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Al-Anam 128-140 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 128

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regime Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

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lesson number 85. So total and am I number 128 to 140?

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Well, my Ashura home geneon

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and mentioned a prophet sallallahu wasallam, the day when he will gather them together, meaning, the day of judgment, mentioned this day, recall this day, think about this day, when Allah will gather, when he will assemble them, meaning the entire creation, the mankind, as well as the gym, the willing, and the hurt in the first and the last,

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from Adam are the center, the first man to be created to the last son of Adam who was born we Oh my Ashura home Jimmy and all together, all the creation will be assembled together, and not even one will be allowed to stay away, not even one will be left out.

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And then what's going to happen?

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Allah subhanaw taala will address and he will say, Yeah, marschallin Genie or company have the gene.

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A lots of panel data will address the gene.

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And over here, why am I a showroom engineer, and yes, it refers to all people, but in particular, it refers to those who were associates and friends of one another, those who helped one another, against the truth, against the heck against those people who believed against the prophets of Allah.

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Those jinn whom people worshipped, some people they worship, whom they sought refuge with whom they obeyed, whom they were deceived by Allah subhanaw taala will address that Jamar shulgin, or company of the gym. The word martial is surrendering veterans iron Sheen, or Asha, Asha is 10. And the number 10 is a complete number.

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It's a big number, because it's the beginning of two digit numbers.

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If you have 10 people, that's a group of people, it's a crowd. And if you have seven people, you have five people, it's not really a crowd, but 10 makes a crowd 10 makes a group of people

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from the same route is a word Marcia, which is used for a community, an assemblage, a company, a group of people. So all group have the gene. It doesn't mean there are 10 in particular, what does it mean? It's a huge number of multitude.

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All group of the gin and widgeon are these in particular, the shout out clean amongst the gin the devils amongst you, because every gin is not necessarily a shade upon. Every gin is not necessarily evil.

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So, Allah will address the evil jinn, the disobedient and the rebellious jinn. And he will say, are they stuck 32 minutes in see certainly, you have done too much. You have taken many of who have human beings you have kidnapped you have captured you have snatched many human beings and today you are taking them with you to Hellfire

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is the curtain is from the roof that was gaff sir or from the word castle and castle is abundant excess when something is allowed, when something exceeds in number, when something is more so it sticks out literally is to seek abundance.

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What does it mean? To seek abundance.

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So it is to do something a lot or to take a lot of something.

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To understand

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is six out is to seek too much to seek a lot to seek abundance to want abundance. So for example, a person does an action a lot over and over again. Or for instance, he takes too much of something. For example when he's pouring food he pours too much food seeking what seeking Casa seeking abundance.

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So are they stuck Sultan Minna ins? Certainly you are Jin. You have taken many from the people. What does it mean by this? That you have kidnapped many people? You have captured many people. You have used many people you have misled many people and thus today you are taking them with you to help fire

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you captured many you use them for your purpose. You benefited from them.

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How? How do the jinn mislead people? How do the jinn kidnap people? How do they capture them?

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And notice over here, it sticks out many people that have used many people they will take,

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as we learned from the Hadith, that 999 out of every 1000 will end up in hellfire. How will this happen? How does this happen in dunya

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that shaitan he inspires long hopes and people, he beautifies their deeds further, he beautifies the love of this dunya for people. And as a result, what happens? A person he obeys the shape.

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he obeys a shaper, he is misled by the shaitan. And as a result of that he misleads others as well.

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For instance, a particular sin, a person is very sick and tired of how his life is very sick and tired, he's very frustrated, and he feels I cannot take this anymore. What does he do? He killed his wife, very frustrated with her, guilt her and then you feel guilty and he kills himself. So he is harming himself, he is harming other people. Eventually, what is he doing? He is becoming a prey of who? The devil of shaitaan he's been captured by who by shadow.

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Similarly, a person he is overwhelmed by the love for a particular action and he does not want to leave it which is why he did Lexa Salah he does not pray to Allah subhanaw taala at all. That is an obligation he leaves it. Why? Because shaitan has beautified this action for him, and he will obey the deadline. And as a result, he will not just go astray himself, but he will also set a bad example for other people.

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We don't insult Yes, he is 61 to 62

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Lm arhat la comida bunny Adam eletter Buddha, shavon inneholder kamado Moby, they are not enjoying upon you or children of Adam, that you should not worship shavon because he is to you and open enemy will endure bodoni and that you should worship only we had a Serato Mr. T that is a straight path, what are called urban lemon congi bill and Catalan Flm. Karnataka known that shirt on he has already led astray from among you much of creation. So don't you use your reason that

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he has misled many people. What is a blee swear when he was removed from general from the company of the angels

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in sort of salt is number 82. We learn other employees said Fabio Exotica, then by your might Allah little Vienna home edge Marine, I will surely mislead all of them.

