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Lesson 74 – Chapter 6-9 Hadith 345-348

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem I'm about for the villa him in the shade line Allah Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim published lastly solidity were Sidley, MD washlet. Dr. De melissani of Kaku, Kohli probenecid nerima.

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Before we continue the previous Hadees that we learned about the story in which the Sahaba and the profitable Islam, they all miss, they're solid and fragile. And over there, we learned that they all left that place and they went elsewhere on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam woke up, he told the people, it's okay. If the Hello, continue on your journey. And then when they stopped, then they prayed over there. This should not be misunderstood. You know, when he wakes up, and he realizes that he has missed his prayer, that he delays the Salah. There has to be a genuine reason. The reason why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the companions to leave that place was because

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shaitaan had been victorious over there. It was a place where the fly had overcome them, and the people were panicking. So he wanted to almost distract them from that, so that when they would pray, they could actually focus on their prayer and check on, you know, the place where they were defeated by shutdown. They're not there anymore. Because these we learn and that's been medical biller, I know he said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, if one of you sleeps and misses a prayer or forgets it, then let him pray it as soon as he remembers, because Allah says, What up is salata Li the decree, established the prayer performed a prayer at my remembrance, one of the

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meanings of that verses that when you remember, then you pray. So when you wake up, then you pray. It doesn't mean that you say, okay, I've missed the Salah. So let me just sleep another two, three hours. And when I wake up, then I will pray No, the moment you realize that you have missed the center, you have to make the effort to words performing this. Because from the moment you realize, you remember you wake up from that point onwards you are accountable. So you cannot delay. You are responsible. Because if a person were to let's say die in that sleep, then it's not his fault. But if he wakes up, he has the time the ability to pray, but he delays and then he dies before he's able

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to pray, then he is definitely guilty. So remind yourself of death at such a moment. Deliberately missing Salah deliberately missing solder is something that's not acceptable. That's not even something that's an option, deliberately missing the prayer. The thing is that again, if we have a flight to catch if we have work to go to if we have children to send to school, then we will wake up, no matter how early it is. So we wake up we'll do whatever we have to do and then whenever we get a chance, we will not so why not the same attitude will keep reminding them Bab either hawkwell Juniper infc Hill matoba I will motor Ahava la casa de la Mama, when a junior person, a person who

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is in the state of Geneva, he has a he fears or LAN FC for himself unmodeled sickness he fears that if he will perform a muscle then he will become sick, I will motor or death that if he performs listen he will die, oh half an hour after she or he fears thirst that in these situations What will he do? He will do them. So three situations are mentioned here, which allow a person to do their mom, even when water is available. What are those situations First of all, fear of sickness, whether that sickness is severe or not severe, whether it is the beginning of sickness, meaning he fears that he will become sick, or he fears that his sickness will get aggravated, both are like, because

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if you think about it having a cold, it appears to be very small, but it can really drain a person of his energy, it can cause a person to have fever, it can cause him to have severe body ache. So, if you look at it, apparently it seems like very slight illness, but every illness is something that is difficult for a person to bear. So, if a person fears that you will take a bath and as a result, he will become sick or his sickness will get aggravated, it will get severe or it will get prolonged. Then in that case, even though he has water What will he do? He will do the second situation is fear of death, that he fears that if he will do whistle, then he will die. Why? Because

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he may be sick and he may have this fear that his sickness will become severely aggravated and the use of cold water or the use of water will lead him to his death. And third situation is fear of thirst, fear of thirst because in Listen What do you have to do you have to wash your body and for that you need more water than you need for will do and if you have very limited amount of water and you can feel that if you will use it for coastal you won't have any water left. Then what will you drink? What will you drink and if you don't get to drink then you will be thirsty and

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can lead to severe dire consequences. so in this situation, even though a person may have water available, but because it is harmful for him to use that water for Basildon, what will he do? He will do they

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will use Kuru anomala Vanilla Ice, and it has been mentioned that I'm going to be another us there'll be a lot more on who edge Nova he became general feel a lot in bury that in in a cold night. So what did he do for a moment? So he performed to him, On what basis what Allah and he recited the verse Well, I talked to Lou and pusaka, do not kill yourselves in the Lucha cannabic Umbra, Hema, Indeed, Allah is Ever merciful with you for that karate NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he mentioned this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Phelim your NIF, and he did not object, meaning he did not object to this action of is he approved of it. In this case, we see

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that I'm gonna also do though I knew he said that I experienced a wet dream and a cold night during the campaign that the celestial and I was afraid that if I did whistle, I would die. So I did them. And then I prayed fudger with my companions, and they mentioned this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he asked, or armor? Did you lead your companions in prayer when you were junuh? I told him what had kept me from doing whistle. And I said, I heard Allah says, What are Dr. Lu and pusaka? In the law? How can I become rahima? So the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam smiled, and he did not say anything. And what does this mean that he approved of it this assignment approval,

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that means our Dean is very practical, very simple, very caring also, because we are created for the worship of Allah. And worship of Allah should be in every condition, whether you are sick or you are tired or anything, but changes according to the situation, there are so many rock stars, and taking rocks is not bad, when it is needed. Because when we take rocks, I will always feel guilty and shaitaan makes us so bad, that for example, if you are in this similar situation, and if you do them, what will you feel afterwards? Should I pray again, when I am fine, that we have dealt with us and I was accepted, accepted? I'm not satisfied, I don't think I have done good, I should repeat all

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my Salas things like that, in Allah.

