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Al-Ahzab 59-73 Translation 59-73

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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nasma dua Salli ala rasulillah Karim and Madame vous Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Rubbish. Lisa di wire silly Emery Rasul opendata melissani Yakubu Foley robina Xena ima Allah hamasaki

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lesson number 225

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verses 59 to 73.

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Translation. Yeah, are you ha Oh, and bu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Can you say Lee as Raja to your wives wa and Ben Attica to your daughters wha and nissa t to women, meaning that believers do the Nina they draw near.

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They bring clothes. You the Nina. They draw near. They bring clothes. I lay in upon them. Men from Jayla BB in their cloaks, they are shawls that alica that ivenna is closer and that you're up now, they are recognized by law. So not you then they are harmed.

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Wha and Ghana? He is ever. Allahu Allah. Wa Fudan, most forgiving rahima always All Merciful, especially merciful.

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law in Surely if lamb did not gentle he, he stops Almanack. yeppoon. The hypocrites, well, and alladhina those who feed in aluminium, their hearts merredin disease, WA, and I'll Mooji funa those who propagate false news. Those who spread rumors, fear mongers

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fee in Almudena at the city.

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Law no hurry yanaka surely we will definitely incite you. Surely we will definitely incite you sallallahu wasallam be him with them. sama then law not you jabiru Naka. They will be your neighbors. He ha in it. Illa except pallida alyttle

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Maloney, once cursed at Noma, wherever, two people they were found okizu they were seized. Why? And what they do they were killed. The katiba a complete massacre. Darfur de la a complete massacre.

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Sonata way Allahu Allah be concerning. I levina those who Hello the past men from family before them were and land never Vegeta you will find the sooner the four way a la he have an Videla any change

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just a Luca. He asks you and NASA the people on about a side the our oil you see in NEMA. Indeed not but I will Moha knowledge of it in the near Allahu Allah. Wa and what you the rica it will inform you know Allah perhaps as the hour, the kuno it be a Reba near

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inna Indeed, Allah Allah, La Hana. He has cursed El Cap Irina the disbelievers wa and

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he has prepared a home for them.

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A pleasing fire

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highly Drina once abiding.

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eternally be her in it. Aveda forever. Law, not jG Duna they will find value in close protecting fent wa and law nor nazira any helper joma on day two fallible, it will be overturned. It will be turned about Whoo hoo hoo their faces be in unnati the helpfile yaku Luna they will say j la Donna or wore to us about I know, we had obeyed a law, a law webinar.

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And we had obeyed Rasulullah the messenger

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wa and pilu they said robina our rub in indeed we are Dinah we will be sad that Dinah our leaders, our chiefs, wah, and Guevara Anna, our great ones that are burned Luna. So they misled us. So they led us astray. A sabita the way Rabbana our Rab RT him you give them the Abang double mean, from an OB the punishment. Wha and Ilan you Kirsten

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that then occurs Gabby euro one great

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Yeah. Are you her? Oh, Allah. Vina those who am I know they believed law. Do not that glue. You all be killed levena like those who are though. They hurt Musa Musa alayhis salam.

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Baba Who? So he cleared him. So he absolved him. Allahu Allah mimma from whatever orlu they said, we're and Ghana. He is he was in the near Allah He, Allah wa Ji ha, one honorable one distinguished one esteemed. Yeah, are you here? Oh, Allah. Vina those who am I know they believed it up Allah you all be conscious of Allah. You all fear Allah, wa and Oulu you all say olan a word a statement said either one correct. One straight one proper appropriate useless he will reform law calm for you all are Malecon your deeds

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and your fair He will forgive lakum for you all. Zulu back home your sense wa and man whoever UTI he obeys Allah, Allah wa and Rasulullah who his messenger back then in fact, Pfizer. He has succeeded bozen a success our Lima agree agreed.

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In indeed we are robina we presented I am netta the trust Allah upon a seminar what the skies the heavens and

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the earth. Wha and algae burn the mountains are bainer so they refused. And that Yeah, mille Naha they carry it? Wow. And I sharpener, they were afraid they were scared min ha from it.

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And hammer the Ha. He carried it

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inside the human being.

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In who, indeed he kana. He is. lumen greatly unjust Joe hula most ignorant

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Lee you as the Bella so that he may punish Allah, Allah Napa clean the hypocrites wa and Almanack apart, the hypocrite women, y and l mushrikeen. The men who associate partners with Allah, the Maastricht men, y and l Muslim, the Muslim women

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The women who associate partners with Allah, wa and your tuba, he turns in mercy, Allahu Allah. Allah upon Allah meaning the believing men wa and me not the believing women were and Ghana is ever Allahu Allah.

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most forgiving rahima Most Merciful.

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Listen to the recitation

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una una

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una una

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una una de Nagina. Nobody

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boo boo, boo, boo Tina

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