Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L241B

Taimiyyah Zubair
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altavilla rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim lesson number 241. So the thought is number 30 to 40.

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What will happen at the Buddha Sulaiman Nirmala obudu. Inna who

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entered our world we gave Sulaiman an excellent servant. Indeed, he was one repeatedly turning back to Allah.

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After mentioning, the incident of the older listener, Allah subhanaw taala. And I mentioned Sulaiman Ursula.

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And remember that so the minor the salaams incident is directly related to the wilderness and and why, because, so reminder, they said, I was the son of the wilderness, and it hasn't been said over here, what good and mentioned, Sulaiman why, because mentioning the wilderness and remembering him, part of that is mentioning, so a minor incident,

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what will happen on either Buddhists will a man will have enough from well herb will have which is to give something without expecting anything in return.

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So Allah gave he gifted to the wilderness and EMS today man,

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meaning his son, not his servant, or helper, but who his son because the word HIPAA is used specifically for a child in the gift of a child, what word is used for that? The word HIPAA in through the Shula I have 49 Allah subhanaw taala says Linda he will customize it will all yes Luca, Masha Allah, Masha.

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Allah Masha with Dooku to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates whatever he wills and he gives to whom He wills female children and he gives to whomever He wills male children.

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And why are children called Heba? Because they are truly a gift from Allah, a follow a favor from Allah a special favor? Because when Allah subhanaw taala gives a child to someone, what does he expect in return nothing? Do you have to pay for a child to have a child No. Whereas when you go to the doctor's you have to pay a lot in certain countries. But what do you have to give to a loss upon retirement nothing in return.

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So what will happen early there will this will a man the older listener was given to the man or the SLM nerman ARB do how excellent a servant he was, who said a man or

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his father that would was also an excellent servant.

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And his son said a man he was also an excellent servant near Milan do nirma is fairly Madrid is a verb that is used for praising someone.

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So he was an excellent servant in a web and how was he excellent, because he was a web he used to repeatedly turn to Allah, again and again, how would he repeatedly turn to Allah? How

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I mentioned to you earlier, a web What does it mean, with acts of obedience? that a person constantly performs acts of obedience? It doesn't that he takes extremely long breaks, that he does one good deed one day and then he says, Okay, I'll take a break for a week, and then I'll do it again.

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Or I'll take a break that is unless and I'll never do again, no, a web is who one who repeatedly turns to Allah again and again willingly, happily, in his words in his actions in his Vicodin is this V. So in who aware and when can a person do this when he constantly remembers

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when he remembers a lot when he's grateful to Allah, then he will repeatedly turn to Him He will repeatedly be obedient, he will perform one act of worship after the other

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is Rudy La La he An example is not mentioned how soon a man on Instagram was a word to Allah, that when it was displayed before him, it was presented before him before Who? said a man or listener? Bill, Archie in the evening, I saw financial jihad, the swift horses that were poised, they were presented before him and notice the word earlier. This is in module. What does it show how many horses there must have been?

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Because module is sometimes to show the theme to show enormity of something. So what was presented before him a softener, a softener discipline of softener from the root letter slides fat noon, and softener is used for a horse that is standing on three legs,

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with the fourth supported on the edge of the hoof.

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Can you picture the horse in your head?

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A horse that is standing on three legs, and the fourth one is supported on the edge of the hoof.

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Do you get

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Can you picture the horse in your mind? It's like as if the horse is posing,

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standing on three straight, but the fourth front leg is what support on the edge of the who it's like bent.

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It's bent. Why? This is the lean. This is the evidence of the strength of the horse.

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Because of the horse is standing on all four legs. That means he needs all four legs to support itself.

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But if he's standing on three,

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and the fourth one is on the edge of the hoof, he's not putting any weight on it. What does it show that he has a lot of strength.

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This is why the word softener is also used for well bred horses horses that are of the noblest greed.

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So noble horses, extremely well bred horses. There were also algae at LGA, there's a plural of Jawad. angelegt is used for research from the reflectors gene. Well, the

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one who exerts his full effort in racing

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from the same root as the word Jude, which is to spend one's resources. This is why the word joab is also used for someone who is generous because he spends. So Jihad are what kind of horses extremely fast horses have the highest speed, extremely speedy, raise horses. So asahina these horses, when they stood, they stood in this way. And when they ran, they ran swiftly. When they stood they stood with elegance, you understand. And when they ran, they ran with a lot of speed. So these horses were presented before him, and imagine these horses, they're brought. They stand as if they're posing. And then they run and they run so swiftly for color. So he said, meaning to the man or the salon, he

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said, in the web to horrible hiree Indeed, I have loved the love of well, I love the love of wealth.

