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Fatir 39-45 Tafsir 39-45

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eligibility Misha rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim lesson number 231. Select valid ID number 39 to 45.

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Who will let ijarah Allah come holla if I feel

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it is he who has made us successors upon the earth, Allah, the One who is our name and that is to do the one who is knowing of the labor of the heavens and the earth, He is the one who has made us successors in the earth, for that if florala califa and who is the

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one who comes after the other and takes his place, and he also leaves and is replaced by someone else. So, what does it mean by hada, if meaning successors of the previous generations of previous nations, you are here, in their place, they were here before you, you are here now, soon you will leave and others will come. So, you are here temporarily, and why you are here, you're being tested

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holla if I fill up

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Furman careful. So, whoever disbelieves farolito for his gophers against him, meaning he will suffer the consequences of it, he will suffer the loss it is to his own detriment. When I use either caffeine or cofra home and their coffee, the disbelief of the disbelievers does not increase them. Or in that'll be him near their Lord in mahkota. Except in hatred, the more a person does COVID The more he earns the muck of Allah. What does it mean by marked we have done this word earlier as well, that will let me who Monica do not marry the women whom your fathers have married. And if a person does that, in the who can afford a certain one Mark then it is also a marked meaning, an action that

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is hated that is very hateful.

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And Mark does especially such an action which when a person commits, he earns the anger of the other. When he does it, he falls in their sight and he also gets their anger.

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So it is to get angry at someone on seeing them doing something wrong.

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So when I use either caffeine or coffee, or marinara became a lamotta. The more covered the rest believers do, the more hateful they become in the sight of Allah.

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The more detestable they become in the sight of Allah. While I azido caffeine a co program in the house and the cover of the disbelievers it does not increase them except in loss. The more coverage they do, the more they will suffer.

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So what do we see in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala he informs people of their status in mystery, that you are here as phonetic meaning you are here temporarily for some time.

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Other people were here before you then after you were here now you will go. You will have some time in dystonia. And why you are in the Zuni allies testing you whoever is grateful, whoever believes, then he benefits only himself as we have learned earlier Romania shouko for international LFC. And whoever is ungrateful woman for follow for Allah eco for his Cofer is against himself he will suffer He is the one who will suffer the consequences of it. And we see that the way gratitude. Eman is a way of preserving and growing one's blessings like in Chicago azita Naco in the same way in gratitude and coffee is what a means of increasing Allah's wrath, a means of suffering loss.

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Do you see what is mentioned here? When I is either caffeine or coffee akufo are in Darby in lamotta. And also, her Sarah

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schuco, on the other hand, increases blessings preserves them. And Cofer on the other hand, decreases blessings a person suffers loss hasakah

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and a person deserves what marks of Allah.

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He deserves the anger of Allah.

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Say Have you considered shanaka acoem your partner's alladhina tender Unum and dunlea those whom you invoke besides Allah, or ayto meaning Have you considered tell me that those beings whom you consider to be partners of Allah aloni Show me motherhood? akumina What is it that they have created from the earth?

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Show me, tell me something, have they created anything of the earth? And if they have, what is it that they have created? What's the answer?

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They have created nothing. There is nothing that these machine can show that they're Shoraka have created with

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Who is the highlight of everything? a las panatela instead of the Florida 16 we learn I'm journaling Manisha. Raka holla cuca healthy for the Shabbat helcom Carolinian coup de la jolla cuckoo cliche

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that or have they attribute it to Allah foreigners who have created like his creation so that the creation of each seems similar to them and now they're confused, okay who is the real content?

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Say Allah is the Creator of all things and he is the one the prevailing

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intellectual for can we learn what the human do and he actually had a layer lacunae and lacunae,

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and they have taken besides Allah Gods whom they worship, who have not created anything, and in fact, they are created themselves. So ask them which again, show me what is it that your Shaka have created? amla whom shall confess somewhat? Or do they have some share in the heavens, some partnership in the heavens with a lot that they also rule the way a lot rules? They manage the affairs the way a lot manages the affairs? No, they don't have

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a home key tab and Or have we given them a book Who? The mushrikeen meaning some scripture? For whom? Or Allah united men who so they are on a begginer? on some evidence, men who from it meaning from this book, what does it mean by this, that have we revealed a scripture to them, which tells them to associate partners with Allah? And now they have some evidence from some revealed scripture, which is their beginning. Meaning what is the basis of their ship? They have nothing, they have no basis, no proof whatsoever.

