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An-Nisa 94-104 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 97-99


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The discussion delves into the idea that individuals are causing oppressed and lost their religious freedom by doing things like being a Muslim. The community has refused to allow individuals to practice their own ways and is pressured to leave their beliefs. The speakers emphasize the importance of worshipping Allah and finding a way to live in a uncertain situation. Additionally, the speakers emphasize the need to practice being in the near constraint to avoid harming others and protect one's deen.

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Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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in alladhina tawaf, elgamal, mala iica. Ptolemy and forcing him. Indeed, those whom the angels taken that while wronging themselves

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those people who die in a state, when they are doing solemn upon themselves, volley me, is a plural of violin.

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And violin is one who does well.

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So who are they doing limb upon?

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upon themselves?

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What does it mean by this, they're doing loom upon themselves

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by committing sins,

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by disobeying Allah subhanaw taala.

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And this is the greatest injustice that we can do to ourselves that we are not giving the help that we deserve.

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We all say that, it's my body's right that I must eat, it's my body's right that I must sleep and rest, and enjoy, and take it easy, and not work too hard.

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But it's also our body's help, that we don't present it for punishment.

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So the greatest loan, that a person can do to himself is what?

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sinning and as a result presenting himself for punishment.

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So those people who die in this state, when they're wronging, themselves, who are these people,

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even are both of the Dinos said that some Muslims, they used to go out with the idolaters, increasing the size of their army, against the messenger of a Muslim.

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Remember, in the previous ayat, we have learned that all the Muslims, they did not migrate to Medina, some were living with the enemy, some were living with other people with whom the Muslims had a peace treaty with. So sometimes these Muslims, they would accompany the mushrikeen. Why?

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Just to increase their numbers against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. So basically, they would come not with the intention of fighting as the prophets are of our dishonor.

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And what would happen, an arrow would hit one of them, and kill.

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So one of them, he would die. Or he would be struck on his neck with a sword and be killed. And then the last panel data revealed this idea

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that indeed, those people who, when the angels, when they take them, meaning when they take their souls at the time of their death, in the state, that they are learning me and forcing him that they are doing zone upon themselves.

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Although they say mean the angels say, FEMA quantum, what were you in?

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Meaning, what state were you in? what circumstances were you in? With regard to religion?

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What had you been doing with regard to your duty, in respect of property practicing the dean?

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Female contempt? In what state? were you in? What were you busy with? What on earth were you doing? FEMA, quantum

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falou. They said, meaning these people, they reply In response, concern was that our theme of we were oppressed in the land. We were weak in the land. We had no ability, we had no authority.

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What does it mean by this, we were oppressed in the name.

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Meaning we were in such a state in which we had no religious freedom. And because of that, we did learn within ourselves. Why? Because of not doing

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because of not migrating.

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So we see over here, that the learn that they're committing on themselves is what

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continuing to remain in the land of

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living among the disbelievers not doing the job. And as a result of that, being unable to remain obedient to Allah.

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As a result of that, being unable to remain obedient to Allah, and sometimes also supporting the enemy.

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Remember, that if a person cannot live as a Muslim, cannot live as being obedient to Allah subhanaw taala into place? If he cannot pray, if he cannot perform the obligations, if he cannot stay away from the home in a place, then what should he do?

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He should leave that place.

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And if living in that place means that he will not be able to practice the deen. He will

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Admittedly commit heroin, then living in that place is no excuse for sinning.

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Living in that place is no excuse for sending.

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Because over here, a lot of penalty calls this zone, volley me unforeseen. They're doing well man themselves out by committing sin, why are they committing sin, because they're in a place which forces them to sin.

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They didn't leave that place, they neglected.

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They chose to remain amongst the disbelievers compromising on their faith, supporting the enemy being unable to remain a beat into a loss of

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service a person is in such a place, he cannot indulge in hold on and say that he is forced by necessity.

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He is forced by necessity. His work demands that from him. No, this is upon himself, which is why the angels at the time of death, they will rebuke this person.

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All female quantum What were you in? And female quantum is like, what do you think you were doing? What on earth were you doing?

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Didn't you remember that you were supposed to go back to a loss of data.

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You were given certain obligations that you have to follow and certain prohibitions that you have to stay away from female content.

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And what will their response be?

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ALU canal massotherapy we were oppressed. Meaning we were weak. We were forced by necessity. We had to do how long?

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So for example, if a person shakes his hands with a nonviolent, saying that he is forced, it is out of necessity that he has to

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similarly he leaves his Salah. Why? Because he said it's because of necessity. Similarly, he looks at the how long, he listens to how long?

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Because he says it's out of necessity. He doesn't have a choice, then this excuse isn't acceptable.

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This excuse is not acceptable. What excuse that could now most other have been we were very few. We didn't have much choice. We were weak. We didn't have power. Mr. dafina. First of

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all, they will say, who will say the angel will say and reproach. Attempt alencon was it not arbella? The land of Allah the earth of Allah, wa sera spacious?

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Was the earth of Allah not big enough for to add up here so that you could do hijra in it?

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Meaning you could leave that place and go elsewhere. Was it really that difficult? Is the earth of Allah not big enough, was that the only place on the earth left for you to live in?

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The Earth of Allah is huge. There are so many places that are still unpopulated, there are so many places that you could go to, that you could move to? How can you say that out of necessity? You have to commit how long out of necessity, you could not obey Allah? No, there is no necessity.

