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Al-Anam 128-140 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 129-131

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What an early kind of early bird of oily mean about one and thus we will make some wrongdoers allies of others Bhima can we oxymoron because of what they used to earn work identical meaning just as the jinn they had the upper hand in leading people astray. They misled many amongst mankind. Similarly, what do we do? No one Li we make close friends, we make as allies who Baba Wally means some wrongdoers Barban to some others, meaning wrongdoers are made allies of one another. Why be mad? Can we accept one because of what they used to do? Because of what they used to earn the word unworldly is better as well I'm here

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and the word annuity can be understood in many different ways. First of all, it is said that nobody is from delay and delay is governance, leadership authority. So normally, meaning we put in charge, we give leadership we give authority to

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we make leaders who do we make leaders, some wrongdoers over who over other wrongdoers. Some wrongdoers are made leaders of other wrongdoers

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a person who does when he becomes a leader who another person who does when

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you understand.

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And this is the opinion of the majority of an autopsy of those scholars who did that see that we make one volume, masala over others.

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So in other words, volume are headed by volume leaders, volume people, what kind of leaders do they have running? And this is a form of punishment. For those people who do

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a person who does one on another. A loss of penalty replaces a volume over him to do his own upon him.

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Do you understand why we might can we accept one because of the wrong actions that they have been doing? So whenever a person does one, there is someone else who comes in doesn't on him apart? One set? One moment getting in there. Yeah, don't worry.

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There is no hand, except that the hand of of law is above it is over. Meaning nobody's trying to do some things that that have less authority over him.

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Whenever they mean unless you build a building.

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And there is no unjust person, except that you will be tested by another unjust person. And this is a form of punishment, that when a person is unjust to the other, Allah places someone on top of him who is unjust to him.

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And when does this happen? In terms of number 36, we learn once a year, sure exactly Roman, Nokia blue shaitan. For whoever who Kareem and whoever is blinded from the remembrance of Allah from the remembrance of the Most Merciful, then what happens we appoint for him a devil, and he becomes a companion friend of his. He becomes this companion, who is constantly continuously ordering and commanding him to disobey a loss of

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who, a person who does learn towards the Ayat of Allah that He neglects, he turns away he forgets, he turns a blind eye to the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala whether it is a Koran or the Sunnah, he does run towards them. What happens if Allah subhanaw taala places have run him over him?

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And who is that an evil Shepherd, who is constantly whispering to him, evil actions, evil thoughts, and this is a form of punishment, that shaytaan overpower such a person and then he uses him as a puppet to mislead others as well.

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Secondly, it is said that normally it is derived from the word relay as well again, which gives the meaning of friendship. One is governance authority. The other meaning is of friendship support. So no one Lee What does it mean by that, that we make them allies and helpers and assistance of one another.

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We make them allies of one another. They help one another.

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Just as we learn from the Quran is a little unfair. I number 73. That one Medina cafaro bow boom Odia Oba and those who disbelieved their allies of one another. So when a person does one who becomes his friend

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will become different

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Another volume, another unjust person, because it's not possible that an unjust person would like adjust person, or that adjust person would like an unjust person. People only befriend one another when they're similar in their nature, when they have the same goals, when they want to achieve the same targets, when they have the same interests. So if a person loves injustice, he will only befriend an unjust person. And thus what happens, the unjust person he increases in his injustice, the volume increases in his world,

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instead of seeing is wrong and repenting from it, what does he do? He increases in the world why, because that is what his friend is also doing. That is what his friend is also encouraging. And this is also a form of punishment. This is also a form of punishment. When a person is given evil friends, who encouraged him to do evil, who encouraged him to sin and disobey Allah, this is also a form of punishment.

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Then it is also said that no one D is from the word more or less, which is to do something one after another, why in order to complete it,

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to do one thing after the other, in order to complete it,

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it is to walk one after the other, to do one action and immediately after you do the other action immediately after you do the other action.