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This is why Allah says bal. Rather, what does it mean by well, that these gods whom they worship, they have not created anything. They have no share in the heavens. And these people who worship them, they have no evidence for their Schick

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era design the Muna bourbon bourbon in Nevada, then how has this shirt come about? How has this shirt come about? It's because these Riley mean these wrongdoers these machine, they only promise one another What? deception, false things? What does it mean by this? That the wrongdoer is a machine, they have invented this concept of shape.

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Because there is no evidence of shift in the creation. And there is no evidence of shift in Revelation.

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no evidence whatsoever.

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So how did that come about? Then? It's because people have invented it. And they have passed it on to one another. And Allah describes it as what guru deception, delusion, that inventions fabrications imaginations, they have passed on to one another, and they have deceived one another like this, how, like, for example, the forefathers, their ancestors, they invented it. They made up this concept, they made up a myth, a story. And what did they do? They told their children about it as if it was something factual.

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And they believed in it with conviction, and they pass it on to the next generation. And like this, one generation after the other, their belief strengthened in shape.

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Like if you look back at the people of New Zealand, how did it come about? There is made images, pictures, drawings, and what happened, they started respecting them. And then they started inventing things. And like this from one generation to another, more lies were added, more fabrications were added.

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And this is how she has come about. So in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala is challenging the people to bring some evidence of shape, from nature, from honk or from revolution. And there is no evidence of shock whatsoever. So how Has she come about? People have invented it themselves.

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In the La Jolla, Mexico somehow it will have the realities that Allah has no parkins look at how powerful he is. That Indeed Allah He himself use eco semi wet he will up here retains he holds firmly the heavens and the earth, from what under zula lest the two seas are left there to swerve.

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Use eco meme scene cat himself, what does it mean?

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to hold on to something and not let go of it? To hold on firmly to something protected? Like for example, a woman when she's married to a man, then he has done her insight in a way What does it mean that he is not letting her go in the sense that he will not divorce it, and he's protecting her. So this is what m sack is. So Allah UMC Casa Malati will have meaning he guards he has held them both the skies and the

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Were in their proper possessions in their proper places.

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And as a result of it, they don't shift. Because think about it. If the earth moved even slightly from its position, it's rotating, it's going on a particular orbit. But if the speed increased, or reduced, or the angle changed, even one degree, or the earth was made closer to the sun by even a few inches, or more distant from the sun by even a few inches, then what would happen?

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What would happen? Could the earth survive, the creation on the earth couldn't survive?

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Isn't it amazing that the earth is constantly moving and we don't even feel it? We don't even feed it. So who has held the skies and the earth and everything in their positions, and lost the planet?

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And Yumiko also gives the meaning of that he sustains them. He's holding them, he's protecting them, meaning he sustains them, and azula less day to seize or less day to move.

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The zoo legendary fetters, they were lambs a while and the world is understood in two ways, first of all, to move from one position to sway shift.

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So if we take the first meaning of human SQL, then he is holding the skies and the earth and their positions. What does it mean? He's holding them so that they do not shift they do not move into little hedge is 65 we learn why EMC Kusama and Takara, Lv lab easily, and he restrains the sky from falling upon the earth unless by his permission.

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And secondly, if we take the meaning of him sacked, to be that he sustains, then the zula would be understood as ceasing to exist. Because the while what's the second meaning? When something begins to decline, like the sun, it reaches the height, and then it begins to decline, the wireless jumps, and eventually what happens? It disappears. It's not found anywhere in the sky.

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So Allah, He is sustaining the skies and the earth, lest they would cease to exist. Because if he did not sustain them, then what would happen? They would cease to exist,

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whether in Canada, and surely if the two shifted, if the heavens and the earth shifted from their positions, or if they cease to exist in second home, I mean, I had him embody, no one at all can retain them after him. No one can sustain them after him. Once he moves them from their position. Can anyone put them back? Can anyone replace them on their positions? No. Once a law causes the heavens and the earth to cease to exist, can anyone bring them to existence again? No, because we see that on the Day of Judgment is one shot and the skies and the earth both will be destroyed, both will be completely finished. The Arma two battle all divided up. So Can anyone replace the earth as

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it was before? No. Can anyone cause the sky to be as it was before? No. in Oklahoma, I mean, I had a member.

