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Ya-Sin 33-47 Tafsir 33-36


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The importance of the sign in a book and the benefits of showing the power of Islam, including the use of dry soil to restore seed and nutrients, the impact of grain on health and well-being, and the use of water and its various uses. The speakers also discuss the importance of genetic healing and the use of fruit and vegetable plants for nutrition and healing. The conversation touches on the importance of gratitude and being grateful to others for the potential benefits of the "by definition" concept.

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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sundiata suta Hill Karim Allah that for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem bisnis suddenly were certainly on the Washington are data melissani of kuqali urbanism.

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Lesson number 234 soldati are seen and number 33 to 47.

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What are you to learn whom will almeyda to and assign for them is the dead Earth? What is the sign in it, that a hyena her we have brought her to life with a hydrogen atom in her have been for men who yet Kowloon and brought forth from it green, and from it, they eat

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at the beginning of the soda, what did we learn the last panel data, he swore an oath by the Quran. And he said that in the criminal, mostly, the people of Macedon, Michigan, they denied the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and Allah subhanaw taala proved that he established that. And then the example of the people of the past was given that how do a particular nation Allah sent several messengers. And when the people denied a loss, a penalty to help the messengers with a believer, only one person who believed in them. And what happened to the nation who disbelieved in the messengers, they were finished. And it was not difficult for a lot to finish them at all. It was

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just one screen, one blast, and that's it, all of them were extinguished. And now, a loss of penalty presents many, many as many signs. Why, so that the people who had doubt concerning the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam would be able to understand that would be able to accept it. That Allah, the One who owns all of this, the one who has created all of this, the one who manages all of this is the one who has sent His messenger. So what I had to learn and assigned for them, and this is the word is Nikita. And Nikita overhears for the purpose of Darlene to show the greatness of the sign to show the greatness of this miracle. And what is this ayah it is a great sign of the absolute

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power, and might of Allah suppose, the absolute sovereignty of Allah. And at the same time, it's also an eye off the resurrection, it's a proof of resurrection. Because that is what the people of Makkah found extremely difficult to believe.

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And at the same time, it's also an idea of the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So I had to let him and unleash the king of Makkah, they would repeatedly demand signs, this is what they would say that if you really a messenger, then show a miracle to us. So Allah says you're demanding miracles. Look at the earth that is right beneath your feet. That in itself is a great miracle. Just reflect on the earth and see the miracle of the earth. That what I had to learn humble herbal Mater, to look at the earth, the one that is invader dead, what does it mean by that Earth?

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earth that is dry, barren, that does not grow anything that has no life on it. Remember that the life of the Earth is based on what water as well as plants, because when there's water, then there will be plants. When there are plants, then there will be insects and birds, right. So a little later, is dry, barren soil, with nothing that is growing on it. But it's amazing how a hyena her we bring it to life, we make it lively, we revive it how by sending down rain about it.

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And when rain falls down on it what happens or a Hello gentlemen have been and we brought out from it have been green. Meaning when rain falls down the earth comes to life. There is vegetation there are plants, and the plants that grow What do they produce have been

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and this have this grain for men who yet Kowloon so farmers they eat, who eats the people eat

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have as you know is used for grain and it applies to for instance wheat grain maize, so on and so forth. lentils, cereals, seeds. So all of these seeds, grains, where do they come from? From the earth. And when does that happen when a lessons downgrade

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from men who use Cologne and from it they eat meaning from the grains they eat.

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And if you look at it, grains are typically eaten as staple food

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Isn't it across various cultures, this is what people eat various types of grains, whether it's rice, or it's wheat, different types of grains, people eat, as the main course as the main food.

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And if that is removed from their diet, even for one meal, it is as though they have not eaten, isn't it so people who eat rice regularly, if they're not given rice as the main course and what happens, they feel as though they have not eaten. People who eat bread, they feel as though their meat is incomplete without bread. So for men who eat Cologne, this is a huge blessing of Allah. So we see that in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala is showing us the miracle of the earth, that look at this earth beneath your feet.