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The other day, I was watching this video of how they make carving candles, was amazing how they spend so much time and effort in making a candle that almost like acrylic. And what they do is that they dip it in different colored wax. So what happens is that there's a layer of white then there's a layer of blue, that there is a layer of green different different colors. And while it's warmer than the curve, it's a different conversation. But anyway, but you have to constantly follow one dipping with the other dipping, you put it into hot wax, you put it in cold water, then again you put in a hot wax, this is what more or less to do one action immediately after the other to do one

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action immediately after the other. There's continuty

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so not only what does it mean,

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that in the Hereafter, when they will be told these unjust jinn and human beings when they will be told and now Thomas welcome, then what's going to happen? They're going to be made to enter Hellfire one after the other.

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They're going to be admitted into the Hellfire, one after the other.

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Fourthly, the word no one gives a sense of because when I am in closeness as well, it gives them meaning of friendship, but it also gives a sense of closeness. So, just as these people and Jane they were close to one another in the dunya. Similarly, they will be close to one another in the hereafter in the punishment they will be together.

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work or they can only viable volley minibar oven,

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whether they are from the human beings, or from the gene, some aggressors, with other oppressors. Why, as a punishment for the wrongs that they have done? What do we learn from this idea?

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First of all, we learned that friendship is always based on common interests.

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Because it's the volume who befriends the volume.

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Friendship is always based on common interests. If you have the same interest as another person, the same goal as the other person,

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it will be very easy for you to come closer to them, it will be very easy for you to befriend them. But if there are two people, even if they're married, even if they're living in the same house, even if they're siblings, but they have completely different goals in life. Can they ever come together?

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They can never be together, they will be separate from each other, even if they're living together.

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Those people who have opposite thinking they can never be friends.

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And those people who are bad themselves, who they befriend that people

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if you want to check yourself, who should you check your friends? Because your friends reflect who you really are.

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Your friends reflect who you really are, what they do, what they talk about, where they go, what they like doing, that shows what you like them. That shows what you talk about, that shows where you like to go. What you want to eat.

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A friend is a reflection of his friend. We don't interrupt the Toba I number 71 that one won't me No, no one what Minato barbu earlier about the believing men and believing women, they're allies of one another. They're friends of one another. Their hearts will come together

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this ayah is that oppressive and unjust leaders are placed over who

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oppressive and unjust people. Many times people are found complaining, especially Muslims, that are leaders. They're so corrupt. They're so unjust, they're so unfair.

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But this is because the people are unjust. This is because the people are corrupt. This is because the people are unfair. Because it's not possible that there are people, a nation, who are hardworking, who are sincere, who are just and fair with one another. And their leader is opposite to them. Because the leader is one of the people. He's just one of them, who is placed on top of them. And he's perhaps the best of them, who is based on top of them. So whatever the people are good at, that is what their leader will be good at as well. Whatever the people are good at, that is what their leader will be good at as well.

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Then we also learn from this ayah, that oppressive leaders are placed over who, over those people who are sinful, because Allah has been a kind of waxy bone. So oppressive leaders, unjust leaders, they are a form of punishment. Don't just think it's a conspiracy. This is a form of punishment from, from a loss of penalty to be mechanically exclude. Remember earlier, we learned that you think that a law cannot punish you, he could send a punishment upon you, from below you, from above you. And above you also means by placing those above you who are oppressive, who are corrupt, who are unjust.

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Even our best will they learn who he said that when Allah is angry with people, when Allah is angry with the people, he appoints unjust rulers over them.

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And on the other hand, if Allah is happy with people, then he's going to place upon them a leader who is just,

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we also learn from this idea that whatever a person does, that is what he receives.

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If a person does wood, what will you receive?

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If a person speaks the truth, then others will also speak the truth to him. If a person speaks nicely, others would also speak nicely to him. Whatever a person does, that is exactly what he receives. If you want good to be done to you, then you must do good to others as well.

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If you fulfill others needs, then what's going to happen? A lot will fulfill your needs. If you try to help another person, Allah will help you if you pray for another person and Angel will pray for you, isn't it? Whatever you do, that is exactly what you get.