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And this is why he believes he assembled an army of the jinn, whom he commands, who do what was said to people who inspire evil into the people. The people obey them, some people don't obey.

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And then people are also used as puppets to misguide others.

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So we see on the one hand, there are the children of a police. And on the other hand, there are the children of Adam and his son. And there's a constant war that is going on between the two that we don't see that the children have Iblees What do they want the sheltering, what do they want? They want to mislead the children of Adam. Why?

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So that they can take them to Hellfire with them.

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And on the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala has taught the children of Adam as to what they should do to protect themselves from shavon.

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So on the Day of Judgment, or this tactile terminal ends, you command it many, you misled many, and today you're taking many people with you to hellfire.

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Then what's going to happen

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Wakata Odia and their friends will say whose friends the Friends of these Jin Mina, NC from the human beings they will say, meaning those people who obeyed the jinn, those people who obeyed the sheltering, those people who became their partners, who became their associates, who became their workmates, so became their friends. And who did the same that the Jean did?

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The gin, they were busy, misleading people. And these people also were busy misleading other people. They were busy obeying champon.

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So a color Olia a woman in See, what will they say? That robina or our Lord is stumped or by

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buena de Berlin, some of us benefited from others, the Djinn benefited from men, and the men benefited from

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both of us took advantage of one another. Both of us used one another.

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And this is an expression of extreme regret on their part. This is like confessing their sins before Allah.

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It's not that they're saying this out of confidence, that yes, look at what we did, we use one another No, this is expression of guilt, and regret on their part that we took advantage of one another is dumped out from me into

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what does matter mean, enjoyment, benefit, and estimator is strategic benefit to us, someone will use one another in this world.

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Know, when can a person benefit from the other, one kind of person use the other.

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When both are like minded, when both are similar in nature, only then they will work together. Only then they will cooperate with each other. When they have the same goals when they have the same purpose, then they will benefit one another.

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So these people, and he's done, they have the same goal. What was their goal to misguide humanity, to lead them astray from the worship of Allah?

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Now the question is, how did people benefit from the gene? And how the gene benefit from the people?

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First of all, how do people benefit from the gene?

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in magic, for instance, a person cannot perform magic without the help of the remember that

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a person would do extremely atrocious things in order to please the shouting, in order to make them happy. And then those shouting will help him in torturing another person in harming another person. For instance, we see that there is a particular person, no problem, nothing. And all of a sudden, it's as if their mind has turned about woman, they don't listen to their husband anymore. She hates her husband, she's extremely rebellious, all of a sudden, no problem, nothing whatsoever. All of a sudden, she just changes. Or, for example, a person has no physical problem, one test after the other, but the pain in their leg or the pain in their head just does not go away. Or they become so

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stubborn on what they have made up their mind with that no matter who tells them, they do not change. They do not wish to change their position on something.

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So what is it? It's the shaitaan is the jinn, who was inspiring this evil in the hearts of that woman in the hearts of this person, which is why she's becoming rebellious towards her husband who doesn't want him to touch her anything whatsoever like that.

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Or for instance, a person is constantly suffering from pain, what is the effect of magic? How is it happening? the jinn are being used,

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that somebody is using gin to harm another person. How can they use gin?

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By making the gym happy by offering something to the gym, by disobeying a loss penalty.

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And magicians they are the most evil people,

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most evil people

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they will do the most disgraceful and the most lowly actions even to police that

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they will disgrace the word of Allah soprano. They will humiliate the word of Allah, they will live in filth, why? Because that is what attracts the jinn. That is what pleases the jinn. And when they will come, they will obey them. So in magic, what do people do? They use gene.

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Similarly, in fortune telling to find out the news of the unseen people use gene as well.

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Like for example, they will capture some gene and what will they do? They will use them to find out what the angels are talking about, or what is going to happen to this person in the near future. Yes, nobody knows the unseen. But if Allah subhanaw taala has given a particular command to the angels and the angels. They are for example delegating the work or discussing the work or something, the jinn they go and spy the eavesdrop and then they go and tell these people.

