers and there should be orchards and they should be this and there should be that. Who do you think you are?

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And who do you think you are that alone the angel should come right before you.

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So we see that this statement this demand they were making out of extreme arrogance and denial. We learned sort of con 21 we'll call alladhina lai of junella Katana, Lola Angela Elena melodica. To

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those who do not hope for our meeting they say, Why has an angel not been sent to him? Or why do we not see our Lord? Allah says look at this duck by roofie unfussy him while I told her to one Kabira they have certainly become arrogant within themselves and become incident with great incidence. They're becoming very arrogant and making this demand of seeing

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Oh yeah, hoonah la cabeza, or it should be for you a house, meaning you should have a house. If you claim to be a prophet, and you should be very wealthy, you should be very well off. You should have unique things.

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So all those unique things that you should possess, you should have a house and this house is of what mythography of glittering gold. Notice, they don't say a mansion. What do to say it should be made of gold.

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Remember the meaning of zakharov it's the beauty of something.

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And it's also used for gold. Because gold is generally used for decorating things beautifying things,

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or that you should ascend the call from the rotators rock coffea

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rupee is to ascend to go up to climb and it's generally used for ascending or climbing according to one's ability. If a person can climb fast he climbs fast if he's slow, he can go so according to his pace

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so out DARPA you should ascend for summer into the sky. You should go up to the sky We should see you going up into the sky.

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And then they say one minute and we will never believe little eager for your action.

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Sending that you have ascended into the sky, we will never believe that you have gone up to the sky had the until to NASA you bring down keytab and a book nakara Ooh, that we can read. But unfortunately, the people of NACA cannot even read themselves. But they were demanding that a book should be brought down from the sky. And that book, we should be able to read it.

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If you notice, in this sort of pseudo Israel at the beginning, what did we learn about Israel, and the marriage, and the machine of Makkah, they refused to believe in it, because they did not see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam going himself. So here they demand that you should go up into the sky, ascend into the sky, according to your own ability, not that you are being taken. And when you come back, you should bring a book that we should be able to read.

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A lot of times artists tell them gold say, Subhan Allah be glorified is my Lord. What are you saying? Subhana Allah is also used to express amazement and surprise. So how not to be glorified as my Lord haidakhan do? Am I not Illa except buchon, a man for Solon, a messenger?

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Am I anything but a human messenger? Did I ever claim that I had divine attributes? Did I ever claim that I am God? Do I ever claim that I'm an angel? I am only a human messenger. So why are you making these demands from me?

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So we see that the mushrikeen America they were making all of these demands. Why? In order to see the truthfulness of the prophets, autoloaders Allah.

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But the fact is, that the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was evident how, by his manner, and also by the Quran itself, you did not have to see all of these things. You really didn't have to see all of these things, it was quite obvious.

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But the machine because of their pride, because of their arrogance, they refuse to accept.

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And if you notice, over here, they're saying, do this, but still, we will never believe even if you do this, we're not going to believe what does it show that they weren't serious anyway, they were not serious.

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And also, we see that the type of demands they were making, that the sky should fall down upon us. This is what extreme stubbornness.

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Sometimes when a person opposes the other, he does not even use his mind.

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He asks for things that are harmful, that are detrimental to himself. Like for example, if a married couple, the husband and wife don't get along with one another, nobody is willing to compromise. Each standing firm upon his jacket, believing I am right. And this is the way things should be done. So what happens? They become arrogant towards one another, extremely stubborn on their ways, refusing to compromise. And one day the wife says, Okay, give me the voice. Give me the voice. And she demands again and again. This is what she's asking for something that is harmful for her. How is it harmful? How is it harmful? Think about it. It is permissible in cases where they're really not

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getting along. For example, the husband is being abusive, he's not even giving the basic rights. But if she does take divorce, what's gonna happen with her children? What's gonna happen to her? So many times out of stubbornness out of being firm upon our way is not willing to compromise What do we do? We make demands which are harmful for ourselves.

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At this point, we need to calm down. We need to use our mind. We need to rationalize and then we should make such demands.

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walk on

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takuna cajon

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share your reflections,

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the Quran is a blessing. If Allah is saying he can take away from the messenger, he can also take it away from us. So we should never be proud of having this knowledge, proud meaning being arrogant, but rather it should increase us in our humidity over on one

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Sonico. Don't just stay stuck with your own thinking. And I was really thinking about it in the previous like from previous I think a previous suitor we learned about like how everyone is different in knowledge. And then if you have certain idea that your idea is wrong, and you stay stuck upon it, and someone who has more knowledge about the idea is giving you some advice, it's best just to change yourself and just accept it as it is. Because I remember one incident where the post I saw them, he was planning for a war on how to do like a strategy. And then once I have asked him is this from your from Allah? And he said, it's just my decision, I decided to do this. And then

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he said, You know what, I think this is a better idea. If the officer didn't take it, then it would have been like, Oh, you know what, this is what I think is right, and no one else should do it. That's why they're shooting like, as a Muslim, you're supposed to shoot it.

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But unfortunately, many times we think it's our way or the highway.

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I Sonico. I was also thinking of two things, one that compromising how important it is to say that the other person is right. Instead of you know, using that, you know, we're right. And one thing that I had was stubbornness, which led them to not compromising and they always demanded, and they said that, you know, you should show us this. And then in the end, they would be like, no, we're not even gonna believe after you show us this person is like that he's only making a fool of himself isn't because who looks foolish, the person who's not accepting the reality, and was making unnecessary demands.

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And then we were also discussing how Quran is actually a cure for us. And there are two types of people and one that take the chifa and the ones that don't. So which ones are we that we should reflect on how we can change ourselves and think of the Quran as a shift for us.

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As I was just reflecting upon i, where it says that everyone has his own manner. So I was just thinking that we want others to accept us for who we are. But sometimes we don't accept others. And we like, we just talked about them and stuff like that. And I was just thinking about this thing that I warned her that when you point one finger at someone else, you're pointing fingers back. So you should always look at yourself before you talk about others, and how the way they do things.

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And you see, especially in marriage, you need to compromise. Girls, you should remember this, if you don't compromise from the beginning, from the first day. And you think, Oh, this is not fair. And this is not right. And this is not how it should be, this is not what I expected, then it's not going to survive, you'll be miserable, you'll be unhappy. The only way of making any relationship work is compromise. And you will see you compromise at the beginning. People will listen to you later on. They will listen to you. And if you keep making demands at the beginning, they will never listen to you.

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One of the advice that I was given when I was getting married, was that to everything, just say okay, yes.

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to everything, just say okay, and yes, listen to everything. And later on people ask you, okay, say what do you think about this? What is your opinion about this, and people want to know what you have to say as well. But if at the beginning, you say, I think it should be like this, and then like you know, keep your ideas to yourself. So you have to compromise at the beginning. And later on, people will want to listen to you.

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For Change it yourself. It's nothing harder than diet, right? I remember one of my friends sister getting married, she was overweight so much. And when she finds out, she's married for one month, if you see the two pictures, you're not going to believe it, you're not gonna believe it. So if we can do this kind of big change in ourselves, but the small sports chain thing, we cannot be able to do this. Because the first thing is you have to make up your mind that I have to change, I have to improve. And when you make up your mind, only then you can change yourself.

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And you see even when it comes to Shiva from the Quran, you have to make up your mind. This is my ship, because if I don't care myself, I would not be productive. So you have to make up your mind

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