Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-049D Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 124-129

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of reinforcing the believers with a message of "has been rewarded by the Lord" to win a war is emphasized in Islam's success strategy. The use of "naive" in English is discussed, as well as the importance of "copy" in English to describe a situation where an enemy arrives and tries to attack the person they are facing. The importance of working on one's part to achieve success is emphasized, along with the importance of improving spiritual and tangible work, avoiding negative thoughts, and avoiding promises and promises in the legal system. The loss of support from Muslims during the French revolution and the loss of people's work are also discussed. The importance of working on one's part to achieve success is emphasized, along with the historical precedent of people being forgiven and the need for moderation in the legal system.
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is the cooloola will move me Nina Remember when you said to the believers and a UK fear come a humid the camera Bukom Vitola 30 LFM mineral Mala Iike Timmons Alene is it not sufficient for you that your Lord should reinforce you with 3000 angels sent down? Now here is the coolin Mina when you were saying to the believers, meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was saying to the believers that lie at fear calm, is it not sufficient for you yet fear calm is from Kapha and Kiva is to suffice. Right to be sufficient? And this question is a rhetorical question. He the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked the believers that wouldn't you want? Don't you think this would

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be enough for you? Don't you think this will suffice you a human, the camera Bukom that your Lord reinforces you, you made the comb in that meme dial dial is the root in that is to give something one after the other, meaning to reinforce. So for example, you give something it runs out, and you give more, and it runs out, and you give more. This is in that. So wouldn't this be enough for you that your Lord reinforces you with be Thalapathy with three I love 1000s, meaning 3000 mineral Mala Iike of the angels, any hour of His angels, he sends 3000 Angels to you to fight alongside you to defend you from your enemy. And these angels are sent Monza lien sent down when the rain is a poor

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loved ones well, meaning they are sent down by Allah. Wouldn't you want that? In? This is a rhetorical question. The answer is of course, yes, this would be enough for us. That's all we need in order to be victorious. Okay, now, why angels when success comes from Allah, we just learned that success comes from Allah not from the resources. So why would Allah send angels to the believers in battle in order to help them because remember, this law, the help of Allah comes through us Bab through means any sometimes what we want is that we make dua, or Allah helped me, help me pass my exam. And then we want the help of ALLAH to come in the form of us knowing everything without

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studying anything. And so we know the exam from before we just sit there and we know what to write, and we're just writing everything and then we get an E. That's not how things work. Success comes through us, Bob, what are US Bob means, like, for example, when you want a plant to grow, yes, Allah's PrintWriter causes it to grow, but has Allah subhanaw taala created any means he has he has, so he causes the sun to rise, there's light, he causes the rain to fall, there's water, right? So Allah subhanaw taala uses ASVAB even though he is not limited by them, he can just say Khan and things will happen. Right? So when you want the help of Allah, you have to do your part. And when

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you're doing your part, Allah subhanaw taala will reinforce you, He will send you forces to help you. Okay, to add to your effort to amplify your effort, your work, so muddy him, and he has sent him when she was giving birth. What was she told to shake the trunk of the tree? Right now, shaking the trunk of a tree is not easy. It's not possible. Okay. What was she supposed to do? She was supposed to kick it or move it with all her might all her force. And let me tell you something, even if you were to do that, you cannot cause many dates to fall. But what happened? She shook the tree the best that she could. And Allah subhanaw taala caused ripe dates to fall down on her and then she

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was told eat them right. So you have to do what is within your capacity. And Allah subhanaw taala will send reinforcements. So this is what happened that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada promised them the help of the angels 3000 angels. And when the Muslims were told about this promise, what happened they felt reassured they felt confident, even though they knew that the source of help and success is Allah and it is Allah who sends the angels. So Allah subhanaw taala says Bella, yes into Spirou if you are patient with a taco, and you are conscious of Allah, where to come, and they come to you, meaning the enemy comes to you how men Foty him Heather in this

