Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 08 Quran And Companions As Protection

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elaborates on verses 25 to 31 that touch base upon the topics of free will in Islam, recitation of the  Qur’an, keeping good company as protection and the ultimate warning of punishment and reward in Paradise.

The sleep of the people of the cave is discussed by the people of the time and people begin to guess how many years did this take place for. Allah answers these questions in verses 25 and 26 and this is the Final Word as Allah alone is more aware of this matter and He commands his beloved Messenger ﷺ to also follow the same.

We are made aware of the verses that our sole reliance should always be only upon Allah SWT and His Revelation because His statements cannot and will not be ever manipulated. His Speech and His Knowledge is unparalleled and should be believed as such.


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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ibH Marina Mabry

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we have moved to verse number 25 of students at caf and Allah subhanho wa Taala. After mentioning the difference of opinion about their quantity, he then mentions a difference of opinion about how long they stayed. And here is really the images are the miracle of the Quran, that the people who asked about the cave and the cave were themselves ignorant about their quantity and their number. And they wanted to challenge the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to see if he knew anything about the people of the cave, not only did the prophets of Allah subhana wa tada respond to who the people of the cave work, he told the ohana Kitab that this these are your opinions. You said their five you

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said there are seven use of the three. And he told them the opinions about the number of years that they lived. And then he resolved their own difference of opinion. And so Allah subhana wa tada is showing the perfection of his knowledge that you dare challenge me about my knowledge, let me tell you even what you do not know. And so Allah says they stayed in their cave for 300 years. And some of them they added nine some of them added nine to get 309. And some of our scholars have pointed out that 300 years in the Gregorian calendar is 309 in the lunar calendar. And this clearly shows us again, that the precision of Allah subhana wa tada that this is a knowledge that the average Arab

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would not know at the time to convert number of solar years into lunar years, because 300 solar years is exactly 309 lunar years. So Allah said they stayed in their cave for 300 years, some of them added nine and they're both exactly the same. Because 300 solar years is 309 lunar years. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, Allah knows how long they stayed. And this is because the indicator, as I said, two days ago, if you go back to the story of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, the person who wrote the story, the monk wrote the story he actually said 370 years so there's a controversy even within their own.

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Nikita so Allah subhanho wa Taala says Allah knows how long they stayed. And Allah subhana wa tada has complete knowledge of everything in the heavens and earth ever saw to be he was a smear and this is for the Arabs This is Sousa to tie Jew Anima a smile hula vasara who be amazed at a laws site and a laws hearing other sort of be he will be amazed at Allah seeing and be amazed at a laws hearing. Allah sees all and a law hears all and they have no one they can turn to for protection besides Him, and none share the right of power, the right of legislation other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, the point of this ayah is the fact Allah is telling the GitHub in the Porush the fact that I know so

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much about the people of the cave, it demonstrates that only a law is I learned one who only Allah is truly divine, only Allah is worthy of worship. And if Allah is that powerful, then how can you turn to other than a law for your needs? Allah subhana wa tada then says this is now the story of the habit gap is finished, the people of the cave is finished. And then two points are mentioned. Both of these points go back to the main benefit from the cave from the people of the cave. Allah tells us how the people of the cave were saved. And then he derives two benefits for us when we need to be saved as well. He already tells us to turn to him What else can we do? Number one, what's Luma

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or a common Kitab Arabic recite what has been revealed to you of the book of your Lord? scholars say just like a lot protected the people of the cave through the cave. Then the story of the cave finishes the very next verse. When you're in a difficult situation, recite the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala what tomorrow to a connected Arabic so the book will be your protection. The book will shelter you like the cave sheltered them just as soon as the story of decay finishes. Allah subhana wa tada tells the Prophet system you need to recite the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there is an indication our protection, our saving our metaphorical cave will be by reciting the book

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of a law and this is exactly what our Prophet system did when he was on the hill.

