Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 079A Translation Al-Anam 20-39

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a TV show where Shakey talks about a woman named Kadeem and her relationship with her sister. A group of characters discusses a situation where they were captured and murdered, but they were not the ones who were captured. The situation is described as a "rocky and embarrassing," and they speculate about who may have been responsible. The group discusses various topics including a warmer climate, a woman named Yoko Luna, a woman named Haroon, a woman named Morona, Lavina, Lavina, and Lavina, as well as a book and a woman named Barbie.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who was suddenly allowed to sue legal Kadeem, and my bad for all the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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for Beshara he suddenly were safely Emery, Washington octet and melissani Kahu Kohli open and Cigna.

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Lesson number 79 Surah Al Anam is number 2239.

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I livina those who are they now whom We gave them, I'll keep the book

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Yadi foreigner who they recognize him, comma, just as you already funa they recognize a winner or whom their sons

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I live in those who pursue they lost and foster home themselves. For whom so they learn not up known, they will believe.

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Women and who have learned who is more unjust, me man then who if the raw he fabricated either against Allah He Allah Caliban alive

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Oh or GABA he belied, be it with his verses in the who indeed he learned not usually who he succeeds of volume on those who do wrong.

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Way Elma, and on Day, National home, we will gather them, Jimmy are all together. So much, then Nicola, we will say Lavina to those who are Shaco the associated partners ain't where should occur. Welcome your partners and Medina those who come to you were does remove your claim.

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So much, then learn not the con it will be fitna to whom their trial they're excuse Illa except on that ALU they said Wallahi by Allah Robina Our Rob MA Not good. Now we were wished he came once to associate partners with Allah.

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Enzo, you look kafer how caribou beleid Isla against and fusi him themselves. Were Bella and it was lost on home from them. Ma what ganhou they were left alone they fabricate

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women home and from them man who Yestermorrow he listens carefully. He listens attentively. ileka to you. What your honor and we made Allah upon Kulu be him their hearts. Akin Nathan V builds on that you have co who they understand it Wi Fi and in learning him there is Walker a heaviness we're in and if yellow they see color every I think sign learn not you know they will believe we have with it had until either When Joker they came to you uj the Luna they argue with you your Kulu he says and Medina those who follow the disbelieved in not Heather this except a sale for Euro stories a one of the first ones

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were home and they yen hola they forbid I'm who from him or from it when owner and they keep away they stay away. I'm whew from him or from it. We're in a not usually corner they destroy Illa except and foster home themselves warmer and not yet alone. They perceive

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wallow and if they're all you see it when was the fool they were made to stand they were detained. I know upon a nerdy the fire for Callooh so they said yeah. Oh, late Anna would that we late Anna would that we it does not mean more to us later now would that we normally do? We are returned winner and not look at the but we will belie the IRT with vs Rabina of our rub when Hakuna and we will be men from a remote meaning the believers

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but rather by there, it became clear

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It appeared the home for them. Ma what can they were you Foner they hide men from called Blue before?

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Well, no and if we do they were turned back. Now I do. Surely they reverted Lima for what knew who they were forbidden and who from it.

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Were in the home and in the DE LA County Boone surely liars

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will call you and they said in not hear it in law except higher tuna our life, a duniya of the world. Warmer and not new we remember are seen at all ones who will be resurrected.

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Well no and if thorough you see it when will be full. They were detained. They were made to stand either upon or be him they rub Allah He said, Elisa, is it not? Heather this bill help definitely the truth. Or at all the truth? Carlo? They said Bella why not? Yes. We're by Robina our corner he said for the girl then you all taste or thereby the punishment. Be mad because of what contempt you were duck for rune you all disbelieve

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but in fact has zero he lost a Lavina those who get the Boo They belied Billy coffee with meeting Allah He of Allah

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Hatter and until either when jet when it came to them a PSA to the hour. But then suddenly, unexpectedly, callaloo they said yeah, who has retina Alas for us. Yeah has retina, I will regret or I will regret Allah upon ma what for Latina we neglected fi her in it. We're home and they hear me Luna they will carry ozada home their burdens either upon the hoodie him their backs. Allah beware, unquestionably sir. How bad man what year is the rule they they're

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warmer and not adhere to the life of dunya of the world in except Larry boom a play. When one and an amusement well and let the room surely the home and here are two of the hereafter. Chiron is better than Medina for those who yet the cone they adopt the poor. They fear Allah.