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Allah loves to give commands which I take his rock says, He loves us, when we take his role such as when he take his commands.

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This is the last command actually if you see what is Avada What is the meaning of to worship and worship and obey Allah subhanaw taala if he tells you stand up,

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you should stand up.

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And if you are unable to stand up, he tells you sit down What will you do? You will sit you will not say oh because you told me the beginning said stand up. So, why should I sit now? No, that was fulfilling the last command and now again you are fulfilling ls command. So, the rule or the gist of Avada is obedience of Allah subhanaw taala that what he told you, in a certain situation to do,

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do it. If he tells you eat You should eat if he tells you stop eating, stop eating You should now eat again. You should eat this is about for example, when we go for Hajj we go round and round.

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We say okay, I said seven but I have more energy I can do eight times no stop where Allah subhanaw taala wants to stop and if mothering will leave, yes, this

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is an goes on and people instead of reading namaz, Salah, they leave

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and they go to oneself, and then to pray there. Some time it's very, very late, because there's so many people, and you're so tired. It was very easy to pray it naturopath and Dan Lee. But no, we have to go there and then pray. So doing what Allah wants us to do, is the best worship is about. So ask yourself in each condition, or in each situation, at this particular time, what Allah wants me to do, and I will do, whether it's against my wish, but there is a book power of now. Live in present live in now.

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Because many people they are regretful about their past, or they keep thinking about their future. And then they don't concentrate on the present at this very moment. What am I supposed to do? I should do that. Forget about future. Allah knows the best how things change how circumstances shape you

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Don't worry about your own self, your parents, your family, everything, no matter how much you plan, but it's all in Allison. So don't worry much about your future. So if you are sick and you are supposed to pray, and you have to do them do it wholeheartedly, as if you are doing

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even though it's just opposite, totally opposite of Voodoo. Voodoo washes away your dust, and in the form of you put on dust, what I mean is that you're using the dust, then invisible, you're removing the dust and you're using the rest. It's just totally opposite. But this time Allah wants me to do this. Sometimes we are doing certain things. And we keep thinking about other thing. If you are cooking, or have to pray, pray or have to cook. We're not in cooking, we are not in praying shaitaan the he loves puts us in worry all the time. Worried worried, worried, worried, angry, sad, worried, we cannot produce the best quality in anything. So enjoy what you are doing. And think field. This

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is for my rub over law, this is for you. I'm doing this certain thing. For example, if now if you are in your class here, so what are you thinking?

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What is worrying you for example?

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Nothing, it cannot be possible?

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Yes. And sometimes teacher days and all those words just go like this. And later on see what she's even put the same question. But the answer has done

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most of the time, most of the time.

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So this is I don't want to leave.

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You see, I wanted to go as well. But I had some promises meetings, they said that. Then I thought

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why should I go?

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Jenna says not burden me on women. Then the other thought came to my mind. Okay, maybe his wife will say she's here in Canada and she did not come

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then I told myself then I should definitely not go because this is not for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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This was going inside me then I thought that what is his right upon me? What did I do for him when he was sick, I visited him I went to the hospital normally I don't visit men, and I don't visit sick people in non Muslims, but because my son in law was with me and I knew that he is the best friend of my husband and my husband would

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also allow me, so, I went and sat with him he was so happy at that day.

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And hamdulillah I made to offer him the moment I heard about his death, we started saying good things about it, and then we three of us were sitting and then I said that these angels are writing all this what we are saying in favor of him

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inshallah the how good he was. And then after that, I heard that Amazon and I made a lot of dua for him. And whenever his thought came into my mind, I made the offer him. So, this is between me and Allah I was not going to share it with you, but just when these things bother me, what should I do now, because it happens most of the time, when it snatches away the quality of our human we are here and we are not doing the justice and we are there and we are not doing the Justice there even. So, if we can be on one place at a time, then I thought because I had the experience of previous janazah sometimes the parking is so far, that person like me, if I am dropped off too far, I will not be

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able to go inside. And if there is no chair, I cannot sit I cannot stand for long. So analyzing all the situation. I thought it's better to go to his house for condolences than going to mercy then I thought okay, my old memories are with this machine and I should at least this behind, I can go there and visit and I might see other people as well. Many thoughts came into my mind

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Then I said that this we're doing this now my duty I have to do my duty duty comes first that is also duty, but that can be done another time. If I was a man I should have gone because that is his right. So this is not not telling you but I'm telling myself that how do I decide things? And once I decide that I stick to it, and unpeaceful and I have no nothing in my mind, then I do what I am doing full heartedly, like so.