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Once Allah moves them, no one can move them. Once Allah finishes them, no one can bring them to existence again. In the who can Halima For indeed he is ever had him for varying and he's forgiving. That people saying they deserve a day in and day out. They associate partners with him. But Allah, He is honey. What do we learn in my dm? that the people they say that Allah has a child? It's such a great statement that the goddess and I were together for Tottenham and who the skies would rupture, the Earth would rupture. The mountains would collapse. But as a la casa to happen? No, because he has Helene and he's a fool.

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In sort of room I have 25 we learn woman aitd and the Puma summer will have to be empty and obvious signs is that the heaven and the earth remain by his command. And the day that he gives him permission to move to cease to exist, that no one can avoid that.

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Well Sam will be led by a man him and this war by Allah their strongest odds who the machine of the Arabs this war by a lot their strongest odds that a man in a man is a Florida you mean and Jen is strain effort. So the most exaggerated and intense or that they could swear this word. And what did they say? Let injure a home that Ilan is surely a warner came to them, meaning a messenger came to them. Later Conan, surely they will definitely be the more

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I did better than I did mean, oma from any one of the nations and Oman florala. oma, as you know, that the Arabs who are they, the only young, the unlettered ones, the people who did not have a scripture. And on the other hand, the Bani Israel who were the kita people who are learned

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they had a total end in June. Now, the machine the Arabs, when they would see the Odin and Asara that constantly, they're arguing with one another, constantly they are refuting one another, each claiming that he is more righteous, or when they would come to know that the other day that this is how they treated their profits. They have the work but look at them, they are so humiliated, because some of the Jewish tribes had taken refuge in Arabia. So when they saw the state of the hood and then Asana, they would say, look at these people, they have guidance from Allah messengers came to them, you have to look at them. So they would say that if a messenger comes to us, we would be so

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They would say that if a messenger will come to us, we will be much better than these you

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will be more obedient to our messenger. We listened to him and we'll be successful. We'll do this we'll do that later. Conan and Dominic del oma Allah says Allah, Masha Allah do then when a warner did come to them, Masada home Ilana for it did not increase them except in version, a version from who from the messenger.

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You see, this is very difficult that a person when he sees other people doing something wrong? What does he say? If I were in his position? I would never do that.

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Don't people do this a lot? Isn't this typical? You're always comparing yourself with others. Look at this girl. Look at her husband is so good. But still, she's so bad. If I had a husband like that I could do so much. If I had children like that I could do so much. If I had this opportunity, I would do this and this and this. It's very easy to criticize other people.

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And then what happens? A lot of hunter puts us in that test. He sees Okay, those big claims we made? Do we really prove them true? Or are we just making claims?

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So the machine of Makkah, they made great claims like this. We learn in so little and am I 157 out of kulula own zilara Elena kuttabul lacuna dahmen home, that we have sent you a messenger lest you say if only the scripture had been revealed to us, we would have been better guided than them.

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Intro to soft fat I 167 to 169 we learn We're in canula Kowloon low and our internet the communists are well in the corner Eva de la Hill Muslim saying

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that, indeed, the disbelievers used to say if we had a message from those of the former peoples, we would have been the chosen servants.

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We do would have been very, very good. But what happened when the messenger game they turned away? Mazda, Elana fula. And what was the reason behind this version? Why did they avoid the messenger? is thick bar and Phil only due to arrogance in the

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out of arrogance fill up? Why is fill out mentioned? Look at where they are, fill out. And when a person is at ground level? Does he have any right to be arrogant? He doesn't, is think about on Phil Murphy, being arrogant towards Allah towards the messenger towards the truth, refusing to accept it. And instead of accepting what was their behavior,

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and plotting evil, meaning, instead of believing in the messenger, instead of obeying the messenger, instead of helping the messenger, what did they do? They plotted against the messenger mocassin evil plots. But what does Allah say? When I hear called macusa you in the early and the evil plot it does not encompass except you.

