Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P12 119E Tafsir Hud 77-83

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Lutheran Islam is discussed, including its use of highway driven crime and the use of men as carriers. The struggles of women in society, including being rushed and mistreated, and the struggles of men in finding joy and finding their " enjoyability." The punishment for those who find Halal enjoyable is expected, including punishment for bribery, sexual abuse, or rape, and the punishment for women who set out on a journey with others. The transcript also describes the punishment for women who have power to stop people from finding Halal enjoyable and the punishment for those with strong family connections and strong opinions.
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Well a merger at Rusu Luna Lu for when our messengers came to do with our ladies salaam, when they arrived at Saddam, the towns where these people were living, and loot earlier Saddam was present amongst them. Remember the Lutheran Islam was the nephew of Ibrahim on Islam and both of them were from where you're at all. And when his people tried to burn him Ibrahim Reyes Anam he left

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and along with him who left sour, as well as loop on escena, Ibrahim Al Islam went to Philistine and he sent Lutheran SLM to so do Sodom and Gomorrah why to do Dawa over there? So we see that little partisan was not originally from these people. Earlier we learned that majority of the messengers that were from who are among the nations that they were sent to, but notaries and I'm was an immigrant.

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You understand? Luther is Salam had come from outside to these people. So what does it show? That when you know something you're supposed to convey? To who? To people who know you and also to people who don't know you?

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So Lutheran s&m When the angels came to him, see a be him. He was anguished for them. See? I'm so so seeing welcomes.

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He was sad. He was upset. He was worried. He was grieved by him. For them for who for the angels. He was sad at they're coming. Why was he sign up? They're coming.

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Because these were nine men who had come to him. Again, Lutheranism didn't know there were angels. These angels came to him and human form. And when they came to meet Lula and his salon, the first reaction of nudes on Instagram was worried. He was worried for them. He was concerned about them. He wasn't happy to receive some visitors from outside. That Okay, perhaps these men are good. Perhaps they will listen to me. Perhaps I can do Dara to them know his first reaction. He was worried. Why was he worried? Well, Balka and he was restricted, be him for them the aura. That aura is used for the forearm. That or is what for arm and Baca is from Luke. Luke is what? Tightness constriction? So

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he felt constricted, meaning he felt limited in his dark in his forearm, what does that mean?

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This is an expression. That means that he felt very, very uncomfortable. Because he felt restricted in his strength, he felt limited in his ability.

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He was uncomfortable. Why? Because he felt limited in his ability in his power, in his power, to what in his power to keep his guests safe in his power to protect them from his nation.

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He felt very helpless, he felt unable to help them.

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You know, it's like if somebody comes to you, and you know that you won't be able to help them. How do you feel? How do you feel very awkward, very awkward. And especially if you realize that they're coming to you that you're going to put them more in danger, you feel even more uncomfortable. Now, why did Lutheran Islam feel like this? Because remember that the people of Lutheran salaam, they used to commit many crimes, many, many crimes. They were highway robbers, meaning any passers by any caravans, any travelers, they would rob them, they would just plunder and loot and kill the people. This is how they would make funny within their own community. Also, they were very oppressive

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against each other. And also, one more thing was that they were homosexuals.

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And they weren't just homosexuals in the sense that they chose this lifestyle for themselves. So they're married other men and they lived like that as a family. No, it was much worse than that.

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Because they were highway robbers, and they were very oppressive people, they will openly commit this crime, they would openly commit homosexual acts, and how they would force it on others. So in other words, men, * other men, because we learn about them and you commit fina the common mancha in your nadie in your gatherings, you commit mancha you commit evil, that literally boys or weak men, I mean people who were not able to defend themselves they were raped by others. They did not have any interest in women. They only had interest in men and they would force it on them. So now if these nine handsome

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Then, visitors are coming to New Orleans, Suriname. Imagine how distressed Lutheranism felt at that time that he will not be able to protect these men. If his people found out these handsome visitors have gone, what were they going to do?

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They were definitely going to abuse his guests. And he didn't have any tribe, any people any backing any, you know, support to defend his guests. He didn't have anything like that. So he felt absolutely helpless. And he said what color and he said, Heather, Yeoman, I'll sleep this is a day that is very, very asleep are sleeveless from also I mean slog but and also is basically when things are joined together like firmly, and you see when things are firmly tied together. Like for example, imagine a hair not like really, really bad hair, not how difficult it is to untangle the hair. It's so difficult. So I'll say this is a very critical this is a very difficult day. This is a very

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trying day. How am I going to help these people? What am I going to do? My nation is going to overcome me

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wotja Who como and while his guests were with him, wotja who como his nation came, his people came. You will our owner, LA, you are owner from their letters, how raw rain Harar Harar is basically to rush to run. And notice the word you have a lot Runa they were being driven. They were being rushed, in a hurry to hear meaning to Luther Islam. What is the joke? That it's as if their desire their fiery lust, it was literally, you know, urging them on pushing them uncontrollably towards Lutheranism and his guests.