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And you know how people are always complaining, especially mothers that are children, they don't eat properly. They don't eat properly. I'm sure those of you who are children, you must have heard your parents complaining, why don't you eat properly? Those of you who are mothers, you must be complaining, well, why didn't our children eat properly?

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Somebody was saying that their teacher, they were asked this question a lot that our children don't eat properly, what do we do? Probably asking for some they could have something to say so that the children would start eating properly. And he said go feed the child of a hungry person and your child will start eating.

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If you want your child to eat, go feed another child.

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So if you want something to come your way, go do that to another person. Whatever you do, that is exactly what will come back to you in a little so number seven, we learned in our center, our center only unphysical if you do good, you good for yourself, the good will come back to you. But most of the time what do we think?

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What do we think?

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That only do good for yourself? If I do good for myself, only then I will get good. What does Allah subhanaw taala teaches if you want good for yourself, go do good to others.

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Yeah marshadow Genie will its own company of jinn and mankind. Allah subhanaw taala will address them.

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And let me know Salamanca did not come to you messengers from among you.

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Meaning How come you reach the state that you used one another? for evil purposes? You to check by associating one another with a loss of time?

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What happened? Why did you use one another for wrong in order to harm others? Why did you learn with the friendship of one another by cooperating with one another? Why didn't anyone tell you that what you were doing was wrong? Lm yet de como pseudo minko did messengers not come to you from among yourselves.

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So almost a penalty will say this to them when they will be shown the punishment

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When they will be told anonymous welcome. Then Allah will ask them lm Yeti con and this is question for the purpose of reproach is defined for the purpose of there'll be

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a notice the word and also that it's the plural of so many messengers, several messengers, not just one messenger, but many messengers, then they come to you.

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And notice it has been said over here men come among you, what does it mean?

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What does it mean by this minko among you, that human beings they were sent messengers from, from human beings, and when they were sent messengers from from within

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your casona, Anika iottie, who narrate upon you my dear persona of newsletters, carbs for pasta yakusoku, which literally means to follow. And then it's used for narrating for telling for relating. So they were telling you about my eye at 100, calm, and they would warn you, they call me come Heather, the meeting of your day of this day of yours, then they come to warn you, when you told about this day of yours, the day of judgment, the day of eternity, follow, they will say shahidan, we bear witness Allah and fusina against ourselves. We bear witness against ourselves that yes, the messengers did come to us, and they did convey the warning to us. However, we did not pay

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any attention. We did not take any heat, we did not change our ways.

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Remember earlier, we learned

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about the angels who came to the city of Babel, at the time of Solomon.

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And they're the ones who thought magic and the shouting. They learned and they taught and the people also they learned and taught but the angels they would not teach magic except what it said before saying in national fits metal fanatic for we are only a trial don't do kufr by learning this magic and by practicing this magic, but still What do people do? Forget on the moon, but still they learn.

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So yes, people knew. It's not what they know. Of course, they knew very well. But deliberately, they preferred the pleasure of this dunya over what the

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they sold they're here after for some benefits in this domain.

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Remember, a person who does magic he is committed cowfish

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a person who seeks the help of gin he is committing ship. One who does ship layer baton nama milk is litter wasted, completely nullified. And a person who has covered everything of it is altruistic.

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So why is it that people prefer some benefits of dunya over there after that they sell their alpha for the benefit of this dunya Why? Allah says well on Letterman, high academia, it's this worldly life that has completely deluded them, that they think the benefit of this dunya is the only benefit. this dunya seems so big to them, so important to them, that they can't pay any attention. They can't care less about the robot who will hire to do

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what should he do? And they will bear witness either and forcing him against themselves what unknown can okay feeling that indeed they were disbelievers, they will justify themselves. So it will not be unjust on the part of a loss penalty to send these people to Hellfire, because they themselves will confess that yes, indeed messengers did come to us, but we did not accept it was our fault. We share it to other unforeseen, unknown Canon caffine they will confess, but obviously, this confession is not going to help at that time. This helps only Indonesia. When a person after this confession, he changes his ways. What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learn that messengers were sent to both human beings as well as Pidgin