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Similarly, what else do people do in order to benefit from the gym. It is said that in the Arabs, some poets, they were assisted by the gym as well, that they would inspire them with ideas. And then they would use these ideas they will propagate them, for instance against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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Earlier we learned that were initially Athena liahona in our earlier

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inspiring them

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with ideas, similarity, when people would travel, and if they had to stop by somewhere in the middle of the night, obviously, they would be afraid of something that might happen. Like people even today, they're free spirits and so on and so forth. So what the Arabs what they would do is if they would go to a particular place, and they would have to spend the night over there, and it was a desolate, barren place, they would say, a rule to be saved, he had to heal where the mean so for her economy, I seek refuge with the leader of this particular place, from the evil of who, from the evil of the foolish amongst the jinn, meaning from the mischievous amongst the jinn.

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So, they would seek refuge from the jinn, they will say, We seek refuge to the master of this valley from the evil of this valley, whether it is in the form of creatures or it is in the form of other gene, whereas a person should only see protection with

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with a loss of panel data. What should a person do if he needs protection, he should resize the eyes of course, see, the more aware the thing and not go to people who have gene who control gene and who used to protect you and to cure you know, chifa is only with a loss of handle data. It's not with a person who has been in his control is stumped are variable. Now, developing.

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On the other hand, how do jinn benefit from people?

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That first of all the jinn they end on

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when people are doing the most disgraceful things in order to please the jinn What are they doing getting?

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honor and respect,

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honor and respect,

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if people are sacrificing and offering animals and food and so on and so forth, then what is that the junior getting honor. For example, the general say that we have become the masters of both mankind and jinn. Because these human beings are coming to us.

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So, the people will say, that Robin is available now, Robin, Robin ohana and we have reached meaning while doing all of this. We reached a Jelena our appointed time, which appointed time under the adult Elena, the time which you fixed for us. And what is that time,

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the time of death or the time of day of judgment, Yokoyama that we were busy doing all of this, using one another, benefiting from one another, to disobey you to commit transgression against your servants. And eventually, death approached us. We never repented, and we died in that state. And this statement, expresses great regret on their part.

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Although he will say, meaning Allah will say in response, that anonymous welcome your aboard your home is the Hellfire must wise from the room fighters so well yet and must what is a place where a person stays for a very long time you were together in the dunya and you will be together in the hereafter. Because a model mermen.

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A person will be with those whom he loves. Whoever a person befriends, whoever a person keeps company off, he is the one whom he will be resurrected with in the hereafter.

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He is the one whom he will be with in the hereafter in his abode. And now Thomas welcome the Hellfire is your aboard Holly Dena fee her you will be abiding there eternally, in their Masha Allah, except if Allah wills, meaning you will only come out of the Hellfire, except if Allah wills in naraba Hakeem, and indeed your Lord is wise. And he's also knowing.

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Now what does it mean by the statement in lemma sha Allah, except if Allah wills

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Alo Artem Allah knows best about the reality of the statement. Because previously Allah has a quality and if he had they'll be abiding there in eternity, except if Allah wills What does he mean by that?

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It has been said that, first of all, it means man over here gives meaning of what meaning except for the time that Allah will will, in which there will be out of the

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out of the fire.

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Remember that the Hellfire or hell, gentlemen is not just fire. There is not just the punishment of fire. In general, there is a punishment of fire. There is a punishment of boiling hot water. There is a punishment of the moon. There's different different types of punishment.

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They will be transferred from one punishment to the other, one punishment to the other.

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So Illa Masha Allah refers to the time in which the inmates of Hellfire will be outside

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of the fire, but they will be in some other punishment. You understand

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outside of the punishment of fire, but in another punishment,

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or at first the time that they will come out from the fire to drink from the amin from the boiling hot water. But remember, not even for a moment, will they get out of Jannah?

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Not even for a moment will they get out of Jannah. But for a few moments when the punishment will change, or they will be transferred from one point to the other, from one punishment to the other. Like in this world, when a person is in the prison, he is kept in one jail cell.

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He's kept in one location, and then he is transferred to another location doesn't that happen? Now when they're being transferred, they're not in the jail. They're probably in a plane. They're probably in a vehicle, but there are still in that punishment. They're still imprisoned. So Allah Masha Allah refers to that time.

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Others have said that now over here first two months, it gives a sense of meaning except for those whom Allah wills and he takes them out of the Hellfire eventually, after they are taken their punishment.

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Because any person who uses the gym who performs magic, who uses agenda final delay, who disobeys a loss of penalty who remains in filth, who disrespects the word of Allah, who disrespects The Book of Allah, the prophet of Allah, the name of Allah, in performing magic, all of that is what major C major thing and according to some a person who performs magic he is committed COVID

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so there is not over. There is no repentance. But over here we see in that Masha Allah, except for a person, if he did Toba if he repented, if he made up for the wrong that he did, but still because he had harmed so many people. Therefore, he will go to the Hellfire, but eventually you will be taken out because he did do Toba.