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It is a great sign of a loss of power that is power, that how the soil is dead. And if you look at soil that is dry, it's so dry that when you touch it, it literally comes on your fingers, right? It doesn't even stay together. But the same soil when raindrops fall on it. It's amazing how it completely changes the entire scene.

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There's crops there's vegetation, and they're not just random plants, but farm it is a source of food for human beings and also animals

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into the facility i a 39 we learn woman iottie and Nikita will have the harsher than fair either and Zenn La La Helmer, does that work. In melody I hear her no more he'll motor in the who are the coalition.

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That other signs is that you see the earth completely still. But when we sat down upon it rain, it quivers it begins to move and it grows it swells up. Indeed he who has given it life is the giver of life to the dead. Indeed he is over all things competent.

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So the coming alive of dead Earth

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is a great miracle and it proves many many things.

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First of all, it proves to us the great power of Allah soprano data.

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Secondly, it also proves to us the fact of resurrection, that if Allah can revive this land, he can also give life to those who are dead.

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And thirdly, over here in particular, it is mentioned as an evidence of the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam how that Allah The one who revives this earth is the one who has sent His messenger.

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What if he had Jannati Midna healing and we have placed there in gardens? What kind of gardens of date bombs.

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What are an oven and also grapes? Well, first john Neff. He has been on a yawn and we have caused to burst forth from it. Some springs.

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What's your unathi her meeting in the same Earth? We have placed Jeanette Jeanette as a Florida gentleman. And what kind of a garden is gender Cathedral that has many many trees?

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Many many trees you don't just have random trees one here one there, but it's an orchard. So Allah has made in the earth orchards. And these orchards are of what when the ceiling date bounds

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nothing It is a plural of nulla are null and Arnab is a Florida in a an array that was used for grapes and it's also used for grip plates.

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So it's used for the fruit as well as the plant on which the fruit grows.

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Well for Joe Murphy hand we have cost to gush forth in this earth minute Are you on offspring's? Are you in Florida, right. Now over here we see that in the first Daya hub is mentioned. Isn't it? So and then the next day what is mentioned, debt bonds and grapes.

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Now help is mentioned first. And the fruit is mentioned next.

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The grain the seed is mentioned first and the fruit is mentioned next. Why do you think the grains are mentioned first?

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Have is like for example wheat grain, for instance, race

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and null and dukla. What does it produce dates and grapes, it's a fruit. Why do you think to have is mentioned first?

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exactly when we eat what is most important to us fruit or the staple food? The staple food. Right? That is more important to people. It's more important to human beings and it's also produced in greater quantity, isn't it so

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if you compare the amount of rice and grains that are used by people compared to the fruits that people consume, it's much more so they're produced in greater quantities.

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And in this verse, we see that one tree is mentioned and the other fruit is mentioned with regards to

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Today what is mentioned nothing date bombs.

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And with regards to the grapes, what is mentioned or not meaning the grapes themselves are mentioned. And we see that the fruit of the dead father is not mentioned, you understand where the grapes are mentioned Dhamma are not mentioned. But what is mentioned the tree is mentioned why, because the entire debt bomb is beneficial.

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The entire debt bomb is used by people,

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nothing goes to waste, the fruit, the pet, the trunk, the leaves, every single part of the date bomb is used.

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And also, if you look at it, the date bombs. They are amazing over here in particular because the janitor mentioned gardens or mentioned orchards. It's amazing how in the middle of the desert, you will find no vegetation, no greenery whatsoever. And all of a sudden, you'll see a lot of trees, trees, literally Jeanette and if you try to look within them, it's almost dark inside. Because they're so dense.

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And the strip of mine as we were traveling from Mecca to Medina, and back and forth, it was amazing how the earth is completely barren, completely where you don't see any buildings even, you don't see any rest houses. And all of a sudden, all you see is a patch of green. And as you look closely, what is it it's date farms.

