Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L241C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam as a rule, the use of gene testing, and the lack of knowledge about man or woman. The lack of evidence that confirms actions of Jesus Christ and the use of "arental light" in the context of the rest of the world are also highlighted. The importance of giving gifts and showing one's value to others is emphasized, along with the use of words in advertising and the importance of showing one's value to others. The recitation is interrupted by a statement from a woman about her "bringing a child to live in a tree" and the speaker emphasizes the importance of showing one's value to others.
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Lesson number 241 sort of thought we'll begin from number 34.

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What are the fatahna Sulayman? And we certainly tried Sulaiman, Ernie his son.

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What else Elena Allah Khushi and we placed on his throne Jessa, then a body, some an Abba, then he returned returned to Allah subhanaw taala

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Wanaka diphoton nurseryman Suleiman early Islam was also tested the wood or insulin was he tested? Yes, he was the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was also in a state of difficulty. He was also being tried at the hands of who, at hands of those people who disbelieved in him. So what do we see over here that Allah subhanaw taala tests is believing servants His righteous servants.

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It's not necessarily that a person has to be sinful, or that a person has to be ordinary, but rather Allah Autodesk to his chosen special, righteous, obedient servants. That would an incident said a man arrested and they were both messengers of Allah. But both were tested.

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Now how is it a man or is a lamb tested? Well, Elena, Allah Kersey, he just said, that we put on his throne just added a body.

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The word just said is from the refactors, Gene seen done, and just that is used for a body. And it's used for a weak body as well as if it's lifeless. And what does it mean by this, that on his throne, adjusted was placed there different interpretations to this, some have said that a Jin shavon took over the position of a man or a salon. What does it mean by that, that on his throne set age in regulating the affairs of his kingdom, and so a man or a salon was not able to do anything about them? You know that, so they run or they sell. Later on, he was given power over the gin as well, isn't it so that he used to make the gin work, and the gin were all under him. However, before that,

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there was a time when there was a gin who managed to take over so they might not listen, I'm in the sense that Solomon Ellison could not defeat him. And this gene was regulating the affairs of the kingdom.

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So Elena, Allah kursi, just had them. So what is it just refer to the shape one? Why is that gene called Jessa? Because a dead body? Can you do anything? Or can I do anything good, rather, no. You asked, Can you give an answer? No. Does it see anything wrong that's happening? No. Can it bring any good? No. So similarly, that gene who took the position of saliva and insulin, was he able to bring any benefit to the kingdom, not at all.

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Secondly, it is also said that just refers to the son of Solomon or he said,

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there is a report in behati, in which we learned today man or his son, and one day he vowed that he was going to approach all of his wives, and they would give birth to signs and all of those signs would go in the way of a loss of Pantone. This is a report in Buhari, but he did not say insha Allah, why because he was so determined that no, this is going to happen. All of my children who are going to be born because of this, they're going to go in the way of Allah. But what happened? Allah subhanaw taala tested him. And what he intended did not happen. None of his wives gave birth except for one. And one of them who did give birth, she gave birth to a child who was disabled, or you can

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say, was unable to do things properly.

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So what Elena alkazi just added, however, this report, although it is authentic, but it's not relevant over here.

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It is authentic. It's reported in Buhari, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us about that. However, it's not relevant over here. Why is it not relevant? Because we don't find out from that report that that child of a man and his son actually took his position, you understand? We don't find out that he actually took his position because Elena could see what does it mean when a person sits on the throne of the king, that he has taken the position of the king, that he is managing the affairs of the country of the kingdom. So we don't find out from that report that that's an assertive manner in Islam ever did that. So it's authentic, but it's not relevant.

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Thirdly, it is also said that just hidden over here refers to a man or a salon himself, that he himself was on his throne. But it was as though he was just a body, meaning he was unable to pass any judgments. He was

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Unable to think and reflect and analyze the situations and regulate the affairs of his kingdom.

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You understand? So Elena, Allah cusi Jessa, then what does it just refer to, according to the third opinion, that it was such a man or woman himself, unable to manage his kingdom?

