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The speaker discusses the story of the Prophet's actions during the time of the year, including his actions to stop the operation in Afghanistan and the use of the word war. The speaker also mentions the importance of following the messenger and the use of the word war in the Bible. The transcript ends with a discussion of the importance of following the messenger and the use of war in the Bible.

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Love the believers, the aboubaker and Omar and Osman and expose who were the hypocrites amongst hiding amongst the lovers. But what about in between? What about people who are not the best of believers, but they are believers and they also fall into sin? Well, Surah tober includes a story about this kind of person to in the form of one or degrades the harbor, even Molly radula one. So one of the stories that come towards the end of the sutra

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and this story is narrated in the books of tafsir by Gabby Malik himself, he says that when the time came for the book, the prophets Eliza gave a general call telling everybody to come, and when the prophets why sometimes everybody to join him, then not to join him would be a sentence, right at that point to go out in the army of the Prophet, Lord us alum would have been foreign, it will have been a compulsory and not doing so without the legitimate excuse would have been a said. And Carl Rogers, the one who he ended up not going.

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And he says that he didn't have any excuses. It was simply a matter of procrastination and laziness. And so this is a way for us because many times we end up falling interested because of the same reasons that we see we create our solar data, we go for Hajj later, we give our data later, and later never comes. The same thing happened here. God keeps kept saying that tomorrow are prepared to join the Prophet volleys of tomorrow are prepared to join the practice log is a good one, he realized the profits are already left a few days ago, too late to catch up.

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And so many prophets lawyers have returned from the book. And he was sitting in the masjid and he called everybody who did not join to come to the masjid and explain why they did not join because what he said not to join.

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cop says he went to the masjid. And he saw hypocrite, a hypocrite speaking lies and lying to the prophet like him about why he did not join.

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In other parts of the region. You mentioned that when the Prophet was gone, he walked around Medina and all he saw the hypocrites, and he realized the end make a big mistake. So now it was his turn. And the Prophet was asked him, Why did you not come with us? And he decided he's not going to build a single one and Anderson he's going to speak the truth. And he told me practice long enough, I have no excuse. I have no excuse.

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After that, as a punishment to him and to others were the same story to others who also had no excuse and they fell behind. They were boycotted by the prophets wiser many Sahaba for a few weeks, until verses were revealed in the surah is a verse that show it says Allah has forgiven those three, I mentioned those three talking about Gabi and Molly in order to stay behind. And when these verses were revealed, the news was sent to cup and you're in the promised land, rejoice and celebrated with him. Now the benefit of this story is that even the best of Muslims can sometimes fall into sin.

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But if we are sincere and we try to follow up our sins with good deeds, and you do it over and we repaired, that Allah can forgive our sins. And so a lot of anger allowed this to happen to one of the Sahaba. Here we can see in a role model of how to deal with our mistakes. When we don't follow up a sin with another said, we speak the truth, we make Toba we handle the punishment that comes with having committed a sin. And eventually Allah will forgive us and we can move back up. And so our religion is the religion for those who are sending you the religion of forgiveness, the religion of mercy and religion of always finding your way back for lots of ohana. Without this surah ends

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with one of the most beautiful do eyes in the crowd. The last verse of Surah Tauba is that Europe has to be Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah

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has to be a law. Allah is enough for me. Are they heater workout too, I could make the workout in him, I trust him. We're not good actually, as him He is the Lord of the mighty troll. It is mentioned in the Hadees. And yes, the scholars have differed on the identity of this Hadees that the prophets voice I'm seeing whoever recites this do seven times every morning and evening, Allah will take care of him. And so it is a sooner an established practice throughout the Muslim world than out of budget and after Muslim. Recite these two are separate types, right, the closing verse of the shoe. The other shoe I'm going to recite tonight is readiness, which is one of the early Mark

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consumers revealed to explain to the police what is a profit and the purpose and the profits in the purpose of sending profits because the corporation we're not familiar with the concept of profit, and so he discusses the story of some of the profits. And this interestingly, the first row in the Quran named after prophet every surah we didn't do now is not named after proper Baccarat. These are the imraan none of these are named after profit. The very first surah in the Quran, named after prophet comes right in here. This is the right units. And what's interesting is the first prophet ever mentioned in any revelation

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was also prompted Eunice Elisa in

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Surah noon that comes towards the end of the Quran at night. So sure Eunice is a show is basically a message to the Croatian marker. explain to them what is the prophet and why Allah sends His Prophet and the necessary the necessity of the message and the importance of following the messenger. So these are some of the lessons we can take from tonight's presentation. So head on over to my seafood or Saddam Hussein or hamdulillah