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I'm not thinking about it, I just get

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one and then

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what you can do is buy some plan on the phone, like Internet plan, download Puffin, Puffin, which is a browser with flash, you can flick to the paritosh.gov live I think or alpha live I don't know which through view relay this class for example, even if you are on your go, you can put on keep listening your lecture hamdulillah

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don't miss because it's hard to get to that recording and then listen to it. There are hamdulillah you live in such a place that there are many things that are available, but we should know how to benefit and how to use our time. Because when the time is gone, it's after time we cannot do things in a proper way because our mood is down Check.

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Check your near all the time and the better you are doing it.

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The reader so many things and so many thoughts, traveling you and making you feel bad and making you miserable. Check your deal. Why are you so worried? If it is for the sake of Allah you are stopping something or you're doing something Allah will take care of it? Don't worry, and some sort of La Jolla

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with a bit of dharma. This is very true. Let's keep checking yourself. Keep doing Mahathir Nuff said self when seek Allah's help when you you feel you are not able to do certain things. Leave it to Allah and Allah will help. As long as anything is for Allah. There is a burqa and if it is not for Allah shaitan there is no Baraka.

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This law was very helpful for me sleeping at night, saying Aloma slumped enough CLE over just to which he laid off avato Marina

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la rumba Tamara Burton, la, la ml Java llaman German, la la

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la, la de and delta

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V. Delta. Everything is in Alaska. When it's difficult for me to make this even I leave it to Allah O Allah make it for me. Take me wherever is to hamdulillah I read it during the day some time because sometimes you have to be quick to see.

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Enjoy what you are doing. Just keeping your knees straight. If I'm waiting, I'm in the way of Allah Why should I be in problem? I may have shared his story with you that I got my blood tests. I cancelled my karma seat because the doctor gave me time for later day. I was booked earlier and then I cancelled because I did not want to cancel my appointment with Dr. England. So what happened that

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the time I reached surgery

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they look through the computer upon what is cancer? So how what from inside I was angry kinda that how come and but I told myself now you are standing in front of non Muslims. This is your test. And now let's see what you do. So I thought okay, but I said How is it possible? Please check. Then she called here and there nobody knew why how it happened. And I thought this will be fair. There is some good in it. There is some good in it. Allah will give me a better doctor.

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I also give me my results. They do not give to the patient those results. She said I have to check with the MD this and that then I'll give you a But no, I have to go to the doctor. My seat is booked for Canada. I cannot wait. I cannot have another appointment. They said they will give you another appointment. I said no I cannot come back and I cannot cancel my seat another time.

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So give me results. So she printed the results. And she gave it to me. And when I came out, I said, Okay, there is some time in between, let's go to alhuda. I had to undo that. There was a kids program going on. I sat with them, I enjoyed a lot. And I came to know the talents of those people who were conducting this program. And that was a new nketiah. For me. I was sitting and there was a non Muslim girl came very young. And so somebody told me that she wants to become Muslim. They asked her to come this time that she couldn't manage. And she said, later on that something came in my heart. And I said, Today, I have to go to

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Chili's after one and a half hour journey. She was in. She said, I tried this, I tried, it didn't work. But I thought, No, I have to go today. She came, we call her in front of the kids and everybody. And she said Shahada from the nail on my hand. And hamdulillah then later on, we had tea with her and for Caitlyn. So I said, this was the reason Allah wanted me to do this good. You can find a doctor anywhere else. But you cannot find this beautiful opportunity to Muslim help someone. So Alhamdulillah when you are calm, and you trust Allah, Allah makes things easy for you and brings her always be positive. instantly start reading a lot of a lot of below, she could be shy. And

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another thing, a llama journey people see, but the lovely side of

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this story continues. I went to the doctor and doctor was so happy. She said, I was telling my husband this morning that I have no spark in my life. What should I do? And so Carla, you came and I'm so excited, and so she hugged me.

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And the next day, she came to the class and she brought me a gift.

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So hamdulillah you see that you make other people happy, because if this farmer could not have canceled, I would not have gone to the doctor. And I would not have given her happiness, because it follows through typical will moment is the biggest hire. And then she would not have attended a class because she didn't know that whether I'm here or not attended the class. And then she brought me a gift what I've needed most. So Pamela, I mean, you don't know that by depriving you from something. How many doors Allah will open for you. If you trust Allah. Just be patient.

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Because I was not feeling well I desperately needed doctor's consultation.

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But it was not in her hand. It was somebody else. Maybe if I would have gone inside, she would have given me wrong prescription or wrong suggestion or Allah wanted to save me from that person.