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But do I love Hubble hi love of wealth. And height means good, but you know the height is also used for Well, what's the evidence?

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What's the evidence that the word height is also used for? Well?

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We're in the hula hoop. Well, Heidi lasha did so in the above to Hubble Hi, I love the love of wealth. What does it mean by that?

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You see, when you say that I love that I love so and so. I love that I love to read this book. I love that I love to eat this food. you're mentioning love twice. Why?

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To emphasize that.

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And it shows how much you love that person how much you love that thing how much you love that food. So in me above to herbal Heidi, I love the love of wealth. Meaning I love it a lot. You understand? So in the book, the herbal Heidi, I'm Zicree Robbie because of the vicar of my Lord.

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Now, there are multiple ways of understanding this ayah mentioned to you one meaning and then I mentioned to you the other meeting, just so that it doesn't get confusing. Okay. So I love the love of this wealth. And this wealth refers to the horses and everything that he had that was presented before him. Why do I love all of this a lot. I'm literally rugby because of the vicar of my Lord. Door to and has multiple meanings of them is our lead reason, and sometimes gives meaning of reason due to

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like for example, we learned about Ibrahim or SNM americanas to fo Ibrahima Li OBE ala unmoderated, that Ibrahim restaurant he sought forgiveness for his father. Why? Because of the promise that he had made. And the word that's used over there is I'm so what does it mean? Because so I love this wealth. Why? Because of the vicar of my Lord.

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I love this well, because of the dekor of my Lord,

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that when I see these horses, and when I see this wealth of my what happens, I increase in my love for Allah, I increase in my Vicar of Allah, it gives me the opportunity to be more grateful. He understood.

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So his wealth was a means of drawing him closer to Allah. And he said that in the ruptor, horrible Heidi, I'm the creator of B. I love this because of the color of my Lord, for the sake of the color of my Lord. When I see this when I have it I increase in my record I increase in my gratitude, I increase in my urba

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had that allowed will hijab until it was hidden behind the veil.

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The water from the roof as well. Oh, yeah. What it means to be behind and toe out right? It went and hid, where bill hijab with the veil meaning behind the veil. What hid behind the veil? The horses there without its feminine What does it refer to the horses? Because remember the words that were used for the horses safetynet gs, what are they feminine? So the horses they were running until they went and hid behind a veil. And this is what's really minor. He said, I'm saying I love them. I love that I love them because of the color of minorities.

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And what does it mean by this that they hid behind the veil?

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This hijab could be anything. It could be distance, it could be a plane, it could be a mountain. So basically these horses were running until they were out of sight.

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You understand? So in the hubbub to Hubble, Heidi and Zachary Robbie had

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Bill Hader. I love this wealth, because of the record of minority.

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Secondly, this idea has been interpreted in another way as well. That in the hubbub do, indeed I have loved. And over here I have up to would mean that I give preference.

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I give preference to what hope well Heidi, to the love of good things, to the love of this wealth of mine, on over the career of B, the remembrance of my Lord, surrender is understood in another way over here. And what is that way? That first meaning of I told you was because of due to under Fela.

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Secondly, and also gives a meaning of exceeding limits crossing the limits.

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Like for example, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says for Leah della Dena, you holophone and

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that those people who go against the command of the messenger they should fear so go against the exceeded, they don't care about what he has said. So what does it mean by this, that in the work to herbal highly unlikely lobby, that I gave preference to the love of good things, over and above the vicar of minority

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that I give preference to watching these horses, and appreciating them and liking them. Until what happened had a lot of real hijab until it hid behind the veil what hid behind the veil. This is understood differently to what it refers to as chumps the sun.

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Because remember that these horses were presented to him at what time in the evening, and evening is close to sunset. So these horses were being presented, they were racing back and forth. And today mannerism uses watching them. And what happened, the sunset, the world will hijab, hijab over here refers to the earth because when the sun sets that it hides behind the earth, right? So the sun was out of scene, it was sunset, night fell. And what happened the evening time, the entire evening, the entire time of Archie was spent in just watching the horses. It is said that today, Monterey Salaam had fixed the evening time specifically for the weather.

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But that evening time on this day, it went and what just watching the horses. So he said to himself, I preferred this love of wealth over the decor of my Lord. What did I do?