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What did he do? He recited the Quran and it blinded the pradesh literally blinded the Quran. And there are many other instances of the Prophet system reciting the Quran to seek the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah says naumova dedicatee Mati he wanted you them into him will Tada. Nothing will change the speech of a law. Unlike the stories of alikat. As they keep on changing some set theory, some set five, some said seven, some said, there's some said that asked for the speech of a law, nothing changes, fables grow, legends change, the speech of a law never changes. And therefore you will never find a protector other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this

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is the first point when you're in trouble, turn to the Quran, turn to the Quran for protection. Another point that will benefit from the people of the cave have good companionship. Because the people of the cave had a group, they weren't single, they were with a group of people and believers have helped from the other believers. They seek help after Allah subhana wa tada from their brother. And so our Prophet system is told was good enough. Second, I lead in a donor below that he will he be patient, in staying with those who are making dua to Allah in the mornings and in the evenings. Now, it is said that an incident happened before this verse came down. And that is that omega had

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been high enough. And some of the leaders of the kurush they gave a ultimatum to the Prophet system. They said, if you get rid of banana, and Bowser, and even Masood, and these were all from their perspective, the low class, if you get rid of the second class citizens, we will then join you if you get rid of the low of the society because we don't want the people to say that we are associating with these riffraff with these lowly people. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed multiple verses, this is one of them. And there's verses in an arm and other verses that have the same motif. And this is one of them, that the Prophet system is warned against ever flirting with

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this idea. And in this verse, he is told rough enough set, be patient, no matter at whatever cost people ridicule you, people make fun of you even more, maybe some of the Sahaba might tax you in the in your patience. You need to be patient with them with those who make dua to Allah, the owner of the home in the morning and in the evening, which means constantly, they're always praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala and they only seek a loss pleasure. What do I knock on home? Don't even move your gaze beyond this batch. Don't even look at the other batch. Don't even be swayed by looking at the other batch. Stick your gaze towards the quality and don't look at the quantity. Don't look at the

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finery don't look at the prestige. Look at the man and taqwa and keep your eyes fixed at this group of people. What do I knock on home to redo Xena tell hayati dunia in case you might want the beauty of this world now, here's a point here. And it's a very important point and you will benefit from this point throughout the Quran. A lot of times brothers and sisters will read the Quran and we see something addressed directly to the prophet SAW Selim. And we don't understand that. Why would Allah say this to the process and when we know he could never be guilty of this crime. So for example, one verse says that if he dares, invents a lie against us, that we know the process of is ever going to

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invent a light. Another verse says, or messenger if you are in doubt as to what we have revealed to you, then go ask the people of the book when Quinta Fisher came in Monza, nikka first Adelina Corona Makita public, and yet we know the process was never in doubt. Yet the Quran seems to address him about a possibility that we know he could never have. And the average person who reads these types of verses gets confused. For example, in this verse, can we say that the Prophet system was tempted by the Zener of the koresh that he wanted the prestige of the Quran, and he wanted to get rid of the land? No, this never happened. But sometimes, and this is a manner of eloquence, the Profit System

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is addressed, and the addresses are us through him and not him. The process was addressed directly, but the real intent of the verse is us. And this is a rhetoric This is a device of eloquence that we need to understand that many times in the Quran, when the process is addressed, sometimes he is addressed directly. That's also obviously very common a line 10s him, but sometimes he is addressed, and we are the intended audience, not him. He's just being used to get the message to us. And this is an example over here that the Prophet system was never persuaded to get rid of banana or even Massoud. These were the earliest converts. These were the ones who are the stalwarts of the faith,

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but Allah subhana wa tada is giving us the message through the prophet system. Don't beat

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deceived by the finery by the fine fabrics by the Xena the outer appearance. Make sure you stick with the quality and that is where Allah subhana wa tada will protect you and that's what our Prophet says. Adam said that in nematodes, so Luna, Econ, Allah will help you not through your mind, not through your mighty but through your week in

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allez Nasir will come because of them because Allah is a way in a lot is Aziz and he will never allow the mighty to trample over the week unjustly so our process them as being told, and of course, we are the ones who need to listen. He was never persuaded that the process was being told. Don't be deceived by their finery stick with the quality of people one or two Turman lfl, number one Zykina whatever hahaha can ambu furuta and do not follow that group whose hearts we have made blind whose hearts we have covered up to our Vicar. The two groups are so different. One group is making do our morning and evening. The other group cannot even remember Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at the

