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The climate crisis is highlighted as a crisis for morality, with leaders meeting for peace and peace talks. The "monster cloud" causing destruction is also highlighted, with morality as a crisis for morality. The importance of consciousness, acceptance of others' actions, and strong defense and empowerment of the youth is emphasized, as it is crucial for protecting Muslims and their families. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a program on Islam and a discussion of staying positive and positive in the face of political and social events.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa allow people to learn more talking with one other dolly mean. We are shot one La ilaha illallah wa la sharika wa shadow Anna Mohammed and up to Hoover solo Salla Allahu La, Wa La early he was hobby woman da vida and when he was 10 be so naughty Illa Yomi Dean, the salam to Sleeman kathira. Ahmedabad for cecum would not see be Taqwa Allah azza wa jal was Sam Eva ta where your Kula Lux Subhana Ooh the bIllahi min ash shaytani regime? Yeah, are you Hala Deena on a taco LA? We're Kulu colon sadita Your sledder calm Malecon young fellow calm don't know back home. Well man, UT Allah What are Sula who the Confessor Fosun oedema

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all praise the due to Allah Lord of the world's.

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And surely the best reward ultimately is for those who have Taqwa. And surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that Allah has won and has no partners. And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah, is a servant is last messenger. May Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establish his sunnah to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows I remind myself again and you have the critical importance of Taqwa.

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That is the fear of Allah, the hope in the Mercy of Allah, the consciousness of Allah and everything that we do, not only here in the masjid, in Islamic gatherings, but in everything that we do throughout our life.

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And Allah azza wa jal has revealed to us in His mighty book, Oh you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah and speak a straightforward word Kulu colon sadita.

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He would

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wipe away your sins, he would forgive you. And it will be of whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has surely gained a mighty triumph.

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And so, the divine combination of Taqwa Allah,

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what colons Dida

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to have the consciousness of Allah and speak a straightforward word.

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A correct word studied also is correct. It is something that hits the target, like an arrow, moving through and hitting right

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In the middle of the target,

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that we should speak that word, those words. And it is so critical today in the world

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and the changes that we are going through as human beings, we are witnessing events that probably nobody has witnessed since the beginning of human life.

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Humanity is in a strange state of mind.

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We are saying one thing, doing another thing.

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We are moving towards suicide.

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It is a self destructive type of mentality.

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And there are three great issues

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which stands in front of us

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the environmental crisis

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the crisis in morality

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and the nuclear threat

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the environmental crisis in 2023.

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With scientific reports coming out now, United scientists are united that we are living in the face of an apocalypse.

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Now, number one, out of so many of the crises is the global warming from fossil fuels.

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And it is reported that because of the carbon dioxide release, it is the worst situation in 4 million years

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that the Earth has gone through a change like this.

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It is causing bushfires, it is causing tornadoes. It is causing locusts to come out by the millions are swarming our countries, especially in Africa and parts of Asia,

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the north and south pole are heating up

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like never before.

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ice formations are melting and falling into the oceans. And some of the strange information that came out, it's not spoken about so much. One of the crises that we are doing and this shows the mentality of human beings, it is food waste.

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There are so many million millions of people who are starving to death. And yet 1/3 of the food that is produced for consumption

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is either lost,

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or it's wasted 1/3 of the food yet there are millions of people who are starving.

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In the area of biodiversity, we are reaching epic proportions, mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, there is a 68% decline.

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And the estimate came that if we if human beings were not here,

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it would take the natural world 1000s of years to be destroyed like this.

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Plastic Pollution. These are points that usually don't come out. But plastic pollution, 14 million tons of plastic being thrown into the oceans per year

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and destroying one of the best sources of nourishment.

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Every hour, forests the size of 300 football fields are being cut down.

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This is the activity of human beings now and we breathe air we have to continue to breathe but air pollution

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is out of control. So over 7 million people are dying per year

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from the pollution in the air.

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The sea is about to rise upon us. And we could go on and on in this environmental crisis, the nuclear threat. Right now the leaders of the world many of the leaders of the so called developed nations are meeting Hiroshima

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where the Americans dropped the nuclear weapon

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meeting in Hiroshima. Yet there's no real solutions and the production

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of nuclear weapons is continuing. This is a strange state of mind. And somebody would ask, Why?

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Why would this be happened? The third point is morality.

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We are facing a crisis as human beings in our morality.

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Because many people feel that they control the world. They have set up the systems, without human beings they would be nothing I would call it a god complex.