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So this is a miracle, that dry Earth dry soil on which nothing grows. And all of a sudden you have dense, thick trees, which are giving so much shade. And at the same time they're producing such beneficial fruit, that it's amazing. So genetic healing.

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And in particular, these two are mentioned dates as well as grapes because they were very much liked by the Arabs.

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And they were very much used by the Arabs as well. dates, as you know, is one of the main diet of the Arabs. And you see all different types of dates, which are used to different different stages, raw dates than those that are extremely ripe those that are barely ripe.

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So they're also beneficial. So these two are mentioned particular because they were extremely liked by the Arabs and they were also Cathedral menoufia extremely beneficial.

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And if you think about it on the whole, both of these fruits, dates as well as grapes, they're very delicious, nutritious as well as wholesome.

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And this in itself is a great sign of Allah subhanaw taala his power because when you look at the earth, especially the desert soil dry and does it have any fruity taste to it? Does it have any smell to it? It doesn't. But it's amazing how when from the same soil, trees come forth, and from then the fruit comes forth. It is so delicious. So sweet. so fragrant. So Isn't this amazing? Isn't this a miracle? You asked for miracles? look beneath your feet. Look around yourself.

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interdental bacara 22 we learn what ends lm Minnesota EMA and rajabi human SMRT It is Allah and Allah sent down rain from the sky and brought forth thereby fruits as provision for you.

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This fruit that grows This is what provision for you.

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And at the end of the aisle, what is mentioned offered john nafi. Herman are young, and we have cost you cash for us from the earth springs.

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This is also very amazing. If you look at it sea water, how was it?

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Salty, right? We cannot drink it. It's impossible to drink that water. And you don't find lakes everywhere. So how is it that people can survive even in the middle of deserts? How is it through springs that Allah subhanaw taala has made

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and it's amazing house Sweetwater that is also cool, that is drinkable. You want to drink it, you enjoy drinking it, how it comes out from the earth, where the reserve is somewhere deep in the earth, which we do not know. And the water that comes out cool, comforting, sweet, delicious. Well for Joe Murphy Herman are young. And this water, it's not just that people drink it themselves, but it's also used for irrigation purposes. Right? Because otherwise how would you make your orchards grow? And how would you rip up their fruits and enjoy them? Well first job naseeha meaning you

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insert the National ID number 10. We learn who Ella De Anza Lamanna summer Emma and local men who Sha one woman who Sharon fee to see Moon is here who sends down rain from the sky from it is drink and from it is foliage in which you pasture your animals.

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So water also is a various benefits. People use it themselves and they also

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Give it to their animals and they also irrigate their lands with it.

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Leah colome In summary, that they may eat of his fruit, Leah kulu So, that they may eat who the people and lamb over here is off reason meaning why is it that a loss of panel data has caused the springs to gush forth and why is it that he has caused these orchards of dead bonds and grape vines to grow for why so that they may eat mean cemetery he of his summer?

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Someone as you know is what does it apply to any produce, whether it is fruit or vegetables or grains, seeds, any kind of produce crop includes all types of produce and min summary he somebody it's been understood in two ways.

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First of all, it has been said that mean somebody he his fruit and he who does it refer to a loss of 100 weeding his produce the produce that He has given us, what he has caused to grow.

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And secondly, when summary he he has been understood as meaning almost code that which is mentioned and what is mentioned the previous if the fruits of the advance, grapevines, Jeanette, have all of this. So, the kuruman summary he

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will not Urmila to add him

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and whatever their hands have produced flh Quran so will they not be grateful? Who Mr. amela to man has also been understood in two ways. First of all, my has been understood as nothing, what does nothing mean?

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negation and what meaning does that give not? So, well Mr. Urmila to ID him, how would you translate that

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and their hands have not produced them

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the good omen summary he will not be allowed to ID

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exactly that Leo calm in summary he so that they may eat of his fruit, the fruit that he has provided, and the people their own hands have not made them your hands have not produced this fruit. Your hands have not brought this produce to you, who has brought this to you, Allah subhana wa tada who has provided it to you Allah subhana

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wa merimbula to add him it's not their hands that have produced it. And secondly, my is also understood as my optimal soul. What does it mean by that?

