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The speakers discuss the meaning of "slack" in English, including its use in various cultural moments and its significance in life. They also touch on the responsibility of Islam to establish justice and hold people to its worship, as well as the importance of creating a new "naught" and "naught" language in relation to the gods' actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of removing " evils" from human beings and the potential consequences of actions, while also addressing the " evils of the creation" and " evils of the creation" language in relation to the loss of prophets, the " evils of the creation" of human beings, and the " evils of the creation" language in relation to the loss of the ability to create human beings.

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Did you notice anything? Did you notice something different? some difference in the words a lot of words are ending with sound. This sound is alive that comes at the end. That is a sign of dual. If you look at it number 35 wakulla Yeah, Adam was going under was article janitor wakulla mean hell rather than hate to man while at Taco Bell, had he shadow the fat akuna Milady me and then for us en la Houma, a shape on unhappy apologia, Houma, McKenna fee v. So the words that end with this Elif this Elif is a sign of dual that's near What's that? It gives the meaning of two generally in the English language and we have to refer to two or more than two. Do we just simply use plural? That's

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what we do we have a singular and then we have a plural. But in the Arabic language you have words specifically referring to singular, you have words specifically referring to do and then you have words specifically referring to more than two, okay. So one is what why hint, all right, do it is destinia dual, and more than two is jelmer fluoro. And inshallah as we go over the lesson, I will tell you about those words. Now inshallah we will move on directly to the Tafseer I will not go over the word breakup and as we study I will inshallah, explain it to you Wherever I find necessary because Alhamdulillah you are familiar with the basic word breaker Alhamdulillah you know that these

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are the main root letters, this is a pronoun, this is all these letters that give a specific meaning. So inshallah as we move along, I will tell you, okay, are the relationship Daniela Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim? the verses that inshallah we will learn today they are about the story of Adam or usila. How many people know the story already? Of course, we have learned about the story from the very beginning. So far in the Quran, what have we learned? We have learned that this book, The Quran, is a book of guidance. And everybody cannot gain guidance from this book. It is only those people who have the code of law who do certain things, who are going to be in received of

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guidance from the Quran. There are some other people who don't benefit from the Quran, and who are they, those people who are double faced those people who cheat others, those people who deceive others, who are not interested in guidance, as well as those people who display then we also learned several principles that our last panel data has established very clearly at the beginning of the class. What are they? The first of all, a loss of panel data is our Lord, He is our Creator. And therefore he is the only one who deserves our worship, that when he is our Lord, we are supposed to worship him. Why? Because it is his right and it is a very reason for which we were created.

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Similarly, it has also been established that where Allah soprano Dada commands us to worship Him, we cannot worship Him in our own ways. How do we worship Him in the way that the profits are a lot of darkness, which is why it's necessary to believe in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well, to believe in the Quran as well. This is why a person must not have any doubt about the Quran, nor about the messengers that allow her to send them similarly, it has also been established that a person must realize that he has come from Allah quantum I'm worth and for here come and then his return is also to Allah. So when you have come from Allah, and you're going back to Allah, than in

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the time that you have in the middle, what should you be doing, seeking Allah, striving to please Allah, you've come from him, you're going back to him. So this time must also be spent in his obedience, not in his rebellion. And then it's also been made very clear that everything in this earth has been created for us, and we have been created for Allah.

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That our focus our goal, our desire should become who? Allah subhanaw taala not dystonia, dystonia is to serve us and we are to serve Allah. Now in these verses, Allah soprano data tells us about our history. Where did we come from? How he originated us, how he originated our creation. He's studying us about why we are here. And he's making it very clear as to what challenges and difficulties we will face in our lives. In other words, he is introducing us to who our enemy and who is that enemy shaytaan he believes. He is telling us about the story of the creation of Adam or his surname so that we get to know who our enemy is, the enemy of our father was the enemy of our children is why

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because the goal of this enemy is to lead us astray. Allah has sent guidance, because we asked for Serato Mr. team, and what does shavon want to lead us astray? So let's look at these verses and learn what Allah soprano darling wants us to learn. This Millennium are handled or him

