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An-Nur 58-64 Word Analysis and Tafsir 60

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Are you below him in a shared line or do you miss me lay over him

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lesson number 185 sudo to Nur.

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Now one more command we are given over here in the next day, which is that one kawari domain and missae and the women who are forced menstrual age allottee those women who lay out unica Han, who do not wish marriage meaning would not expect to get married, they do not look forward to getting married. Why? Because they're colored.

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The word is the plural of our,

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from the root letters covering that.

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And our ID from our other car that is to sit so far it is literally someone who sets

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and this reflects a woman whose movement has become restricted, her going about has reduced her activities have decreased.

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Do you understand she does not go out much. She does not move about in the house as much anymore.

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Physically, she has become weak. And because of that her movement has become restricted her activities they have reduced. Like for example, a woman may be on a wheelchair. She hardly ever goes out. She doesn't have the energy. So this is who are it is a woman who is past the age of menstruation. She is fast the marriageable age. She cannot bear children anymore.

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And this comes generally with what with old age with weakness with illness. Now it's possible there's a young woman, she does not have any beards anymore. It's possible. She's in her 30s she's just in her 40s. And she does not have a beard anymore. Does she fall in this category? No, she does not. Both conditions are necessary that she cannot bear children. And on top of that her movement is restricted as well.

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Her movement is restricted as well. And on top of that she has no desire to get married lady Monica.

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They have no desire for marriage. No attraction in other men. And although this word I'll cover it, it may appear to be masculine because a singular is our ID. Although this word may appear to be masculine, however, it's only used for women. Just as the word mood there.

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Remember the word mood, their mood, their model their mood, they're the one who is nursing it's only used for a woman. Similarly Hamon, a person who is bearing a child who is that only woman cannot be a man.

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Similarly, this word also applies to only a woman because compared to men, women are more in the state, isn't it?

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Like for example, even if men have become very old,

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what will happen still, they will still perhaps go to work occasionally if they have a business they will still go and visit.

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I know of this one very aged man he's perhaps in his late 70s but still till today he will go sometimes to his family business and just see if everything's doing fine. He's not working over there officially. However he still goes and visits to make sure everything's okay is why she doesn't go out much anymore at all. Because she has become very old but still he goes similarly men even though they become old, they still go to the masjid. They still go for Jumeirah Sana right. Whereas women for example, at this age, they will not go as much.

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So are a milanesa the women who are past menstrual age or are forced menstrual age, and especially allottee layer germanica and they do not desire to get married. This is also very important condition. Because it's possible a woman is very old, but still she wishes to get married.

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And she's looking for someone who is as old as her. So, there is a condition allottee layer germanica

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So, such women, Felisa so there is not early enough upon them to not have anything. There is no blame on them. Any learner that they remove that they put down CFO who know their codes, cm is a Florida soap

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and over a year that they put down their clothes, they remove their clothes over here by ciat. What is meant is this law. Here's

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the outward the outer garment that a woman wears on top of her clothes. So what are we talking about over here? The Jewel bag or the big shawl that she wears them

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Double workloads, the huge tremor that he has.

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So there is no sin upon such women if they remove their outer garments,

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you understand?

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Why do you think

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sometimes they're very weak, and they find it very, very difficult to carry heavy garment to carry an extra shawl to cover themselves with a shawl. Similarly, it's possible they feel very hot. It's possible that they find it very difficult to cover up their head completely. And it's possible they find very difficult to cover their face, because they find it difficult to breathe or they get hot very quickly. So there is no blame on them if they remove their outer garment.

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It includes the hijab to an extent, it doesn't mean that a woman she just goes about without wearing any hijab No. Like for example, if typically, you would wear a hijab that completely covers up your head, right? You've been it. But for a woman such as this, if she wears like a shawl over her head, part of her head is exposed slightly from the front, maybe her hair showing from the front a little bit only. That's okay. A little bit only, but now that she's completely removed her femur,

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primarily over here we're talking about the big shot that a woman wears on top of her normal clothes.

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But there's one condition and what is that condition layered on with it by rejecting busines

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that they're not allowed to display their Xena with a battery that is a plural off with a battery. And with a very rigid is from the roof address bar or Jean

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with a beverage literally means one who displays one who shows because the beverage master of this word about which is the Caliph fi is Hari mejor fer meaning Mina, Xena, it is to deliberately show the Xena the beauty that is hidden.