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What is the muscle

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and lady right. So my muscle means Alavi meaning that which

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you understand because my eyes have different different types. Okay, one man's of muscle and what meaning does that give of a lady? So, why am I allowed to ID him meaning and whatever that their hands have produced? What does it mean by that?

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Exactly, that whatever they prepare from the fruit from the produce that Allah has provided,

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you see what is that we eat the fruit raw as it is.

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He will do this the store you buy some dates you eat them as they are. Or you go if you happen to go to an orchard a farm, then what do you do you go pick the data yourself fresh data brought to you eat them yourself. That's what some of eating the thermometer

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and the other is that you go and find some interesting date spread or jam or cake. So all of this is what what people have made from what Allah has provided them. You understand? Similarly, grapes, what is that you eat raw grapes. And the other is that you have some grape jam or some grape juice. So Mr. Miller to add him and whatever their hands have prepared flh Guru on, will they not be grateful? Then

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we see that all of that which is mentioned in these verses, whether it's the dates, or the grapes, or the how it can only come about how, by the mercy of Allah soprano.

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It's by the special Mercy of Allah that we get these fruits that we get these provisions. We could never ever attain them by our own efforts. by our own labor by our own strength. The maximum that we can do is what just plant the seed, plow the land, and then harvest isn't it so, but can we cause the rain to descend from the sky? No. Can we cause the earth to bring forth these things? Can we cause the tree to grow? No, we cannot. We can only facilitate but we cannot make it happen. Who makes it happen? alasa panda. So this is why Allah says flh Quran will then

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Not Be grateful. Now this is also a great sign that one soil, same water, but the produce of so much variety, dates and grapes and have the land produces different different types of fruits that give us so many different benefits.

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So I felt a Ashkelon was an honor to be grateful for the innumerable lessons that almost a predator has bestowed on them. And if you look at it, a loss of peloton has provided us with the raw material.

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And then after that, he has also provided us with great minds for which we can prepare various things.

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So for instance, we don't just eat raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw grains, raw lentils, what do we do with them?

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We prepare them in so many different ways, isn't it? So as appetizers, as main courses, as desserts, right, and each person prepares food differently,

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isn't it so

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each person has their own technique their own way, sometimes a mother who has taught the daughter how to cook, how to prepare, you know, rice, for instance, how to cook rice, but both of them when they cook, it will give a different taste. Right, so each person prepares food differently. And it's amazing how we have so much variety because of this.

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Imagine if we could only eat raw food.

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Just imagine raw food, raw vegetables, raw grains, would there be fun? Not as much. But because of the ability that Allah has given us off preparing the food further. This adds so much variety to the food that we eat, we can make jams and marmalades and chutneys, and so on and so forth. The list is endless in itself. And in every culture, every place people prepare food differently. So this is also a sign of a loss of power and might in sort of musalla to 25 to 27 we learn and I'm naturally are lucky fatter. here and what have we not made the earth a container of the living and the dead? That if you look at this earth, from this comes your food? You eat it and when you eat it, where do

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you go back into the air? Now think about it. When it comes to taking from the earth receiving from the earth, what is it that we receive? So many different different things? Isn't it some fruit, vegetables? And then what we do with them? a great variety.

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But then what is it that we give back to the earth?

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Our waste? And what does the IRS do with that waste?

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It utilizes its further right and recycled and gives us more in return. Isn't it? So?

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When you throw your stuff in the organics bin, where does it go? It's used further to produce fertilizer. Why is that used to produce more food for us?

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So Isn't this amazing? How the earth gives? Whatever waste we throw back into the earth? It gives us more?

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Isn't this amazing?

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So lots of parents are asks us FLIR Sharon, will they not be grateful? Now we all need to see how grateful are we truly for this blessing.