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because both the ins and the jinn they have been created for what for the worship of Allah subhanaw taala woman Hala Jin will insert in there, Leah Vodoun. I have not created the jinn or men except that they should worship me. So it's not possible that human beings in their mocha left me they're going to be held accountable for what they have done. And it was a penalty did not teach them the ways of worshipping. Of course he did. This is a part of a loss of penalties Mercy is justice. So if Allah sent messengers to human beings, then he also sent messengers do gene as well. If human beings were taught how to worship Allah than the jinn were also taught how to worship Allah. If a human

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beings were taught what was right what was wrong

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Similar teachings were also given to the gym. Because this is a loss of pantallas justice.

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However, there is a difference of opinion whether jinn messengers were sent to the gym, or human messengers were sent.

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Some have said that gym messengers were sent to the jinn only until the human beings came into this dunya.

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Because remember, before human beings who lived in this world, the dream

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so to them, a lot of penalty sent didn't messengers. Why? Because any creation, if a warner is to be sent to them, that Warner is from who from among them,

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we learn in sort of Islam, number 95, that coloque NFL or the Mullah Eagleton, em shuna motema in Nina, Leonard zelner I lay him in a summer he Melaka masuleh

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that if there were angels who lived in this dunya then we would have sent upon them who an angel messenger

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because the people of Makkah would say that how come Oh, Mohammed sort of assume you're a human being if you're the messenger, and Angel messenger should have come to us, but what does Allah say that no, whatever the creation is, the messenger who was sent to them is off themselves.

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So, therefore, some scholars have said that up until the time that the human beings came into this dunya gene, messengers were sent to the gym.

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And after the human beings came to this dunya then what happened? The human messengers are also for who for the gym, which is why we learn that the prophets are a lot of sudden he was a messenger towards,

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towards the human beings as well as the gym,

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towards the human beings as well as the gym.

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And we learn from many incidents in the Sierra. For instance, we learn in divinity and other books of Hadith as well. That the prophets of Allah Sodom he recited to to recommend

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to to the gym, in which our last presenter has said sign up for Ebola come at us.

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We shall attend to you meaning both of you, or you to classes meaning or you to creation Virgin and the human beings. So we see that Allah subhanaw taala addresses the human beings as well as the jinn were in the Quran. For Ba La Jacobi Kuma to cut the band notice of destiny, it's dual because it's been addressed to the human beings as well as the jinn.

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Similarly, we learned that once a delegation of jinn they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to listen to his recitation, intro to gene I number one and two we learned called oh here in a year, and now Santa Ana phenomenal gene for calling in NASA Mariner and an idea of a sale or profits or a virus. Alan, it has been revealed to me that a group of the gym Listen, and they said indeed we have heard an amazing call on yesterday. Ella Roche de furama NaVi well a new sugar bill have been added it guides to the right course and we have believed in it and we will never associate with our Lord anyone.

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So the jinn, they would come and listen to the profit sort of artisan recitation as well, even when he would recite the insula. Similarly, in total a half is 29 and 30. We learn what is sort of net la Cana for Amina Genie, the SME owner,

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and mentioned profits or losses and then when we direct it to you a few of the Djinn some of the jinn, they were directed to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they were listening to the Quran, fellow mahabharatha carlu and three, two, and when they attended it, they said listen quietly. Nobody told them this rule that when the Quran is being recited, you should listen quietly. But they heard the Quran and they knew that this word, it deserves respect, and you have to listen attentively.

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The jinn knew about it for llama phobia, when no one's even. And when it was concluded, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam finished the recitation, then what happened? These Jin they went back to their people as Warner's. One lecture was enough, one recitation of the Quran was enough and they went to their people as Warner's.