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Deliberately show the Zener that is hidden the beauty that is hidden.

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Like for example, a woman's face is beautiful. But if she puts on makeup, that's the average. Why? Because with the makeup that she's put on, she is exposing the beauty even more, isn't it?

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She's revealing the beauty even more.

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It is at Safina Beringia Safina vatika meaning such a ship that is exposed, there is no cover over it.

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Similarly, this word it's used specifically for a woman who displays and highlights her beauty

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displays and highlights her beauty. Like for example, she makes her hair, she puts on some makeup she puts on some nice clothes, jewelry, nail polish, rings, bracelets, nice bright shoes, right? So she puts on all of the Xena and then she shows it to other people.

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And in particular when such Xena is shown to men understand when the Xena is shown to non Muslim men, and the same route is the word boats and barges used for a tower for a tall building. Because you can see it from far right. Similarly, a woman who was wearing high heeled shoes when she's walking, you can hear her from a distance. Right? When she's wearing makeup or when she's wearing jewelry. You can see all of that brightness that color from a distance, isn't it?

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So this is what the average is. So yes, they are allowed to remove their outer garments however, they're not allowed to highlight their Xena and expose it to others

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as their pfiffner and if they adopt modesty is that pfiffner from I infer from refer refer is to restrain one's knifes from what is unlawful.

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So if they adopt modesty if they abstain, if they avoid removing their veils that is height of the owner that is better for them. Well, lo Samir and our team and allies hearing and he's also doing meaning he hears your conversations and he knows the intentions that you have.

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We say that the commands are given in our religion. They're very realistic. They're very practical. They are given in order to achieve certain goals and in order to ward off certain harms.

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And part of these commands is that a woman should not display her Zina. Why? Because if she displays her Zina what's going to happen? It's going to cause fitna

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it's going to invite harm.

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And if she covers herself, it's going to ward off harm and it's going to invite Good for her.

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So this is why the command to cover up has been given to the women.

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However, when a woman becomes old, her movement has become restricted due to weakness due to

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There is not much beauty left in her body. Like for example, her skin has wrinkled. Similarly, the finger is not really attractive anymore. It's possible that she has a lot of illness. Now in that case, if she covers up, then Okay, she's hiding herself. But if she does not cover she's not causing fitna.

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Do you understand?

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If she does not cover in a way that a younger woman covers, then she's not causing fitna. Why, because there's no attraction in her body.

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She's weak, she doesn't have any interest in men.

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Because it's possible that there's another woman who's not that attractive, but she has a lot of interest in men. But she does not have any interest. She does not wish to get married, she cannot have children. She's old, she's weak. So if she removes her outer garment, it's not going to create problems for her or for other people.

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Therefore, if it's easy for her, if it's going to create some kind of ease for her to remove her outer garment, it is allowed.

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You understand? It is allowed.

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And there could be many reasons for that. Many times it happens that as people become older, you know, their arms become weak. Just recently, an elderly lady she was telling me that now she cannot comb her hair from her left side because she finds it very difficult to raise her right arm, and she's not used to going with her left. So I just thought if a woman does not even have the strength to lift up her arm and comb her hair, how will she have the strength to put on her makeup and talk to men deductively or anything like that This cannot be expected from her. Right? So to create ease for her.

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If she thinks it is necessary that she should remove her outer garment she is allowed to do so.

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However, she's not allowed to. She's not allowed to expose her Xena at the same time. She's not allowed to do that this condition has been placed that she cannot exposure, Xena.

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This shows that a woman is allowed to adorn herself but she is not allowed to display her Xena. Whether she is young or old.

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You understand?

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Because a woman even if she's very old, if she puts on some very nice clothes, she puts on some jewelry, and some makeup. And with the things that are available today, you can really look younger. So she could be a cause of fitna for others. This is why an older woman is also not allowed to display her adornment.

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So her earrings, her makeup, her hairstyle, her nail polish, all of this is included in here Xena says she decides to remove her outer garment and she must also decide to remove the Sina the understand.