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The fact that our sustenance comes from Earth and it's not boring. It's not just a one time

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you want to eat something sweet you have you want to eat something savory, you have something spicy, you have it any taste, any flavor, any texture, any color, you find it? This is what you get from the year.

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But what is our gratitude? Like? What is our ibadah? Like? What is our liquor like flh Guru?

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Think about how we eat, consume, consume. But then what do we do in return?

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flh Guru

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if Allah did not give us a mind to work with a creative mind to make so many different things with, then what will be the difference between us and the animals? We think about it the animals What do they eat raw food as it is, if you give a banana peel to an animal or mango peel, it'll eat it. Right? But people what do they do with bananas and mangoes, they have the power. And with the power. They make so many different things. You can put it in a milkshake, you can make a cake out of it, you can make some nice dessert out of it. And when it's raw, the mango you can make pickle out of it. Right? So it's amazing because of this mind that Allah has given us we can make so many

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different different things. And because of that there's such a huge difference between us and the rest of the creatures.

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So afolayan Sharon, will they not be grateful? Then?

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

Think about it. If Allah had not given us these blessings, what would be the difference between our diet and the diet of the other animal?

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What would be the difference? Hardly any, when we eat we enjoy, right? We enjoy the color we enjoy the texture we enjoy the fragrance, but for the animals What is it is simple vanilla few simple mango fields. That's it.

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So often I Ashkelon will then I'll be grateful. So behind Allah the Exalted is the one who, who Allah Rehana, called as virgin Cola, the one who has created all pairs mimma to metal herbal woman and foresee him from what the earth girls and also from themselves, woman my Laila moon, and from that which they do not know, super Hana Glorified is Allah exalted is a low is mentioned over here all of a sudden, because in the previous ayah, what does Allah say flh Guru? Will they not be grateful? So, whether people are grateful or not,

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whether we are grateful to him for the numerous blessings that He has given us are not

00:26:05--> 00:26:08

Allah subhanaw taala he is exalted.

00:26:09--> 00:26:10

He is glorified.

00:26:11--> 00:26:16

He is higher, but what does not benefit him? Nothing harms him at all.

00:26:17--> 00:26:21

You see, when we are grateful to someone, does he benefit a person?

00:26:22--> 00:26:39

Does he become happy? Yeah. And if we're not grateful to a person, if we don't offer gratitude to them, do they become sad? Yes. Does it affect them? Of course it does. A loss of panatela our gratitude or ingratitude does not make a difference to him.

00:26:40--> 00:26:52

But what do we learn from the Quran? Well, I your dollar Eva himcocid. He does not like COVID for his servants. He does not like in gratitude for servants. Why? Because in gratitude harms them only.

00:26:53--> 00:27:10

So if we're grateful, how do we benefit ourselves? And if we're ungrateful, who do we cause loss to? ourselves? Do we affect Allah in any way? No. Because Subhana glorified, is he exalted? Is he hi above, is he?

00:27:11--> 00:27:14

And you see if someone shows you a huge favor.

00:27:15--> 00:27:20

You give a gift to someone, let's say and they don't thank you. Do you feel insulted?

00:27:21--> 00:27:32

Do you feel you have been disrespected? Yes, you have been dishonored. Yes. But when people are not grateful to Allah, Allah is still high, he is still exhausted.

00:27:34--> 00:27:52

Think about it. So many times we eat we enjoy. But how many times is it that we say Alhamdulillah? A lady of Armando sakana or Jelena Amina Muslim in How many times do we say that? Hardly. If we remember Allah, Masha Allah, right. But many times people forget, we eat. But we do complain,

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isn't it, we do complain, this is too salty. And this is to savory and this is to this, and this is do that.

00:28:00--> 00:28:15

And it's amazing how in every land, a lot of panel data has given unique fruit, vegetables, and what happens we go to one land, we start eating over there, and we say, yeah, it's good. However, what you find in that country is much better.