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You understand? It's like sometimes you get so lost and doing something that you realize I forgot my evening.

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So he said in me above the herbal Heidi, I'm the creator of B i gave preference to these horses above the acre of my Lord until the sun has set. So what happened then? He said we'll do her earlier, bring them back to me. But we'll do have to do from the rotators rather than what does that mean to return?

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So return it meaning return these horses I lay here before me bring them back to me. Because it's possible that they were put back in the stables because the sun had set it was evening or according to the first meaning the world will hijab the horses had gone out of sight. So now go back to the first meaning. Now we'll understand this ayah according to the first opinion, what was that? What was the first opinion that I love these horses because of the the color of my note and the horses that went away in the distance. So he said bring these horses back to me. And when the horses were brought back to him for profit, so he began to Africa from the roots of trees fall fell off. And

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Africa is to begin to do something to start to do something for toffee hayase fan era humor in what up in general in total, we learned that Adam and Howard both of them they began covering themselves up with them.

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leaves a paradise. So for tafa he began must one must is to stroke with the hand to pass one's hand over something like when you do the muscle in will do what does it mean? You pass your wet hand over your hair and also your ears, right? So this is what must hurts to stroke with the hand touch with the hand to wipe with the hand. So he began stroking touching, what the horses bisutti over the legs. Well, our nap and the next a souk is a Florida of South and South is the leg and are now Florida or no Coronavirus, the neck. So he began stroking the horses, on their necks, and on their legs. Why? Because the neck and the leg of the horse is extremely beautiful. That's where the beauty

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lies. That's where the power where the strength lies. The neck, what do you have on the neck the hair, right? And it's strong, and muscular, and beautiful, elegant, and the legs of the horse again, powerful, strong, elegant. So he began striking the horses, on their necks on their legs. Why? out of love out of appreciation, even our vessels that aren't who said, john am sir Who applauded Haley, whoa, Bella, that he began passing his hand over the horses out of love.

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And this is what many owners do on the horse come to them, this is what they do, they stroke their hand over the neck and the next.

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Secondly, it is said that if you take the second meaning that he said I have given preference to the love of wealth over the vicar of my Lord, until the sun has set and the time of the court has gone. So he became upset that these horses have distracted me from my real purpose. So he said, Bring these horses back to me. And what happened for the few kamasan? And then must, is understood as he began striking

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that he began striking their necks and calves with what with a sword. Why in order to slaughter the horses?

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You understand?

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So he began slaughtering the horses with his sword, how the soupy will or not he began striking them slashing and were on the next and on the legs. Why? Because a horse is a huge animal. And in order to slaughter it just like a camel, you can't lay down on the ground. What do you have to do? What do you have to do? You have to weaken it first by cutting the part of the leg. And then what do you do you slash on the neck on the right place so that the blood comes out? Sophia Thomas ham, the Suki when

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he did this, why? Why did he slaughter the horses?

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Because they distracted him from his real purpose. They became a hindrance for him.

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They became a barrier between him and his mother. Isn't it amazing? The other is when he engaged in worship continuously. That was incorrect on his part because the people were being neglected. Right. And over here we see that a minor listener The other way that if something prevented him from urba, so he got rid of it. Now it's possible that he slaughtered the horses. And it's possible that they were permissible to eat so he gave them away amongst the people to be eaten. But we know that if he did slaughter them, he must have done it in an appropriate way. That if he did slash them on their necks and their legs, he must have done the first step which is off cutting the tendon of the leg so

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that the animal becomes weakened then he can slaughter it quickly.

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Now, what do we learn from these?

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First of all, we learn that children what are they a gift from Allah?

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Because Allah subhanaw taala calls to the man or the Sunnah Heba.

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Therefore a person was not resent his children, he must not dislike his children, her children, she must not consider them to be a burden. Rather, she should consider them to be a gift of Allah. And she should be extremely grateful for this gift.

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Because what happens many times mothers begin to resent their children. They think that there's such a big burden on them. I have to do this and I have to do that. Oh, life before children. So good. I remember those good old days. Never be ungrateful in this way. Because children are what a gift from Allah. And for a gift a person should be grateful he shouldn't complain.

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Also, we learned from this is about the excellence of turning to Allah repeatedly and regularly.

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How through with one style and with one's armor because a man or this woman was praised for it Allah soprano turtle called him nierman are why because he was a web. He turned to a

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Repeatedly with his heart with his actions.

