Stories Narrated By The Prophet #08 An Act Of Worship That Makes Allah Extremely Happy

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The speaker describes a situation where a man named Allahuorn was killed by a creature called the reassurances, and the next day he found himself alone on a desert with no trees, no water, no living beings, no water, no well, and harsh conditions. The next day, he fell asleep and went to his death. The next day, he woke up and fell asleep again. The next day, he found himself in a dream and fell asleep again. The next day, he found himself in a dream and fell asleep again. The next day, he found himself in a dream and fell asleep again. The next day, he found himself in a dream and fell asleep again. The next day, he found himself in a dream and fell asleep again. The next day, he found himself in a dream and fell asleep again. The next day, he found himself in a dream and fell asleep again. The next day, he found himself in a dream and fell asleep again

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The prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam asked his companions

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a very good question.

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How would you describe the joy and happiness

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of the following person?

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Someone who was traveling on a camel,

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loaded with food and water, but the destination

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was far away and the process was very

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rough. It was an open desert, empty, barren,

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no trees, no living beings, no water, no

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well, very harsh conditions.

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So while he was traveling at one point

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he told himself,

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I will go under a tree and rest.

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While he was resting, what happened? He fell

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As he was sleeping

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the camel with all the food and drink

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the reins, the rope got loosened up and

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it left the man, Allahu Akbar.

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Eventually after some time that man woke up.

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When he woke up, where's the camel?

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Right and left back. Where's the camel? This

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is a dream? Nah. It's not a dream.

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The camel's where? So he got so scared.

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He panicked. He searched. The prophet

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said this man, he went all the way

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to one direction, so far away, looking for

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the camel. Where is it? He did not

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find it. Went to a second direction as

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far as he can looking around it. Where's

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the camel? No camel. Went to a third

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direction searching for the camel but he did

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not find anything.

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This man was so exhausted

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thirsty the heat of the sun. Oh it

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was so bad to the point he exhausted

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all the means and all the energy that

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he gave up. What do you mean he

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gave up? He gave up on his life.

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He gave up on finding the camel and

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he told himself, I will go to the

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place I was at and sit until I

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die. That's how bad the situation.

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That's how hopeless he was brothers and sisters.

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Now remember the question, how happy he will

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be in the following situation?

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As he was sitting

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and he placed his head on his arm

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and while he was doing that he dozed

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off and he slept.

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While he was sleeping who came the camel

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Allahu Akbar and look how it came It

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came so close to him that the reins

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or the rope around the camel came next

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to his hand, Allahu Akbar. Then

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opened up his eyes, he looked and he

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saw the camel, Allahu Akbar. He grabbed the

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reins of the camel and then he went

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and he said, Allah oh Allah

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you are my slave. Hold on don't judge

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me that was he what he said. Yes

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he said that. Oh Allah

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you are my slave and I am your

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lord. The prophet said

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this man made a mistake

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for how happy he was. The Sahaba said,

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yes. We can definitely answer the question by

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saying this man was so happy

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unlike any other situation in the world pretty

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much. So then ready for this? The prophet

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sallallahu alaihi wasallam said,

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Allah is happier when his servant repents and

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asks Allah's forgiveness

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more than that man who found his camel

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and belongings. Allahu Akbar. So, yes, repent to

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Allah because you fear Allah's punishment. Repent to

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Allah because you wanna start a new page,

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but also repent to Allah

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so Allah can be happy.

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May Allah allow us to be of those

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us all.

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us all.