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Its meaning its authors, those who have initiated that evil blood, your Hippo how well off or higher cough. What does it mean literally, to surround something and descend on it, surrounded enclose it traffic, and then descend on it. So we'll lay your hypocrisy, the evil plot, whoever does it, whoever plans it,

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who falls into it? who suffers because of it. It's unworthy of democracy.

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Those who plan it the market the authors.

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So a person who digs a hole for another, a ditch for another. He himself falls into it

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and you may have experiences yourself

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As well as children, sometimes what happens, children try to trick one another, they try to fool one another. And what happens they make a huge plan, and they forget themselves, and they end up falling in that trap harming themselves. I, for example, sometimes children, what they do is that on the door, they will put something so that as soon as a person opens a door, that thing will fall upon them, and they forget to have put it and they open the door and it falls under. So when a person intends harm for another, he harms himself. When I hear called macusa, you elaborate.

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And this is a reality. So in this is a warning for the machine worker, that you are making all these plots and plans against a prophet sallallahu wasallam you know who you're actually harming yourself?

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For honey and Luna. So are they waiting in lesson that are overly except for the way of the former people the first ones meaning the way that Allah dealt with the previous people and how to deal with them? That when they denied the messenger, when they oppose the messenger to Allah leave them? No, they were punished. So are they waiting for such an end? are they waiting for a similar end felon 30 days sooner or later Videla then you will never find for the way of Allah any change any alteration,

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the son of Allah, the way of Allah, He is consistent with it. You will not find any change for the Sunnah of Allah if He punished the previous people for their democracy and there is the verb then these people will also be punished when 30 that is soon Attila Wheeler, and you will not find for the way of Allah any transformation any turning. What does it mean by the wheel? The wheel from the vectors how well and how will his year because in a year what happens many things change. And the queen is alteration modification does doesn't a year many things change after a year you see someone they have changed in their appearance, in their size, perhaps in their behavior in their words. So,

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that is what modification alteration so you will not find any modification for this ANOVA

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and what's the son of Allah that when people propose the messenger, when they plot against the messenger, then they are punished.

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And so to verify number 11 we learn what either are or the law will be coming soon. And fellow Maradona who women who've been doing even well, and when Allah intense for people ill there is no repelling it meant that is Alison Mattila. heatable de la voluntad de la vida hula there is no repelling it and there is not for them. Besides in any patron.

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No protection, no refuge. I want me to fill out we have the not travel to the land. famzoo Cave Akan Araki battlearium and hobbling him. So they should observe how is the end of those people before them

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have not taken a lesson?

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Have they not travelled in the earth and seen what was the consequence of the people who came before them?

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That there are people who are so mighty. But what happened to them finished, great civilizations great architecture, their building stands still today. But

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they're gone. They're finished.

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Work on and they were I showed them in Hong Kong, whether they were stronger than them mightier than them in Cova.

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Meaning the people of the past, they were much more mightier than the people of present in quwata. Which kind of over this could be physical Cova the people of the past were physically stronger. And isn't it so that each generation is weaker than the previous generation. You may see this even in your own household

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that you could find a grandmother who is in her 60s and 70s. And she is looking after her. Her granddaughter who is in 20s, isn't it? So? Isn't that amazing? Or a mother who is in her 50s? And she's looking after her daughter who is in her late 20s.

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Isn't that amazing? So each generation is weaker than the previous generation. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Well can I know I shed them and uncover and discover his physical COVID seminary can refer to the color of wealth they were wealthier, much more richer than the people today. For example, if you look at for their own, all that he did, he accomplished he made so much gold and silver and ornaments everywhere. Art architecture, what does it show? How well do you was? Similarly this can apply to the color of the mind there were sharper, that stronger memories. The people of the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how strong how sharp their memory was that the kind of

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somebody wrote something? It was a sign of weakness.

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It wasn't that they didn't write because they were

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So illiterate, they didn't write because they considered it inefficient that you don't have a sharp enough mind that you can't memorize. This is why you're writing.

00:25:09--> 00:25:13

You understand? They had sharper minds than us.