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Because we pray to Allah in the morning Bismillah Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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So think positively, even things are going against you. Don't worry. Allah is with you in Allah, Masha Allah Dena Tato will la Vina homosassa Don't try to do a song all the time. And Allah will do good for you. Okay, do good with people, Allah will do good with you. serravalle.

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The Hadees that you mentioned was that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah loves that his allowances be acted upon just as he loves that his prescribed duties be carried out. So when Allah has given an allowance, he loves that it is accepted, it is observed just as he loves that the prescribed duties, the rest of the commands that He has given are also accepted and followed upon. So when we are taking an allowance, we should not feel guilty. And in other matters as well, when we have to go for Plan B, then don't feel sorry for yourself. Right if Plan A doesn't work out, and we have to take Plan B, we have to go for the other option. And don't pity yourself.

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Realize that it's good for you. Be positive towards it.

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That it's so necessary to know about these things about the allowances because otherwise your life would be in a lot of difficulty

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that we see that dust is you can see the source of growth. Allah created us from dust and water also wahaca minella equal nasze in high. It's not just the appearance of something or the quantity of something that matters. It's the quality as well. So Bab either hoffa Juniper and NFC in Morocco, or will moto hofeller Akasha their mama in these situations he will do time and remember that this has to be a serious situation, meaning just because a person does not want to use water because he feels he will get cold, or because the air conditioning is really high. So he feels that he's going to get cold No, not in that situation. And that's

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situation he can or she can warm up the water and use a hairdryer right away or adopt whatever means possible to ensure that sickness will not occur, thirst will not occur that will not occur. And if the situation is beyond your control, then obviously you will do them. So, the first option is definitely what also, but where that is not an option for you, it will cause you severe difficulty, then in that situation obviously, the option of thermal is there. And also remember that sometimes we think that taking a bath means standing under the running water and standing under it for several minutes soaking our hair wet completely. That is also what we have learnt earlier about the method

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of muscle. So, in such a situation the person can also perform the bare minimum awesome, right, which is, for example, when it comes to washing the head, what do you have to do fast wet fingers through your hair to ensure that the scalp is 30 wet, and you can actually do that standing in front of the sink as well you don't have to stand under running water right and then you just take three handfuls of water and pour over your head. so in this situation you can do also alright. So, you have to really analyze the situation and see what is feasible, what is possible. Where was it is not possible at all. Over there a person will do they will have this inhibition of neutrality and a

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Mohammedan who are unsure about the answer a man on Abuja in Kala Kala Abu Musab De La Habra mas Rudin Abu Musab al Ashley, he said to our beloved Miss Ruth, that either lemmya didn't matter when a person does not find water layer suddenly he will not pay. Find out the law of the law. He said, low the hospital at home he had if I were to allow them, if I were to give them a little PSA, if I were to give them an allowance concerning this matter, meaning that where you don't find water, then due to a mom, then what will people do? Kinda he would be either one or the other woman Bertha, when one of them would find cold meaning he'd be really cold. Carla hakkoda he would say this Jani to mama

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masala meaning he would also do time I'm in that situation and pray Allah He said meaning of a Musashi he said, I said for aina. So how about cola Amar the statement of a mottled Lido on Who? Your mother derma Kala He replied, in knee lamb or Amata I do not see that aroma on your arm because your mouth that he was satisfied with the statement off, Ahmad. Now what did we learn over here that the companions that differed among themselves, right? Boo Musashi, he asked Abdullah bin was heard that if a person does not find water, then he will not pray, is that what you say? Because Oh Madeline Oh, aren't who and our beloved was a little bit over and who both of them both of these

00:27:45--> 00:27:48

companions were of the opinion that the gentle person cannot do

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that the junior person cannot do the mo he has to do also. So if he does not find water, he will not pray until he finds water or until he is able to use it. When he will find water when he's able to use it, then he will take a bath, and then he will start praying and he will make up all of the Miss prayers, but the other companions different. Why? Because the statement in the Quran is very clear. Right? Allah Mr. Manasa, fmtv Duma and Fatima Mo, and also in the son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we see many evidences which prove that agenda person can perform them where necessary. But what was the reasoning of

00:28:26--> 00:29:06

the learner? What was the reason that he gave? He said that if we would allow people to do their mom, in the case of Geneva, then what would they do? They would take this matter very likely. And they would generalize it. And in any situation where they would feel slightly cold or slightly uncomfortable, what would they do? They would not do so Rather, they would do they move? So this is the reason why he did not allow people to do diamo in the case of Genova, because he had this fear that people would generalize it. So boosah, what did he say that what about the statement of armor? Remember the incident where a model didn't warn him? When he was traveling, he he was in Geneva he

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had to do was that he didn't have water? So what did he do? He rolled over in mud. And when he mentioned this to the prophets on a lot of enemies, that you should just have done them, that would be enough for you. Right? So the fact that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him to do to them, and that that would be sufficient, that proves that a gentle person can do them. So even this rule that he said that I didn't see that a little bit over and who was satisfied with the statement of our mov, meaning our mod reminded him of that incident. Remember, in the Hadees that we learned earlier, he said to him audibly over on Who do you remember that incident? That guru, that word was

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mentioned, do you remember? But originally, though, I knew he did not seem to be satisfied with the statement. This is reported in say a Muslim, in which we learned that a man came to remodel dinner and who and said, I have become Juniper and I cannot find any water. He said, do not pray. I'm upset.