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Hey stop, there's meaning the enemy is coming at you. If you are patient and you fear Allah what will happen? You did the cover up Bukom your Lord will reinforce you all the help of Allah will come, how much help will come, become Sati Allah feminine Mala Iike 5000 Angels in you will get more help than you can anticipate, than you can imagine. You were told you hoped for 3000 But Allah subhanaw taala will send you 5000 More than what you hope for more than what you imagined. And these angels would be Musa we mean having marks of distinction. Now, there is a condition right to receive the help of Allah in the smooth with a taco server. Patients this is done on Bara, on acts of

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obedience. And Taqwa is done from Muharram from prohibitions. So SUBUD is that you stay firm. You bear the hardship, you do it anyway. It's hard but you do it. You bring all of your force all of your strength, right like Miriam, she was told to shake the tree. It's hard. It's not easy so you don't become weak. This is solid and Taqwa is that you stay away from things that Allah has forbidden you from so you are careful about what you say you're careful about what you're doing. So in the spirit with a taco and then where to come in foti him Heather and they're coming at you the enemy is coming at you with full force. Okay min Foty him Heather. Now min folium Heather This is

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from the letters farewell ra Okay, the word fold is from foul welder and min Foley him in fold, this is an expression min fold is an expression and it's admin Fody he mineral fold or ll fold it means a state in which is no delay, okay, it means a state in which is no delay. So it's used to mean immediately okay, it means immediately or at once. So, it is said a tome info at him a tome info at him meaning they came in a headlong manner, they came rushing, running immediately in a headlong manner mean what he him basically fold means I'll cost it a che will ask the fee be any to aim at something and to take it eagerly to aim at something and then to go towards it to take it eagerly.

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And from the same root is the word Farah tilbyder farrat en any it boiled over. Then there's different words from the same root which mean vomit or water welling up and coming forth from a spring. Okay? And to do something mineral fold means to do it right away before taking a pause even to do it right away before taking a pause. So it's used for speed. Okay, so men folding him has a means in this haste of theirs, okay? Or it means at this instant, meaning, the moment they come at you as they're coming, the help of Allah will also arrive without any delay. As they're approaching you, the enemy is approaching you in order to attack you. The help of Allah will also come at the

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same instant without any delay. You did the camera Bukom become Sati lf a minute melodica 5000 angels will come by the permission of Allah. And then minute fold is also used for rage anger, because you can imagine now someone who's rushing coming very quickly they're not taking any pause and they're coming angrily. So as they're coming the help of Allah will come in the form of angels 5000 angels that are Musa we mean now Musa we mean is the plural of the word Musa Wim which is from the root letters seen while meme or some orlimar say that actually Wow seen meme and then the letters Wow seen have been switched around. Okay, so Musa which means one who puts a mark or one who

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has a mark one who puts a mark or one who has a mark. So this is referring to the angels right so the angels making marks how any the angels coming with horses that are marked or leaving the slain enemy with marks or Musa we mean means angels with marks marks that distinguish them. Okay, so a nourishment we learn about how these angels came with, you know, wearing turbans, white or yellow or white wool. So our leader the Longhorn, who said that the angel

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were distinguished by wearing white wool at butter. Okay. And then their horses were also distinguished in a marked What's the reason behind marking groups of people or even horses in different colors? It's for the purpose of organization right. Now there is a question the aroma they differ over whether these verses are about butter or hot. Okay? Because when you look at these verses, you see how Allah subhanaw taala says, is the whole meaning when you were saying to the believers when was the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said I'm saying this, this could be connected with the first idea or either a dopamine Alec at or heard, or it could also be connected with the

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previous idea. When a coldness or a Kamala will be bedridden. This could be a continuation of what happened at birth. And both opinions actually are correct and they fit perfectly. If we understand these verses to be referring to better than yes and better the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uplifted the believers by giving them the good news of the help of Allah. There were 300 and now they're going to face an army of 1000. So the prophets of Allah who are listening have uplifted their spirits by telling them a lack fear calm, meaning don't worry, don't be afraid. Isn't it enough for you that your Lord helps you with 3000 Angels?