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What is color of blue? columella ekati. And when your Lord said to the angels in the word in means when, and this word is comes many, many times in the Koran, especially at the beginning of a verse, And when it comes at the beginning of a verse, it gives the meaning of old Guru is meaning recall, remember mentioned when such and such happened. So when it comes, what does it mean? Old Guru is? Remember when such and such happened, recall this incident. Why is this being said? Because all of us are already familiar with the story of Adam or the Senate, aren't we? So Allah is telling us to recall that story, and he told us about that story. So, when did this happen? What corner of Boca

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and recall when your Lord said, or buka your Lord who does you refer to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So recall when your Lord said to who? lil mela equity to the angels? What did he say to them? That in knee jerk, don't fill out the halifa I am going to place upon the earth his successive authority, Alma and Malaika is the plural of the word Moloch. Moloch is Angel and melodica angels. The word Moloch is originally Malak. Originally the word is what Moloch. But tell me something, is it difficult to pronounce melech? It is why not simply say malloc malloc malloc? What's easier? malloc. So this is something that's very common in the Arabic language that if a word is difficult

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to pronounce, then what would the Arabs do? They would slightly change the spelling how merde some letters, remove a letter, change one letter. Why, just to make the pronunciation easier. Similarly, the word color is actually koala.

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What's easier firewalla or color? Obviously color. So this is something that the Arabs would do a lot. So anyway, Malaika singular is malloc and the word is originally meant back. And this model also was originally my luck and that's fine. Okay. My name lamb, Hamza and calf malloc from the root letters, Hamza lamb calf, Luca, Luca is the master and Luca is risala. What does it mean to convey messages? The angels what do they do?

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They are required to convey the messages of Allah to to his prophets. Now what are angels? angels are a world unseen, meaning their creations that are unseen to us, we cannot see angels, we do not hear them, we cannot sense them, we cannot smell them, but they are a creation of a loss of primal data and they are a world unseen. And Allah has created them from light. And Allah has appointed to them various tasks and certain responsibilities which they perform how very obediently such as jabril he has been appointed to deliver the messages of a lot of his prophets. Similarly, Mika, he, he has been appointed to bring rain, distribute the provisions, right cause the plants to grow, so

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on and so forth. Similarly, the angel is Salafi, what is his responsibility to blow the trumpet? So the angels of Allah, what are they a creation whom he created from light, and they have certain responsibilities, certain tasks that Allah subhanaw taala has assigned to them. And there are many different types, many different commands that are given to them many different instructions that are given to them. And they perform those instructions how willingly and obediently

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don't think of angels as creatures with no emotions or no sense that they're just programmed to obey Allah. So they have no ability to think they have no ability to make their own decisions, you know, they have no reason no, the angels are very rational beings. They are creatures who have reason who possess understanding, don't think of them as machines or robots. No, they're very different. As we will see in Shaolin. These verses that they question they ask, and they glorify, and they submit, and they fear. In other verses of the Quran, we learned that the angels they glorify Allah praise Allah, they make the offer the believers, they prostrate to Allah. The angels possess reason they

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possess understanding, they love, they hate, they fear, they reason they pray, they make perfect rules as well. You know, that was saw fatty stuff. Why do they make rules for the worship of Allah subhanaw taala Why do you think it's necessary that we sit properly, because it's a gathering in which we are learning about the Kalam of Allah and it's

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etiquette with Allah subhanaw taala that when a person is learning his column, when a person is talking about Allah, he should sit properly, he should be in a muchness, which is organized which looks beautiful, not that people are sitting in the form of a big crowd that is haphazard, unorganized, not beautiful at all. And this is why it's important that we all must care about our uniforms as well. It gives a beautiful sight. Like imagine a lot of panel data when he sees us, you want to present yourself in the most beautiful way, because you want to have the mercy of Allah. So anyway, the angels they are obedient creation of Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah, he said to the

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angels, what did he say to them? That in need indeed I in me is a combination of inner and the inner means indeed Enya means me. So in me Indeed, I meaning I am going to, I am going to do what that any Jerry learn generator we have done the route earlier Jim I love Jerry is one who makes