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contrast between the two. The first group he had the owner of the home builder that he will he

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always declare always do I always err on the other group. They don't even remember Allah subhana wa Taala what do they do? What tebah wha hoo, they do whatever they desire to do, they follow their hella, and of course this person will can Unruh furuta This person will be completely lost completely in neglect. And Allah subhana wa tada then says, After answering the challenge of the orange, you wanted to know the people of the cave. I told you now what are you going to do? While Odin O'Meara become femen sheriff, a young woman shaliach for you wanted evidence, here it is. You wanted proof? It's right in front of you. You challenged me I answered the challenge. Now what are

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you going to do? The truth is from your Lord, if you want to accept it, then feel free to do so. Whoever wants to reject it, you may do so no. But what will happen of course here now Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us is a very important verse from insha Allah min woman shaliach for and this proves that we as Alison Noah, Gemma, believe in a type of freewill not ultimate freewill. We believe in a type of freewill that we are not robots. We are not completely much Buddhists, the Arabic word This is not true. Allah subhanaw taala has given us an element of freewill even though that free will of course is controlled by Allah other because nothing happens without his consent. And there are

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verses in the Quran that affirm freewill. And there are verses that affirm allows complete control over the creation. And both of these verses go hand in hand. And this is Sunni doctrine. In contrast to the extremist groups, one group said, Allah controls us like robots and we are like leaves in the wind and this is false. Another group said Allah has no control over us and we can do as we please. And this too is Cofer and false listener is in the middle. And the simple way of phrasing This is that Allah subhana wa tada has given us a will but Allah will is above our will Limon Shah a min komen yesterday, whoever wants to will find guidance when Martha una Illa Anisha Allah horrible me,

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but you will not want to find guidance unless Allah subhanaw taala has willed that guidance for you. So this ayah says, Here is the evidence you wanted, you want to believe it, go ahead, you want to reject it, go ahead. Then there are threats and punishments. And of course it is very common in the Quran. Never does Allah threaten, except that he also promises his rewards, never does a lot of talk about his job, except that he also talks about his drama, and this is the winner of Islam. This is the logical way. This is the way that makes sense the carrot and the stick, we need to be frightened and we also need to be encouraged. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions here the punishments of the

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fire of help, that those who reject after all of this we have prepared for them a fire that will envelope them and if they want water, they will be given water like oil, it will make their faces even more burnt bit. Sasha Rob was at Mostafa, what an evil drink that they're drinking and what an evil place to live. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the rewards of gender those who believe and those who do good, we will never cause their deeds to go to waste as for them, they will have genetic dejima data and how they will have Gardens under which rivers flow they will be wearing bracelets they're going to be having some Doosan established which are both types of silk and they

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are going to be reclining on couches near mirtha wobble or Hasselblad multifocal in contrast to Big Sur shabu. matava there is a contrast here bitser and niraamaya hustler and sad moussaka now the the punishments of hell and the rewards of gender are a constant motif of the Quran. And I wanted to just give one brief point about this because this is a very common philosophical problem. We get out

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All the time by non Muslims and frankly some of us as well shavon comes and gives us doubts. shaitaan comes and says to us, why is the punishment so severe? Why is there so much janome and na and, and and and boil and water boiling? I mean, why can't Allah just forgive and we all just forget everything about it. And this is what many religions criticize Islam for. And they also criticize Islam for the paradise sensual paradise, pleasures Jannat, and gardens and rivers and hurled and all of these things. So they criticize the strictness of john number of janome. And they criticize the pleasures of gender and they say what type of religion is this and frankly, some of us as well shape

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on comes and brings these ideas into our minds. Now again, much can be said in the heart of the time is limited. I just wanted to give one small point on each of these. As for the punishments, then a hadith in Sahih Muslim, explain some of the wisdom of that punishment, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask one of the people who's being punished, and in one version, the least of those who are being punished in Addabbo, jahannam, the least of them, Allah will ask him, if I were to allow you to get rid of all of this punishment by ransoming yourself off with all that you own, even your children and all of your wealth, would you do this? And the man will say, of course, I will even