00:25:14--> 00:25:23

And also, when it comes to age, they live longer lives, the people at the time of New Orleans, New Orleans and Hamlet for so long. Imagine how long those people

00:25:24--> 00:25:50

so in various ways in technology, the way that our own built is pyramids. People still haven't figured out how they made them. So what can I shut them in on coverton? But what happened? When I can Allahu the urge is a woman Shay, in Samoa, it will happen Oh, there is nothing that can make Allah helpless, neither in the sky nor Indian. Nothing is too difficult for

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the people of the past. Yes, they were very mighty, very strong. But was it difficult for a lot to destroy them? Not at all.

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In the who cannot even Padilla indeed he is more annoying than them? If they were very knowledgeable allies more knowledgeable than them. If they were very skilled allies more, he has more skill, he has much more power than them. And he is ready. He is able.

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So what is this show that Allah has so much power, he has so much ability? If people dare to disobey, they're there to oppose His Messenger reject His Messenger, he can punish them immediately. Isn't it so? Can you not punish immediately? Of course he can. And look at the example of the past so many nations they came they were destroyed, finished. But still we see that people live our allies, but he can punish but people live on he doesn't punish every single one. Why? What's the reason behind that? Well, oh, you, you don't love who NASA. And if Allah were to seize people, meaning if you were to catch them, punish them, hold them accountable, be marketable for what they

00:27:00--> 00:27:09

have earned, for what they have acquired. The deeds that people have done, if a lot were to impose blame on them. For every single action, were in the dunya.

00:27:11--> 00:27:24

That if Allah started giving recompense to people in the dunya, for the deeds they perform, then what would happen Madoka Allah, at home in death, he would not leave upon the earth, any creature,

00:27:25--> 00:27:28

not even a single creature would survive. Why?

00:27:29--> 00:27:48

Why? Because every person, as we discussed earlier, is sinful, but does something wrong? So imagine if as soon as a person did something wrong, he's punished, he's finished in dunya? Then what would happen? Would any person survive any human being No. And when human beings are destroyed, along with them aren't so many animal dots are destroyed.

00:27:50--> 00:28:06

Like I remember watching one of the videos of floods that were in Pakistan, and how the water was flowing, flowing, flowing. And there were different different things. And amongst those different things that were being washed away by the water, we're also huge animals, cows and goats and buffalo.

00:28:07--> 00:28:15

Right? So when people are affected, inevitably, the rest of the creatures are also affected.

00:28:16--> 00:28:26

So if the people were to be punished immediately in the dunya, for the crimes they commit, and what would happen, not even a single creature would survive madaraka Allah.

00:28:28--> 00:28:58

So Allah does not punish immediately when I can use a hero home, but rather he gives them rest bite until when illa agilan was some until a fixed time each person is given a limited time to live for either Java or Java. And then when their time comes meaning when it expires when their death comes in the law cannot be read by the receiver, that Indeed Allah He is ever have a servant's one who sees meaning he is fully aware of his servants.

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It's not that just because a person has lived a long life, his sins have been forgotten. No. People may have forgotten that their sins are still written, or saw love when a zoo, Allah has recorded them and they have forgotten them.

00:29:16--> 00:29:55

So each person when will he be given his full recompense in the hereafter? No matter how many years have gone by still he'll be given his recompense because for in the law canonbury by the vasila Institute will have if 58 we learn one of Bukola photos of Rama lo UEFI, the homie maka Sabo, larger the human or the Bella humo, or the Lamia gentlemen, dueling Mo, Ella, and your Lord is a forgiving full of mercy. If you were to impose being upon them for what they earned, he would have hastened for them the punishment rather for them is an appointment from which they will never find an escape. No one can avoid that.

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He will listen to the recitation of desire

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Hola poo Mina

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a movie

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Milan, the Rebbe de Basilio

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basically the final

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there are reassurance with the Prophet sallallaahu seven because as you know this is a Maki sutra and there was a lot of opposition and rejection, so they comfort him. The comfortable reverse that yes there's rejection opposition, but every person has his limited time. You're being tested, they're being tested.

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So Chronicle law home will be home digger national law even under the stockbroker wanted to be like a samurai likoma