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Al-Baqarah 282-283 Translation

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu whatever one is Sunday Hello sweetie. We'll get him.

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Jean Bismillah R Rahman Rahim for beshara he suddenly were silly under the lunar cadet and millesime listening we have Kahoot currently open as in

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Lesson number 38 so little dakara number 282 to 283 two verses in which we're doing today

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the longest I am the only two lines

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yes it is the longest I have the Quran if you look at you must have it's all page long.

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Okay, let's do the translation first. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim.

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Yeah, are you here are you and levena those who are Manu, they believed either when they're young to you all contracted, adapt, be dealing with a debt either to a jolin a term, a period midsommer one fixed factor boo. Then you all write it down.

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What and reacted, he should write by a nickel between you all get the boon Boone a scribe one who writes bill either with the Justice Waller. And not yet he refuse. Kathy Boone, a scribe one who writes, and that he October, he writes, karma, just as I lemma who he taught him, Allahu Allah fell yocto. So he should write

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what and Liam Lin, he should dictate. And levy who I lay he upon him, I'll help to the right. What? and Leah Thirdly, he should fear Allah, Allah Baba who is

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one Wiener and should not be here because he decrease men who from it shaped anything for him. So if he can, he was a lady, the one who are who are they he upon him and have the right the duty Sophie hun incompetent or foolish?

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Oh, or very fun week. Oh, or law not yesterday. He is capable

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and that human lead, he dictates who he fell human. So he should dictate when he you Who? his guardian bill either with the justice. What and especially Do you all call witnesses or you all call to witness. Shaheed Amy to witnesses, men from rigidity comb your men for in. So if Lum, not your corner, the two are for Giulini, two men, for Julian, then mn wa and imro. attorney to women, men men from whom they'll Boehner, you all approve men from a shuhada the witnesses and that who she makes error for she strings.

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The Houma one of them to fair to that Kira, so she reminds if they're Huma, one of them do an opera, the other

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one and should not yet but he refused a Shahada, the witnesses,

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either man, whenever the room they were called, whether and do not this move, you all feel burdened, or you are dislike

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so let us move on. Do not feel burdened, do not dislike or do not feel weary. And that that to boo

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You all right it sylviane small o or KB Ron big ILA to Badger Lee it's time Valley calm that are you want to sell to is most just in the new year? Allah Allah wa and aculon most firm lisha herder for the evidence what and dinner nearest Allah that not? Dr. Boo you all dealt in there except and that the cooler it is the gelatin a trade, how do I turn one present on the spot to the runer Hmm, you all circulated by Nicole between you on Felisa. So, it is not la come upon you on jr home a sin, Allah that not duck to boo ha you all right it

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was and as you do, you all take witness, you all obtained witness,

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either, when the barrier to you all traded with each other,

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whether and should not you above, he behind can get the boon, a scribe, whether and nor shahidan, a witness. What in and if Deaf are Lou, you all do? For in who then indeed it for sukoon a same, they come with you on what the who, and you want fear Allah, Allah wa and your name will come, he will teach you Allah who Allah

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will love who and Allah because only with every shame thing I leave on always on knowing

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what in and if quantum you were Allah upon suffering a journey, one and not that you do you all find get even a scribe very Hannon pledges, securities or security deposits.

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Not boba, one taken in possession

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for him. So if Amina he trusted, bearable calm some of you bourbon, others fail you a D, then he should deliver. Then he should restore

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a lady who? To Mina, he was trusted, a man who his trust while yet and he should fear Allah, Allah robber who his loved

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one and do not have to move. You all conceal a Shahada,

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the testimony or the evidence, woman and whoever reactome her he hides it, he conceals it for in the home. So indeed he is the main one who sins or is sinful.

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Oh boohoo his heart.

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Allah who and Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna, you all do our Lehman always on knowing

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that listen to the recitation of these verses.

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lot friendlier to the lady lady

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was the Shido [email protected]

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In a

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monisha Welcome

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shih tzu.

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Blanca Ji Boo.

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Boo. What law? What?

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in Amina Babu

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to Moshe, Omani