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him is one who has knowledge. Remember him now sleep jarrin one who makes so I am going to make fill in the earth meaning I want to create and place in the earth who halifa halifa is from heartland 500. Homes means behind and halifa is one who comes behind the other and takes his place. Have you heard of the term califa? The title halifa? Who has it given to the leaders of the believers? Like for example of abakada Leela who aren't who are modeled Lila who aren't who are legally lower on Horace Mann really learn more the whole affair and why would they call Holika because each one of them succeeded the other one could only learn who passed away who came into Christmas or more of the

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learn when he passed away or splendidly learn. So you understand why halifa is called Khalifa because he comes behind the other after the other and then takes his place when the other has left already. Okay. The word halifa is also understood as a deputy, meaning someone who works for and under someone. Okay, this is who halifa is. So I've given you two meanings of the word halifa.

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Who does Khalifa refer to? What does it mean by the statement that I am going to place in the earth a califa halifa is referring to other monosyllabic human beings? Why does the loss of panel data use the word halifa? Why do you think so? Given the literal meaning that I just told you? Yes, because human beings, they will not come in this earth altogether at once. No, some of them will succeed, others people will come in successive generations, one generation will come as they die, another generation replaces them, that the human race will not be extinct in this dunya rather than will continue until the day of judgment comes and how will they come in this world, in generations

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succeeding each other? Allah subhanaw taala says and sort of an ayah 165 well who Alevi Jana come holla if Allah that He is the one who has made you successors upon the earth, that you live in this earth in succession, one lives, the other dies, and the other lives on, one person dies, another is born. This is the reality of human beings. Why else is the word halifa used? Because human beings, they are in a way halifa of Allah subhanaw taala in the sense that human beings are alas deputies on this earth, because they carry out the commands of Allah. What Allah has commanded them to do, they do it were in this dunya we follow the commands of Allah, we are to live by Allah instructions. And

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we are to establish justice between people how according to the command of Allah, according to the law of Allah, and we are to invite people to what to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala?

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Can Allah subhanaw taala not do that himself, establish justice between people and call them to his worship directly? Think about it. Is it not possible for a loss of penalty that he would just make an announcement or people I am your Lord, you're supposed to worship Me? Wouldn't that be easier?

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is Allah not able to do that? Yes, he is very much able to do that. But why is it that He has given this responsibility to human beings, that you establish the law of aligned dystonia? You obey Allah, you establish justice?

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It's a way of honoring human beings. Like for example, it could be a boss who is able to do all the work himself but he assigns it to someone. Why? Because a they're very busy, they're not able to but Allah subhana wa Tada. He is above this deficiency that he would

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be unable to do his work? Why would a boss assign a certain task to one of his employees, to honor them to see if they're able to do it and as a result, promote them, give them more money. So Allah subhanaw taala honors human beings by calling them califa. We learned incidents last year 26, Allah subhanaw taala he addressed the wilderness, wilderness, Sam was a prophet as well as a king ruler. So Allah said to him, yeah, that will do in Niger or nakka, halifa can fill out that order would indeed we have made you a halifa upon the earth. Why, so that you established justice between people, very true that human beings have the ability to learn, they have the ability to decide they

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have free will, and they have the ability to choose between right and wrong, good and evil, and this ability other creatures don't have. So in the jar, I don't fill up the halifa. I've given you two meanings. The third meaning is that human beings are called halifa. Why? Because they are to replace another creation on the earth. Scholars have said that before human beings were sent into this linear into this world, there was another creation that already existed here, and that had gone extinct by them, or it was there. But then when human beings were sent, they were more superior. So human beings succeeded another creation, what is that creation? Some people have said it was the

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jinn. But the jinn also exist now. But as we learned earlier that who has more right to this world, us human beings,