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When people look at the systems in the human body, the systems in the natural world that Allah subhanaw taala has made and they try to destroy it, or they feel that they have created it. It is a god complex

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and that is causing a major destruction.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has told us very clearly insert some NBR right in the beginning, this may Allah Rahmani Raheem Katara Bella NASCI Hisako home will homefield reflux in Marathi doing Maya T him in decurrent Min Robbie hemolysin illness tomorrow who will home yella Boon

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Allah has revealed closer and closer to humanity comes their reckoning, yet they do not care.

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And they turn away

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whenever a renewed message comes to them from the Lord. They listen to it. And then they go back to playing around

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the new cups, the new Olympics, and yes, we love sports but when the sports becomes a distraction

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from our reality,

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then it is playing into the works of the evil one. Well, yeah to do that.

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And the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem spoke the truth, Colin sadita And that is the beauty of being Muslim.

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Because we can turn to the Quran, we can turn to the sayings of the Prophet SAW Salem.

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And it shows us clearly what is happening around us. Abu read or the Allah one reports. So Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Aqsa Dima Yoda Fela nasil Jana

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for call the Tukwila wa horsnell Hola

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was soo Illa and Aksaray ma yield feelin NAS and NAR for kala al femme while Farraj This is Colin sadita

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What are the main reasons to enter paradise?

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The Prophet SAW Selim when he was asked,

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he said it is taqwa Allah, the consciousness of Allah and Good character.

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And when he was asked, What is the main reason why people would enter hellfire

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and he said it is the mouth and the private parts. Look at how clear and straight this message is as to what is actually happening around us. And we need to understand this colon studied the importance of it. And Taqwa itself gives us so many things.

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Taqwa is a defense. Taqwa is a light in the time of darkness. Even when this despair is happening around us, and you feel like the world is turning against you. Allah azza wa jal tells us in Surah Talaq will may attack Allah, Allah Who Maharajah where you are zoek Coleman high schooler yet tested Omega Tawakkol Allah He for who has bow in Allah ballyhoo Ahmadi Ajah Allah Allah, Allah liquidly che in Katara

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look at these divine words, Allah said and whoever is mindful of Allah,

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that Allah will make a way out for him and provide for him from where he knows not.

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And whoever depends upon Allah, then Allah will be sufficient for him.

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Surely Allah will reach his purpose.

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And there is a reason for everything that you see. And there's a limit. There's a limit to oppression.

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There is a limit to a half law.

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As the other verse had said, the people are in the rough law. What is the half law?

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Half law is indifference. You don't care

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conflict sometimes is translated as foolishness.

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So the people are in a state of hafla.

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But the believer realizes that if you have the consciousness of Allah, if you attach yourself to the Creator, there is a way out.

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And your provisions can come to you from where you know not.

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That requires patience, because provisions might not come immediately,

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but from where you know not. And if you have telecoil

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if you depend upon the Creator,

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that Allah will be sufficient for you.

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This is the banner

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of the Muslims.

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This is the spirit that stayed with us throughout centuries, when our nations were being attacked by huge armies.

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When natural disasters struck us, when fitna came inside of us, it was that consciousness of Allah to hold the line. Hold the line on an individual level, hold the line on a family level. Hold the line wherever you can.

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The Prophet Sal seldom remember the second point, what are the main reasons why people will enter paradise? It's not a long beard.

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It's not a tall hat.

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What were the reasons talk about LA, we're hosting on Holyoke, good character.

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Character is so important to it. That's what distinguishes us.

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With our toe heat after our toe heat, it is the character that is distinguishing the Muslims. And this last message. The last message was tailor made for us

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because there's a focus on character. And Muslims have been known for this. And whenever we were known for this, Allah gave us patience. I lived in South Africa in Cape Town for many years.

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And the Capetonian Muslims, Malay Muslims, who were captured and brought there as domestic slaves. They hung on to their Deen they hung on to the Quran, in the worst conditions you could believe.

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People are reported to get up in the middle of the night in chains and make Tahajjud prayer.

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And in the 20th century, it is a strange thing. It's part of the quality of the Muslims,

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the apartheid government, the South African regime,

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who hated Muslims who tried to destroy the African people.

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When it whenever a court case happened, and a man came in the room as a witness, and he had a red Fez,

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because in those days following the Ottoman Turks Capetonians men wore a red face whenever the apartheid judge would see a man with a red fez on he said, accept this man's testimony.

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I don't like him, but I know he will not lie.

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He will not lie.

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That is the quality of the believer.

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Our prophets are seldom was called El Amin. Even before the prophet hood, Amana trust truth said

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this is what we are about and that means colons are Dida.

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And there were three people in Polish who were the most prominent.

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They had modesty, so much modesty, so much sincerity.