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If Allah do the not Turkey loan, you will understand.

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But in fact, now that we know in the who indeed it Leia Huizhou Luca, surely it grieves you and lady that which Yoko Luna they say

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for in the room so indeed the landlord you can debo naka de Bella you when I can about a warning mean the wrongdoers be it with vs Allah He of Allah. Yet your Haroon they reject, they deny

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what are called a and certainly could the but she was belied or it was belied also known messengers men from publica before you

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for several rooms so they endured with patients either upon man what could the Boo they were denied, or they were belied were all due and they were hurt HEPA until at home it came to them no sooner I will help whether or not mobile bill, anyone who changes legally Murthy for words Allah He of Allah. When occurred and certainly Jelka it came to you, men from never a news and mousseline of the messengers

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were in and if Ghana it was caboodle it became big. It became hard i Laker upon you era to whom their aversion for Indian if it's the torta you were capable and that the Li You seek you search never con a tunnel fee in an early the earth Oh or Solomon another fee in a summer the sky for that the home so you come to them be I attend with a sign well no and If Shah he willed Allahu Allah La Gemma whom surely he gathered them I now upon and Huda the guidance for an answer do not the coolant you definitely be men from Abuja, healing those who are ignorant

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in them or indeed not, but yesterday will he responds he answers and Levina those who yes Morona they listen

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Well Moto and the dead ones nearby to whom He will resurrect them he will raise them. Allahu Allah sama then la he to him your German they will be returned

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will call you and they said Lola why not? Mozilla it was sent down or lay he upon him I don't assign men firm or be his Rob

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told say in indeed Allah Allah or the rune one who is able I know upon and that unit Zilla He sends down by attend assign when I can no bad actor who most of them learn not yearn to move they know

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why we're and not men from that in any moving creature any living creature fee in an early the earth one and nor for it in any bird up for you. It flies Bijan Haley with its two wings in LA except omen. Groups species, I'm sorry LUCAM like you might not for what there we have neglected fi in El Kitabi the book Men from Shay in anything. So Medan Illa to rub him the rub. Your Sharon they will be gathered

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when novena and those who get the booty belied Biya Tina with our verses. So men are ones deaf were Bookman and one's dumb. fee in of all humanity, the darknesses man whoever yesha II, he wills, Allahu Allah, your little who he leaves him a stream where men and whoever your shirt he wills the ledger and who he makes him or he puts him either upon sirotkin apart was the team one stream

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let's listen to the recitation.

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A Lavina Tina Homolka.

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A lady in Ocasio who sell homes a homeless

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in your body

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why a woman Jamie

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Oh Branca

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fit in

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here have been mountain biking oh okay thank

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you mobile

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Amin me Samuel Ely was

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for who was he anymore

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why he

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had either

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Wahoo Mian Hello now who is

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he gonna

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Hone what

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do people

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do on the barbie i Auntie Bina wanna cool when I mean meanie my

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while I do

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work although in here higher tuna duniya

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Bhima routine on

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people wanna be him all

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of you have

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been following colada demand to

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be grateful

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to massage your

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holding him

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to duniya

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wallet down here to hire only lady

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are they now in

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the in the homeless you tell people in body mean

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wall could be too soon

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could be

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one up

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again I can't

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be lovely I was so llama I will soon

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wallow Shah along with agenda Agumon muda dunklen I mean he in MA Sanji Boulet Enos

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Joan Otto Lola Gilardi

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will be

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NASA rock owners kita beaming shade

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be Hemu Sharon will Larina can be

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more bookmooch buruma

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Me Ushahidi.

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Still be

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