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Do you not remember or a middle would mean that when you and I were on a campaign and we became job and we could not find any water, you did not pray, but I rolled in the dust and prayed, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it would have been sufficient if you had struck the ground with your hands, and then wipe your face and hands with them, almost said, Fear Allah or love.

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Why did he say that? Perhaps he could not recall that. Perhaps he did not remember that incident. It's possible. He was a human being, he could also forget. So he said fear Allah or a mob. Ahmad replied, If you wish, I will not narrate it. If you want, then I will not narrate this incident meaning you don't remember you're contradicting me on this, if you don't want me to mention, I will not mention this. Or more said, we accept what you say, meaning, I accept what you say. He was not accusing him of lying. And in another report, it has mentioned that our model did outline who said Oh, and we don't want Meaning, if you wish, because of your position, I will not tell it to anyone

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being or motivated or who did not remember, but at the same time, he did not want to accuse me of lying, but then it would appear to be so strange, the people that the companions are contradicting one another and here's a middle momineen and who would oppose him. So, this is the reason why I modeled him, I knew, he suggested that he would not narrate but are Moldovan, who said that, I accept what you say, I accept what you say, but because of his statement, Fear Allah Ibn must rotate I did not seem satisfied with it. So, this is the reason why I will not accept it. But one of the lower No, it seems that he did accept because he said we accept what you say. So anyway, this

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difference did exist within the companions. And it continued later on, but based on the rest of the Hadees like the incident that we learned earlier about our model below or on who and the verse in the Quran, all of these evidences together what do they show that where there is a need a serious need? The person cannot find water or he fears that he will die He will become sick. Then in that situation he will do they

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have the center automotive no hubsan potterhead Athena Avi on a headset and alarma shoe on us America peakedness Allah Mata Kala ko to render or delay ob Musa he said I was near Abdullah in this room and near Abu Musa for Carla who Abu Musa Musa to even miss Ruth or anything about the man have you not considered or have the doorman tell me? Either he never for me aged man, if a person becomes job and he does not find water, can you find a snow? What will you do then? You say that a job cannot do time. If a person does not find water then what will you do? The color of the law or the law said lucidly, he will not pray hedaya delma until he will find water for Allah Abu Musa Musa

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said for covetous narrow, then how do you deal with the dollar amount with the statement of Mr. hanaa Kala when he said level to him and abuse on a lot of radio sudden when the messenger sallallahu Sallam said to him, correct, this will be sufficient for you. So even this rude caller, he said he responded and I'm Tara O'Meara, did you not see that Irma? lemmya cannot be that if he was not satisfied with that, for cada Abu Musa Musashi, he said, okay, for Donna, then we leave Macaulay, Omar, the statement of armor, okay, even if we put that aside, okay for the scenario behind the hill, then how do you deal with this ayah which is

00:33:28--> 00:33:37

the idea of diamo in which we learn that Ola mustermann Nyssa and that indicates Genova. What does he do man? Patel Mama.

00:33:38--> 00:34:22

So he said last night we had a liar. Then how do you respond to this verse from a da. So he did not know who Abdullah may have told. He did not know what to say over there for Carla. So he said, but in indeed we load a hosain Allahu vihara. If we give people the allowance over here, the OSHA then surely he would be very quick. He will be very quick either borrow Darla, I had him Wilma when the water would be cold for one of them. And you're there or who that he would leave it where they AM. And then he would do faculty shifting so I set this up for in the mockery of the La Liga. So Abdullah disliked it for this reason. On an arm he said yes. Meaning he asked that. Did you dislike

00:34:22--> 00:34:53

people doing time in Geneva because of this reason? Meaning it wasn't that he did not accept the verse obviously that's not possible for conveying you will definitely accept but the reason why he did not allow people meaning if somebody would come and ask him, then he would not say okay do time woman pray. Why? Because people would misunderstand and they would generalize this allowance. And if a person found water to be cold and slightly uncomfortable, they will be too quick to leave it and do to move inside.

00:34:54--> 00:34:56

Because this is what the knifes is inclined to

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

the nurses always inclined to what

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

ease and convenience, we're always looking for loopholes and easy way out to the novices, generally inclined towards this. And remember that at that time, many people were embracing Islam and the level of knowledge of every individual at that time was not that great.

00:35:16--> 00:35:21

So this is a reason why he did not allow people to do time in this situation.

00:35:22--> 00:35:36

But if a person has the correct understanding and knowledge, and depending on his knowledge, he feels that in a situation that is better than he will do that, like that companion based on one idea, according to his understanding is that time is better. Yep. So he did time.