00:28:16--> 00:28:37

As if Allah did not create this, he helps to create it. Because we have this problem a lot, the country that we come from, we love the fruit of that country, and we forget to appreciate the fruits of other countries. But we should remember that Allah is the one who created there, and he's the one who has created over here. And as human beings, it's our job to appreciate both of them.

00:28:38--> 00:28:51

So, whether we appreciate or not, whether we are grateful or not a loss of panels or how is he exalted, he is hierba and for every blessing that He has given us, he deserves gratitude.

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So the HANA Glorified is He and even more so he is exalted. Why? Because Allah de He is the one who Hanako as Raja he created the pears, which bears Cola, all of them

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as well as the Florida zone, and what is his own

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one of affair.

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And remember that bears are in everything, living things as well as nonliving things in living things. Bears means one male and the other. female. This is fitpro. Okay, in living things, though, as wedge means one male, one female, and this is the facade This is the nature. And if two of the same gender come together, is that a pair? It's not a pair. Okay.

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And in nonliving things, what does that mean?

00:29:47--> 00:29:52

What does that mean? In nonliving? Things I, for example, have a pair of socks. Does it mean one is better than the other receiver?

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

No, what does it mean? Both are of the same kind. Both complete a set

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Both are counterparts

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or they are opposites

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both of them are a match

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you understand. So, there are as wedge a las pantallas has a lady Haleakala as virgin Cola, her, the one who has created pairs all of them. So, as well as over here is understood as pairs of living things as well as nonliving things.

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And secondly, remember the word zote also applies to no meaning type kind. So, he has created all types, all kinds

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all different species of different creatures. So, for example, in plants, in fruits, in flowers, in animals,

00:30:53--> 00:30:58

right, in birds, in insects, all of these have different different kinds,

00:31:00--> 00:31:25

isn't it, so, you have the pears, but then you also have the different species different kinds. So, who has created all of this variety, Allah subhanaw taala this variety in gender, this variety in characteristics, who has created them Allah, so, Allah The Haleakala as Raja Cola, and these as word exist in what First of all, mimma dung beetle

00:31:26--> 00:32:10

from that which the earth grows from that which the earth produces meaning from the plants that come from the earth. So, for example, when it comes to plants, when it comes to flowers, when it comes to fruits, when it comes to trees, are they have different genders? Yes, aren't they, some are male, the others are female. For example, when it comes to debt bombs, even some are male, the other are female. And if you want more to grow, if you want them to produce fruit, you have to cause the pollen to match. Right? So, metal metal out, in plants, in fruits in trees, so first of all the male and the female, and then not just the men and the female, but what's the second meaning of zote

00:32:11--> 00:32:30

types, you have different variety, this is why you have different fruits. For example, when it comes to dates are they all have the same type? No, you see different sizes, different colors, different textures, some are extremely sweet, some are extremely soft, some are very sugary,

00:32:31--> 00:32:38

you can literally feel the sugar crystals, some are very juicy and the others are dry. So may metal metal

00:32:40--> 00:32:54

and secondly, woman and fussy him and from themselves even meaning from among people as well. You have males you have female and thirdly woman my layer Allah moon, and from that which they do not know even.

00:32:55--> 00:32:56

What does it mean by this,

00:32:57--> 00:33:03

this is understood into is that woman, my layer, the moon, that there also pairs

00:33:04--> 00:33:09

in the creation that we don't know, exists.

00:33:10--> 00:33:12

There is creation.

00:33:13--> 00:33:16

And we have no idea whether it exists or not.

00:33:17--> 00:33:28

Like for example, we know about the stars we know about the different animals we know about the different birds we know about different plants. But at the same time, there are also some creatures that we have no idea they exist.

00:33:29--> 00:33:43

Well, Mary Ellen would you know, Rebecca Illa, who no one knows about? Did you know that your Lord except for himself, only he knows about the entire creation? We only have a limited knowledge of the creation that exists.

00:33:44--> 00:33:49

So even the creation that we don't know exists, do they have bears? Yes, they do.