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And sometimes it happens with people, that they're perfectly fine. But all of a sudden, they cannot think properly, isn't it? Oh, they're perfectly fine, but they cannot speak. They're perfectly fine. And all of a sudden they lose their eyesight, isn't it? their hearing gets affected, and they are unable to do anything that they could before. Like, for example, a person is perfectly fine, but the voice has gone. Can you do anything? Can you speak to the people? Can you pass judgments? No. Can you communicate with people in any way? It's very difficult. So today, mannerism was tested in this way. Now, out of these three opinions, there are more as well. But these three are the most common

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ones. And of these three, which ones are the strongest ones, the one about champion gene, and the one about salamander Listen, him himself being unable to run his kingdom.

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So when this just happened once with a minor Islam underwent this test, that he was unable to take control of his kingdom, despite being the king, a gin, a shavon had defeated him in a way that he had taken over his position. This Think about it, you work somewhere, you do something, or you are in your house, you manage everything yourself, and all of a sudden, one day somebody walks in, and what happens they take over everything of yours. Or they're so bossy that they don't let you decide anything. What happens, your whole life is as though upside down. This is why sometimes people don't like to share their stuff with others, even their room, even a car, even their belongings, the

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smallest of things because if one person shares with them, then what happens? Everything goes upside down. So today mannerism was tested in this way that the ship on this gent took over his kingdom. Secondly, that he was unable to regulate the affairs of the state of his kingdom, because his mind was not functioning properly. So some and then he returned, he returned to who? Allah soprano. He began seeking forgiveness from Allah. He turned to Allah with sincerity, with repentance. So some of you return to Allah. And then he made the law. There are a lot of Bill fairly, he said, Oh my Lord, forgive me. He began with mocksville that Oh, my Lord, forgive me, he began with is to forgive me.

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Forgive me for what? For whatever mistake I have made. As a consequence of which you have put me in this fitna. So forgive me for my mistake, forgive me for my error. And you see, when a prophet of Allah seeks forgiveness, it's not necessary that he is seeking forgiveness for a crime that he committed for a wrong act that he committed, like for example, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how often would you seek forgiveness 70 times a day minimum, doesn't mean that he committed 17 mistakes not necessary.

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But what is the reason behind seeking forgiveness? That if there's anything that has become a barrier between us and Allah, it should be removed

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and seeking forgiveness as a way of attaining closeness to Allah. seeking forgiveness as a way of creating ease in one's matters in one's affairs. What do we learn that a person who makes his default mandatory on himself that alone makes a way out for him from every trouble from every grief, and he provides for him from where he cannot even imagine, isn't it'll insert new. In so many parts of the Quran we learned that the prophets of Allah, all the people seek forgiveness from your Lord, repent to him and Allah will send rain upon your use in Asana or la comida rara, he will bestow abundant blessings upon you. So it's the Fall is not just done to seek forgiveness for a crime that

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a person has committed, but rather also to attain closeness to Allah. So Colorado, Bill fatally he said, Oh, my Lord, forgive me. Forgive me for what? Whatever mistake that was made, it's not mentioned over here. But whatever mistake that was made, or for whatever reason, he asked for forgiveness or bill fairly or heavily, and gift for me, Grant me and you see why he sought forgiveness also because he was in a state of difficulty, isn't it so a jinn had taken over his kingdom? Just imagine, him being a king, a gin had taken over his kingdom, or he was unable to do what he could regularly do. So this is why he was seeking

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Forgiveness? What does it show to us that when we are in trouble, when we are in difficulty, then what should we do? What should we do? seek forgiveness from Allah. Because when a person seeks forgiveness, then matters are facilitated for him. So don't be friendly. And then he may draw, we're heavily monitored and give for me a kingdom grant me a kingdom, what kind of kingdom that larium buddy, it is not suitable, it is not permissible. Leah had a member the for anyone after me, Emily from the newsletters Bell idea in DevOps

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and in the law, as you know, what does it mean to somebody, when something is not befitting someone or something is not possible for someone, something is not permissible for someone. So give me a kingdom. That does not be who that is not appropriate. Lee had him embody for anyone after me. Meaning give me a kingdom, a kingship, that is the best and that is exclusively for me.