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Just imagine that seem I mean, this word is so descriptive. You are ona Elaine, they were just being led by their fiery desire their last two words, Lutheran escena.

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Now it is said that the wife of Lutheran is salon. She did Rihanna with Ruth artisan, meaning she was dishonest with him.

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She didn't believe in him or even if she did on the outward on the inside her loyalties were with her people, and she actually supported them. So it is said that when she saw these nine men coming in instantly she informed her people. So imagine she is the one who's letting out the secrets of her husband to other people. She's inviting trouble for her husband, even though she's married to a prophet of Allah. So the people came to him

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and demanding that leave these men to us go away from here and let us do what we want to do with these men. Women Pablo and before Ken who they used to meaning these people, they were Yama, Luna they were doing let's say as many evils, filthy nation, filthy people already they were indulged in many crimes, from highway robbery, to * to many other crimes that were busy doing them. They were filthy nation. Allah Lutheran Islam said, your call me or my people have let you burn it. These are my daughter's. And remember that the prophet of a nation is like their father. All right, the prophet of a nation is like their father.

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And for him, the women of that nation are who like his daughters. This is why the wives of the prophets are a lot of sudden, what title are they given a Mahat will move meaning the Mothers of the Believers. So when he said How will a banality, these are my daughters, what is he saying? Basically, that there are so many women in your society? I mean, if you really want to fulfill some desire of yours, why don't you do it the halal way? Who knows Atolla come they are pure for you, meaning it's better if you have relations with them. Phatak Allah has So fear Allah will lead to Zuni and do not humiliate me from his you do not disgrace me feel by fee concerning my guests. Don't

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humiliate me, that I'm not able to honor my guests. If I leave them to you, and you mistreat them, this is really my humiliation. This is my disgrace and at some income Rajon Rashid, is there not among you illogical, even a single man that is Rashid, that is a man of reason Rashi this from rush and what is rushed, right guidance to be rightly guided. So who is Rashid? The one who is rightly guided? Meaning isn't there among you even one man who has some sense? Who has some logic? Who has some good in him? What are you doing? These are my guests, and you've come to harm them.

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Aren't them so many women in your society? Isn't that much better way for you? Why would you disgrace me with regards to my guests?

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All this or their response was local their island or new to you know Mallanna we do not have FIBA Antarctica, in your daughter's mean helping any claim, how right winning claim, because what is your right is what you claim. So in other words, they're saying, Oh, look, you know, we are not interested in women at all. We have no desire for women, we are not interested in them at all. We're in Nikola Tesla mu and indeed, surely, you know, man who read what we want, you know what we want to basically get out of our way, or we will have to push you away. You know, our desire. Just imagine,

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just imagine what kind of people they were.

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That how violent they were, how oppressive they were, how greedy they were, how blinded by their lust, they were that look at how they're talking to their Prophet, and they're saying, you know, we have no interest in women, and this is actually a punishment. The first punishment for doing Haram is that a person does not find halal, enjoyable anymore.

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He doesn't find Halal enjoyable anymore. This is the first punishment. When a person does something haram than halal. He can't enjoy it. He just doesn't like it. He doesn't have any interest in it at all. And this is true for many things for every haram thing. In fact, like for example, if a person is used to eating haram food deliberately, he's eating haram food, and he's tested everything he's enjoyed everything. Will he enjoy simple drinks? Will he know? Will he enjoy halal food? No, you will keep wishing for that haram food that he wants had. So he doesn't find Halal fun anymore. He doesn't enjoy it anymore. Even when it comes to relationships. When a person is in a haram

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relationship than halal.

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It doesn't bring any happiness, he cannot enjoy it. Like for example, if a person is married, they have a halal relationship. But despite that, they have an affair going on with someone will they enjoy their time with their spouse, the one whom they married, you know, they will keep finding faults in them they will keep trying to avoid them constantly.

