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An-Nisa 36-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 43-a

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Yeah you alladhina amanu all you who have believed led Rosada do not approach the Salah. Do not approach the prayer well unto suka while you are intoxicated,

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don't perform the Salah while you are in the state of intoxication while you are drunk

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when I met in the early period of Islam, alcohol or intoxicants, because alcohol is a type of intoxicant intoxicants were not prohibited immediately,

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but rather the prohibition, it was given in stages.

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The first command that came down regarding this was what we learned about karate is aluna can humbly well mace it, they asked him about alcoholic drinks and gambling.

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And when this idea was revealed, the profit sort of Hardison recited this idea or modeled it on who said, Oh, Allah explained the ruling about karma for us in a plain manner.

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Because what was mentioned in that is that there's benefits but there's also loss. So I'm not alone who wished that the ruling concerning intoxicants will be given more clearly.

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When this ayah was revealed, which is sort of the Messiah 43, the prophet SAW the Lotus and recited it to a model that our new who still said, Oh, Allah explained the ruling about karma for us in a plain manner.

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And after that, what happened? The next day was revealed, which is in sort of metadata. I remembered it. But yeah, you were letting me know. In the mill hammer well, laser will unsayable well as level register mean, ominous shavon fujitani, boo, La La come to you.

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Clearly the word veget. Any boo has been used that stay away from it. Don't indulge in it, don't use it.

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So we see that the prohibition it was given in stages. Why?

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Because the people, it was their culture, it was a very big part of their culture.

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So therefore, it was given in stages. So the second eye that was revealed with regards to the prohibition.

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The second stage was this idea that when you are in the state of intoxication, then don't go near sauna. Don't press one.

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Now for a true believer, what is important to him?

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And if he's drunk, will he be able to pray? No.

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And when a person drinks, then the effect of intoxication is on him for some time.

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And we know that there are five silhouettes in one day.

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So with this, what happened was that many people they reduced or they completely stopped indulging in intoxicants. But there were some people who still continued. And after that, the final prohibition was revealed in the next video that we will study inshallah.

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We know that some people, they left alcohol altogether when the first command came down.

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When they saw that there is more harm. What did they do, they left it altogether. But there were some people who still continued

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and because of intoxication, that would also affect their Salah.

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And we learned that some people they made major mistakes in their Salah. For example, we learned that already been obliterated. He said that our blood rush man, even if he made some food to which he invited us and serve some alcohol to drink as well.

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When we became intoxicated, and the time for prayer came, they asked someone to lead us in prayer. And he recited one of the sorta codea Yoga film in a way that was completely incorrect.

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It was a major mistake. Why? Why did you do that?

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Because of intoxication.

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When this incident occurred, then this I was revealed that when you're drunk and don't praise Allah, what does it mean? The don't drink around the time of Salah. Because for a true believer is alcohol is not more important to him, his soda is more important to him. And we learned that after this ayah was revealed. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he had people appointed at the door of the masjid, who would proclaim that lead not any drunk approach to prayer? So every person who's coming into the masjid was in a way checked.

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Is he drunk or is he not drunk?

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Obviously, this was difficult for the Muslims. So with this many people, they either completely stopped or they reduced

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and then eventually the final prohibition was sent them

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so yeah, you Allah, Nina amanu. All you who have believed, notice the address. Amen. If you're truly believers, then you have to follow this. You have to observe this and if you don't, that's a deficiency in your

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all believers let accountable salata don't approach the prayer.

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What does it mean by this don't approach the prayer.

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This is understood in two ways. First of all, that do not prepare to perform the Salah while you are in the state of intoxication. What does it mean first of all, that don't prepare to perform the sauna. What is included in preparing for Salah will do going to the masjid for men.

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So, let Aqaba salata also presents I don't even come to the masjid while you are intoxicated.

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And secondly, it has been said that let Aqaba salata what it means is that do not perform the prayer don't pray the Salah will anthem suka while you are intoxicated. So Cara is a plural offset Quran it is a plural of sack on from the root letter seen cafa

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and cyclon is one who is drunk one who is intoxicated.

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Basically Sakura, yes Guru is to shut or to close a bath.

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What is it, it is too close to close a roadway. So just imagine a road, a corridor, an alleyway a street that has been blocked, that has been closed? If you're driving, can you drive through that obstruction? When you can't. So it is something that is going to prevent you from going further.

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What happens when a person is drunk? The intoxication? What does it do? It obstructs his mind from functioning properly.

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it obstructs his mind from functioning properly, it does not enable him to speak correctly, to walk properly, to talk properly. So there is a big hindrance between a person and his comprehension between a person and his understanding.

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And remember that a person can be in the state not just because of drinking wine, but because of any intoxicant any drug anything that will overcome his mind.

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So I'm sacado while you are in the state of intoxication. Why? Because when a person is in this state, he doesn't know what he's saying. He doesn't know what he's doing.