00:33:51--> 00:33:59

And are they have different different types? Yes, they are. Do we know of those types? No, we don't. But do they exist? Yes, they do.

00:34:01--> 00:34:03

Secondly, woman, Malaya and the moon.

00:34:04--> 00:34:09

What it means is that they're also pairs of the creation.

00:34:11--> 00:34:20

And while we are unaware that they actually have things, like for example, when it comes to birds, okay, we know female male

00:34:21--> 00:34:24

when it comes to plants, okay, we know female male.

00:34:25--> 00:34:26

But when it comes to mountains,

00:34:28--> 00:34:29

what bear do they have?

00:34:30--> 00:34:47

under the earth? We can only say that when somebody could argue it's part of the same mountain. Right? So we could argue, similarly water, what bear does it have? Okay, we could say that water. It's usually paired with soil, or it's usually paired with fire. right because opposites counterpart,

00:34:48--> 00:34:53

but there's so many creatures we don't know they have bears or what bears Do they have what is it that completes the set.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

We don't know what completes the set, but doesn't mean they don't have bears.

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

No, they definitely have because a lot of peloton is telling us, we might layer them. So, Allah has created pairs of all of his creation

00:35:10--> 00:35:13

and only he is one

00:35:14--> 00:35:18

he is well ahead ahead, who does not have a pair

00:35:20--> 00:35:25

the entire creation is in pairs. The dunia even has a pair of what the aka

00:35:26--> 00:35:30

but Allah subhanaw taala himself. He does not have a pair.

00:35:31--> 00:35:37

And with regards to the creation whose pairs we do not know of, it's because of our lack of knowledge.

00:35:39--> 00:35:50

It's because of our lack of knowledge. It's not that they don't have but they do. We do not know instead of the natural way a local meloetta Allah mood, he creates what you do not know.

00:35:52--> 00:36:18

In sort of that yet I have 49 woman called Alicia in Calacanis, oh, Janey La La Quinta Cologne, and of all things we have created, do mates, perhaps you will remember? This is the evidence that of all things. Every creature Allah subhanaw taala has created how in pairs in mates that are local to the Quran so that you can remember you can take a lesson, what lesson can we take from the fact that everything is in pairs?

00:36:19--> 00:36:37

Okay, the first one is that Allah Himself is the only one who is unique. Everything else, as a pair, everything else has something that is like it something that completes it. It's incomplete without its bear, but a loss of panel data He alone is unique. One does not need anyone anything.

00:36:38--> 00:36:41

What else do we learn from this, the fact that everything is advanced?

00:36:42--> 00:36:53

It shows the weakness of the creation. That how every creation is incomplete without its spare without its counterpart.

00:36:55--> 00:36:59

Human beings are the weak without their pairs, of course there.

00:37:00--> 00:37:48

If you have just one plant, which is of a particular gender, and you don't have another one, you don't have it spare, will it produce any fruit? No. It cannot you have an animal? Can it reproduce without its bear? No, it cannot. And many times, even if the purpose is not reproduction, it's just that the creature itself is alone. Without a bear, like for example, you have only one fish in your tank. What do you feel all the time? It's so lonely. It's so sad. It's bringing another fish. Right? How do you feel all the time? That the poor fish poor creature is all alone? Right? This is what you feel. So it shows the weakness of the creation, that they're incomplete without their bears.

00:37:49--> 00:37:53

If you look at the Carver, even it has a fairway in the hazards, the vital Mark mode.

00:37:54--> 00:37:58

And it also shows that how a lot of panel data has created a balance

00:37:59--> 00:38:06

in his creation, that all the pairs what do they do they complete the perfect they support one another.

00:38:07--> 00:38:12

They support one another they complete one another and if the creatures were made without pairs and what would happen

00:38:13--> 00:38:21

very soon, they would cease to exist. If there was no means of reproduction, they would cease to exist. There was no means of depending on one another. They would come to an end.

00:38:23--> 00:38:24

Do we listen to the recitation and then we'll continue

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