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So basically there are two opinions with regards to Jin messenger some of them said that no, there were never any gene messengers there were always human messengers. Why? Because a lot of parents are the second sort of use of AI a 109 or more of a sudden I'm Informatica in that region, know

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that we sent out before you any but men, digital and men, so before you who were sent as messengers, men, meaning human beings, some scholars say that there were no gene messengers, but rather human beings were sent

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as messengers always,

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other scholars say that no, before human beings who lived in this dunya the jinn. So obviously a lot of penalty did send some messenger to them. And we learned that, as I mentioned to you that if they're also woken up, then they have to be taught as well. How would they be taught by someone who they cannot relate with? know, if Allah subhanaw taala always sent a messenger who spoke the same language, then why wouldn't he send a messenger who was of the same type so that, that creation could relate with that messenger. They weren't intimidated by him.

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And others have said that Jin, they were messengers, and they were also as warriors. They were also as warriors. Meaning, the jinn they heard from the human messengers. And then they conveyed the message to,

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to the surgeon,

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just as at the time of the prophet SAW

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that there were some men who came and listened to the prophet SAW about Islam who believed. And what did they do then? Well, lo, in a coma him Wednesday, they went back to their people as ones.

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Today, minor Islam at his time was well, he had the jinn under his control, and that was a characteristic that was given exclusively to him. Which is why some people say that sort of under the sun, a big an under his control, so that's why it's permissible for us to control the gene as well. But remember, so they manually said he made this law that all of his work that you've given me, don't give it to anyone else after me.

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And that door was accepted. This was given exclusively to him, which is why once the Prophet sallallahu sallam, there was a jinn, who tried to harm him in some way. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that he was going to capture the jinn and tie him to the mustard so that people would see. But he said that I remember that. My brother said, Amen. And that's why they do.

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So even the Prophet said, a lot of them didn't get religion. So how can anyone else claim that it's okay for me? It's not a difference. It's not permissible.

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So so the minor lesson I'm at his time was well the virgin under him, and he was a messenger to the people as well as, similarly the prophets of Allah Salah he was a messenger to the people as well as the jinn.

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Then another very important lesson that we learned from this ayah is that a lot of panel data sent Warners to every community,

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to every community because Allah says Allah Mia tikka masala, and

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that if messengers were sent to the jinn, they were sent to the people as well. And he sent messengers to all people to Elgin, if not messengers, at least Warner's, the message was conveyed to all people to all communities, whether it's human beings or the jinn, any macula being.

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Then we also learn from this is that people, they will admit, the fact of the day of judgment, that messengers and Warner's did come to them. And if they did not accept it was their fault.

00:27:58--> 00:28:00

If they did not accept it was their fault.

00:28:02--> 00:28:04

Now, even today, people they have heard about,

00:28:06--> 00:28:07

they have heard about him,

00:28:08--> 00:28:13

especially after the recent events. Everybody knows about Islam. Everybody knows about the Prophet ceremonies.

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And we might be thinking that all of these events, they are against us, yes, they're very difficult for US dollar. However, behind everything, there is the wisdom of the law. If we were not doing our activity, las panatela used other people to convey his message, at least people have heard. So on the Day of Judgment, people will confess that messengers did come to them.

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And we learned into the book as well, that when people when they will be entering Hellfire, the keeper of the Hellfire, he will ask them, allow me to come to the water not come to you. What will they say? Are you better, they will say, of course, are the jannetty a wonder they come to us for the debonair, but we denied well corner and we said manners that allow them in shade in unto iloveyou. But I didn't copy. It was our problem, our mistake, we said that Allah has not sent down anything, you are not but in great error.

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Then we also have in this ayah that what prevents a person from accepting the warning of the messenger is the deception of this worldly life.

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What prevents a person from accepting the warning of the messenger from accepting the message that the messenger has delivered? Whether it is a command or it is a prohibition? What is it that preventing? It's the fact that he is deceived by this life of the year.