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When they spoke to you, they tell you the truth. And when you spoke to them, they would not accuse you of lying. Who were the three people Abu Bakr, Siddiq radula one Earth man ebony fan, read the LA Juana Abu Zubaydah, Ibn Adjara.

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Brother Allah one who

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modesty, simplicity, but courage, combine the two. We are modest, and we are simple in our lifestyle. But be courageous because Allah subhanaw taala has power over all things. So what can we do in this crisis?

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As humble people in a technical

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logical world. It might seem overwhelming

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but we can begin with our self.

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And it is reported that any when Omar Bradley Allah one would send the troops out when they were losing in the battle he would question

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their sunnah.

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How're you doing dealing with your pres How are you dealing with your Sunda? That's the first thing he question not military weapons.

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So on a personal level, we can try our best to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Secondly, we can increase in sunnah increase in nephila Try to get as close to the example of the Prophet so seldom, we will be surprised what a small group of Muslims can do inside of this world. Number three, especially here in Canada in the West, seek allies from other people who are oppressed. There are other people's suffering, we need alliances and alliances based on the truth. Next, with the rise of Islamophobia in the land, and it is stalking even our country,

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we need to have wisdom.

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We need to have a sense

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a strong defense. And that defense is not necessarily body guards or police. It is in our minds that every Muslim male and female, keep aware. Be aware of what is happening around you. Be aware of your brother and sister. If you are writing in public on a train, and you see a visible Muslim under attack,

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go to that person's assistance, even if he or she is not your race.

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Go to their assistance because when we are together,

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we are strong. We need to support our lawyers, our advocacy groups, it's crucial now, the group the groups who are advocating for us, support them, give part of your sack zakat, along with what we are sending to the Muslims who are suffering in the world, give part of it towards defense, legal defense that we will need here in this country. When we are taking a stand. We can never forget our relief agencies never forget what is happening to the Muslims. We also need to empower the youth. The younger generation, more time needs to be spent with the youth. They are under attack.

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The minds of the youth are being destroyed through the social media.

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And so we need to spend time with the youth. empower the youth with skills with experience with positive role models, positive role models.

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We need to keep our eyes open, be vigilant, constantly vigilant.

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And we need to forgive each other.

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We need to forgive each other is up on other Muslims. Make your strength be against those who are doing wrong against Allah subhanaw taala not your brother and sister. If your brother and sister is doing something wrong, make dua for them. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree.

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There may be something different about my brother and sister.

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But that's still somebody in the ummah.

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These are critical points that we need at this point in time. Above all stay positive

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and keep your eyes on the price. And that is Janna. If we keep our eyes on Jana, then what is happening in this world is temporary. If our eyes is on a new car or a big house, then we're going to suffer in this dunya keep your eyes on the prize

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and keep that connection to Allah azza wa jal I leave you with these thoughts are politically Heather was stuck for Lally. Welcome, while he sadly musta mean him in Columbian iStockphoto in now who, who have a photo right

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Alhamdulillah Hera Bella the mean will suddenly what was salam ala say that overlain well after in Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa barik was salam. Yeah EBR de la taco la Jai toma Kontum where your Coolock Suparna book bid Anwar Amira in Allahu Allah He cutter who use our Luna Allah Nabi Yeah, are you Hello Dina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa Salam o Taslima Allahumma salli wa salam ala AB dicovered Asuka Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine what is the law I wanted to qualify Ross Eugene. I will back out Omar ismat. Anwar Ali, why not be Rama Tikka? hamara him in

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La ilaha illa Anta Subhana aka in that corner Mina dolly mean? La ilaha illa Anta Subhana aka in could nominate dolly mean? Hola Hola Hola Callahans they are not Sita na and Alec and to come at NATO Allah Nasik Allahumma inna nessa nessa Luca Kubla al mo Titova where en del mo T shahada with bow del Moti Jana 10 Mana Iman one more Kanika Lima

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Rabbana in northern Amna, unfastened our Ilam Tukwila What are Hamner let Hakuna? No middle class saline Allah mustard If Anna Bella well whereby well Mohan Malhotra Mina why my button Allahumma Alif Boehner Kullu Bina was that a bay Nina wa Tina soba Sadam what not Gina Mina, Dona Mati Illinois, which are nibbed Melfa Heisha ma da minha my button what Baddeck Lana fi USMA inner will upside in our Kullu Bina was wodgina will do react Tina. What's up Elena, in the current tawa Rahim Allah Houma is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Phailin Muslim Mina well Muslim at well me Nina Well, I mean at a higher minimum. Well I'm

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what parameters Dr. hamre he mean acordo Illa salata Khan at Hammacher Mala