00:35:37--> 00:36:09

Then when we read this back, then, you know, sometimes we think that, but what if it's not really that difficult for you? You just have a slight gold you've had it for a week and now you're much better, but you just want to take benefit that why why bother to shower why not just simply do demo. So, the next is inclining towards ease always. So, a person must understand correctly that this is not the solution. I mean, time is not solution to every time a person finds water difficult to use, no only in certain situations. So you have to analyze correctly.

00:36:10--> 00:36:21

Web attire normal door button, time is done by striking the earth how many times barberton Baba is a strike, but how many ones so a lot of button one strike?

00:36:22--> 00:37:05

verb attain would be to strike the love button one strike. How does he know Mohammed Abu Suleiman father, Aparna Abu Maria and in our machine, Pippin. Father, he said go to jail. Listen, I was sitting mark the lady with our villa. And this is our beloved Miss Ruth will be Moosa Allah shreddy. Both of these companions I was sitting with them for Carla who Abu Musa Musa said to him, meaning even Mr. Lowe and Roger and he never if a person was to become General, Philomena, Dilma Sharon, and if he did not find water for an entire month, American as a mama, you certainly would not do time and pray for Canada does not wanna be hiding it. Then how do you do with this verse in Surah tilma

00:37:05--> 00:37:41

ada in total neither for MTG Duma, and that way you do not find water for the animals that are eaten Thank you, but that you do tell him with sorry play for color of the last of the last edlow Rufus Allah movie, Heather. If this allowance was given to them, in this case, the OSHA code they would be very quick either Bahadur la Mola, when the water would be too cold for them. And yet, I am almost sorry that they will do them. You know, sometimes it happens that you go into the shower, and the water is not super hot. It's not super hot, I can say, room temperature. But because we we don't find that water too comfortable. We might say, Oh, I'm not going to do that. I'm just going to do

00:37:41--> 00:37:49

thermo. So this was the same reason of the Levin was that people will be too quick to rush to diamo and leave also.

00:37:50--> 00:38:17

Think about it if you had messy hair, and you really wanted to shower to be clean. Even if the water was not super hot. What would you do? You would still take a shower, isn't it? Even if that means jumping in the shower or taking a very quick shower or using the minimum amount of water? You will do something to clean yourself, won't you? You would but in a situation where listen is mandatory then chalon makes you feel believe it it's okay just do

00:38:19--> 00:38:59

that option is there. So, even this route said that Lola Sala movie had an otaku ada vadodara labeled metal and yet a mama sorry. Well, two were in the Margarita madalina. So I said that you dislike this For this reason, colander and he said yes, this is the reason why, for Khalid Abu Musa Musa he said I love the smile. Did you not hear cola are mad in the statement of our mob lira model German that Barzani Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had it in the messenger sallallahu Sallam sent me for a need for edge Neptune and I became gentle phenom edgy dilemma I did not find water for the month of October Sorry, I rolled over in dust Kanata motherhood Devon I can animal

00:38:59--> 00:39:31

rolls over for the court to the article interviews a lot where do you send them? I mentioned this to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for Allah He said in the mechanic FECA and does neuro hacker it would have been sufficient for you that you will do this. Do what for whatever be coffee. So he struck with his hands little button once one strike on the on the earth meaning on the ground he struck his hands how many times just once. So manifold Aha, then he dispersed it Nevada also means to disperse meaning he disperse the dust from his hands How?

00:39:32--> 00:39:32

By blowing

00:39:33--> 00:39:59

because Nevada literally means to shake your hands off when you shake. Then what happens whatever is on your hands will like for example water what will happen? It will disperse so ineffable how he dispersed the dust that was in his hands how, by blowing them so much heavier than he wiped with those hands guffy his hand bishi Molly with his left, meaning he wiped his hand with his left hand.

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Meaning his right hand he wiped with with which hand, left hand, a lot of she made a heavy coffee or the back of his left hand with his other hand meaning with his right hand. So basically, what did he do? He rubbed his hands together, he wiped one hand over the other. Someone must have an email window, and then he wiped with both of them his face. Now over here we see that the order is different. But in majority of the narrations, and even in the verse of the Quran, what do we learn that face first and then the hands but if out of forgetfulness if a person does make this mistake, he switches the order then there is no hierarchy over there.

00:40:38--> 00:41:17

So Mr. habima, footballer Abdullah Abdullah said Flm Tara, did you not see Omar that lemmya cannot be clearly or not he was not satisfied with the statement of Armand was that a year earlier and an army unshaven consumer the law he will be Mustafa kala, Abu Musa and mtus marcola are made in Ramallah in the Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam birth and he and our enterprise Neptune for the mark to be sorry for Athena Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam will now have a call in the mechanic Vika, Hakka Mombasa Howard who will cafe where he didn't. So the story is the same, the narration is the same, just slightly different words, but at hamdulillah. You understand? So in both of these nations that

00:41:17--> 00:41:30

are mentioned here, what do we learn that the prophets that allows him when he showed to our mom how to do a demo? What did he do? He struck his hands just once. Okay, he struck his hands just once and that is sufficient.