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So that happened, and we learn in total and fall it number nine, Allah subhanaw taala says Is there still a thorn or bacame fester jab Allah calm a Nemo Videocon b l feminine Mala Ekati morphine. Remember when you asked help of your Lord? And He answered you that indeed I will reinforce you with 1000 from the angels following one another. So there are 1000 is mentioned. Right? So there are a number say that initially, there were 1000 angels who came to help the believers at better, and then the number reached 3000, because you did the congra Bukom, your Rob will reinforce you all right, and then eventually 5000 Angels, because in the next idea, it's mentioned that if you are patient

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than the help will be even more, you will get 5000 Angels and yes, the believers were very patient at but that they did not give up. So 1000s of angels were sent to help the believers at the Battle of brother. And this is amazing. When you put your trust in Allah and you are patient and you fear Allah. So you stay firm, you do your best, the help of Allah will come from where you do not even expect. The help of Allah will come in ways that you cannot even imagine the help of Allah will come beyond what you ever anticipated what you ever imagined. What do you ever expected, more than what you had thought of? Allah will help you in ways that you cannot see angels are hidden. You don't see

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them. Allah will help you in ways that you cannot see in total and file ID number 12. This is mentioned in so much detail. Allah subhanaw taala says if you hear a booker l Mala Iike t any moral code for the veto ladina Amanu. Remember when your Lord inspired to the angels that I am with you so strengthen those who have believed Allah subhanaw taala gave instructions to the angels. So opvault Kuruvilla vena cava rorbuer For Drebbel focal rnap With three women who could Lebanon, I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved. So strike them upon the next and strike from them, every fingertip. So the angels physically actually fought the enemy in the Battle of better

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and the prophets of Allah who are losing him said on the day of birth, that this is Gibreel, who has taken up his horses reins and is dressed for battle Subhan Allah, and it was set to early and obika de la Mora and Houma on the day of whether that Gibreel is with one of you and mica eel is with the other Subhan Allah, and even is Seraphin was present at the fight. In another Hadith in Sahih Bukhari we learned the Gibreel came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at one point and he said that how do you look upon the Warriors have better among you? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mean offloaded Muslimeen we viewed them as the best of the Muslims. So Gibreel said

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worker the Alikum and Shahida bedre minute Mala ICA and so are the angels who participated in better any they are the best of the angels. So, these verses could be talking about, but now other intimacy that these verses are talking about. And then is the Kulu is connected with what ithala Delta, meaning this is referring to the Battle of or heard now at or heard something different happened? They were promised the help of Allah. Right So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the believers that will not suffice you that Allah helps you with 3000 angels there

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sent down. Right? So the help of Allah was promised. Okay. And it was also promised that the help of Allah would increase from 3000 Angels to 5000 Angels, but there was a condition. What was the condition? It's mentioned in these verses Bella in the Spirou what a taco if you are patient and you fear Allah, but what happened to the Muslims and or the 50 Archers, what did they do when they saw that the enemy was fleeing? And they saw that some of the Muslims were going to collect the war booty, they did not remain patient, and they left their positions. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had told them that you cannot leave your positions until I call you. He told them that even

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if you see that we are being snatched by birds, you still don't leave your positions. You have to stay put you cannot leave until I tell you to. So they left their positions. Right. That was contrary to Sabah and it was also contrary to taco. They were supposed to obey the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, but they disobeyed Him. So when they did not do Saba, and when they did not do taqwa, right, they lost the help of Allah. They did not receive the support of the angels. Allah subhanaw taala says, Bella in the Spirou what a taco the help of Allah, yes, it would suffice you need a 3000 angels would suffice you and Allah subhanaw taala would give you even more help. But

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there is a condition if you are patient and if you have the hole and were to come in folium whether any, the enemy is coming at you at once instantaneously without any delay. They're coming at you in their rage to take revenge for better. Allah's help is there. You don't need to worry because when you see someone rushing at you, it's frightening when you see someone coming at you in anger, this is frightening. But Allah subhanaw taala consulted believers that no you don't need to worry because the help of Allah will also increase you need to come Robocon becomes the Allah feminine melodica. But they did not receive that help or rather, they lost that help. So what's the lesson in this the

