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Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and success of Islam, including the implementation of the solo debut of Islam and the use of "naive" in the message of Islam. The success of Islam in the military and importance of staying true to Islam is also discussed. The transcript touches on the loss and frustration of the people of Makumpl and their actions during a drought, as well as the loss and frustration of the people of Makumpl and their actions. The fight is a loss and loss plan, but the fight is a win for the army.
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Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Okay, inshallah we are carrying on with the battles of the progress and loss limit Abubakar what the Lord was participation. So the next battle actually wasn't a battle they could have possibly been a battle was the soul of Libya, the Treaty of who they be. So the Treaty of Arabia took place in the sixth year of Egypt. What is the background? background is the Messenger of Allah Subhan Allah Allah sort of sees a dream that they are all going for.

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So he wakes up and he tells us how about all the alarma Sahaba get very excited Why? Because the more hard you don't want to go back home. The answer want to perform the omura in a proper manner because before that the oma will perform they will perform in a shaky way. So they will want to go for a run. So they get ready 1400 Sahaba of the Allah and home get ready to go for the

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so whilst they are going the machine again find out and the machine again say look, there is no way that we are going to allow you to come for the progress I must have consulted Abubakar acidic rhodiola no and Abubakar message of Allah, our intention is to go and do the nothing else. And it was a custom amongst the people of Makkah that you can't stop anybody from visiting the garba this was a custom, even if they're your enemies, because this was your holy place. It was the center You have no right to stop anybody.

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So Boubacar says unless you have a lot that we're going for the Kaaba

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and we have no come to fight we made that quite clear. And if they fight, then we will fight otherwise we will not fight. So that was a book about the law and who's Masha Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the man from the bunny who's up for what? To find out. So he came back and said, Look, they've prepared an army. They're not gonna allow you to go.

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So the Prophet is a little large. So again, consulted the Sahaba rizwana large Marine, and by them, the mushrikeen has sent a man or woman

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Oh, I've been Masood was one of the leaders of the Arabs. So he came to the messenger of a lion he said to the message of and I said look,

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have you Oh Mohammed, have you ever seen a man who has destroyed his people?

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As that ever happened?

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That's never happened. They you destroy your people. People have Makawa your people or you destroyed your religion.

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imagine if they get the upper hand over you. Then he said, you know these faces that I see around you.

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I don't think they'll stand I think they'll run meaning tribes stick together. But these people you got some unsavoury you got some from here you got some Africans you got some you know from here they're salmonella pharmacy and all these people they don't want to stay by your side. So bucha become really angry and buckled in salted

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water and salted. So what happened that will be called the prophets Allah some had seen this dream, but it didn't mean that they had to do Amara this year. So what the machete he said you can come for ombre but not this year you can come election.

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They agreed to solo the idea. And in the solo or the BIA there were many conditions which actually went against the Muslims.

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So even abubaker or the Allah would say so Pamela. Apparently the solo debut was against the most loser, but it turned out to be the greatest victory for the most lateral Abubakar speaker of the day. So Omar after this, it comes to Abubakar acidic rhodiola and who is upset with the compromises and he says, Oh vaca Tomi, are we not Muslims? And are they not? mushriks mean and why do we have to take these conditions? He said yes, we are Muslim and they are mushriks. Is that? Is not the message of Allah the true prophet?

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Is the mercy of Allah not the true prophet. Why do we have to take these compromises and overcome the loss showed is the man on that occasion but but on the other hand, he's the true prophet and whatever he says he's inspired but lost power Birla.

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This was see this was the difference. Honestly, when you study the life aboubaker omarama question certain things about broker dealer never, ever questioned anything the machine philosopher

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never. That's why the Messenger of Allah said when I presented Islam every single person

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Thought hesitated, took a step back beside this man

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over a Muslim accepted it straightaway. Never in his life did he ever questioned the province or lesson on anything.

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Omar says after I asked this question I felt really bad.

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It says the caravans going back to Medina have that right at the back of the caravan because I'm worried revelation will descend regarding me and I will be destroyed. subscribed at the back of the caravan all of that message of Allah sends a message for me.