00:41:31--> 00:42:08

Obviously, when you will make sure that the back of the hand is rubbed than the front is rubbing at the same time. You see what I mean? Like the front of the hand, the palm of the right hand you used to rub over the back of the left hand. So both of them are being wrapped at the same time in a way. I mean, is this the question? Do you have to do this, you have to rub your hands together? Yeah, you can also do like this. And you can also do like this. This is a lesson that we learned that if you feel that a person is not ready to accept certain things to understand certain things, then you don't mention it to them. Why? Because it will cause and fifth 913 and they're a bother, for

00:42:08--> 00:42:10

example. They're different.

00:42:11--> 00:42:19

For some of you, this is too early to even hear about these things. But inshallah because you're doing 30 will put on very soon you will learn about it in detail.

00:42:20--> 00:42:31

So there are different Corot different ways of reciting the Quran. In some places, even the words are slightly different. And when the words are slightly different than what will happen, the meaning will change.

00:42:32--> 00:42:50

But all of these different ways of narrations are taken from who from the province that a lot isn't right. All of these changes go back to him. So what does it mean that all of them are valid? Now if you were to tell this to someone who doesn't have much understanding of the deen much knowledge and within their Eman is not that strong? What will they say?

00:42:51--> 00:43:06

This is contradiction and usafl on this one, there are different plans. This will cause them fitna in their Eman. So you have to see what level the person is at and tell them accordingly.

00:43:07--> 00:43:47

But this does not mean that we make difficulty for the people. Because it seems that the opinion of Abdullah Massoud was that he would always say no. But this can actually cause difficulty for people in certain situations. So there has to be a balance. Which is why if somebody were to come and ask you that what's the best way that you find out more about their situation, you find out more about their situation, you ask them, or you refer them to something from where they can learn about the matter in more detail that will actually grow them in their understanding. So just to save people from certain things, doesn't mean that we make difficulty for them. Because the prophets have a lot

00:43:47--> 00:43:55

of sentimental said yes to make ease. Which is why we see that so many companions opposed them, in their opinion

00:43:57--> 00:44:33

that he was very firm on following everything that the officers have said, he said, No, he said that you should allow them to go. So we know that he was very firm in everything that the officers learned. But here it seems like he might be using his wisdom in the way he's, yeah, he's reading and understanding. And remember that the companions also did not know of every single incident that had happened in the lives of other companions, these incidents, they were narrated, and then they were collected later on. All right. So if you think about it constantly in all of these narrations, which evidence has been presented, the narration of our model deliver, and they did not find that 100%

00:44:33--> 00:44:47

reliable because it will deliver and who did not remember it. He couldn't recall it. But just because he cannot recall, it doesn't mean it wasn't accurate. But that was the only report. But we see that the incident of other companions, was also mentioned.

00:44:48--> 00:45:00

And also another incident. Earlier we learned about that story in which that man was generous and he did not pray. And the prophet SAW the loss and asked him why did you not pray? He said I was you know, he said you should have just done

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

They won't that would have been sufficient for you. So there were several incidents, but drama just because something happened at that time doesn't mean that every single companion knew about it. So we give them the benefit of the doubt.

00:45:11--> 00:45:40

We cannot say that oh look at them, they're clearly opposing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam or the verse in the Quran, no, you give them the benefit of the doubt there were also human beings. But now, when all of these different narrations are collected, and from that what do we learn that for agenda it is allowed to do that among for obviously in a situation where it is a necessity that hypothenar have done quite a bit of the law about an hour often and Avi Raja in

00:45:42--> 00:46:16

Morocco Hussain, Al Jose au and now asuna lies on a local radio set lemma that the messenger sallallahu Sallam Allah Allah Julian he saw a man worth as the man who was apart away from from the rest of the people from the subwoofer let me sadly he did not pray Phil calm in the in the people meaning he did not pray with the rest of the people for Karla so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him Yeah, Poulin or so and so, ma'am and Erica and to salia Welcome. What stopped you from praying with the rest of the people for Kalia rasulillah said O Messenger of Allah Azza wa Bettany Jenna button when

00:46:18--> 00:46:40

I was in the state of Geneva and there was no water pond he said our lake or the sorry, the fur in the creek, then you Sorry, that is enough for you, that is sufficient for you. And we learned that later on when that woman her water came in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave this man water and told him to wash yourself with it meaning go and do. Awesome. And this is the end of Keita, what

00:46:42--> 00:47:19

do you think about it? This Bab has not been given any heading. There is no chapter title. Why? Because this is a subsection of the previous This is related to the previous of web that I mentioned. If you link it directly with the previous one that is bar button, once only. So in this Hadees we see that the prophets that a lot of them just told that men are Laika sorry, for innovia. CLI, he did not specify how many times he was supposed to pathosans. So when the number was not specified, what's the bare minimum once so that means that is sufficient, that is enough. And if you link it with the previous bar, with the bar before that, then this here is another evidence which

