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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the use of surahs in religion to show how men should respect women and avoid punishment, as well as the culture of fear and hesitation among the Sahaba. The surahs are revealed in every title of the Prophet's statement and the culture of fear and hesitation has been created among the Sahaba. The segment also touches on a woman who claims to have lost her habitat and is being punished by the Prophet's actions. The segment ends with a mention of a woman who was being listened to by a woman and is being listened to by the man himself.
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Salam Alaikum alaikum Florida cattle brothers and sisters Welcome back to people who have called on where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an eye of the poor. And tonight's story is about a very special woman. Her name is Hola, Fatima along the along the timeline, and holed up in Salah, she tells her story, she says that, you know, my husband was a house of no assignments, or else have no assignments and oh, seven assignments was you know, and you know, he was older than me. And he had a really, really bad temper. So he used to constantly, you know, be verbally abusive with me. And, you know, we had an argument and he said to

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me the famous words nti, they are kalavati on me, okay, you are to me, it sounds awkward in translation. Essentially, you are to be like, my mother's back means you're like my mom, meaning you're held on for me. So I'm not going to touch you. I'm not going to treat you like a wife, you have no rights upon me. I'm just going to leave you in the house like a prisoner. This was a form of divorce that existed at the time of jelly. But the problem is now they're Muslims. So hola says he said this to me. And, you know, the next day he came back, and you know, he's a hot tempered man, and he was fine. And he tried to be intimate with me. And I said, No, you know, you can't tell me

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that. I'm like your mother's back and then try to be intimate with me the next day. So Kona says he actually tried to force himself on me and she says, I was a lot stronger than he was, I was a strong young woman. So So I pushed him off, and I went to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and when she went to the Prophet slicin and she told the Prophet slicin and what happened? You know, Subhana Allah, Allah could have revealed to the Prophet slice on him something privately to deal with her situation. Instead, a loss of Hannah hood data reveals an entire surah of the Quran in response to this woman Subhana Allah, a loss of hat and the first words of that odd semi Allahu Allah, Allah t

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to the diva Cathy's o Jia attached turkey Illa. Allah has heard the plea of that woman that has come to you complaining about her husband, and she grieves to Allah subhana wa Tada. She's, you know, she's complaining to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Now, I want you to think about this, you know, Allah azza wa jal reveals this entire surah for this woman, you know, to be a form of an that all of us were will recite, not just for her situation, but essentially it shows us by the way, how we are to respect women in our religion. And if I was to ask you, you know, somehow there's a whole sutra now that's called the woman who pleased if I asked you, you know, what sort of the Quran has a

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mention of a loss of habitat in every area has the name of a lion every I and most people would say it might be pillola ahead. It might be you know, some sort of that's really short and just in the last few years, but here you have a surah it's actually more than a couple of pages. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah chooses this surah to be the only surah in which his name is in every single ayah. The woman who pleads as if Allah subhana wa tada is saying that he heard that woman when no one else heard her Subhan Allah so when a person is being wronged by their husband, when a person is being wronged by anyone, in fact, Allah subhana wa tada hears their cries, Allah hears them, so much

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so that he revealed a surah with his name, and each and every single ayah to show how much he heard that woman Subhana Allah. Now this created a culture amongst the Sahaba remember, I'm going to help out with the law and big tough man that we always talk about, right? A lot of times man who's walking one day, and he's with a man by the name of rules, or the laws of Thailand who ninja route says that while we're walking, this woman suddenly calls out and says, Yeah, oh my alma, I remember when you were amazed, which means the little almost, and you were in the marketplace, you were in socolor. Of course, you were in the marketplace, tending to your sheep with a stick. So fear Allah

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subhanho wa Taala, as you are, you know, as Khadija taking care of the people and know that the one who fears the threat of punishment in the hereafter realizes that it's not distant and the one who fears death fears missing an opportunity in this life. Almost all the time who broke down into tears. He starts bawling Elijah Ruud says, you know, what is it with you old lady? Why did you make the man cry like that? why don't why are you talking to a woman even though you're talking to the Khalifa that way? And Amaro the allot of time, who grabs her grabs him and says to Jared, do you know who this woman is? This is cola. This is the woman that Allah subhanho wa Taala heard from

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above seven heavens, you think I'm not going to listen to her? Subhanallah so it actually created a culture. And even Kathy Rahim, Allah Tada. He says in his Tafseer there was another incident where a man was talking to Omar and then suddenly Hoda came. And Hoda started talking to Omar and Omar just completely neglected the man he completely abandoned the Met and Hoda was just talking for, you know, just going on and on and on and on and on with the line was sitting in a humble way and listening to her. And the man gets frustrated. He says you left a man of rice to attend to this old woman, which shows you something Hoda wasn't actually

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From a powerful tribe, so panelist is not like the Prophet slicin had to do something for right cola did not belong to a powerful tribe and that man has so much prices. You're leaving, you know, a man of price to talk to that old woman. And Amaro the law of Thailand who responds once again, he says, this is a woman who Allah subhanho wa Taala. Listen to from above the seven heavens, this is how 11 Sahaba. He said, Well, like, if she did not leave me until the night fell, I would not tell her to leave until she got what she came for. Unless the time for Salah came. And he said, even if salon time came, he said, I'd go pray and I'd come back and keep listening to her. So somehow, it created

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a culture, right amongst the Sahaba. To respect to respect women in particular, right and to and to realize that just because people might not be heard in this world doesn't mean that Allah subhanaw taala is not hearing them. So we have to internalize that as well, that we need to make sure that we plead only to a loss of Hannah Montana, and we complain to a loss of hands how the injustice is towards us. So that, you know, we recognize that Allah hears us at all times, and we don't inflict or transgress against any human being any individual or think that because we're in, you know, the comfort of our home, right that we can become abusive cowers towards our wives Allah subhanaw taala

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heard this woman who wasn't being physically abused, abused, by the way, but emotionally abused, verbally abused, Allah heard her from above seven heavens and we need to hear our sisters as well and we need to make sure inshallah to Allah that we humble ourselves as well and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to not make us oppressors or transgressors and to make us amongst those who when they are wronged or when they suffer injustice call upon him some kind of words Allah does not hate and for joining inshallah, Tana, I'll see you tomorrow night for another episode of people and was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

This episode is all about the amount of respect to be bestowed upon women and how Allah SWT heard the plea of woman and mentions in Surah Al Mujadilah verse no 1. A powerful story about a woman, Khawlah Bint Ta’alaba RA who grieved and complained to Allah SWT about her verbally abusive husband and Allah SWT revealed an entire Surah Al Mujadilah.

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