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So if you press Hello, in this state, what's going to happen you're going to make major mistakes, which could be against you,

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Hector thermometer Kowloon until you know what you're saying.

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Until you know what you're saying. Meaning don't pray until you know what you're saying. Until you have regained your consciousness in other words,

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and had that optimal methacholine meaning you know, what you're saying is understood in two ways. First of all, you know, what you're saying? Meaning the words that you're saying leveling,

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you know, the files that you're uttering, you know, the words that you're speaking. So basically, you know, the words of salah

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and secondly, Matta Kowloon is also understood as that you know the minor, you know the meaning of what you were saying.

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It's understood in both ways. What does it show to us

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that knowing the words of Salah alone is not enough. Knowing the meaning of the words of Salah is also very important.

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Because you could be reciting this letter, you could be saying the words are so elaborate, you have no idea what they mean. And if you have no idea about what they mean, what's going to happen, if you make a major mistake, will you be able to tell? No, you're not gonna be able to tell.

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So Hector at our alma mater, Kowloon, this is a condition until you know what you're saying.

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firmness. We also learned that if a person is in a state that he does not know about what he's saying, then he should not pray at that time.

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Like for example, we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if one feels sleepy while he is praying, then let him sleep for a while, so that he knows the meaning of what he's saying.

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If you're overcome by sleep, and as a result of that, you don't know if you pray to one Raka or you've just finished a fight to her. And sometimes a person is so sleepy that they go to the such day and they just stay there.

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So if a person is overcome by sleep so much, what are the proper setup rsmc but then he should sleep for a while so that he knows the meaning of what he's saying.

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Now, this doesn't mean that to delay airasia until bedtime, until very late and you say Oh, I'm so sleepy. So let me sleep for a few hours. And then let me wake up in the middle of the night or at budget time and then pray my Salah. Although, no, that is not appropriate.

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Obviously, if you're very sleepy, then what choice do you have, but you should try to avoid it in the first place. I mean, this command is not being given that we have an excuse to do whatever we want.

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Did not pray. This is not why this command is being given this command is being given to that we refrain from doing those things that are going to obstruct us from praying Salah properly, whether it is alcohol or anything else.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, he continued in the Hadith, that for he might want to ask for forgiveness, but instead curses themselves

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that a person in his Salah, he might be intending to say words of seeking forgiveness, but he's actually cursing himself, because he doesn't know about what he's saying.

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So from this, we learn that first of all, a person should pray in the state of full consciousness and alertness

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and anything that could become an obstruction in his for sure of Salah, you should stay away from that.

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Sometimes, like, for example, for those people, it was alcohol, that's forbidden.

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How about doing something that is completely law that is going to overcome your mind so much, that you're thinking about that even in your Salah.

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Like, for example, watching a movie,

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and not just before you pray,

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because for some people, the effect is there for like a week or two weeks.

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They're so emotionally affected by what they watch that that's what they're thinking about. That's what they're imagining. And that's fantasy. It's fiction. Complete fiction has no reality whatsoever.

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And even if it's based on a true story, for so many false things, that it's far from reality, but anyway, so a person should stay away from anything that will obstruct him from concentrating in his Salah.

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Similarly, if a person is praying in a place where people are talking where people are eating, they're chatting, they're busy with their work and you're praying in the middle. Are you going to be focusing on the words of Salah? Are you going to be focusing on their conversations?

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Now person might say, Oh, no, they should be quiet. Well, you should go. Pray in a place that is appropriate.

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Unless of you can't find any place at all.

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Similarly, we also learned from this part of the ayah that a person should know about the meaning of Salah

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because what does Allah say had the thermometer Kowloon you should know about what you're saying.

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know the meaning of Salah not just the words but also the meaning of the words. Because it's possible the person makes a major mistake that he doesn't realize.

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Famous says Wella jubin and nor as ones who are sexually impure.

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Whenever this is connected with letter karabo salata do not approach the solder

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meaning and do not approach the place of Salah. And what is that place, the masjid or whether the Quran was falletta meaning and do not perform this fella

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in red state, in the state of General, as being gentle,

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gentle isn't jeans, it looks like a poor and it can also be used for a singular word.

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And generally is someone who is in the state of impurity.

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Who is in the state of impurity state of uncleanliness.

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What does it mean by that there is filth on his body, he's very dirty, hasn't showered for weeks is that what this means? No. This means that he is in a state in which he needs to take a water he needs to take a bath in order to resume worship.

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That for prayer will do alone is not sufficient. by for example, if you break your window, all you have to do is do will do again and pray. But in some other states, the person has to take a bath and then he can praise Allah

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and Genova literally means board, and what this word means distance to make a thing remote. So, when a person is in this state, he is far he is distanced from what

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from her bed in particular Salah.