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lesson is that strategy organization alone do not bring success. Sobor and Taqwa are also essential. You receive the help of ALLAH and he to have the perfect storm, there's a number of things that need to happen, what is that there needs to be strategy, organization, work effort on your part, there needs to be savoured on your part, there needs to be Dukla on your part, there needs to be Torkel on your part, right. So when you combine the physical ASVAB with the spiritual ASVAB right, you combine the tangible work effort, okay. And you also bring the intangible, the spiritual ASVAB and he sub Antiqua, Tawakkol, Eman, thorough all of that, then you will have the perfect storm, then you will

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be successful. Now, sometimes what happens is that when we suffer some kind of failure, or some kind of disappointment, immediately, we blame ourselves that you know what, I didn't plan properly. I didn't work properly. I didn't work hard enough. And yes, that's possible. But sometimes, it's not that you did not work hard enough. You did. It's not that you didn't, you know, plan properly. You did it. If you think about it at all heard from the beginning, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did write how he consulted the companions. He stuck to the plan. He had a strategy, he gave clear instructions. Right. But what happened? There were some people who disobeyed the prophets of

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Allah, who are they who said no. So, yes, they made a mistake over there. And that was lack of suburb and Taqwa on their part, not on the part of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, no way. The Prophet salallahu Salam, he did, right, everything that he was supposed to he did it. So sometimes, instead of just focusing on improving our strategy in that, of course needs to be worked on. Introspection means that you look at yourself that am I observing, subvert the way that I should? Am I observing the quad the way that I should? You know, for example, at one occasion when I don't remember the name of the battle, but there was a battle that the muscles were fighting, and they

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weren't getting anywhere. And they realized that the reason was that they

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We're far from the Sunnah. They were far from the Sunnah. They weren't following the way of the prophets of Allah who already was and and they had not cleaned their mouths in many days. So they used miss work. Imagine they just used miss work. And eventually, they were victorious. So sometimes we blame the fact that, you know, we don't have enough money. We say we don't have enough money. We don't have enough people. We can't get things done because it's cold, because it's hot. Because it's this because it's that any we blame circumstances. And we think that the problem is lack of resources. It's possible that that is the problem. But it's also possible that the problem is in

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your relationship with Allah, maybe you're not praying on time. Maybe your of luck with your spouse is not right at all. Maybe you're not giving your spouse their rights, maybe you're falling short in your duty to your parents. So we need to look at the tangible ways that need to improve and also the intangible, the physical and the spiritual, both need to be improved. So Bella into Spirou with a taco way to come in folding him whether you did como boo can become Sati Allah feminine Mala Ekati Musa, we mean Allah's help will come and you see, angels will come, angels bring Sakina with them, tranquility, calmness, anyone Intels counters the Mercy of Allah, and the angels do whatever Allah

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subhanaw taala tells them to do they never disobey Allah and they inspire people to do good. Right? And angels are friends and supporters of believers, all believers, Allah subhanaw taala says into facilite, ayah, 30 and 31 that in the Latina column Robin Allah some was the combo that unnecessarily he will Monica. Indeed those people who say that our Lord is Allah, and then they become firm, then the angels descend upon them repeatedly. And what do these angels do? They tell them a letter ha for whatever reason, don't be afraid and do not be set. Now an angel will not appear in front of you physically and tell you Don't be afraid Don't be set. He's not going to

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whisper something in your ears. No, just as shaitan has an effect on our thinking. Angels also have an effect on our thinking any day inspire us to do good. So Allah Allah Hafiz Allah has an Angels defend the believers. Right and they inspire the believer to do good. There's a hadith in Sahih Muslim in which the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that there is no one among you, but there has been appointed for him a companion from among the jinn and another companion from among the angels. So what is the jinn the shaytaan companion do? He tells you to do wrong, but what does the angel companion do? He tells you to do right? Puts positive thoughts in your heart. The prophets of Allah

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who are Islam also said that there is no person except that in his head is hikma any wisdom in the hand of an angel. When a person is humble, the angel is commanded to increase the wisdom. And when a person is arrogant, the angels commanded to reduce the wisdom. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said he prayed for her son with habits that Allahumma youth will be royal kudos. Hasan even thought it was standing up to recite poetry in response to the enemy, the mushy keen, any to insult them to get back at them? Because they had insulted the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, so he was going to take revenge. Okay. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam prayed for him that oh Allah

