Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L242A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various topics related to golf balls and women named Shara and Monica. They discuss the potential outcomes of successful careers and the importance of pride in military behavior. A woman named Amanda is also mentioned frustrated with lack of information on her actions. A group discusses a military attack and possible winners, emphasizing the need for pride in behavior.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Suleyman Karim amudha

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rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem rubbished

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silly only Washington data melissani with Kahoot Cody probenecid now in Lesson number 242 so that slot is number 41 288 translation.

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What golf and remember mentioned are the donor, our servant, a YouTuber, a YouTube early seller is when nada he called out Baba who is

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a knee that indeed I must Sonny he has touched me

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by shade on the shadow on Venus limb with distress with hardship or either entitlement or could strike village liquor with your foot. Heather this movie doesn't want to be with

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Barry don't call for shalabh and a drink

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what will happen there and we gifted laahu for him. I love who his family were Miss la home and like them run home with them rahmatan as mercy Minar from us where they cry and a great reminder. Lee for possessors

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of the internet were hurt and take bat in your hand. defend a bundle of traits for grip then strike V with a winner and do not darkness you break in there indeed we were Did you know who we found him? saburo patient near me How good are the servant in the who indeed you are one greatly returning what good and remember mentioned Reba, Donna our servants Ibrahim, Ibrahim, what is half and is half were two and yaku earlier he was selected only possesses an ad the hands well absorbed and divisions in indeed when I first met him we chose them be highly certain because of exclusive trait

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behind the curtain because our exclusive trade

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the claw remembrance Adele of the home we're in the home and indeed they are in the near us lemon surely from Alma Stephane, those who are chosen and are the best ones.

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What golf and remember, is where ILA is married. When Yes, sir, and Elisa. What and then Clifton dedicated early, he was alone, walk alone and each men from have the best ones. Heather this week from a reminder, we're in and indeed Lynwood again for those who adopt Aqua law hustlin surely best final return Jenna gardens are the name of eternity mu factor has one open the home for them a word the doors with the key in one's reclining fee her in it the other owner they will call fee her in it before key her for fruit Cathy rotten many ways Shara and drink were in the home and with them also once lowering above the glances at once of equal age.

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Heather this man What do I do now? You all promised Leon for the Elisa the reckoning in indeed Heather this lady's gonna surely our provision may not know who for it men from nerfed any ending Heather this what in and indeed literally for those who are rebellious Russia surely worst case of return Johanna Hellfire yes loner her they will enter to burn in it for bit sir. So how bad and we had the rest in place. However, this Failure to do so they should taste it? How many one boiling hot water was served and pass

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Hello and other men from shortly it's type

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checking its type

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or its likeness as weijun guidance However, this folgen a group work with the one one rushing headlong moroccon with you know marhaba any welcome be him for them in the home indeed they saw do once you enter to burn and now the fire Carlo they said well rather until you all laugh no not have been any welcome because for you until you all put them to move who you all brought it ahead Lana for us for bit sir so how that alcara the rest in place follow this ad fraud banner overload man whoever out there man he brought ahead lenna for us Hi there this fuzzy to increase him or they're been in punishment, very fun multiplied fee in a now the fire will call you and they said man what

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Lennar for us learn not not all received regionalen men corner we were narrowed the home we count them men from

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those who are wicked.

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At the hardener home, did we take them? Seriously? Yeah. An object of mockery.

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Or zehava it turned aside on home from them absorb the sights in indeed validate that law help, surely truth, the hustle, mutual disputing other people. And now the fire both say in Nevada indeed not but and I wonder a wonder woman and not men from inner any god in the law except Allah. Allah had the one alcohol, the prevailing

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Rob rob a somewhat of the heavens and the earth warmer and whatever rain and humor is between them to Aziz the always Almighty and of the Perpetual Forgiver ever felt the perpetual forgiven? To say, who it never special news are we great, until you are on who found it more valuable one to turn away. Man, not Ghana, it was leave for me men from any knowledge, Bill Miller with the assembly. And urla the exalted it when he asked us moon they were disputing

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in not you her It is revealed to me Illa except unknown that indeed not but i know i know do a wonder movie in one clear it when pilot he said Rob Booker Europe, then Monica to the angels in me indeed I call it one who creates bash on men, men from cleaning clay for either so when so way to who I have leveled him when I first two and I have known feeling in him, men from ruhi my spirit socceroo then you all fall down Lahu for him saggi Dean as one's in frustration or as one's frustrating

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for such other so he frustrated al-mulla because the angels could love him, all of them. I do my own altogether in law, except he believes he believes is that he was arrogant. What can and he was men from alkaff at the disbelievers

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Allah He said, Yeah, he believes he believes man what monarca instruct you

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on that. Does Judah you prostrate Lima for whom? Hanukkah dude I created via the year with my two hands.

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I stuck about that. Did you become arrogant

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or concur? You will men from Allah IE those who are exalted.

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Allah He said, I am higher and better men who then he Halekulani. You created me men from now fire wha hoo. And you created him men from clean clay powder he said fast forward then get out. Men her from a certain nickel for indeed you regime. One who is

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Don't one who is cursed.

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We're in and indeed are Laika upon you learn at my curse, either too young day, a dean of the recompense father he said probably oh my god for unwed me. Then give rest bye to me Illa to yo de you bar throne they will be resurrected for that he said for in lacquer So indeed you mean from among those who are given rest by Allah to young day and what the time alone the one known Allah he's he said February Exotica then by your might The only unknown surely I will definitely mislead them edge marine all together in there except a bag your circuits main home from them and Muslim those who are chosen pilot he said Phil help them the truth will help and the truth of who do I say?

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Surely I will definitely feel Johanna Hellfire Minka from you, women and from whoever de Vaca he followed you men home from them edge marine all together.

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Say man not as a local I asked you are they he upon it men from editing any reward woman and not Anna I mean from alma mater can defame those who are pretentious. Those who pretend

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in not who were in there except Vikram a reminder little island name for the world's or for all creatures

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with a turtle Amanda and surely you will definitely know number of its news. BARDA after Hainan attack.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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take a nap

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Follow me

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Dr. Coming Home

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