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Also, we learn from these ayat about the greatness of the monk of Solomon or how mighty of a kingdom he had. Because imagine horses, many horses, and not ordinary horses, they're presented to him. And earlier Alejandro de la module shows how many horses they were. And how many people must have brought those horses just to display those horses to him.

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Also, we see that this is an ancient habit of people to view their horses to see horses in the evening, especially the horses are being made to run back and forth in the evenings is not done during the day. But this is done in the evening.

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Also, we learned from these at that turning away from that they could have a lot due to worldly affairs is something that is disliked or leaving, or they could have a love because of worldly affairs is something that is disliked because of a man earning suddenly became very upset that he forgot his because of those horses. And we have to see that sometimes in our cooking and our cleaning and our laundry, we neglect our ethics.

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And we think that if we take those 510 minutes out from the vicar of Allah will end up doing more cooking, we'll end up doing more cleaning. But what did we learn earlier

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that Baraka in time comes from what? Very bad, not avoiding or the other.

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So they might not listen, um, he became so upset that I left my liquor because of these horses. So we have to be very careful.

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Also, we learn from these is that a person may get rid of wealth, that wealth, or that thing, which distracts him from Allah, which distracts him from the deen. And if he gets rid of it, this is not wasting wealth. Because still a minor listener and he got rid of those horses, why they distracted him from the vicar of Allah.

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You understand? So here's getting rid of those horses was not a waste of wealth. Do you understand that?

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Because if a person gets rid of such things, only, then it will become easier for him to come closer to Allah.

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And if these distractions are there constantly What happened? What will happen? You will never be able to remain firm.

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Like for example, it's quite possible used to listen to music, and you had a lot of music videos, or music, tapes, or CDs or whatever. Now if you had them, this is what wealth you spent money in purchasing them. If you have them. And you promised yourself, I'm not going to listen to it again. But if you have them, is it easy for you to listen to it again? Of course it is. But if you get rid of it, when you have the opportunity, then you will not have the opportunity. But when you're getting rid of it, don't think I'm wasting this well. I bought them I should sell them. No. If you break them if you throw them away, this is not wasting wealth, because this has come between you and

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And if you get rid of it, it's not wasting. Well. You see Mr. Buhari once he was traveling, and he had 1000 dinar with him. And he told one person that he had this much money with him and this man. He said, I have lost my money and he made such a fuss that I've lost 1000 dinar and he started crying and everybody started looking. And remember he knew why this man was saying that so that the people will find that 1000 dinar with him and Buhari and they would say Rama Hari has committed theft. So when Buhari What did he do?

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He threw them, he threw them into the sea.

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So that his image is not tainted. People don't say he was accused of theft once. Because if he's accused of theft, even once people will not trust him, his Hadees will not be accepted, his narration will not be accepted. Now would you say over there, he's wasting wealth. That's not wasting Well, you understand? Because what is more important, the money is more important or his reputation is more important. His reputation is more important. Similarly, what is more important than your life, worship of Allah, or these things that we possess, worship of Allah. So if anything comes between us and the worship of Allah, and if we get rid of it because of that reason, it's not

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wasting wealth. You understand? Now you can all decide what you want to consider.

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Also, we see how prompts that a man or a salon was in turning to Allah in executing his decision in implementing what he decided. He didn't say all these orders are distracted, maybe I should get rid of them. Maybe I should not do it again. No, these horses are distracting me bring them back to me immediately. And he slaughtered them right away. He didn't wait for the next day. He

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Didn't think, well, maybe I should give them away for some other reason. He got rid of them immediately. And you have to take these steps sometimes immediately. Because if you sleep on it, can you change your mind?

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Isn't it?

00:25:15 --> 00:25:15

Isn't it? So?

00:25:16 --> 00:25:26

If you think Yeah, I'll decide what to do with it later. Then what will happen you change your mind, what you feel now you will not feel later. So while that feeling is there, take action.

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And inshallah, in the following hours we will learn that house that a man are listening when he got rid of these horses, Allah subhanaw taala gave him something much better in return.

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And this is true. When a person gets rid of something for the sake of Allah, Allah will give him something much better.

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Mr. Buhari, he did not think to those 1000 dinar despite the fact that he suffered from poverty, he had very little, but look at the honor that Allah subhanaw taala gave him that his name is mentioned. And people know. Yes, authentic, isn't it?

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So when you give up something for the sake of Allah know that Allah will give you what is better in return. So don't fear at that time. Be confident, and trust Allah.

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Can we listen to the recitation

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Sad 30-40 Tafsir 30-33

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