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some scholars say that it refers to the jinn that existed before human beings. last panel data sets concerning the gender well, Jen Holloman kaaboo, manera, samo in Southeast Asia is 27 that the gin we created before before Who? human beings so this is the evidence that the scholars have used a lot of what that creation was, we don't know. We really don't know. I was wondering, perhaps it could be dinosaurs, Allahu Allah. No shadowy evidence, not really. Just, you know, I was thinking about it alohar them you never know. But what do we learn that a creation existed before human beings and human beings replaced them succeeded them on this earth? Okay, so in the jar, I don't fill up the

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halifa. Allah subhanaw taala told the angels. So the response of the angels was the ALU they said, attach ALU when you make when you place fee her in it meaning in this earth? Are you going to place in this earth? Man who meaning a creation? Who will you see to see her he will create facade in it. You see the first thing that facade? Are you going to place in the earth or creation? Who's going to create disorder? Who's going to spread corruption in it? Well, yes, we could demand and he will shed blood in it. Yes, Speaker scene fair cap, South Africa, South Africa is to cause something to flow to spill. But in particular, this word is used for causing bloodshed, killing. Because when

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bloodshed is called, obviously the blood is flowing, isn't when a person is killed, and blood flows out of their body, it's flowing. And the word edema is the plural of the word dumb. And that means blood and edema, plural of blood, what does it mean by your speaker deema that he will share the blood of many, he will kill many, he will cause a lot of blood to flow, he will cause a lot of bloodshed. This is what you're going to create. This is what you're going to place in the earth. Why do the angels say this? Why? Because scholars have said that the creation that existed before human beings on this planet caused a lot of bloodshed. They created a lot of facade, giving one another

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creating disorder. And remember facade is done how by disobeying Allah soprano diner, so they disobeyed Allah. Because if you think about it, a loss of paneled artists creation, for example, the angels are they obedient to Allah, very obedient, the trees and the plants and the skies and the sun and the moon, all of this creation? Are they obedient to Allah, very obedient, but a creature that is given free will that is given freedom of choice? Are they able to disobey? Yes, they are able to disobey. So this human being who is going to have freewill if you leave them on this earth, He is going to cause bloodshed, do injustice on one another, and also going to disobey you. Then why would

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you place a creature like that on the earth? This is why the angels asked. And remember that the angels over here are not objecting. Okay? They are asking to know that

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wisdom behind why Allah would place human beings on this planet?

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You understand? They're not asking because they're objecting. They're asking because they want to know, they want to know the wisdom. And they continue that when I knew, while we knew somebody who we glorify behind the car with your prayers, we're not this or that, and we also sanctify you. In other words, we worship you. So we already worship You, you do not need the worship of other creatures.

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Allah subhanaw taala, by the way, does not need the worship obvious creatures. So this is why the angels are wondering that we're already worshiping you, if the purpose of this human being is that he should worship you. Well, we're already doing that. So why would you play as human beings on this earth, new sub deck will be handicap one who called this new sub do any of the words that you can think of new sub b

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sub panela, this B, so this B sub panela, all of these words, no sub B, how they are from the letter seen by her. And the word Subbu. Is to float or to travel along distance? How through water or through air, when you move through water or through air, is your speed faster.

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If you go on a train, if you go on a plane, or if you go on a ship, what's faster, the plane or the ship, not the train.

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Now, obviously, they're coming up with different trains. And obviously for them also they have certain tracks, nothing comes on them. They're not prevented by anything, they're not stopped. But anyway, air travel and sea travel they're both faster. So Subbu is to travel through a long distance by air or by water, it signifies speed. This is why the word the spear is used for worship, prompt worship, prompt obedience, without any delay.

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When is the person able to worship Allah without any delay? For example, when do you say Subhana Allah, when,

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when your heart is overcome by feelings of respect and submissiveness before Allah and humidity before Allah. So when a person is overcome by the feelings of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala then what happens? he obeys promptly, without any delay. The word does be is used for declaring the perfection of a loss

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to distance from Allah, imperfection, any imperfection. So you declare that Allah is perfect, he is above any deficiency, any weakness, any resemblance to any creation, he is the most perfect.

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You understand the word this?