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give my children I will give my wealth to get out of this punishment, then Allah will say, but what I asked you was much less than this. All I asked was that you worship me and don't to shirk with me. This was all that I asked for,

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to shake up, but you still insisted on worshipping false gods besides me. Now, this gives us some of the wisdoms of the harsh punishment. Let me give an example. So that we understand. Suppose your mother asks you for water, you're in the you're in the kitchen, she says, Give me some water. And you say, No, I'm not going to give you water. Nobody's gonna say it's no big deal. You said no, is just a glass of water. Everybody will say She's your mother. How dare you say no term? What in law he must. Allah has the perfect example. If your mother has so much right over you, that you're not giving her a glass of water, even if it's just a glass, people will say How dare you not answer that

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call? How about the one who gave your mother and her love and your life and everything and all that Allah wanted in return, that he doesn't need it. But this is the point of this life, you acknowledge Him, and you don't worship others besides him. That's all that Allah wanted. And the last set of the evidence is our intellect and the Quran and the prophecies and our fitara everything is telling us there was one god we should worship him. But we insist on living like animals, we turn away from the intellect, we turn away from our nature, we turn away from the Koran and we live like behind him as Allah says in

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the living like cattle burn him about the western cattle. If we insist on rejecting all of these, then the punishment makes sense. After all, that Allah has given us and asked for the rewards of gender, then no doubt many of the rewards are a physical nature. But two points here. Firstly, there are rewards that are other than physical and these are bigger and better. And the biggest reward of gender is to have that connection with Allah subhana wa tada to look at Allah and to hear the speech of Allah. And these are not the physical pleasures of this world. The greatest pleasures are not the physical pleasures of gender. Also, there are pleasures beyond the physical as Allah says Lucha

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manga una fear they will have whatever they want. Whenever they know Masood, we have more than this will have their own they will have whatever they want. So for some people, they will want things that are other than physical and they will get those things and the Hadith, the famous Hadith of the man who came to the process and said, O Messenger of Allah, I love to cultivate, I want to plant seeds, and I want to cultivate and I want to, you know, let the seeds grow. Will Allah allow me to grow plants in general? So the Prophet system described beautifully, yes, Allah will allow you to plant the seed and the seed will be the biggest and you will pluck the fruits right then and there

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at which one of the better instead of the Messenger of Allah, this guy who asked the question, he must be from one of the unsolved because we're lucky we hate to plant we don't want planting the agenda. And I can sympathize with the veteran when it comes to this wonder garden. I don't have any green thumb. I don't have much enjoyment in the backyard. But some of you have enjoyment there. So what is the point of this hadith? He wanted something that's not mentioned in the Quran, right? That's his joy. The point is, Allah is telling us generic choice. joys that frankly and listen to this carefully may be very explicit here. Well, he they can mock as much as they want the images of

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the Quran. They can mock it as much as they want, but their human nature cannot contradict the way Allah created them. When Allah gives them wealth and status, how do they build their own mansions and our

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This is Janet antigenemia Tatiana, now they have their swimming pools, their jacuzzi, they have the shrubbery and the greenery. And they also have the requirement of talking about here, but they have all of this, right? This is what they want. You cannot deny human nature, when they have that power and their wealth, how do they enjoy this dunya exactly like what Allah is describing, Jen, because you cannot go against your human nature, even if you intellectualize it, even if you pretend you're sophisticated, what is the reality, every person of wealth, they build their own little genetic material and how they build their own equivalent, it is ingrained in us that water and greenery and

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large buildings, this is what we like, and we want our houses to be like this. So Allah speaks to us in a language will love it, every one of us, we sympathize with it understand every one of us, but the point is, gender is more than this. Yes, this is their, what are they in amazi we have much more than this. So let us not feel embarrassed about the descriptions of gender. We're all wanted Muslim and cafard they want this thing and there's much more than this and ask for the punishments of Jana. Well Allah is as he is and Allah is Hakeem and allow all the required from us that we acknowledge Him and worship Him. And if somebody insists on turning away from everything, well then he deserves

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that which is coming to him with this inshallah we conclude with the story of us who will have tomorrow we'll start with the second story, and that is the story of the two guardians was sent Mr. de la he was about to catch it.