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Nobody else but me will have it. Such height, such power, such kingdom, such worldly success, that no one else will attain besides me. You understand? No one else will have besides me lay and believe I had him in body. And what does it mean my main body, body means other than me, not necessarily after me meaning after a day, but it means other than

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because we learned the Quran familia de remember the law who can guide him after Allah. What does it mean by that? besides Allah because obviously Allah subhanaw taala Who is he a one, an athlete, no one is coming after you understand. So lamblia had him embody, meaning it's not appropriate for anyone besides me. It only benefits me it's only possible for me. It's not possible for anyone else.

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And you know about that incident where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was in the masjid once in a gin game and he tried to harm the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the prophets on a lot of them defeated the jinn. And the next day, he told us, however, that I almost wanted to tie up that gene to the masjid so that the children of Medina would see that genin play with him in the sense that they would see him. But he said that I remembered the draw of my brother sitting when you understand

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this in a manner he said, I made the law, that such kingdoms such authority, such heights, such glory, that is only for me, and no one but me, lay him, but really, I had him in body.

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Secondly, it is also said that liability hadn't been borrowed. The way it means is that don't ever take my kingdom away from me again, and give it to another.

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Because what had happened, a gin had taken over his kingdom, he was alive, he was there. But he could not do anything. You understand, he could not take his kingdom back from the gym. It was very difficult for him. So now Jamelia had him and body, give it to me, and don't ever take it from me again and give it to another

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layer of Libra, who don't let anyone overtake it. So now you believe I had him embodied in NACA, and then we have indeed you, you are the Restore Aloha, who is the one who bestows a lot, the theater a bad one who restores a lot and the one who restores too many. There's a difference. One is to give a lot. And the other is to give too many there are many recipients in Nicaragua, you give so much to so many, so please give this to him.

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So he began with seeking forgiveness before asking for a great work

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for so called Nana who rehab. So Allah subhanaw taala he accepted his door, and what kind of Kingdom what kind of authority what kind of worldly heights did he give him? That facade cornella huri. How we subjected the wind for him. Just imagine and this was only for him Lahu only for him. It wasn't that anyone in His Kingdom could control the wind. No, it was exclusively for him with the wind was subjected to his order. That gdb Emery he it would flow at his command, Roja and gently Hazel asaba wherever he reached from the veterans law, how well and little hard is to be light, soft, gentle. And when used for wind, it's used for a very gentle breeze. rojava is gentleness.

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So 30 b Embry riddle Ha. It would blow by his command how gently, softly

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now softly and gently does not mean that it was very slow, but softly and gently means that it was not turbulent.

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You understand? Like, for example, when people travel by air, when you're sitting in the plane, do you feel every single moment that you're sitting in a plane? No, you don't. Why? Because it's moving very fast. However, it's not turbulent. And when there is turbulence and what happens constantly, you're moving. So raha does not necessarily mean that it was slow, but rather what does it mean? It was gentle, and in throttle ambia at one we learned what the salamander rehearse with a 10 Db MV in an ability Baraka and to say, Man, listen, we subjected the wind blowing forcefully, proceeding by his command toward the land which we had less so in total ambia what do we learn that the wind blew,

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forcefully over here we learned that the wind blew gently. So what does it show? That first of all, however, he wanted the wind to blow, the wind would blow like that, sometimes gently and sometimes forcefully. And secondly, it also means that the wind was forceful, meaning it was fast it will blow at his command. However, it was not turbulent. So thank God we Emery util Harlan, Hazel casaba, wherever he reached his Saba is to reach to obtain to get ahold of something. And from this asabe over here is used for intended meaning wherever he intended to go. Wherever he desired to go. Wherever he wished to reach, the wind would take him.

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So the wind first of all was objective for him.