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That's all okay, move, finish. What are you finished?

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Quran Allah has revealed the arm from the seventh heaven to regarding your destruction.

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He says hesitantly, I went forward. And the Messenger of Allah turned to me and it's an homage glad tidings Allah has revealed in the fatahna locker for Tango beam. You know, the sooner they be aware, all the conditions seem to be against you. Allah says enough a dynamic of automobile. This is a manifest victory for you. And this is why I'm Abubakar would say greatest victory for the believers was sold for the EPA. So in the 77th year, you had the Battle of labor. Now, how did the battle take place? Look, the Hebrews were the Jews were and even those Jews who had been exiled from Medina, they ended up with

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hate haber. Now, they were the people who incited the mushrikeen against Muslims at Hunter can many other occasions. What the condition in solo trade idea was that the Muslims would not fight diversity for 10 years. What did I do? That freed up the Muslim to deal with other enemies. So on the seventh year, they go to haber,

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to the forts. And is the number of forts in Hayward and they were very strong. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave on the first day he gave the flag to Abu Bakr Siddiq on the Ummah and who to go, had no success. Second day they gave to

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get no success. The next occasion the problem is Allah alayhi wa sallam said, I will today give it to a man who loves a law

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and is the soul and Allah and is the soul love him

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overseas? Never in my life did I want prominence besides that occasion? Why is it because we all love Allah.

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But this was a man who Allah suited up also.

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So the next morning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ways early, and he called Ali and they gave him the flag. And Allah subhana wa Taala gave victory on the hands of Ali Vitaly, for the

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the next battle is, is a very interesting battle because in this battle or expedition, they had a guide called Rafi bin.

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Now Rafi amor was a bandit, a robber. He knew the paths when nobody else knew because he was a bandit. So he abubaker the Allah Allah was in this army.

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Omar is in this army, but the progress Allah makes in charge of this army, Who among us among us embraced Islam just before the battle have moved very late toward the latter part of the hijra years. But he made him the Emir. And this shows Subhanallah the humility of ibaka Omar didn't say, look, we are early Muslims, we are you know, we should be the leaders. Oh, he's a myth. Therefore, whoever the mean is maybe younger than me. You may even have less knowledge than you. humbleness dictates like Abu Bakar on the show was that you follow that?

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So in this Rafi bin amor, he sees he sees Abubakar acidic. And then Rachel mentioned he says he had a further cloak, which from a different SS specific political for that. And he had a miswak in his hand. And he says this guy out of everybody in the army seemed different. He seems special. Subhan Allah, Allah, you know, gives the Olia and the greater the only it gives them a presence. So this guy seemed different to everybody else in

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the in the expedition, so so I approached him, and I said to him, Listen, I've chosen you from everybody else.

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He called Sahiba swag. He had a swag. So the person that were the swag with him. I've chosen you from everybody else. I want you to advise me, but don't give me too long advice. Something I can remember. So Abubakar Siddique are the alumna, so you can count fingers. He said yes. So he gives him this. He says, bear witness that nun has the right to be worshipped besides Allah and Muhammad is

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slave and messenger established the prayer.

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If you're well give this a crap perform Hajj to the house and for us in the month of Ramadan

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you should have you remembered this is enough. Just that so Pamela no long beyond no long the CEO just concise. You know, a man can do this and this is sometimes very beautiful because sometimes, you know, we don't understand the individual speaking to and we started giving him a long long beer or very intellectually goes over that person's head. By the time we finished with that poor guy is more confused than when we started with him.

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You know, a man came to the prophet SAW Allah and he said look, and he said, Oh, give me some misia

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give me something to see how the after this in the car, I don't have to ask anybody else.

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Okay, so imagine somebody said to me, yo, give me life changing the admonition which will change my life. So what we will do is come back after a week let me write it down.

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What the Messenger of Allah say to Mr. Avila said, cool. Man, Toby Allah. So Mr. King,

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say you believe in Allah firmly, and then remain firm upon his steadfastness.