00:47:19--> 00:48:01

proves that a junior person can do Thai among where he does not find water. So this also proves just one more thing I wanted to share with you, which was the wisdom behind the moon on face enhance, and why not on the rest of the body? Because our model, the knower knew what did he do? Instead of Geneva he rolled over for will do what do you do you just wipe over your hands and face you don't wipe over the rest of the parts that you wash and we'll do it we'll pay him rahimullah. He said the reason why Tom is only done on two parts of the body, meaning the face and the hands is that this is quite appropriate. Based on analogy and common sense. If you think of chaos analogy and common

00:48:01--> 00:48:40

sense, this is very appropriate for placing dust on the head is something that is ordinarily disliked. Rather it is customarily done at times of disaster and calamity, and the feet are usually in contact with the dust anyway. But putting dust in the face is an action of humidity and veneration of Allah submission to him and humbling oneself before Allah, which is one of the most beloved of acts of worship to him and one of the most beneficial to the person himself. Hence, he said it is most the hub for the one who is frustrating to get dust on his face for the sake of Allah and not to protect his face from getting dusty

00:48:41--> 00:49:00

because sometimes if you bring outside and their sand or something then what do we do we put a hand crusher for even if he's you know Kleenex or something that we can find to make sure that our faces 100% clean, right or if we're doing soft on grass, then we will not put our head firmly on the ground. He said that it is Mr hub why

00:49:01--> 00:49:42

because it shows humility one of us have a saw a man prostrating and putting something between his face and the dust and he said to him get your face dusty. This meaning does not apply in the case of getting a fetus. So basically said Get your face the stimming there is no harm. Moreover, this is appropriate by analogy in another sense, which is that the mm applies to the parts of the body which are washed during will do but not to the parts which are merely wiped for the feet may be wiped when one is wearing socks and the head may be wiped when one is wearing a turban. Since the parts which are usually washed or reduced to wiping in the case of their mom, the parts which are wiped are

00:49:42--> 00:49:59

reduced to nothing. Okay, by analogy, if you look at it, this is an allowance right? So it has been reduced. So what is washed is wiped, you know where there's an option of not washing something like the head and the feet, then that's reduced to nothing. You don't wipe over it at all because

00:50:00--> 00:50:24

If we were to wipe the latter with dust, then that would not be a reduction at all. If you had to wipe your feet, or if you had to wipe your head with dust, would that be a reduction? Would that be an allowance? No, because you can technically wipe over your head and feet even and we'll do that you're doing with wet hands here you're doing with dusty hands. So what's the difference, then, the allowance is what when it is reduced to nothing.

00:50:25--> 00:50:34

Rather, instead of wiping them with the water, we would just be wiping them with dust. Thus, it becomes clear that what Sharia tells us is the most fair and the most perfect.

00:50:35--> 00:51:16

And he says that that they are more of the one who is in a state of Georgia, who is in the state of Geneva is like that, they are more of the one who is in a state of of minor impurity. If the one who is in a state of minor impurity is spared the obligation of wiping the head and feet with dust, then it is more appropriate that the one who is in a state of major impurity should be spared the obligation of rubbing his whole body with dust. So the one who has due to him, he is allowed to not wipe his arms and head and feet for the one who has to take a bath, then he has to be given an allowance as well. So he is more deserving of that allowance. Because that would involve a great

00:51:16--> 00:51:20

deal of hardship. What would rubbing the entire body with dust?

00:51:21--> 00:51:28

And it goes against the idea of their mom being a dispensation being an allowance. So how would that be announced it would be more difficult?

00:51:29--> 00:52:06

They were supposed to create ease. And if we had to find dust, to bathe ourselves with dust, that would be even more difficult. Think about it, how would a woman do it? Especially if she's out somewhere? How would she do it? And you see the time you can do with any kind of dust, right? Even the dust which is on the wall or on the window sill? You can do it with that, but how would you find so much dust with which you would rub all of your body and this looks as given when a person is traveling when a person is sick? And for that you don't even have to take your hijab off. But if a person is sick, it's so difficult for them to even change their clothes. Then how would they bathe

00:52:06--> 00:52:39

their body with dust? How could they rub dust all over their body? That would not be an allowance at all. That would be hardship. It would also reduce the one who is the noblest of a last creation to becoming like the animals who rub their bodies in the dust. So that which was brought by the shed era cannot be superseded in wisdom and fairness and to Alavi praise. So here we see the wisdom behind the manner of that how it is an allowance and how it makes complete sense how it is so befitting and appropriate

00:52:40--> 00:52:46

subhanak alone will be humbly going to show you a la ilaha illa into the stock little corner to blu ray recorder.