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Secondly, was shell cleaner and also the devil's. First what happened earlier What happened? The jinn took over his kingdom, he was tested because of that.

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And now what happened is Allah subhanaw taala subjected the jinn under him.

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So the jinn could not withstand his power, they could not stand against him, they could not do anything to harm Suleiman or Neeson.

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You see in this dunya, sometimes what happens people who are perfectly fine, perfectly normal, all of a sudden, chelina factor, and they go from a great height, all the way down. Just recently somebody was telling me, but a very famous reciting of the Quran, who used to lead traffic solo as well, that how all of a sudden he left everything. And he moved to another country and he began singing, and he shaved off his beard. And the people were surprised at what has happened to him. So some of the scholars who were in that country, they said that this is not normal. This is not normal, that a person who is blessed by a loss of Pantera to such a great extent that he has such a

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beautiful voice and we read the Quran so beautifully. And so many people listen to him, they pray behind him, how is it possible that he has changed so much. So they said there has to be some problem. They brought him back to the country. And they checked and a very strong black magic had been done on him.

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And because of the effect of that magic, he was a verse of the Quran, he did not want to listen, he did not want to read, he did not want to pray. He did not want to go to the masjid. And he left everything because of that. So then they did look here, they cured him and hamdulillah with the Quran. And now he's getting back to how he was before but he's still not leading solar. However he is getting back. And when I heard that story, I was shocked that someone who has been blessed so much was so famous perfectly fine. Shelton can affect in this way. Just imagine. So Selena is around he was also extremely powerful. But look how chevonne took over his kingdom. So he made the out to a

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lot that Allah protect my kingdom and don't let it ever be taken away from me. So what happened on the chopping were under Solomon.

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they could not stand against a man or they said they could not harm him. They could not harm his kingdom. They could not spread any facade whatsoever. What sharpener

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and these shall clean? What did he use them for? Can lebanner in water worse he used them for what purposes that they would build for him and they would die for him. So this shouting cola in other words, every builder and diver but not from the roof after his Ban lunia bunion what is bieniemy Foundation building something that is constructed and when

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so who is

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the one who constructs and remember the structure file? It's used for Viola and it's also used for surfer

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to understand fat rod is used for mobila and it's also used for cipher over here but that is who built it. The one who builds the one who constructs so these Jin he used them for what purpose that they were

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build buildings for him mahadi Dima, he'll defend in culture web. Remember we have learned about this earlier instead of Columbia 82 we learned wamena Shelton and Maya will soon Allah who were maluna Armando una de la Coco Nana happy when the wealth was from the roof actors lane wellsite and the house is also on the structure of fireeye who is a little West one who does have those and those is to dive in water.

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Why dive in water

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for support

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to get birds from the water. So basically they would dive in to bring freshness things out of the water. So cola banana in water wells.

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arena and others meaning other gin mokara Nina fill us fat. They were bound together in shackles, some gin he put them to work, and other didn't who were very rebellious. What did he do to them? He tied them up in chains. Why? So that these Jin would not spread facade in his kingdom?

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Do you understand?

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maccarone is a Florida macaron from the roof of his car falloon what is currently to tie current will vary the Marlboro smoker one is one who is tied up one who is bound together one who is your so they will macaron infill as far as far as abroad have suffered from the better slotfather which is an iron color or chain with which prisoners are tight. So he had imprison them because they were moveset so hurry them acaba Nina philospher Allah subhanaw taala said to him, her their alpha una This is our grace, this is our gift. Meaning This is our alpha to you, our gift our present to you. This is our gift. feminine, so bestow favor. Oh, I'm sick or withhold feminine from the reflectors

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meme new known man, what does man mean? Favorite and oh known to show a favorite to bestow favorite to show kindness. So this is our gift to you. Now it's up to you, whatever you do. So a man or a son was given a lot. And on top of that, he was given the choice to either feminine bestow favorite to others, or I'm sick or withhold feminine Oh, I'm sick, this can be understood in a general sense and also specific sense, General, with regards to all the vessels that he was given.