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So when he says, Subhan, Allah, perfect is Allah, Exalted is Allah glorified? is Allah above any weakness above any deficiency, Any similarity to the creation? So the angels say, when I know somebody who we glorify you, we exalt you, how do we exalt you behind the meaning by mentioning your hand and we have done the word hand earlier? What does it mean, to praise someone dimension the most praiseworthy qualities and characteristics of someone? So an acronym a sub B, Herbie harmonica, and on top of that one, you got the sulak naka de su casa del cine, have you heard of the word gods? l codes? What does it mean? Palestine? Why? Because it's the Pure Land. It's the Holy Land. How is it

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the Holy Land because over there is vital markers. It was the home it was the birthplace and burial place of who many, many prophets of Allah, many prophets of Allah were from there. So anyway, what is holy, and literally the word good is when something is far or when something is very pure, far from any impurity, absolutely pure and clean. And this is the need to purify something, but it's not just you know, purify something by removing the filth, it is absolute purity, absolute cleanliness, there are levels of cleanliness. One level is that you distance the field from something. For example, you cleaning up your house, you have a garbage bag, what will you do? You will let the

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garbage bag full of garbage in your house. What will you do? You will pick it up and you will throw it outside, you will leave it by the end of your drivers into the garbage truck and pick it up. You created a distance between the field and what you want to clean.

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The next level is to get rid of the filth. So for example, the garbage bag, it's gone. The garbage truck came and took it away it's gone. But then when you remove the garbage bag from your kitchen, for example, did it smell very nice and beautiful? No, it leave very beautiful marks in the garbage can

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And around the garbage can know, they're probably spots of dirt. And perhaps it smells. So what are you going to do? Leave it? No, you're going to clean it up. You're going to remove any effect any trace of filth, you're going to wash. So there are different levels of cleanliness. The CODIS is absolute cleanliness, absolute purity, that there is no trace of filth, no trace of any imperfection. So when you got this solid, meaning we sanctify you, we declare you as deem us very holy and pure, that we don't ascribe anything that is unbefitting to you. So we're not no no sub B or B humbucker Wanaka de sola, look at the way that the angels glorify and worship and praise Allah

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and the angels, they definitely glorify Allah, the prophet sort of Allison was asked that which words are the best, and he replied, those which Allah chose for his angels and slaves, Subhana Allah, He will be handy he. So they said new sub be he'll be handicapped. So the Prophet sort of autism sets of panelo be handy. These are the best words and the angels we learn about them. Allah says a sort of a soft fat I 166 there were international Musab beehoon that the angel said that we glorify Allah, insert MBI in 1920, we learn woman are in the Himalayas that buehner in the river that he will start soon, you said be hoonah Laila, when the hell lay off to the angels who are near

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Allah, what do they do? They continuously glorify Allah night and day, and they never ever get tired, they never get bored of glorifying Allah.

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So the angels say this to a love that we worship you already. We know that you don't need the worship of your creation. So why would you create Adam, why would you create this hanifa Allah subhanaw taala responded in the RLM I know, I know maleta Allah mode, what you do not know. Meaning I know that among the human beings will be those who worship Allah as well. That Yes, there will be some form among the human beings who create for that, who cause bloodshed, but at the same time, there will be among the human beings who prophets, obedient servants of Allah, those who are truthful, those who live lives in the way of Allah, those who are very obedient to Allah. Remember,

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we learned earlier, so often Latina, an amateur or a human or an alien assiduity in Russia that was slightly hidden, first of all, an MBA. So all human beings are not evil. And who knows that Allah knows that.