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And after suffering his punishment in the Hellfire, eventually you will be taken out because remember, when a person commits a major sin, if it's against a loss of penalty, it's up to Allah. If he wants to forgive, he will forgive. But if it's something like magic, it's a sin against of law. And at the same time, it's a sin against people. If Allah forgives, okay, but what if the person does not forgive on whom the magic was done? What if he does not forgive? So for that a person has to bear the punishment he has to suffer the punishment. So once the punishment has been taken, Elana sha Allah when a person is taken out, that is what is meant by Elena Sharma. So in alberca,

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hachimura name indeed your Lord is wise. And he's also annoying, meaning he is wise in dealing with his creation, in ordaining for his creation, he does not do so. And he's also a lien, meaning he is fully aware of the actions that every single person commits, that every single person does. He knows how much advantage people have taken from the gene and Gene have taken from the people. And this is in fact a reality.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Why am I

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Michelle shall

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be bound.

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d, d. d.

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ID number 128.

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Well, Mayor, Sharon, Jimmy on and mentioned a prophet sallallahu wasallam. The day when Allah will gather them all together, meaning all people all gene from the first to the last.

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And then he will say, yeah, marshmallow Genie, or company of the gym, or assemblage of Virgin. He will address them.

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Then or the stock fell 2 million in see that you have misled many of mankind. You have missed that many of them. And you are taking many of them with you to Hellfire today. Why? How come?

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The insane the human beings they will reply. Wakata, Olia aluminum

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See robina is tandava buena be battling their allies among mankind they will say Our Lord, some of us made use of others, meaning the jinn and the human beings they used one another, how did they use one another

00:25:17--> 00:25:32

for the purposes of magic, similarly fortunetelling similarly, using the gene to harm other people, the gene using people as well for their own benefits, and all of these acts they come under major sense.

00:25:34--> 00:25:51

So, they will say, that have been a stem tarboro NaVi Berlin, Weber, Elena ajilon, a lady, a gelatin Anna, and we continue to do these actions. We continue to practice these practices and what happened. Eventually, we use the time of our death without having repented.

00:25:52--> 00:26:23

Call anonymous worker, a loss of times it will say that the fire is your abode holiday in a fever and you will abide there eternally Elana sha Allah exceptive Allah wills in Naropa Hakeem when rd indeed your Lord is wise, and he's also annoying, meaning he is wise. There's wisdom behind decreeing this punishment for those people who are involved in such practices. And he is fully aware of all of the deeds and practices of the human beings in the gene with one another.

00:26:25--> 00:26:26

What do we learn from this ayah?

00:26:28--> 00:26:34

First of all, we learned that many among people, majority of people, they are under the influence of Shere Khan.

00:26:35--> 00:26:38

Because Allah subhanaw taala says over here are the steps.

00:26:39--> 00:26:57

You have taken many, you have misled many, what is it show that many people, majority of the children of Adam are under the influence of Chevron. Chevron has been successful in taking many on his side, he has been successful in misleading many people.

00:26:59--> 00:27:08

Secondly, we all learn from this idea that using the gin using the gym, to get any type of benefit is incorrect.

00:27:09--> 00:27:50

Because over here, the people will say on the day of judgment that Rob Burnett is stumped about the burden, we benefited from one another. We use one another, whether it was for a good reason, or for a bad reason. Whether it was to help someone or to harm someone, we use the Djinn we benefited from them. But what does Allah say Allah and now Thomas welcome. Fire is your abode. So any action which leads to Hellfire in the Hereafter, that action is a major sin, it is something that is how long so using the jinn to get any kind of benefit is incorrect.

00:27:51--> 00:28:10

To the extent that the scholars have said that it is not permissible to seek the help of jinn, even for medical treatment, even for medical purposes, because sometimes when people cannot find a cure, or cannot find the reason behind a particular medical illness, they will go to someone who has been under their control. And they will tell them as to what their problem is what they're suffering from.