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He could give whatever he wanted to whomever he was allowed to do that.

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It wasn't that if Allah subhanaw taala had bested with certain riches, that they were exclusively for him, he was not allowed to give them to others. What do we do sometimes when we give a gift to someone, we say, it's only for you. Please use it and don't give it to anyone else. If you're going to give it to anyone else, that I'm not going to give it to you. This is not a thought, this is not a gift. What is a gift that when you give something to someone, it's theirs. It's their choice, whatever they do with it, they can give it they can keep it. And Allah subhanaw taala when he gave all these gifts to Suleiman Addison, and he gave him the freedom.

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Because when somebody gives you a gift like that, that they put so many conditions, it doesn't become more of a burden on you. Of course, sometimes it happens, somebody gives you a gift, and they put your name on it, have your name engraved on it, perhaps a teacher in a band or something like that. Now you see it, you can't exactly give it to anybody else. And at the same time, it's not useful for you. So what happens it becomes a burden on you. You take it out, you think you're going to use it, you try using it, it doesn't work for you, you put it away, it's sitting in your drawer for so long. You can't even give it to someone and eventually what happens you end up throwing it

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away. So this is not a good gift. A good gift is that which when you give you give the freedom of choice to the receiver as well. It's their choice, whatever they do with it. Secondly, in this specific sense, feminine lm said this is with regards to the jinn

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that the jinn who were subjected to Suleiman Ernestina. He put them to work and others he locked them up, then to the Mona Lisa was also given a choice that he could show a favor to those jinn by freeing them, or I'm sick, he could keep them in prison. He wasn't going to be questioned about that.

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Those whom he had put to work, he could show favor to them by releasing them telling them go you're free. Or I'm sick, he could keep them on their work on their duty. So if I'm not Oh, I'm sick bill it herself without any account.

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Other people will be questioned by Allah subhanaw taala about what they did with what Allah subhanaw taala gave them is an utter every person will be questioned about

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his wealth where he received it from and what he did with it, isn't it, but today manner is gonna be laid without any account.

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He was given complete freedom. He could do anything that he wanted. And Allah subhanaw taala said the lady who said without any hassle,

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and secondly, the lady has have has also been understood as that this is our offer to you without any limit. So this is our gift to you without any limit or thought unrelated. Understand that it's such a huge favor without any limit.

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This is just as little codename What was it called? intro to California takanini Emma Antara diva, Emma and

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it's up to you. Either you can punish these people or you can deal with them in a good way. And the fact is that when Allah subhanaw taala gives such freedom to his servants, his chosen servants, he knows that they're worthy of this freedom isn't it's like Dale Carnegie was given the choice to either punish or be good. What can I say? That as for the one who does wrong, we will punish him. And when he goes back to his Lord, Allah will punish him even more severely. And the one who is good, he will be treated well by us. Right. So the man on SNL also when he was given this freedom, it wasn't that he became unjust. It wasn't that he became oppressive. It wasn't that he became

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extremely selfish. No,

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he did not become like that. A loss of panatela gave him this gift because he was worthy of it.

00:26:37 --> 00:26:45

He gave him this authority because he was worthy of it. He was still going to remain humble and obedient to Allah subhanaw taala he wasn't going to become forgetful of.

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So Heather, I thought, Oh, no, no, no. Sick B lady herself. And when did this happen? When was he given this reward? After passing the test? Isn't it after passing the test after he was put to the fitness then he was given this test? Because when a person goes through a test, then he becomes prepared for the future? Isn't it so?

00:27:11 --> 00:27:25

What in the know who are in Ghana and indeed for him? Is the zoo for surely near NUS, warehouse Noma up at a good place of return? That this is the gift that today man or lesson I've received in the dunya.

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However, he has on top of that, in the hereafter do things? What zilpha a position of nearness to Allah subhanaw taala. And secondly, where he was never up and a beautiful place of return, meaning gentlemen, so on top of the reward that he received in dunya, he will also receive great reward in the hereafter. What do we learn from these? If you go back to the beginning, from where we started today? What do we learn?