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In the eye level mela Tara moon, I know that the case of human beings will be different from the case of the previous creatures, the previous creation, the previous species that existed here before human beings, what did they do? They killed one another to the point that they went extinct, or to the point that this blessing of dwelling on the earth was taken away from them. But human beings will be different. They will be obedient to Allah, not everyone, but among them, they will be somewhere like that. What do we learn from this? Ayah? First of all, if you see a loss of prophets, Allah is telling the angels he's informing the angels about what about what he's going to do? Does

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he need to inform them? Does he need to take their permission? No, allows the Moloch He is the king he is a supreme authority. No one can question no one can ask him, but yet he informs the angels. Why? To let them know, because the creation of the human beings was going to affect them. Yes, we know that the angels do so many things for us. So the angels were definitely going to get affected. So Allah subhanaw taala informed them. What lesson do we learn from this? That if we decide to do something, should we inform the concerned people? If we make a decision? Should we inform the concerned people? Yes, we should. Sometimes we think, Oh, I'm the mother, and the mother in law. I

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don't need to take anybody's permission. It's my life, my whole my decision. My choice. I'm the boss, you have to inform, even if you're not consulting them, inform them so that they're ready to accept. If Allah does that, why wouldn't you?

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Another important thing that we see in this versus that Allah subhanaw taala. He is an Hakeem as he describes himself very wise, how that look at the way that he has created human beings that he sends them into this world, in generations, not all of them together at once. If all the human beings were together on this planet at once, what would happen for sad how, lack of space very true, all of the resources of the Earth would be consumed, and the human beings how much longer they're going to live. So imagine everybody came at once everybody died at once. It would happen all too quickly. Life would not be fun. And then we also see that when some people are older,

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Other people are younger than we have a chance to respect the elderly show our love to the younger ones. Imagine if you never saw a baby. Imagine, once you'd be missing out on something. Something so precious, so beautiful, so cute. You would never witness it.

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Imagine if you never saw an elderly person, would you know how to respect other people? Would you know how to appreciate your life? Would you know how to appreciate the abilities that you have? No.

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It's a huge blessing. Then we also learn from the cya that if in some cases, the evil is there, like for example, in anything, there's a good side of it, there is a bad side of it. If apparently, using the evil is very, very bad, the bad side is very, very bad. Still, the good can outweigh the bad side, the good side can outweigh the bad side. How where do we learn this from the angel side, this human being is going to kill, he's going to create facade. But what does Allah say? I know what you do not know that yes, there will be people who will disobey Allah, who will oppose His messengers who will kill innocence, who will create facade in this earth, but their evil is going to be

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outweighed by the good of who the righteous. Sometimes we only look at one side of something. And we think this person has his bad quality, therefore, eliminate them completely. But if a person has a bad side, do they have a good side as well? Yes, they do. And what should we focus on the positive side, the good side, because creation is not perfect. If there's a human being who is not the way you want them to be, it's quite possible that there's some things that they do, which you really, really like, which are very beneficial, which are very good for you. But unfortunately, we become very narrow minded and we only focus on the bad side, the evil side, and we ignore the good side,

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what do we learn from here that were human beings are going to disobey, they're also going to obey is creating them worth it? It's worth it. So sometimes you have to bear the bed in order to get the good.

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Sometimes people get very overwhelmed. I cannot tolerate my in laws, I cannot tolerate my children. I cannot tolerate this boss. I cannot tolerate my sister. And they cut off. They cut off like we learned yesterday, we have their own Emma Emma de la hubby a useless. Remember, everything in this world where it has a bad side, it also has a good side. If the glass is half empty, it's also half full.

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When it's summer, if there's heat, and you cannot bear the heat, there's also so much beauty. Similarly in winter, if it's so cold, you have longer nights, shorter days, isn't it?

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You have such beautiful snow to watch.

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There's always some good side to something and we should focus on the good, the positive, not the negative.

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If you look at the history of human beings, because some people say that city angels were right. Human beings are created so much facade they have killed so many people. What was the benefit of creating human beings? If you look back, have human beings only created bloodshed and disorder in this planet? Know where they have done many bad things have not done many good things as well. Yes, they have. They've done many good things. Like for example, if people have had many wars in the past, and as a result of those wars, many people have been killed. Okay, wars have happened but at the same time have people grown in their knowledge, in their skills, in their expertise in their

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agriculture in their architecture. So the human being is not all evil in the manner. Allah subhanaw taala says and sort of the beginning is seven in alladhina amanu armello solidarity Allah ecohome, Hyrule, Berea those people who believe in do righteous deeds, those are the best of creation, best of creation, and it's worth it to create the