00:28:12--> 00:28:53

Or, for instance, if someone is under the effect of magic, they think that they're under the effect of magic, they will go to someone and the jinn who are with them, they will inform them that yes, so and so has done magic on you. And this is the cure for it. And they will use other gene to break down that magic to finish it. But we learned from here that using the gene for anything is incorrect. Because what has been said over here, Rob Burnett is done da ba ba ba ba ba, and this is a general statement. So whether the intent is good, or the intent is evil, it is incorrect. Why? Because seeking the help of jinn, seeking the help of jinn in any way whatsoever, is forbidden. It

00:28:53--> 00:28:54

is shipped

00:28:55--> 00:29:35

because Allah subhanaw taala says some sort of virgin I number six, and the translation of that is that verily they were men among mankind, who would take shelter with the men among the jinn. And the jinn increase the people in sin and transgression. It's possible that a person seeks the help of a gene for even a good cause. However, the gin will only increase him insane and transgression. Why? Because you cannot see the gin. You don't know the reality of that gin, he may be lying to you. He may be saying those things which are incorrect to you. You see, even amongst people, we don't know their reality, despite the fact that we can see them. Now, Jin hoo, we cannot see how do we know if

00:29:35--> 00:29:40

they're really believers. If they're really good, or they're evil, we cannot see them, we cannot tell

00:29:41--> 00:29:49

and many times to get a jinn to help you you have to please Him. You have to sacrifice for his sake and that is pure ship

00:29:50--> 00:29:51

that is shipped.

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

And this is why the scholars have said, for instance, Chef Abdulaziz of the moment because he was asked about

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ruling on using the services of Muslim jinn, believing jinn to treat diseases that is needed. And he replied at the sick person should not use services of jinn for treatment, or ask them for anything. Rather, he should ask well known doctors, but he should not turn to the jinn. Why? Because that is a means that leads to worshipping them and believing them.

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And among the jinn are some who are Catholic, and some were Muslim, and some were innovators and you don't know about them, you really don't know about them, because you cannot see them. Because sometimes we see that if somebody is unwell, people recommend go to so and so they have been under their control, they have been doctors and they can help you something very common even amongst the most righteous people. But we see that even this is incorrect. Even this is something that is forbidden.

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And somebody might tell, you know, that person has done with them. And they really good, I know of so and so they went over there and they got treated really quickly. But the fact is that you shouldn't get fooled by these things, because even the gen II will command the sky to rain and the rain will fall down. He will command many things to happen and they will happen doesn't mean that you should believe in the job. No. Similarly, it's possible that it's a test from the last panel title. So when something is not permissible, it is not permissible even if you find benefits in there.

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And what about controlling the gene using the gene?

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Because, you know, children have this thing that, you know, if I could just control one gene, my life will become so easy. Even that is not permissible. Why because robina isn't about one eyebrow. This is general whether for good or for evil purpose. So as far as they have said that as for the one who claims to have power over the jinn, and he claims that he can summon them, and they can obey Him, He should not be denounced as a catheter executed, meaning such a person should not be called a cafe. But rather he should be given a punishment a Thursday,

00:31:52--> 00:32:09

he should be given a severe punishment that should not reach the extent of execution. Why? Because people should take a lesson from this, that it is not permissible to use it in any way whatsoever. Because this leads to a lot of mischief. It leads to a lot of mischief.

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If there is one gene around people, and he is mingling with them, and how is he mingling with them through other people? Is that fair for a person that he is possessed by a gentleman when people wish to speak with a gene, the gene comes to the person through the person is that fair? No. one gene is coming, the another gene is coming, the another gene is coming, it leads to a lot of mischief.

00:32:32--> 00:32:53

And people's lives they get affected. So anyone who claims that he has control over the gene, he should not be supported, even if he's using the gene to help other people who should not be supported. Because our Dean is complete. A loss of panel data has taught us what are the ways of seeking protection? What are the ways of getting cure as well?

00:32:54--> 00:33:00

So if a person is suffering from a problem, instead of going to the gym, what should you do? What should you do?

00:33:01--> 00:33:13

Looking at a rookie to sherea that's what you should do. The hours the cards, the profits are loaded into the auto ship either in the crime they should be used, instead of going to other places for fuel.

00:33:15--> 00:33:21

Then we also learn from this ayah about a very important lesson, which is that before cooperating with anyone in something

00:33:22--> 00:33:27

before cooperating with anyone, always see what they're doing.

00:33:28--> 00:33:38

Because over here, what do we learn that Robin is dumped upon me by other people engender, we're cooperating with one another? They were helping one another.

00:33:39--> 00:33:58

So we learned from this that before cooperating with anyone in anything, what should we see? What is it that they're doing? Because if they're doing something wrong, and if you cooperate with them, you will be held responsible as well. You will be held responsible as well.

00:33:59--> 00:34:08

So always make sure how you are helping someone for what purpose you are cooperating with someone because you don't want your share in the evil that they're doing.

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Jelena Lady gentiana

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in Dhaka hakima Nani

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