Yasir Qadhi – Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 08 Quran And Companions As Protection

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elaborates on verses 25 to 31 that touch base upon the topics of free will in Islam, recitation of the  Qur’an, keeping good company as protection and the ultimate warning of punishment and reward in Paradise.

The sleep of the people of the cave is discussed by the people of the time and people begin to guess how many years did this take place for. Allah answers these questions in verses 25 and 26 and this is the Final Word as Allah alone is more aware of this matter and He commands his beloved Messenger ﷺ to also follow the same.

We are made aware of the verses that our sole reliance should always be only upon Allah SWT and His Revelation because His statements cannot and will not be ever manipulated. His Speech and His Knowledge is unparalleled and should be believed as such.