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Ya-Sin 33-47 Translation 33-47

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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sundiata suta Hill Karim Allah that for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for Bish lashley Saturday we're certainly under the Washington data melissani of koko de probenecid and

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lesson number 234 soldati are seen and number 33 to 47 Translation

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What are you doing and assign la home for them? our booth the earth animator to the dead Ashley I know her. We gave life to it. What a holiday dinner and we brought out mean her from it have been greens see someone who suffer from it yet gewoon they eat? What do y'all know? And we made see her in it. Jenna in gardens, men from the healing dead farms or urban and grapes or grape vines. Well if I Jonah and we cause to gush forth see her in it main from an immune the springs

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Leah kulu so that they eat men from tamari he it's fruit it's produce

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warmer and that which or warmer and not are Mila to it did it ID in their hands. A fella do they're not the ash guru. They are grateful.

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So but Hana glorified, Exalted. And lady is who Hanukkah he created as word the pears, cola her all of it magma from what tomato it grows above the earth woman and from unfussy him themselves women men remember and from what they're not yellow moon they know

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what I don't and assign the home for them and label the night NASA who we pull out men who from it and now however the day for either then instantly home they move to the moon once in darkness, why shampoo and the sun tragedy it runs it flows. Lima stocker rain for a resting place for a fixed course

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Lucha for it

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there Lika that DACA deal decree Allah disease of the always Almighty and are the the always ongoing

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welcome era and the moon or Donna we have determined for it Manaslu stages hepta until either a returned girl June like the withered deadstock

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adim the old left not a sham suit the sun young believe it is possible. Let her for it. And that to the rica it overtakes, I'll come around the moon Wallah and nor la Lu the night service one that outstrips and the hell the day walk alone and all see in Falcon and orbit yes they float

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well I don't and assign the home for them. And that indeed we harmala we have carried the reactor home their offspring fill folk in the ships and mushroom the one laden

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waha lacuna and we created the home for them. Men from Miss Lee it's like ma what Yakubu they write, they embark.

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What in and if Nasha we will notice home we drowned them, fella they're not sorry.

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Anyone who responds to cry.

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Sorry, anyone who responds to a cry

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any crying

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the home for them.

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Whether and nor whom they don't. They are rescued. They are saved

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in law except rush mutton or mercy Midna from us, one meter and a benefit Illa to Shane in a time. What either and when the law it was said law home for them if the coup was here, ma what bainer is between ad comb your hands wama and what holster comb is behind you. Law law comb so that you all have own you all are shown mercy

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warmer and not D when it comes to them main from a science or behavior of the inlet except ganu they were unhappy from it more of a lean one to turn away.

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What either and when they that it was that low home to them and physical you all spend memory from what Rosa Coco he provided your Allahu Allah. Allah He said, Allah Dena, those who get through they disbelieved. Linda Dena, for those who knew they believed, shall not be removed. We feed man who low if the Usher He wills, Allahu Allah, Allah who he fed him. In not until you all except fee in Berlin and error will be one clear

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the moon

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Lokhande lessions

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