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What are the fatahna Sulayman? And what do we learn from that?

00:28:02 --> 00:28:08

That even the most righteous servants of Allah are tested? Why? What's the reason? What's the objective

00:28:10 --> 00:28:17

so that they become even more stronger and so that their ranks, their status is elevated, even higher.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:36

So the manner in Islam after this fitna, after this test, when he passed it a Lost Planet, Allah gave him much more than he had before, isn't it so? Before he did not have authority origin, he did not have control over the wind, but he received it after the test.

00:28:38 --> 00:29:21

Secondly, we also learned from these is that when a person does make a mistake, or when a person does commit an error, then what should he do? He should turn to a loss upon valid, immediately seeking His forgiveness. He should not despair of the mercy of a lot rather he should be hopeful of the mercy of Allah, like the wilderness. He also realized he was being tested. What did he do? He turned to Allah, isn't it? So? the Huracan was such a mannerism, also What happened? And Allah he turned to Allah. And many times what happens is that if we make a mistake, we feel so guilty, we think, Oh, forget it. I'm a loser. No hope for me. This is not meant for me. This is not the way the

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right way is that even if you've made a mistake, even if you've done something wrong, and you're suffering its consequences, there's still hope. You can still turn to Allah until the Angel of Death appears before you. So turn to Allah before the time expires.

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Also, we learn from these ayat that as a test as a fitna, sometimes a person's blessings are taken away from him.

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In order to test a person, Allah subhanaw taala sometimes takes some of his blessings away from him. So they manner so now he had Kingdom isn't it so he had authority

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To the highest position. But what happened? Allah subhanaw taala tested him and a Jin took over his kingdom.

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Or today manually, Santa was not able to run the kingdom himself. So what was this? This was a test.

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Many times we think that if our blessings are taken away, it's because we are being punished. This is not always the reason. Remember, sometimes it is punishment for ingratitude, that a person was not grateful for the blessing. And as a result, his blessings are taken away from him. And sometimes Allah subhanaw taala is just testing the sun, what does he do? Does he despair of the mercy of Allah? You understand? So what do we have to do when our blessings are taken away from us, this blessing could be the blessing of health, that you fall ill, this blessing could be the blessing of a friend who moves away to another city. This blessing could be loss of a job, this blessing could

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be lack of money. Right? So this blessing when it's taken away from us, what should we do? How should we react? What's the right way? What do we learn from the story of Solomon and incident,

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do do is to

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do is

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you might think to yourself, but I really didn't do anything wrong. Why am I suffering from this? Okay? Even if you didn't do anything wrong, you're in a state of difficulty, if you do is to fall, Allah will create ease for you. And when that blessing has been taken away from you, use that time to turn to Allah even more to worship Allah even more, before you were occupied by that thing. Now you have nothing to keep you busy.

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mentioned about a friend of hers who whenever she loses something of hers, she starts doing his stuff up, and she finds it. And she's treated herself as well that when she knew something, she'd start doing his default and she finds it. So remember any problem you're having you've lost something a blessing is taken away from you. You're feeling bad, you feeling guilty, what's the solution is too far, turning to Allah, because if you think about it so many times in these if the word a word, and isn't it, it's mentioned again and again, turning to Allah.

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Also, we learn from these ayat about the fact that Allah subhanaw taala can subject whatever he wishes for his servants that the wind was subjected for. So the man

00:32:34 --> 00:32:37

the jinn were subjected for Sulaiman angsana.

00:32:38 --> 00:32:42

It's not difficult for Allah, he can subject anything for his servants.

00:32:43 --> 00:32:47

Also, we learn from these if the wind also has your roof. What is your

00:32:49 --> 00:32:58

sense? So the wind also has to how do we learn about that? What's the evidence of that? Which part of the ayah tells us that the wind has your

00:33:00 --> 00:33:17

God The only that the wind would blow at the command of Solomon or Hassan? How could it do that? If it did not have sense? You understand, the wind has to have some kind of sense in order to understand the commander city mannerism in order to blow, according to it.