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Now, at the same time, there's also encouragement that if they refrain from removing their jilbab from removing their outer garment that is better for them.

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Why do you think so? What's the good in that?

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If they remove their outer garment, they're not going to be causing any fitna.

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So how is it better for them? If they keep it on?

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Hire? They're getting reward because they're still following the command of Allah. What else? that although generally, men are not attracted to older women. However, exceptions are always there. It's possible that a woman is harassed. And you may have heard stories of older women, older people who are living in homes, they are sexually assaulted, harassed by those people who are supposed to be attending them.

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It encourages younger people who must cover to cover that if this older lady who finds it so difficult if she's covering, why shouldn't I be covering? If she can do it? Despite her weakness? Why can't I do it?

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If she has, let's say her face covered in this heat, then how can I say oh, I find it suffocating. She can do it. I can do it to her lungs are weaker than mine. What else? Why else do you think it's better for them?

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Because when a person has started a good deed, he should continue.

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When a person has started a good deed than they should continue.

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You understand

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that when you have started doing something good, even if you find some allowance, that you don't have to do it anymore, even if you find another opinion.

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Still, what's better, that the good you have started, don't discontinue it. Continue. keep doing it until the last moment. Because you see good deeds they are judged by the intentions with which they are started.

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with which a person does them, and also by their ending.

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In normal our model, we have it we have by its ending, that how they end.

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So if a person does something good all their life, and at the end, they stop, then they don't end with that good deed, right, it's better for them to end with that good deed as well

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to die in that state as well. So if they refrain from taking off their outer garments, that's much better for them. However, if they find it extremely necessary to do so, then it's okay for

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my grandmother. She's become extremely old. And she still puts on her job and she puts on her job and she puts on her niqab. Every time she goes out anywhere, even if she travels to the west. These days, she's visiting me, and she still has it on. And I remember many times, people are the family even they've told her I become so why don't you take it off? Just don't wear the job. Just wear like a big shawl, or don't cover your face. But she's like, no, I feel shy.

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I feel shy.

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So because of this shyness, because of this hire that she has, she cannot even take it off, even though technically, it should be okay for her. It's definitely okay for her. However, she does not feel comfortable.

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And especially You see, when someone has started something good, don't stop it. Don't discontinue it.

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Once you've started something, don't leave it. Because it's the karma. steadfastness is something that brings a lot of reward.

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We see this allowance has been given to which women, women will become old. And who do we give this allowance to women who are young, we say you're young, you're still too young.

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You still have some days. So just enjoy until you become older, and then you can start wearing it. And ladies, we also give ourselves this excuse. I'm too young right now, when I hit that particular age, when I turned 25, when I turned 20, then I will start doing this. However, we see that the time to actually wear hijab is when

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when a woman is younger, when she's more attractive when she's more beautiful. And the younger woman is the more beautiful she is.

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And we also see that in this ayah the women are told that they can remove their outer garments. What does it mean?

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That hijab does not just include the head scarf? What does it include?

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an outer garment agile Bab and are via a shawl, or something that a woman wears to cover up her clothes. Because if we don't understand the theme over here to be the outer garments, that doesn't mean they're being allowed to remove their coats. No, that's not reasonable at all. So we see that hijab includes the job as well.

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Now there are some more commands that are being given with regards to societal life. And these commands in particular are about eating together.

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So far, what kind of commands are we learnt?

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living together, right? That when you go meet someone, when you go see someone in their house, when you go see someone in their bedroom? How should you be? How should you behave? What are the limits? What is permissible? What's the proper etiquette? And similarly, when women go out, then what should they do they should cover when men go out what should they do both men and women? What should they do lower their gaze? When you're in somebody's private area as well? What should you do lower their gaze don't just stare at everything, lower the gaze. Now, typically what happens when a person goes to somebody else's house or when a woman goes out, when a person goes out of the house? What is

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something very, very important that people have to do? That does not complete the outing that does not complete the visit, food, right, eating.

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So this ayah is about the etiquette, the proper manner of eating together.

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That How should one eat with other people in their houses?

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Is it necessary that a person must take permission or Can he eat and drink something without permission as well?

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Is it necessary that people must sit together and eat or can they eat individually as well? Right? What is a proper etiquette? And this ayah teaches us that etiquette