Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 215C Tafsir Al-Sajdah 6-11

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The human being is created by the "immediate of" in the creation process, including the "immediate of" and "immediate of" qualities. The "inger" in Islam is seen as a way to avoid future deaths, and the importance of showing gratitude to God and denying the possibility of a resurrection is emphasized. Islam is discussed as a means to avoid future deaths, and showing gratitude to God is considered a means to avoid future deaths.
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Are with the biller Humana Shavon rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim.

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valleca that is Ali Mola, AB Nora of the unseen was shahada and the witness Allah, who is the muda bit of every affair, the creator of this entire creation, He is Alima, like the one who knows the Unseen, meaning that which is hidden from the servants was shahada and the witness meaning that which is visible to the servants, Allah z's, the Exalted in Might, nothing overpowers him a Rahim, the Merciful. So it is His mercy, that despite of all of our actions, Allah subhanaw taala he does not punish people, even though he has the Riza the ability to do that the mind to do that he is as he is, and Rahim. Who is the Allah? The THE ONE WHO? Center? Who has perfected Aksana from their

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letters? Has he known? What does Herson mean? Beauty. But remember that sand is not just to make something beautiful? It is to make something excellent.

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And excellent is not just beautiful. When you say excellent work, are you talking about the fact that it was really good to look at? No. What do you mean by excellent work?

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Perfect. The way it should have been proper, right? Good. That is excellent. So Allah is the One who has Asana, who has perfected hula che in everything halacha who he created it, meaning everything that Allah has created, He has created it with your son, he has created it with excellence. Amazing, the planning is perfect. And the creation itself is complete, proper meaning to serve a particular purpose.

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Now, what this teaches us is that every creature, Allah subhanaw taala has created with perfection, and what does that show? The perfection of Allah subhanaw taala. Our center does not necessarily mean beautiful, but it means right proper the way it should be.

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And actually even, you could argue that everything is beautiful.

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Because people have different choices, right? What one person views as ugly another person views as beautiful, isn't it? Some things you might pay attention to because you think they're very beautiful. And the same thing, somebody else is going to stick their tongue out because they're grossed out by it.

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Has it ever happened? That you see, you know, for example, a nail color, right nail polish, for example, and you really like it, and you really want to get it and the woman to look at your mom and you look at that thing. Your mom's like, no way. She doesn't even say anything. Her look is enough to show that she hates it. She's disgusted by it. So people have different choices. They have different likes different dislikes, but Allah subhanaw taala the way he has created every creation, it has its own beauty. And if it's not beauty, according to us, that at least it has its own excellence and what is that excellence that it has a particular purpose to serve? What Buddha and he

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has initiated call insan the creation of the human being men lean in from clay. What is the mud, wet mud? So Allah began the creation of human beings from what? From mud. That's the origin of the murderous animals created from fleeing Soma, then Darla, he made Nestler, who his posterity, his descendants, nothing, you may have heard of the word NASA. NASA is what literally NASA means to be separated. So each generation that comes out of the previous that is born from the previous eventually it is separated from the previous because it replaces it. So Allah made the muscle of all of the human being meaning of other Maria Sinha, from what from the same mud was every human being

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made from mud? No Minsu Lala tin from an extract which extract what kind of extract extract that is off my main aim mean of a map map means water over here it gives the meaning of liquid of a liquid that is Maheen that is disdain that is looked down upon. That is despicable. Salalah human beings are created from what after either an s&m Salalah what is Salalah? Solana is basically hula

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How to shape right. It's the essence of something. The essence of something. What is an essence? If you think about it?

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vanilla essence. Okay, what is vanilla essence? It is the extract that is derived from what? From the vanilla bean from the pod? Correct? So, the flavor the fragrance, you know all the qualities of the bean, where are they in that liquid in that extract? Can you use the bean the pot in your baking? No, you can't because if you did that you'd be chewing on it. And the flavor wouldn't really come properly. It would be concentrated in some parts and would be missing from others. So, this is why an extract is derived essence is derived from different fruits and beans and all of that for flavoring, but that extract has all the qualities all the characteristics. So the human being has

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been created from Sula, what is the Sula referring to

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that which has been extracted from the human being? It's referring to the Nakba, the sperm and for the female the egg because it is literally the essence of the body. So men sunnah Allah but this sunnah, this essence, Allah describes it as my in my in a liquid that is disdained my hearing from home how well known Mahina is basically that which is bass weak, you know something that is not really given much value.

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So, it is literally disdained, because where does it come out from?

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Think about it. It is disdained This is our origin. And yet we walk with pride, you know hustle bustle he said something to the effect of how can a human being ever feel proud when his origin was Mahajan bowl from where you're in comes and then he was placed where blood comes out from and then he came out of where blood flows? You know, seriously, the entire process of our creation and our birth is what it's quite disgusting.

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This is our origin and yet we walk on this earth with pride. We live with arrogance. So Magellan Esna who means Sula Tin Man in Maheen sama then so where who he proportioned him. So well from the word test we have seen while Yeah, what is this we have to proportion to level smoothen balance out straighten something.

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So Allah He proportion, the human being two hands, two arms, two feet, two legs, it's amazing. One is here and the other is there. Right? One is your right side of your body and the other is the left side of your body, even inside your body, isn't it amazing? We have lungs to amongst one on right side and the other on the left side. When you study embryology, you think that you know the nose forms where it places on in the middle of your face, but it actually comes from the two sides of your head and it joins in the middle when the embryo is forming amazing. So so well who

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somewhere who Allah proportion. And then if you think about it, the skin also the body also that how it is smoothed.

