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Zack law here I was gonna call young men to sit down for five more minutes.

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Go ahead and sit out cycle over there by the table by the food.

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Come on and sit down for five minutes

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just sokola

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So hello, I want to capitalize on something that was mentioned here in this in this beautiful verse that was recited as well.

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What's the name of the last chapter of the Quran? Anyone that is 12 and under who can tell me

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the last chapter of the Quran

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last chapter

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the last chapter of the Quran that surah

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you 12 or under

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12 or under quick, quickly. Yes. Ness sort of ish. Ness nurse. Is there another chapter that has noon elephant scene in it as well?

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That was a bit of a shift on the analogy Bismillah had a man in law he had an eyelid.

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eyelash in Sani, right. Hello? Insanity. Hainault Mina daddy, let me a call. Che unmask Cora right?

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These three letters NESEA. You see that the makeup generally means or originally means in the morphologic makeup of the verb. It means to forget.

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So when we have this word NESEA

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it comes from forgetfulness. And some scholars say that the word insan incense, which means mankind and Ness can be mankind as well generically speaking, the connection with mankind of forgetfulness, who knows

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what's the connection with mankind and forgetfulness?

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That mankind we're all forgetful. When we make a mistake, when we commit a sin, there is an element of forgetfulness, which can be a category of it. But then there's also ways we just sometimes we just forget to do things, right, which can be a form of negligence as well at times depending. So when we're looking at mankind that can be forgetful. There's also another morphologic or linguistic makeup of insan which comes from a nice or, or owns, which means companionship, or the wants the desire to have a companion owns. So mankind naturally as well wants a level of what desires a level of what company companionship company, right? A level of companionship or company, if you were stuck

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on an island by yourself, you would not even understand what certain values are because of society. Culture even determines what's beautiful, what's not beautiful, what's polite, what's not polite, what's respectful, that needs a group of people, a level of companionship, mankind is naturally we are people we are creatures of companionship. So the connection between forgetfulness and companionship with the Muslim is very interesting.

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As he says in the verse Rabinow letter in nesina offliner Oh Allah don't hold us accountable for it we forget or for our mistakes and the prophets of salaam said roofie alkyl Amantha Ratan Tata, when this young woman Stokely who had the power so somebody said that the pen has been lifted on three types of people, the ones that make the mistake or don't make the mistake, the individual that is forgetful and the one that was forced. So here we talk about the one that is forgetful and the one that deserves companionship. The ultimate companion for the Muslim should be what, Who?

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Allah subhanho wa taala. When you're facing a time of stress of hardship, struggle, you can turn to a person, a friend, your father, your best friend, even a therapist. But that should never be, you should never be negligent of turning to who

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Allah because Allah is the one that provided the therapist, provided your mother provided your father changed the heart of that person to be compassionate towards you. Enlighten that person to give you that good advice.

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So your ultimate companion should be to Allah subhanho wa taala. So when we talk about the aspect of forgetfulness, when the Muslim is forgetful, or does an action that is not befitting and they remember,

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they seek that companionship with Allah. That's the connection we talk about incense. You look at incense mankind, because of their forgetfulness. They retreat and turn to Allah. Who was the first person that was forgetful.

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Adam, what did Adam do?

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he ate from the Forbidden what?

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The tree was in an apple tree? I don't know. You don't let us know like apples and apple a day keeps the dentist's away as if you never heard of them before. And so no So Adam took from the tree ate from the tree when he ate from the tree photopic or Yasi family him I'm gonna work agenda. When I get home arable, another human, Allah subhanaw taala called on them did not prohibit you to take from the tree, and did not tell you that Satan was your ardent enemy because Satan convinced them he said, Look, if you take from this tree, a lot is a pray for you to take from the tree except that you will be medicated to angels or you will live forever and naturally mankind wants to do that. So

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Satan was indirectly tricking him. He took from the tree, the private parts were shown and then Allah, Allah said, it'd be to Him and hedge me and he casted them down into the dunya into the into this into the worldly life. But when Adam made that mistake, and he acknowledged it, what did he say? Him and Hawa Adam and Eve.

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Adam and Eve. All a lot better. vollum fusina Hamster tell you to homeboys to listen up. Tell him to listen up. Hey, so I'll make him. Listen up.

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Adam, Adam and Eve they both said, Robin I have alumna and fusina. Oh my Lord, we have both oppressed ourselves. And then listen what he says this is the owners of the companionship. Color have been an alumna and fusina were in them total fildena What's our Hamner, Linda Coonan nominal hustling. So they acknowledge their mistake. They acknowledge that they made a mistake that they were negligent. Right. But then they said, Oh my Lord, we have oppressed ourselves. And if you don't forgive us, and have mercy on us, we will be from the losers.

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That is the ultimate companionship rather it's total reliance on that companion. Allah subhanaw taala. If you don't forgive us and partners, I don't know what I'm going to do.

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Have any of you have any of you ever done something so bad to someone they found out and you feel terrible. And you just hope that they pardon you for that?

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Imagine ALLAH SubhanA wa Dhana. Right. So when we look at this beautiful word insan the next time we hear NAS for instance, let's remember that we as mankind are naturally forgetful, but when you remember that forgetfulness, turn back to your ultimate companion before you turn to any of creation. Because Allah subhana wa Donna is the one that brought creation here in the first place. And he's the one that can take them away or change their state, their status, their mindset, whatever the case may be. So just remembering the greatness of Allah subhana wa Tada and the mindedness of ourselves and that remembering that in that way, will keep you as an Abdullah will

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keep you as a servant and slave of Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that Colin him in secret and an open May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and forgive us for all of our shortcomings. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make the heart software brothers and sisters in Palestine? May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those a call on call on him for our brothers and sisters in Palestine in opening and secret. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those colonies beautiful names and attributes. May Allah haffi preserve and preserve our brothers and sisters in Palestine may last month Allah make the man in their hearts firm from any trials and tribulations that are faced from

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any thirst or hungry out of it. I mean, to blessed him with the thirst and hunger to bless them with the feeding of the man in their hearts and to nourish them with the man in their hearts out of it. I mean, Robin fell in love in our cafe and honestly he acts in our telephone I'm out I'm not abroad, or Salalah was selling my well being in Muhammad. While early he was so happy