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He is so impressed by this dunya he is so much in love with this worldly life, that he cannot even think of leaving any part of it or compromising any part of it. For the sake of is

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what we will hire to do. This is what dilutes the person this is what deceives the person

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then we also learn from this is about the importance of

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warning people about the Day of Judgment. Because Allah Subhana Allah says over here elemi tikka masala and we're using the Runa ko Lika iomega mhada, who would warn you about this day of yours? So it is our responsibility that we must warn people about the coming of the Day of Judgment.

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That is one of the main ways of doing Dawa. One of the main things that we should tell people when doing Dawa.

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velyka that is, meaning, a loss of penalties sent messengers to warn the people and the Djinn. Why? Because velyka alum and over here gives a sense of the unknown. Because not Yoko rabuka your Lord is not Metallica, one who destroys Cora, the towns that wellings al Cora is a Florida and Korea

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and Korea so numerous car for a year, which literally means to gather to assemble. So here is a population of people.

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What is a population of people?

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So you can apply to a small town, a village, or even a big city?

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Because in the word Korea, the emphasis is on the population. So Allah does not destroy any dwelling visible men with injustice will know how violence people are often are ones who are unaware.

00:31:29--> 00:31:37

What does it mean by this, that he does not destroy people below them in with injustice, meaning with injustice on his part,

00:31:38--> 00:31:40

with injustice on his part,

00:31:41--> 00:32:10

that when he punishes people, he does not punish them out of injustice, that the people their life, they don't they're unaware, they're completely ignorant of what the truth is. And still Allah would punish them if Allah would punishment that would be what injustice on his part, but rather, Allah soprano Tara has sent messengers to guide people to warn people, and if he did punish them afterwards, that is because of the wrongs that they themselves have done.

00:32:11--> 00:32:14

That is because of the wrong that they themselves have done.

00:32:16--> 00:32:25

So what do we learn from this is that Allah subhanaw taala does not punish any people without informing them about what right is, and about what wrongest

00:32:26--> 00:32:33

once people know, the messengers have been sent, and still, if people deny them, they're punished.

00:32:34--> 00:32:39

Whether this punishment comes into dounia or that punishment comes in the hereafter.

00:32:40--> 00:32:42

punishment is only given to who

00:32:43--> 00:32:45

the one who does learn how

00:32:46--> 00:32:51

knowingly a person who has no idea he is not held accountable.

00:32:52--> 00:32:55

A person who has no idea whatsoever, he's not held accountable.

00:32:57--> 00:33:16

We don't insult falsehood is number 24. That in that arsenic have been happy Bashir on one or the other. Indeed, we have sent you with the truth as a bringer of good news. And also as a warner, what imin omoton illa Halevy hannity and there was no nation, but that there had passed within it a warning.

00:33:17--> 00:33:35

This is why Allah subhanaw taala sent Warners to every people. Similarly intrapreneur is number 36. sweeter and Warlock autobiography Kohli Amato persona, and certainly we send into every nation a messenger and yet with a law, which then he will follow would say that worship Allah and avoid thorvald

00:33:37--> 00:33:46

similar similarly without insulting Islam number 15. Omar Khan, Mr. Divina had never thought of sooner, and never would we punish until we send a messenger

00:33:47--> 00:34:01

so Allah subhanaw taala only sends punishment in this dunya or in the aphylla. When, when people have done wrong, despite knowing what the truth is, despite knowing what wrongness

00:34:02--> 00:34:08

if they do it out of ignorance, then they fall in another situation. It's another case.

00:34:10--> 00:34:13

Now person might wonder what about those people to whom the messenger was sent?

00:34:14--> 00:34:21

But the fact is that a messenger was sent to every people, whether it was sent 2000 years ago, 5000 years ago, Allahu Allah.

00:34:22--> 00:34:28

Allah knows best. But Allah has said that he sent messengers to every people, if not messengers at least Warner's

00:34:30--> 00:34:39

and he has placed the science, visible science in the heavens in the earth for us to see through which we can reduce the fact that there is only one God

00:34:41--> 00:34:42

presentation of design.