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Pamela, short, concise, but heavy. Because if you can remain steadfast on something that is a miracle in itself

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is a miracle. Most people waver this way that way. But if you can remain firm on something that is panel achievement, then we have the conquest of Mecca. So the conquest of Makkah, so now again, we go back to solo Libya was the background to conquest of Makkah.

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Honestly, they be or they had a treaty that those who align themselves with the Muslims, they will be protected like the Muslims and those who align themselves with the people of Macau, they will have the same rules and regulation. So there was a tribe called the bunny backer who aligned themselves to the

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Mughals and there was the who's the bunny who's uh, who align themselves to the Muslims. What the very buck did is that they attack the bunny husa and nourish you mentioned people from Macau also economic, etc. They attacked them as well, and some of the bunny who's our Muslims, so they killed the bunny who's up. So this violated the treaty for 10 years or so Pamela, by now, this gave the Muslims also time to strength themselves. Many people who are interested in embracing Islam didn't embrace Islam because they were concerned about the people mucked up, but the treaty 10 year treaty, now open that door. So they embrace Islam, the Muslim numbers well, so the problem is a lot of them

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sent a message to them and he said, he said you have three conditions. One is that you pay dia so the blood money for those will kill play the blood money. The second is that you break your allegiance and align to the pennybaker say that we no longer have allegiance aligned with them. Or the third you make an announcement that the sooner they will treat you the ABA is finished.

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So I will Sophia.

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When it came to him, he said third one.

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treaties finished. So the Muslim came back.

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Abu Sophia now realize that was a bad move. So he comes

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to Medina to convince the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam to carry on with the treaty. The prophets Allah Sam doesn't say a word to remember only Habiba. The, the daughter of Abu Sufyan is married to the Prophet salaallah alayhi Salaam. So then he goes to a boubakeur. Abubakar said, Listen, Sophia, if there was an army of ants fighting you people, I would, I would say the army of the ads. That's how much I dislike you. So then I will go through the alarm. No, he goes to the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he sees Ayesha his daughter or the alarm ha, she's sifting wheat. Normally the Arab would sift wheat

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if they were gonna go on a long journey.

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So he says to get suspicious. So he says, is the Messenger of Allah gonna fight the Romans? are at the mercy of Allah tala I shall those who the father remain quiet? Don't tell anybody. She remains quiet.

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Is it the people have merged? Quite.

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He said, Is it the people of crash? That's really the question we wanted to ask. Yeah, very quiet. While she's having the discussion with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam comes in. And the Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam says, oh, Booker, we have decided to attack Makkah and this has resulted in the conquest of

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So five is the city where the profits are largely so that was chased out of it is that city which is quite close to Makkah, is that occasion where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that there was no occasion, which was more heavy upon me than being chased out of five the urchins stoning and pelting the Prophet sallallahu wasallam This was life. So after Fatoumata, now they decide to go to life. So they lay siege, the tyfa is very unique. Why? Because it was the only city which had a large war upon it around it. Why do you have a large wall around it was because one of the people of bhyve had a very close relationship with the kisara, the leader of the Persian superpower, and they

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were very advanced nation. So he said to him, he said, What would you like to customize? Or would you like for me, said I would like you to build a wall around my city.

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So the kisara now said engineers, and they built a wall around dice. So five was very difficult to penetrate. And five is on high ground.

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So for 14 days, they lay siege to it.

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On this occasion,

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Abu Bakar son Abdullah was martyred.

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So what happened was that they should the people have died with expert marksman shooting arrows. So what they did is that they shot an arrow. It hit Abdullah live for 40 days and then he passed away.

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So when, when Abu Bakar, who later on when the people have five cane,

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a walker still had

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the arrow. So he bought it out, said, who did this arrow belong to? There was a man called say he obeyed. Say you've been obeyed. He said, that's my arrow. I cut it, I sharpened it. And I'm the one who put in a feather upon it.

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A rocker said, this was the arrow which kill my son. All Praise be to Allah that you will not disgraced with being killed at the hands of my son.

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And my son had the honor of being martyred at your hands, meaning my son was martyred but if you had it happened to you, you would have died in Kufa.