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Somewhere who wonderful hmm. And he blew fee in Him meaning in the human being MidwayUSA year from his rule from his soul, his soul meaning the soul that belongs to Allah that Allah created. Okay, many people they miss understand this middle Rohit, that Allah has a rule. And then from Allah's rule, part of that rule is in the human beings. This is not what this IR means. Rule he means rule that belongs to him, that Allah created that Allah owns. And the thing is that nobody else can put rule isn't it? Rule is entirely in whose control can you rule Herman Emery Rob be it is from the command of my Lord. He decides what to put it in, and what to take it out from.

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So wonderful coffee, human rule. And this is amazing because the soul comes after a certain degree of this. We're after a certain degree of the development of the fetus. What gyla Come and he has made for you a summer the hearing will Upsala and the vision will have Ada and the hearts absorb Florida buzzer of ADA Florida. For ag Allah has given you all of these abilities. Barley lamb mash Kuru. Very, very little. It is that you show gratitude alila man Mao over here, remember it exactly there is extra to emphasize the littleness

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that it is very, very little

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gratitude that you show. You are hardly ever thankful. This is what it means Ali Lam Mirage Quran so little.

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And really, if you think about it when we are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala what is it that we are grateful for? Generally, the big, big things, right? The big, big things, or that seem to be big to us, that are hamdulillah my mom allowed me to go to them. All right, and how Manila my dad, he gave me the keys to the car

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Alhamdulillah for these big, big things, I'm not saying they're not big and we shouldn't be grateful for them we should be but what about the blessings of hearing vision heart? What about them? Paulina Mathis Quran and if you think about it, how is it that we are to show gratitude? How? By using these faculties by hearing by seeing, noticing, observing the blessings feeling them? Paulina, Martha Sharon

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waka Lu and they say either what when Bala Luna we have gotten lost Bala BOD lamb lamb, what does the law mean?

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To be a stray right to not know where to go to be lost? So when we are lost,

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where Phil only in the earth, meaning our bodies are lost in the earth, how are they lost in the earth, that when we have died, and when we are buried and our bodies are decomposed, the bones have scattered. The flesh doesn't remain, there is no trace of our bodies left when we are lost in the earth, in now what then? Indeed we Luffy surely in Hull and God is a new creation. They're expressing their amazement, how is it possible that once our bodies have disintegrated into the earth, we will be given a new form a new creation? In other words, they are denying what are they denying the possibility of resurrection? Allah says Bal rather home day, Bailey pa II in the meeting

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or be him of their Lord Caffee rune ones who deny

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the problem is that they're actually denying the meeting with Allah, the possibility of resurrection, it's there, because people see it, how trees come back to life. We witness it, that how something that appear to be dead. Now what happened to it, it's back to life. So you could argue you could logically prove resurrection. With several arguments you could do that and Allah subhanaw taala gives us many arguments in the Quran that prove resurrection.

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The real problem with these people is that they deny the meeting with Allah. What is the meeting with Allah hisab accountability, that is what they deny.

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Say yet our Falcom he will take you in full, meaning your soul, he will bring death to you who Malakal mode, the angel of death, the Angel of Death is going to take your soul and this angel of death is a lady the one who will kill or become he has been entrusted with you will Kyla from wild calf lamb will kill is who a lawyer because you just dump your problem on him and you tell him figure it out. So you just trust Him. He has been assigned to do your work to get you to win your case. So he has been entrusted with a task.

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What killer that he has been placed in charge, that he has been authorized, he has been assigned, he has been commissioned with you.

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The angel of death, his goal, his purpose, the reason for his existence is to take your soul is to give you death.

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In other words, you have not been forgotten.

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Death will come to you because an angel has been appointed to bring death to you. And when you are taken in depth Thumma then ILA or become to your Lord told Jeroen you all shall be returned. Where will you run away? Then you think you will meet your Lord on the Day of Judgment 1000s and 1000s of years later, know when you die, that is when your hereafter begins. In total an arm is 61 Allah says well will or you will fold carry body while you're still Alikum half a Latin had either Gerardo Komal mo to the effect who Sunnah wa whom lay you for return? The angels they take the person in death at what time at a time that has been fixed by who? And by Allah subhanaw taala so no person

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has forgotten

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No one's death is forgotten.

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Is there any human being whose death has been forgotten? No, eventually everybody dies at a time that is fixed for them. So there's no benefit in denying this meeting with Allah.

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So what does this teach us all of these verses? What are they showing to us? That Allah is our Creator, and he is the one who has sent this Quran. For what for our guidance, our benefit is in accepting Allah as our Lord and submitting to Allah in the way that he wants us to. And what is that way where do we learn about that from from the Quran that Allah has revealed? In accepting it is our benefit in denying it is our own loss

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will listen to the recitation of these verses

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a lady Santa Lucia in Holland, was on your call

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and he knew Wayne Thank

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you sola.

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Hafi email Whoa. Watch Allah Allah who send now others

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either polyline

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the school

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walk or

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we are

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Jedi lead balloon

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or beam curfew home only at hours

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you killer B come from. Bacon told joke

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