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Should I do everything? You know are providing me I never say no problem

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is that I think I did everything. The same thing, men.

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Today, I just want to focus on one thing, which is that the hobby house, that's my focus of the hotel. So first, you need to know how the men think how your husband think of you, what is really his feelings? What's the thing that he is thinking about. And let me start with number one point that I choose number one, because it's really the top of my list above

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my sister, my dear wife, your husband, desires respect. That's number one is men when they will ask

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to be loved and to be respected. Obviously the answer with no hesitation to be respected.

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Respect is number one thing for men. And the more you give your husband, the more you gives you. The more you learn, the more you disrespect him the more

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respect, it is something very essential into the relationship. Women want to know their husbands. But the three that has been wanting to know that their wives respect them, they respect us why and respect his decision, respect his thoughts, respect, his

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wishes, and his desires and so for

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Muslim woman understand Muslim understand the value of respect for men, specially Muslim men, for them reflect the something that they were raised from the beginning. That to be raised in a very early age, knowing the role of the man is the head of the hospital, he feels that culture have so much respect. So the last thing he wants when you get to know to find someone disrespected, or not giving them the proper stability, imagine, you can imagine how frustrating this would be for a man who, who basically tried his best to do everything for his family,

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when he goes back home, but is not respected at home,

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respecting the husband, respecting your husband,

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his appearance, and the way you talk to your husband.

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Especially if you talk to him. implied language to us.

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That you use is expression is so disrespectful, especially if you talk to him in front of his family members. When you talk to him in front of his children. When you talk to him in front of the other or basically in public, how do you address how to respond to his? Let's say you give it over to the kids? How would you react to this, if you say something and you say the opposite, you scream at him in front of the kids that just like their shoulders notice, there is no response. And that's a very, very hard to anymore. Even if it doesn't show it's inside of this. It's just looked at nurturer relationship like this, it seems impossible. So immediately by doing one of these articles, respect

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you deposit from the negative side, just one point,

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and two points and three points and so forth. respect his feelings. respect his family, don't ever disrespect his family member, his parents and siblings respect his work

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and respect. The time that he puts the effort that he puts in his work, respect his employees and rules that should not be broken, it should be honored and should be. And if you disagree with it, you can communicate that in a respectful manner with us. So pay attention to the words that you use when you speak to him. your intention, and most of the time might be very pure. You don't intend any evil or disrespect. But maybe the way you said the words that you use the time which you have chosen, the price which you have set up, maybe just a cup of coffee.

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Number two,

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your husband desires

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and the so many men, this is a big game for so many men, that to feel that I'm married to someone who's loyal to me. And it goes hand to hand with respect.

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There is no

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marriage quicker than the idea that your spouse is not loyal to the idea that he or she is not going to stick by me all my life. I'm not talking about infidelity. I'm not talking about Xena.

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I'm talking about I know that this won't be beside me if I lose my job. She will be standing beside me if I said let's move tomorrow. She will say yes. If I said basically, I have to do this love to move to that place. I'm making this decision. You know I'm quitting my job. I understand the business.

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She's going to stand beside me, she's never going to be the first one who turned her back to me. She's never let me down.

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The more I feel as a husband, but this is my life, if I get sexual be next to me

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and keep me young.

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And that's a very essential thing to make the marriage successful.

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To make the marriage successful.

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Number three,

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husbands believe will not need your approval and emotional support.

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Believe it or not so many men desperate for that. They need that emotional support, showing your appreciation, gratitude to every effort that he puts, encouraging him by your nice words, complimenting him gently and often.

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That was amazing touch, magical touch to

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let him know how much you appreciate the little. And the big thing that he does for you. The little of the big things that he does for you, the more you are able to do that. The more you show gratitude, you know what, even from

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your husband, you know, when somebody said, the definition of husband, he said the husband is the one who take trash outside the house and he makes you feel like you've been taking care of

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you know, even this little thing, maybe she's insignificant, but see, thank you, it means a lot for me

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to keep me

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in the corner, and not to let me go.

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Thank you for that. Just that little things techniques, magical impact on him.

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Also, number four,

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let's get let's get it right out. Because no matter how delaying it, I have to deal with it. Which is something very essential to me. It is one of the top ways of knowing that this is a good relationship, which is the intimacy between the husband and wife

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are physically driven versus woman emotionally driven into the sexual relationship

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men for them this is an essential reaction for productions. That's basically something natural

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that for them for so many men they express and they know with marital of successful marital relationship, happy marriage relationship, it means a good sexual relationship between the husband and wife

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but if you always have this excuse or honey it's the kids around

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oh let's keep it for the weekend

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you know i

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i'm tired

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I understand that but I'm saying it became so fast that this what would you only think about that and the whole world people buy everywhere and people are like you know this happening the

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springs and you want to have to intimate with me I have no time.

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here so much going on in the life and that's what you're thinking about. I know it is so hard for women to to grab this point. And the reason for this because there's so many sisters woman in general the look at this relationship situation in a completely different angle than me

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and sometimes we think of men basically, they are just never mind

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driven. Actually it is one of the meant to feel connected to be physically Connect connected, not emotionally connected, women it will be very satisfied for them emotionally connect for men, no matter how emotionally connected they are physically connected, there is still a huge gap.

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That why it is so important for for you to understand that this is something that is essential for your relationship when it speaks about this particular issue. Use 10 different words to describe the intimacy that take place between men and women or husband or wife 10 different words and all of them are implies that because I was

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he didn't use explicit words but 10 different words why to show the important the center in the marital relationships.

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Happy intimate,

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equal happy husband.

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Just make him satisfied is leading this area. You will see the big smiles from December through sundown

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every day

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that's that's that's natural. And this is an area that should be thing no matter how old you guys

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In the middle age prices