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Okay, so what happened was when they lay siege,

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the lay siege for a number of days, you know, nothing happened, they can't penetrate.

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So then the mercy of Allah Subhan, Allah lism sees a dream that there is a head, it's picking a utensil and the utensil foldover.

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So he tells us harbor this dream. And Abu Bakar on the Alonzo messenger of Allah can my interpretated message Allah interpreted, he said, we should lift the siege, there will be no benefit in carrying over the seat. The problem is I'm a lot and I have spoken the truth, and they lifted the seeds and it also shows the mentality of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If you look at the Messenger of Allah, what does it could have carried on take all know we trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala which you will meet tomorrow but he also assessed the situation that leave it for now we'll come back another day if need be. And later on the people of five embraced Islam anyway.

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Now the famous battle of the book.

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The Battle of the book is known as Ajay Shu Osama the difficult battle Why? Because they fell after a famine and the drought.

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They are going to fight the Roman city over 600 kilometers in sharm away. It's a drought is a famine.

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The Muslims and everybody in Medina

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are hungry, they got no money and it's harvest time. It's time to harvest so they've had a good harvest and always at the mercy of Allah makes announced now is a test to the manana Philippine came in making all these excuses. Now because they had this time of a drought and famine, the Muslims had the wealth, very little wealth.

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So this is the battle in which Omar Barbara Delano said, you know, I've never been able to outdo Abu Bakar Hey, I'm going out to him.

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Here I'm gonna do it. So he brings half of his wealth. Imagine half of everything he owned. He brings them today, today.

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short while later brubacher comes he brings every single thing that leaves nothing at home.

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Nothing at all.

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So Pamela, the overall that they conceded, he said I will never ever be able to outdo

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Abubakar Sadiq this was the battle where the Messenger of Allah said, you know, give us more. You know, we need to prepare the army. This was the same battle where they

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group of people came to the Prophet salaallah Cinema said Mr. Avila, we want to go into battle. But we don't have shoes imagine don't have shoes. The problem is a loss and upset Look, I don't have shoes to give you so these men left, they were crying. They are known known as alberca on the Reapers history records the names the width is that's what they're known as. So, this is also the battle

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where Othmani a farm prepared a third of the entire army budgets, he paid for it. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You know who can give more so far and said I will give 300 cabin laden with goods

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who could give more same gathering

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smarter Center again 300 calculator good said who can give more again 900 camel lady, good same gathering.

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So the Sahaba Subhana Allah Allah is Allah something else who can give more

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same gathering here man stands up goes home with the sack full of gold coins, which were equivalent to his 900 calculate goods. And the Messenger of Allah took those coins, he was flipping them and they say, oh, man, in the scale of Allah, whatever you do, after this day, nothing, nothing will harm you.

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They say whose sacrifice was greater, whose reward is greater with Mars, or Abacus was mon repair paid

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a third of the army but Abu Bakar gave everything that he had.

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And therefore the Alomar mentioned that the sacrifice of Abu Bakar on the lander was greater than that of Othman himself and Subhana Allah because the Hadith of the Prophet Salah Salem, I think it's 100,000 or 1000, a person gives 100,000 and the possible loss plan what Allah but another person gives one Delhomme here's one that is more beloved to Allah, that the 100,000 of the other person is how does it How is that possible? So because that person will give 100,000 had plenty this person only had two humps out of those two Delhomme to give one in the path for loss.

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This is a parabola wave brothers where I come to giving you give according to what you have. Allah is your result. Allah is the Sustainer a lot of what Allah has given you.

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Sometimes you have nothing.

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Then what are you meant to do to say some nice words to the person has come to us and nice words. Don't be amongst those who never give because more you give. Allah will give you more May Allah subhanaw taala elevate the sacrifice of the Sahaba well last month Allah grant the agenda for those may last prompt Allah give us the ability to emulate this habit at one large mind May Allah Subhana Allah resurrect us with them on the Day of Judgment bharatmala feeco salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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zakka mala heydon for watching, and please do not forget to watch the next episode, and inshallah when you're GWAS they will be plenty more history series coming very soon. barakallahu ecom salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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