00:34:44--> 00:34:44


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lm t

00:35:08--> 00:35:09


00:35:26--> 00:35:27


00:36:03--> 00:36:04

See this word over here.

00:36:05--> 00:36:11

This has been understood in two ways. One meaning is what I told you, that was on his part on the part of a loss,

00:36:12--> 00:36:31

that he would punish them without warning them without making the truth and falsehood clear to them. Secondly, they said that bill Bowerman, this is loaded on the part of the people, that they are committing some wrong some injustice, whether it is chick or something else. And Allah destroys them. While they are doing this one out of

00:36:33--> 00:36:38

what you have are feeling right, it's people are often unaware of the fact that what they're doing is actually

00:36:39--> 00:37:05

gender said, So, because women can be understood in two ways. Most scholars have gone for the second opinion that I gave a second meaning that on the part of the people, because if Allah subhanaw taala does punish people, even without really sending a messenger, then we are His creation. We are his mum, Luke, and he is a medic, and he can do whatever you want. A Malik is not answerable for how he treats his family.

00:37:06--> 00:37:11

So cannot be said that a loss of powder would do in any way whatsoever.

00:37:12--> 00:37:14

So what do we learn from these if

00:37:15--> 00:37:44

we see that magic is so prevalent within Muslims, especially in Muslim countries, on the legal issues as well, if somebody does not want their husband to get married, and otherwise, they will go to magic, they want to get into their in laws, they will do magic. If they don't want the person to whom they have taken the loan from, they will do magic on them. And sometimes it's so severe that it will pass on from generation to generation. What else?

00:37:45--> 00:37:51

If evil friends are a form of punishment, then good friends are a blessing.

00:37:53--> 00:38:05

Because evil friends, what do they encourage a person to do wrong things? And good friends? On the contrary, what do they encourage a person to good things. So there are a blessing of a loss of a person to take advantage.

00:38:06--> 00:38:14

And if you throw a ball on the wall, it will come back to you in the same way. If you throw it with force, it's gonna come back to you with force.

00:38:15--> 00:38:18

So whatever you do, that is exactly what you get.

00:38:20--> 00:38:44

And we learned earlier that everything that was private is created it is Oman, there Oman community just like you. So just as there is a world of people similarly there is a world of June. And Allah subhanaw taala is the love of Allah, Allah mean, all of the worlds, the world of human beings, a world of jinn, the world of ants, all of these worlds, Allah subhanaw taala is the rock the master of all of them.

00:38:45--> 00:39:21

And we don't have the means of working it can only mean about one is that a violin is under the oppression of another lady. That asylum he's the one who leads he's the one who had another volume. And this is when a person leaves the record of a loss of panel data that allowed him is made his leader his guide, when a personal way Yeah, sure. And if you have a man who forgets the Quran, whoever leaves it, whoever turns a blind eye, then what happens happen becomes this companion. He becomes this leader, he becomes this guide.

00:39:22--> 00:39:36

And over here they're confessing. But we learned that other places where they will lie, that melkonian wishing we never did check, but the hypocrite lies in dystonia, and he definitely lies in the ACA as well, which is why the hypocrite will be fitter kill us.

00:39:38--> 00:40:00

And the Obama center Welcome everybody. We learned that using the gene for any purpose is something that is incorrect. And if a person is sick or is unwell, and he's given the contact number of a person who has been then what are you doing, you're cooperating with them, you're supporting them, even if you said I don't believe in it. So let's see what he says. You're actually calling

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

with them, but we learned that cooperating with someone who's doing something wrong is incorrect because you get a share of that wrong as well. Even if you're not actively involved in it, you allow someone to do it, you're helping someone to do it. So before cooperating with anyone in anything, make sure you know what you're getting your hands into.

00:40:19--> 00:40:20

Whenever you go for any kind of treatment,

00:40:21--> 00:40:23

make sure you know what you're getting

00:40:43--> 00:40:44

kumiko soon

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