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Likewise, of a person that has sexual pleasure through haram means will he enjoy it through Halal means No, not at all. Like, for example, *, according to majority of the scholars, and the stronger opinion is that it is something that is forbidden. And what happens is that when a person gets used to this act, then he does not find Halal enjoyable, which is why such people who masturbate regularly and very violently, they have to go through therapy. They have to go through therapy so that they calm down, and they can start enjoying their normal relationship with a partner again, because otherwise they don't find it pleasing at all. So remember, this is a punishment for

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haram. These people also wonder at all look, there are so many women, why are you coming for men and forcing them to this? What was their response? We have no interest in the women and you know exactly what we want so get out of our way.

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Ana Lutheran Salam said lo anelli if only I had become against you overturn some strength if only I had some power against you that I could stop you somehow myself. Oh or we I could take refuge are we from their letters Hamza Well, yeah, our yet we need to take refuge. So if only I could take refuge meaning I could take protection. Eli are working in Shadi with a rockin that is Chedid rockin is what a pillar

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and Shadi severe as in strong. So if only I had a strong support, because you see broken a pillar, what is it? Its support. So for example, the spinner that you see what is it it's a support for the ceiling. Without it what would happen the ceiling cannot stand, the roof cannot stand it needs a support.

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So Lutheranism he says over here, if only I had some power, meaning of my own to stop you or if I had some strong support that I could rely on that would back me up in stopping you. What is he referring to? Some family network, some tribal links, because you say no to our listener was an outsider. He didn't have any

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uncles over here. He didn't have any grandfather. He didn't have any kind of link with the people over there he was alone.

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And you know, that in primitive societies, and even these days actually a person if he has any power, it's why because of his clan, because of his family, they are his support.

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Like, for example, if a person is accused of a crime, does he go to the court himself? Who comes along with him?

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His family, his lawyer, his friends, he has some kind of broken

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Lutheranism. Did he have any kind of local? None at all? The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam did he have support from his family? Yes. You see people that wanted to kill him. They wanted to get rid of him, but they couldn't even touch him. Why? Because they were afraid. The people of Quraysh they're going to be upset, they're going to execute revenge, which is what ultimately, what was the plan that they made to kill the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one man from each clan together, assault him so that the Quraysh will have no choice except to take blood money.

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Lutheranism didn't have the

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call Carlu there, Surya Lu. Now the angels they spoke, they said oh, Lu, in Nauvoo, Sonora big. We are the Messengers of your Lord, we are angels. We're not human beings. We are angels Lanius Lu alayka. These people will not be able to reach you at all mean they will not be able to reach you with any harm. They cannot harm you. For us three, so travel. And s3 is from Syria. It's basically to travel at night.

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Any word that you can think of that's similar to this is throughout What is Islam? The Night Journey? All right. So for us resort, travel, be Alika with your family. Be determiner lay in a portion of the night kids are beasts meaning and part of the night. Anyone some part of the night has gone them during the night. Leave me in a lane in the night Leave, leave this town and take your family along with you. And who was his family? People who had believed in him? Who were they exactly reset that he had some daughters who had believed in him and his wife had apparently believed, but she was not really an honest believer.

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And the angel said, when I yell does it mean come? And none of you should turn back? yelled the fit, remember is the fact what is LT fat? Is the fat for Salah. What is it to look here and there. So the angel said none of you should turn back men come from you I had an anyone at all. Meaning when the punishment comes on this nation, and you're traveling away, you're moving away on your journey, and you hear the punishment descending, don't even look back. Don't even stop for a moment and look back at what punishment is being given and what's going on. Don't even look just keep going. Just keep going away as far as possible.

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But the angels prepared Lutheranism from before they said in except imminent attack your wife, she will set out with you. But she will look back. Why? Because she is more loyal to her people. She supports them she's with them. She might set out with you. And she will in fact, but you will look back. And when she will look back in no one will sleep whoo ha indeed it will reach her my that which Asaba whom has reached them, the same punishment that will reach these people is also going to reach her. Why? Because amaro Mara men have a person is with those whom he loves. He will have the same end he will have the same outcome. Because he loves them. He supports them, even if he's not

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fully engaged with them in the crime, because he supports them through his words, through his attitude through his actions, he will be treated in the same way.

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And this is something that is a very logical principle. And it's something that we see being implemented everywhere all over the earth in so many different ways that a person could be 1000s and 1000s of miles. Even. There could be a gap of many, many years. But if there is a person who through his word supports a certain cause, or his attitude shows that he's in favor of them, then what happens? He is charged. He's charged even though he hasn't really done anything. He's actually charged. Why? Because he supports it. And if he supports it, what does it mean? If he gets the chance he will do it.

