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Al-Anam 128-140 Translation 128-140

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de la pseudogene Karim Ummah beret fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Rubbish Ronnie sadly were silly and re recorded on melissani yokocho. Holy, open as you can are in

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Lesson number 85 Surah Al anon is number 128 to 140

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transition way over and on day your shoe home he will gather them. Jimmy are all together. Yeah or Marsha group bulgin our surgeon but in fact is that served to you all sought and took a lot men from the humans the men

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or Carla and he said earlier or home their close friends men from an inch the humans are banner. Our web is tempter he benefited by donor some of us the burden with others webinar and we reached a Jelena our appointed time and Lady which agenda you appointed learner for us. Earlier he said a narrow the fire was working is your abode Harley dealer once abiding eternally see her in it in there except mile walk or who share he world. Allahu Allah. In indeed, Rob Berger, yo hachiman always always on the moon always all knowing

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whatever liquor and likewise, the worldly. We make close friends bauval some of worldly meaner the wrongdoers bother some of others be more because of what kernel they were the XC boon they earn yo Marshall group Elgin of the gym well in and the men and the humans. lm did not get the comb, he comes to you who saloon messengers, men come from you your persona, they narrate or they come upon you. I do my verses, were you in zero Nicole and they warn you they are meeting yo McComb of your day, her there this corlew they said shahidullah we will witness Allah against unfair sinner ourselves well and what it diluted them if deceived them are higher to the life adonia of the world.

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Where shall he do and they will witness our law against unfussy him themselves and the home that indeed they can do their work were Catherine wants to disbelieve

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their liquor that and because lamb not jaquan he is Rob Booker Europe lick one who destroys

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the dwellings, the towns, the women with injustice or blue hair while it's people who are saloon are ones who are unaware when they call in and for every dollar gelatin degrees ranks. members from what are neelu David warmer and not autoboca. Europe the horsey lane at all unaware about what they are Malone they do.

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What America and Europe need you the rich, the self sufficient bill, possessor of Russia of the mercy in his Yeshua, he wills us he will come He will take you away. We're selfless and he appoints successor main from Bara. diccon after you call your shadow He wills gemologist as unshackle He created you he raised you main from the reality descendants of springs omen of a people are hurrying others in indeed man What do I do now you all have promised let him surely want to come warmer and not until you be more busy at all ones who incapacitate make powerless don't say year or call me my people. It marylu y'all do Allah upon McKenna t comb your places in me indeed I am alone one who

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does for sofa so will soon Darla moon you all will know man who takuna it will be level for him activity and result consequence of death of the abode in the whole. Indeed he led not useless. He succeeds a worldly move.

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The wrongdoers for joy Lu and they made they set lilla he for Allah midmar from what there are he created men from and helps the cultivated field or the cultivation the crops well anon and the grazing livestock nursery when a portion for corn so they said Heather this lady for Allah bizarre me him with their assumption with their asserting well Heather and this this shoulder care enter for our partners from so what Turner it was clear to him for their partners fellas or not yes we do it reaches Illa to Allahu Allah warmer and what kana it was the levy for Allah for who was so eight years Sulu it reaches in our to show him their partners. Sir how bad how Evil Mal wat Yakumo The

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judge will cover liquor and likewise the yearner he adorned he beautified liquor serum for many men from Alicia cane those who do ship those who associate partners with Allah Butler killing Li The aim of their children Shoraka or when their partners Leo do so better lead them to destruction or so that they destroy them. When he will be sued and so that they made confusing. I lay him upon them the new home they religion, Willow and his share he will Allahu Allah mer not for our logo they did it for their home so you leave them warmer and what the restaurant they fabricate. For Carlo and they said how the heaters and r1 are grazing livestock or how soon and crop headroom prohibited.

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Less not. Yo amo her he eats it Illa except man who Misha we will desert army him with their exerting will anomaly and grazing livestock should remember it was made unlawful. To her its backs were unarmed and grazing livestock, land not your Karuna they pronounce they mentioned the Smith name of larvae of Allah or they have upon it if there are fabrication fabricating Allah ye against him, Surya Gz him soon he will recompense them the man because of what he can do they were yesterday they fabricate for Carlo and they said Mel Watt fee is in Baton abdomens. bellies heavy of this l&r the grazing livestock call is satune exclusively purely. Li the code reader for our meals will and

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will have Roman one prohibited Allah upon us Virgina, our wives were in and if yakun It was later turn one dead for home. So they see in it Shoraka partners. So you see him soon he will recompense them was for home for their attribution was for home for their attribution for their description. In the whole indeed he hercynian always our wise our little one always all knowing

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in fact casilla he suffered loss and Medina the zoo quartetto they killed earlier the home their children suffer harm due to foolishness, variety without any knowledge. Well had Romo ever made unlawful mail what was for whom he provided them, Allahu Allah, if there are to fabricate either against Allah He Allah or in fact the new day went astray. Wala and not can oh they were the ones who are rightly guided.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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kumiko Suna

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stuck with me

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the moon,

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everyone and

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