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help him with Rohan codice meaning with Jabril in Allah Gibreel inspire him. Let Gibreel put good words and good ideas and good responses in his head in his heart, so the angels didn't just come to fight. They also came to uplift the hearts of the hopes of the believers to make them more confident. Allah's paratha says woman Jarrah Allahu Allahu Illa Bush Rolla calm and Allah did not make it except good news for you. It over here to Allah Who the pronoun who is referring to the embed the help the reinforcement that Allah promised in the form of angels 3000 And then 5000 So this was what this was only wish Rolla comm good news for you. Any day could not have been told

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about the coming of the angels. Right. But why were they told that Allah's help will come in the form of the angels 3000 Angels 5000 Angels? Why does Allah subhanaw taala tell us in the Quran, that those who believe in become firmed The angels descend on them? Why this is good news. This is very good news. When you know that in a struggle in a trial in a difficult situation, you're not alone. You have an angel companion to inspire you.

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with positive thoughts to defend you, you know, like we learned about the narration in which a man spoke very harshly to another in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And one person was speaking harshly the other person was just saying Arnica salah, and he wasn't really responding in the same way. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said between the two of you as an angel, whenever he says something bad to you, meaning the person says bad to you, the angel defends you, and test the former, that you are more deserving of what you say. And when the letter says our Laker salah the angel says to him no rather PSB on you, you are more deserving of it. So why did the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say this? And why are there so many Hadith and so many verses in the Quran that tell us about the coming of the angels to help you to be with you to support you? This is good news for you. Because you know you're not alone. You know that if someone is being rude to you, and you're not responding to them the angel is right well my jar Allahu Allahu Allah Bushra come well, he taught oma in Nakuru boo Combi and so that your hearts are reassured by it that he thought to my inner child deltona in is from Tommy known DOMA Nina is my Nan is to have confidence and conviction after doubt and hesitation.

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Think about it, you have doubt. You are hesitant, and you are afraid. Right? You're not sure. You're not sure if your strategy will work. You're not sure if this is a good idea. You're not sure if you'll be victorious, because of course you don't know. But then all of a sudden, because of what you see, because of what you hear. You have confidence you have conviction. This is the ultimate net. So when the believers were given this good news, that you have angels coming to help you what happened they became confident they had conviction that yes, this is going to work. So when the Muslims were informed of the 1000s of angels coming to help them, this was a means of boosting their

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confidence and good news uplifts you, it energizes you, when you know that somebody's coming to help you, you get more energy. So when he talked to me in Nakuru, Combi woman, nostru Eliminator in de la and help is not except from Allah, Who is Allah Aziz al Hakim, the ever Almighty to ever wise, Allahu Akbar, what are we being told over here, victory will not happen, because you have 5000 Angels with you, you will be victorious when Allah helps you. So what happened at our hood, the angels came, but then when the Muslims did not show the right kind of support and the right kind of dukkha they lost that help. And Allah subhanaw taala took away the victory from them. So this

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teaches us that any form of tangible help that you receive, whether it is in the form of money, or in the form of people's support, all of this as Bushra help is not going to make you victorious. Okay, it is something that reassures your heart. But at the end of the day, the two things that are needed for success are work on your part. And the help that Allah subhanaw taala gives you, success comes from Allah, you can't be sitting and doing nothing and expecting that Allah's help will accomplish your goals. No help is there. But for what? You know, for example, if you ask someone, can you please come help me? That doesn't mean that I'm going to sit and do nothing and you're going

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to do everything? No, it means I am working and you assist me. Right? So victory comes from Allah help comes from Allah success comes from Allah. And it happens in combination with effort on your part. And this is a reminder that the victory of butter was with the help of Allah. And the loss at 100. Was not because Allah subhanaw taala did not aid you. No, it is because you made a mistake. You did something wrong. So don't blame Allah. blame yourselves. Because sometimes this happens, right? When you don't accomplish your goals, you begin to wonder why didn't Allah help me? And immediately people begin to blame Allah. So that is not the correct approach. A person must think about where