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So like why

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in normal sleep Ohama Asaba home in memory the homos sub indeed their promise time is the morning, meaning as soon as morning arrives, the punishment will fall on them. And as a sutra basically, isn't the morning very near.

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Meaning what are you waiting for? Get up and leave. There is very little time left for the punishment to come upon these people.

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What do we learn this higher

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that this woman was the wife of a prophet.

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She even

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set out with him.

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She even left to do with Lutheran center. But what happened? She looked back

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because she supported her people. And her outcome was the same as that of her people.

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A person may set out on a journey with others, and apparently is with them. But Allah subhanaw taala knows if he's actually with them or not. If he's actually sincere and loyal to them or not.

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He may set out but he may not reach the destination. So just because we are doing something for now doesn't mean we will definitely reach the destination. Who knows whether we will or not Allah subhanaw taala and this is why we should ask Allah subhanaw taala for us Tibet for firmness. enclave? Yeah, mocha liberal Kulu. A bit can be Isla de Nick. Sub bit Calbee. Allah to Arctic

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for la magia on Bruna then when our command came the punishment came Jana Alia Serafina. Her we made the Isley part of this town. It's seven.

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What is it? That which is at the top from Lulu and saffron, the opposite of that from Sophia. As well as ethylene that which is low. So the top became the bottom. What does that mean? The top became the bottom.

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They were turned literally upside down what I'm gonna and we send a rain or lay upon it of what Jonathan of rocks Minh said Gielen oxygene clay, that is Mahmoud, that is layered mongoose for the rulers new blood dead

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ton of blood panel but when it's used for teeth, it's when teeth are arranged like very nicely. Not that one is forward and the others live behind. No, they're like straight arranged very nicely layered very nicely. So Mahmoud is layered, one after the other after the other after the other. So first of all, they were turned upside down. And secondly, stones were sent down on them and these stones, they were made up to June so Judas hard baked clay,

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and Hmong blue, meaning they were sent in layers, showers. So literally at the end, they were layers and layers and layers of rock on top of them. So they were turned upside down. And then they were rained with rock songs that were completely buried, completely buried. And these rocks Musa Wilmington, ones that were marked, each rock was marked as to who it was going to strike where it was going to fall. Each rock it was decided decreed Dustin where it was going to hit or in the Arabic near your Lord, was he I mean of war they need to be buried. And it is not meaning this punishment is not mean a volley mean from the wrongdoers be buried at all very far. Meaning similar

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punishment is not at all far from similar people.

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Don't think that this is just a nation of the past, this is history this is over. It happened 1000s of years ago and this cannot happen again. No.

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If there are people who behave similarly, such vicious people, such criminal people

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who attack others in this way, then Allah's punishment is awaiting them also. Good come in this dunya but definitely in the Accra,

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because you see there are many crimes that people commit but one of the worst crimes is *. One of the worst crimes because it traumatizes the person who has been assaulted, who has been sexually assaulted traumatizes them for life, and especially when it's people who are young, who are treated like this, who are assaulted like this, and generally it is young ones or those who are weak unable to defend themselves by for example, women or

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Boys were young who are treated like this and what happens over the years

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what happens over the years they completely lose themselves.

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They can't live a normal life so it's one of the most worst crimes ever. And look at how these people were punished turned upside down why were they punished in this way turned upside down because they changed the fifth row right the fifth row is what? To not * someone that is not fifth row. Likewise fifth row is not man with men. No, it's not let fifth try something different. But when they turned it around, Allah subhanaw taala turned this entire nation upside down.

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I was listening to a lecture series called parish nations by Mohammed Al Sharif and they were he was talking about the people of Luth and you were saying that how some scholars claimed that the Dead Sea near Israel that is where they might have been flipped because the salt content is really high over there, but they assume that

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and because it's a gene right, a particular kind of stone so Brimstone Allahu Arland what kind of stone that is but I mean they were turned upside down rained with a lot of rock completely buried over there

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that's basically the recitation of these verses.

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see more balls

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now sleep once

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in a

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all owe me

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two your ni fi Wi Fi

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module mushy read all

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decom in

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become what

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already need. Bolo.

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Now also no big

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o la de cine vs Lika the 3.1 definitely to me, I had one more attack

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than most.

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Oh Musa who I met and I

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warning Nina Nina ie

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to pentacle long will be handed Misha de la ilaha. Illa. Anta the stock that will cover the taboo like a Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.

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