00:33:19 --> 00:33:37

Also, we learned from these ads that when someone leaves something, for the sake of a loss of panel data, he will be given a better replacement. He was given the wins when he gave up, as I mentioned to you earlier, the horses, and he gave up something in the way of a loss of data loss tangata, giving even more in return.

00:33:39 --> 00:33:45

Also, we learned from desireth, about the permissibility of constructing strong buildings, as long as there's a reason

00:33:47 --> 00:34:26

you might want to yell, he's because there are people who say that no, you should not construct solid strong structures. Like for example, if you look at Makkah, there's a lot of construction going on over there, a lot of expansion of the harem, and many people are objecting of that. The pastoral email, the send email saying oh look how the scene is changing. And look how so many buildings are being made. And this is not great. See sign of the Day of Judgment. The fact is that a man or a salon he had the jinn construct buildings Burnett and Burnett is one who builds firm, strong solid buildings.

00:34:27 --> 00:34:59

Why did he have the jinn make them and not people? Because Jim can do a better job, isn't it? Jen are stronger, they can do a better job compared to human beings when it comes to physical labor. So so the man on his arm he had the jinn construct buildings, and they were firm, strong solid buildings. Why? There was a reason behind that there was a purpose behind that. So similarly, if today, strong, solid buildings are constructed and there is a reason behind that

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

There's absolutely nothing wrong.

00:35:03 --> 00:35:38

Nothing wrong at all. So for example, in the expansion of the Hudson, after the expansion in Sharla, many, many more people can be accommodated inside. Many, many more people, many people can stay near to the cover, and they don't have to live very far away from the home when they're visiting. And that makes it extremely easy for person has gone for the purpose of worship. So we should stop objecting at these things and see that the prophets of Allah even they constructed buildings. Also we learn from these if it's not necessary that if a person receives blessings in the dunya, he will be deprived in the hereafter.

00:35:39 --> 00:35:47

Because today mannerism, he was given so much, but what does Allah say that he will have in denilla zolfo cinema.

00:35:49 --> 00:36:05

It's not necessarily that if a person is given many blessings in dunya, he will be deprived in the hereafter know, if a person has Eman he does or mozzarella, he repeatedly turns to Allah, that Allah can bestow him in this dunya and he can bestow a lot in the hereafter as well.

00:36:06 --> 00:36:17

A lot of panel data has a lot to give, we just have to show that we are deserving of it a little bit. And Allah subhanaw taala can give in dunya and he can also give in the hereafter.

00:36:18 --> 00:36:39

As for those people who disbelieve definitely about them, we learn that they will be told in the hereafter that you took all of us like you bet in the dunya you enjoyed everything in the dunya so you have nothing in the hereafter because adonia surgeon a woman with genital kapha, isn't it? But in the hereafter the righteous will be given, even if they were given a lot.

00:36:42 --> 00:36:43

Okay, well listen to the recitation.

00:36:45 --> 00:36:46

Well, Oh,

00:36:49 --> 00:36:49


00:37:08 --> 00:37:09


00:37:17 --> 00:37:19

De De De De De

00:37:24 --> 00:37:25


00:38:04 --> 00:38:36

Today mannerism he made for the protection, the preservation of his blessings, isn't it so when he made the right to Allah, that give me a milk that is not appropriate for anyone else besides me, or give me the smoke and it's never ever taken away from me again, he made the offer the preservation of his blessings as well. So we should also be the same, that when Allah Allah has given us blessings, we should make sure that he Allah, don't deprive us of it. Don't take it away from us.

00:38:37 --> 00:38:57

Whether it is a blessing of guidance or the blessing of knowledge, the blessing of help, the blessing of wealth, any blessing, the blessing of safety, security, these are major blessings, and many times we take them for granted. And we only realize their value when they're taken away from us. So while we have these blessings, we should make the offer their preservation as well.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:01

Let's listen to the recitation from the beacon

00:40:41 --> 00:40:43

panicle long will be handy

Sad 30-40 Tafsir 34-40

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