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So, what is the state in which hosel is taking a bath is obligatory that will do alone is not enough in order to become clean to priests, whatever the person has to take a bath. What are these states

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First of all, after sexual intercourse,

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and it's not just sexual intercourse, but just the mere contact of sexual organs even

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whether or not there was actual intercourse or not, but just the mere contact of the sexual organs even means that a person must take up that.

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Secondly, this also applies to after having a wet dream

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after having a wet dream

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What is that that a person. When he wakes up he finds himself having ejaculate some sexual discharge in his sleep.

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So if a person wakes up in the state, whether man or woman, they have to take a bath before praying the Salah.

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Thirdly, Genova also applies to haled meaning when a woman is in the state of menstruation. So upon the completion of head, she has to take what was like we learned earlier for either the partner right when they have taken a listen.

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So, thirdly, what does it refer to a woman in the state of menstruation?

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Firstly, NIF is what is known as postpartum bleeding, that when a woman gives birth, then she bleeds for some time. And the maximum of that is about 40 days. So, upon the completion of the test, when a woman becomes clean, what does she have to do? She has to take a whistle, in order to praise Allah.

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So what are the four states of Geneva

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are for sexual intercourse?

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Secondly, a wet dream. Thirdly, the completion of halal And fourthly, the completion of Nevada.

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Now, you see that the first two, they are in a person's control how that he can take a bet whenever he wishes.

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All right.

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But the other two, in the case of a woman who is menstruating, who is in the state of Nevada, does she have control over when her period ends? And when her NFS ends? She doesn't have control over therefore, the word ginevra? Yes, it does apply to all four. However, the rules concerning all of these four states are not always the same.

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Remember this rule?

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The rulings concerning all of these four states are not the same. So yes, although the word Juniper has been used over here, but it doesn't necessarily refer to the woman who is instead of menstruation or NFS

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Okay, remember that.

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So, hello, Jr, burn and also do not approach the place of Salah.

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Meaning do not approach the masjid.

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When in the state of Geneva in the state of sexual impurity,

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and as you know that a person after sexual intercourse and yes take a bath in order to enter the masjid.

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But a woman who is menstruating her menstruation is not in her control. So, she has to go to the masjid to learn to study then is she not going to go

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she is going to go

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as long as she takes care that nothing of the field is left over there because there are other these other statements from which support for that can be taken.

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So what are genuine and nor are sexually impure in there except the RBD severe ones who cross the way IBD is actually avelina which is a Florida beach. And this is from herbal rainbow reboot is to cross. So I a bit is one who crosses one who passes through.

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So don't come to the masjid in the state of Geneva, except as ones who are just passing through the masjid.

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RBD Sabine, you're just crossing the way

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head Bethel vestido until you take a bet.

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Dr. Sidhu is from what was the lane scene land What does also mean to take a bath and it does allow your facilities to wash it's not just to wipe your hand over.

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Also doesn't mean that you just wet your hand and you bet all over your body and make your body wet.

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It's to flow water over doesn't mean you stand in the shower for 20 minutes. But what it means is that you have to flow water over your body. So had that alphazero until you take a bath and when you have taken the bat then you may go to the place of solder because Latta karabo Salah. So then you may go to the place of Salah.

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Now, we see over here that Muslims are being forbidden from going to the masjid in the state of Geneva.

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And they can only pass through the machine if they need to.

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Now why would a person need to pass through the mustard?

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We see that some men from the inside their doors, the doors of their houses they literally opened into the masjid, into the courtyard of the list you

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imagined the quarter to the masjid. And some men, the doors of their houses open into the courtyard of the masjid.

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Now if they were in the state of Geneva and if they had to take a walk, they needed water. There were no taps at that time.

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So for that represent would have to cross the masjid. Now what do they do?

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Allah says Violetta Caboose Aleta, do not go near the place of Salah. What does it mean by that? You can't even go through no

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Law varies a bit except as ones were just crossing we're just passing through. So if you have to pass through, then that's okay.

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And we learned that before the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he commanded that all the doors be closed except the door of Abu Bakar of the learner.

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He said, close all the doors in the masjid, except that Robocar of the line. Why? Because he was going to be the Khalifa.

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So the doors of their houses they literally opened into the courtyard of the mosque they would have to pass through. See what a public place the masjid was. Just imagine next door is mustard. This is how close they were to the mustard. Hearing the event and we know that Salah What did she say? That she memorized sort of off How? By listening to the Prophet side of the house and reciting the surah every Juma in the hopper.

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So this is how close they were to the masjid.

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So what do we learn over here? That in the state of Geneva, a person may not enter the masjid except if he's only passing through and remember job over here applies to the first two cases. Right? The one who isn't the state of sexual impurity because of sexual intercourse or because of a wet dream. Because a woman in the state of menstruation the state of Nevada, she doesn't have control over her impurity. So therefore the same ruling does not apply to her