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they fell short. Leah Katara Thora Fermina Lavina Cafaro Leah Katara so that he may cut off, meaning Allah subhanaw taala grants victory to the believers. He helps them He grants them success victory against their enemy in order to cut off Thora Fermina Alladhina Cafaro a section of those who disbelieve er Katara is from Qatar of Bahrain Qatar is to cut and thought of is a portion a side

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Now this is referring to whether Allah subhanaw taala helped you will konasana Kamala will be bedridden why in order to cut off a significant portion of the Moroccans. Right and that is what happened 70 people were killed 70 off the machete keen. All right and brother were killed, and many of them were their elders in Abuja Hall was killed then. So Leah Katara Talofa Minella Dena Cafaro oh yeah can become or the objective is here could be the one that he suppresses them Fanconi will have been so that they turned back as ones who have failed yet Lita who kept calf better come to is to throw someone down on their face. Okay to smash them and cut is basically to turn someone away

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humiliated. Okay, so yak betta who fam caribou qua been high been a supporter of HA, from the root letters haha, ha M is a person who had great hopes, but then they failed. So they're disappointed. Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala helped you and but why in order to cut off a portion of those who disbelieved any significant portion of them were killed. And then the rest of them were crushed. hitty they were thrown down on their face, and they turned back humiliated, they returned to Makkah, completely failed. And this was a huge failure for the Mushrikeen a big loss and humiliation for them disgrace for them, right? Because they came to bother with great hopes that we're so many we

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have come with so many resources, we're gonna kill the Muslims, we're gonna kill Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they came so prepared, they were so confident but they miserably failed, and they went back to Makkah defeated. But what happened at 100? Something different, the eventual outcome of Oho. That was that the Muslims were initially victorious. But when the archers left their posts before they were instructed, the enemy returned. And Khalid bin Walid, when he saw that the small area that the archers were guarding, was left unguarded, what did he do? He gathered people, and he launched a surprise attack at the Muslims, from where the Muslims were not expecting. And now the

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Muslims were trapped. And they incurred huge losses. 70 Muslims were martyred, even the prophets of Allah who were to sell them got injured, and a sort of the low one who reported that the Prophet salallahu Salam had his front teeth damaged on the day of the Battle of or heard, and he also got a wound on his head, and he was wiping the blood from his face. And he was saying, How will these people attain salvation, when they have wounded their prophet and broken his tooth, while he is calling them towards Allah? So Allah subhanaw taala revealed the next idea, lay salah, Kameena MD che not for you or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the decision at all, you do not have any

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authority over this matter, laser Lukka not for you mean an MRI of the matter, any of the matter of authority or of the command shade on anything, meaning, you do not decide what happens to my slaves. The Prophet sallallahu lucidum passed judgment right against the Moroccans that how could these people ever attain salvation when they have wounded their Prophet? Allah subhanaw taala says no, you don't get to decide what happens to them. Whether they attain salvation or not lays Allah communal Emery che on che on this has no cure, and he no authority at all. You do not get to decide what happens to them. Whether they attain salvation or not. This is judgment that is reserved for Allah

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alone. Subhan Allah and what do we think of ourselves? That we can pass judgment on people? Right, left and center? Subhanallah How arrogant could we be when we pass on people's fate to them? For free? Unsolicited? He's Johanna mean he's this he's that she's this? She's that she's gonna Africa he's gonna He's this he's a stock that Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam just said, How can these people attain salvation when they have injured their prophet? And Allah subhanaw taala did not like that. He was not allowed to judge people. So how are we allowed to judge people? There is another Hadith. This is in Sahiba hottie in which we learned that the prophets of Allah who already

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was salam, when he would get up from the second Recaro fajr prayer, he would make God in Salah and he would say, Allahu Milan that oh Allah curse so and so and so and so and so any he would pray against certain individuals insula Okay, any you would get up from Bluecore you to some your login even how many that have been our local hand? Allah

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Who Milan, so And so along well and so and so. So then Allah subhanaw taala reveal this I have Leyzaola criminal apprecaite and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam stopped that In another Hadith is in mustard Ahmed that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, three individuals specifically he prayed against their names are mentioned, he would also pray against certain tribes. And then this verse was revealed. So the prophets of Allah who already have sudden stopped, so Leyzaola communal Emery che, you do not get to decide, oh we are to barley him or Allah accept the repentance. And he this is connected with Leah Katara the previous IR Leah Tara, and he Allah subhanaw taala will cut

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off a portion of the Mushrikeen and he they will be killed they will die on COVID And yes, then they will go to *. Oh yeah to barley him or he can accept the repentance meaning it's possible that these very mushy Keane who are fighting you today, if they survive the battle tomorrow, they accept Islam, they repent to Allah and Allah accepts the repentance. So you cannot pass judgment. You cannot pass judgment that they will never succeed that they will never attain salvation. And it happened Khalid bin Walid who actually organized the surprise attack. All right, what happened a few years after that he embraced Islam and he became quite unwieldy through the long run. So oh yeah, to

00:36:21 --> 00:37:02

barely him. Allah can give them the ability to repent, and Allah can accept the repentance. So you do not decide whether they attain salvation or not. We learned in a narration of the prophets of Allah who it is and I would pray against he would say along with our own fallen and along with an Al hadith of Nisha, along with our answer Haledon aroma Allahu Allah answer one of Noma year three people and you know what all three of them embraced Islam eventually oh here to barley him. Oh, you are the VA home or he can punish them any if they don't repent. Yes, he will punish them. Why? Because in the home Lolly moon because indeed there wrongdoers when they do not repent, they are

00:37:02 --> 00:37:46

wrong towards when they do not repent. So, you leave judgment to Allah and you focus on what you have to do your part which is to inform people to advise, but you do not get to judge their eventual outcome as Allah Subhana Allah says in surah baqarah verse 272, laser alayka Huda home when I came to La Jolla de mai Yasha, it is Allah who guides whoever He wants into two castles I have 56 in Nicoletta demon, Roberta, well, I can Allah Hiya, Dima Yasha. And we see that on the day of or heard, there were many people on the side of the enemy that were later guided to Islam. All right, I mentioned about Khalid bin Walid he was later called the sort of Allah. So we only see the present

00:37:46 --> 00:38:31

state of people, we don't know their future. We don't know how and when Allah will guide them. So hold off on your opinions. Don't be hasty. All right, do not rush. And when you hate people, or when you love people do so in moderation. Because you don't know. If the person you hate today, tomorrow, it's possible that they become your friend. So you don't want to be embarrassed tomorrow about the kinds of things that you said about them today. Right? And it's also possible that someone you love today becomes your enemy later. So love and hate should be in moderation. And when it comes to passing judgment on people, it's very important. We stay away from that. We learn in a hadith the

00:38:31 --> 00:39:10

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a man said, By Allah, Allah who will not forgive this person, and he was talking about another man, he said, By Allah, Allah will not forgive this person. And Allah subhanaw taala said, Who is he who swore by me that I will not forgive someone, I have forgiven him and nullified your good deeds? Meaning Who are you to say that I will not forgive that person. So the person who was making the judgment, all those parents who said regarding him, I have nullified your good deeds and the person about whom he made the Judgment that Allah will never forgive him. Allah subhanaw taala said about that person, I have forgiven him. So lay Salah Camino

00:39:10 --> 00:39:52

Amrish I remind herself Lisa Lee menial apprecaite Okay, I have no authority in this matter. It is Allah who guides when Allah Hema for sama were to my field and to Allah who belong whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Yellow Pharaoh Lima Yeshua, where you are at the moment Yeshua He forgives him he willed and he punishes home he willed well love was a photo Rahim and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So we learned that when Allah owns everything, the skies and the earth, he has the right to forgive whomever he wants, and he can punish whomever he wants. And the thing is, who can forgive sins other than Allah, who no one can it is only Allah will forgive sins.

00:39:52 --> 00:40:00

So why pass judgment like Allah will never forgive this person or they will never be forgiven? I will never be forgive

00:40:00 --> 00:40:23

If in any war we to talk on behalf of Allah, are we the ones who forgive? No, it is Allah who forgives. So don't talk on behalf of Allah. Ye will feel really mania share where you are at the moment Yeshua he is the one who gives punishment and he punishes whoever he wants. Will Allah hula photo Rahim and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So don't try to restrict his mercy. That is so vast. Allahu Akbar.

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