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Because you could leave that place. You had an option for 200 euro fee

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for Ola Eco, so those people which people who do load them on themselves in this way, but Welcome jahannam their abode is Hellfire was that atmosphere and what an evil destination it is?

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Elon Musk of the afina MENA region, except for those people who are weak from mondamin. When he said, and the women, well will then and the children and will then is a part of what it

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and will then is used for young children who are not valuable, who have not yet reached the age of puberty, whether they're boys or girls,

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children who are dependent on their parents.

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And why the women mentioned

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because they're under their husbands or their under their parents. And if their husbands or their parents are not supportive, what are they supposed to do?

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And why are the men mentioned? Because sometimes, even they don't have a choice.

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So I mean, originally when they say you are will then

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and remember that the only condition is not just that you're Muslim or if you are considered weak, but rather the condition is that lay your stuffier owner haledon. Whenever you have to do in a severe

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they are not capable to have any plan, nor can they find a way.

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The word yourself your own is from their own fetters flowering from the word is too far and what does it suit army ability

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so they have no ability to have a hailer. What is hanaa

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he doesn't know reflectors, how well and how old is power.

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What do we say like how would What are poeta 11. So how will is power

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founders Haider is used for a way or a means through which a person achieves his goal.

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A way, a means a plan through which a person achieves his goal, a strategy, a plan

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that gives him the power that empowers him to do something.

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So, last healthier owner haledon. They are not able to have any hailer meaning they cannot come up with any plan to leave, they cannot come up with any plan to have an alternate to get out of that situation.

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Because if you cannot stay somewhere along with practicing your deen, then what's the ruling you should leave.

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Now what if there is a person who cannot find any way any means of leaving

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you understand they cannot find a way to leave. For example, there is a child, a young child or a woman and they know for sure that living in a particular place means a lot of fitna for their Deen so they know that they should leave. But they can't find a plan, they can't find a way

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they can't come up with a plan to leave

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when they have to do a subpoena and they cannot find a way either. Meaning if they decide to leave, they don't know the way they're gonna get lost.

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And if they go, they're gonna get killed.

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So when I have to do so, such people Allah says for that, so those are some law who it is hoped it may be. It is expected that Allah will a year for him that he will pardon them. What kind of loan What are for one with a photo and allies are full. He is most pardoning and he's also most forgiving.

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Notice it has been said our asset and what does our sound mean it is hooked.

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So it is hoped maybe Allah will forgive them, what does it show?

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That even if a person is in a state and he wishes to leave that place, and he cannot find a way out of that place, then what should we do?

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Just hope for the mercy of Allah and forgiveness of Allah. And indulgent Hara.

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Okay, he has to try his best to stay away from heaven, but at the same time, make dua and more importantly,

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do is to

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do is to love

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because it is hoped. So a person should constantly seek forgiveness, so that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive him.

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So what can we learn from these is

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that worshiping Allah subhanaw taala is an obligation.

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worshiping Allah subhanaw taala is an obligation. And worshiping Allah means doing what he has commanded and staying away from what he has forbidden.

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It's an obligation and no excuse will work for not worshiping Him.

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A person cannot say I was forced by others, I was compelled by the situation.

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Like, for example, a woman says that, oh, I cannot wear the hijab, because my husband doesn't want me to wear the hijab

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must have been

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no excuse will work. Similarly, a person cannot say, I can't praise for that, because my family doesn't let me my family doesn't like it. Even though they're Muslim, I have to delay my Salah every time. I have to, for instance, delay my Ocelot, for example, these days, we leave off at three o'clock and that's the time for us. And if you go home and then pray, so it's possible that you miss it.

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So the person who comes to pick you up, you say that, oh, I cannot ask them to wait until I pray. No, this is not acceptable.

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It's not acceptable at all. Your duty to Allah comes first.

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So worshiping Allah subhanaw taala is an obligation and no excuse will work for not worshipping him a person cannot say I was forced by others I was compelled by the situation. No, you have to do your best.

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We also learn from the side that if there's any sin that a person has committed, because of other people,

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there is any sin that a person is committing because of other people, whether it is their peer pressure

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or it is their system. It is their culture.

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Then these sins are not excusable.

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You cannot blame other people for the wrong that you're doing. You are responsible for the wrong that you do yourself. So if somebody else is stopping you, or somebody else is forcing you you should leave Don't stay

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But if they're not stopping you, if they're not forcing you and you are able to practice you're in the near constraint.

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But if living amongst some people means that you have to compromise on your team, then you should leave.

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Which takes us to another lesson from this idea that it is incumbent upon those people who had the means to do hijra to migrate those people who have the means to Hydra, they should migrate.

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And those who cannot should hope for the forgiveness of a loss.

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We also learned from this ayah that a person's after it begins from the moment of his deaths.

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A person's asherah it begins from the moment of death

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because these people when they're doing Zalman themselves, the angels they ask them in reproach

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FEMA quantum, what were you doing?

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And then later on, there is punishment. But it begins from the moment of death, that the angels they're not bringing lower than what I had on. They're not bringing fragrance.

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They're not bringing good news as it is for the believer, but rather what are they bringing? reproach harsh words? What were you doing? What were you busy and so a person's effort begins from the moment of that matter, for the comment piano to

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we also learn from this I that if for some genuine reason, a person is unable to leave a place in which practicing his Deen is difficult for him, that he should hope for the mercy of Allah.

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And for that, he should try his best to stay away from the heaven and increase in his righteousness.

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He should try his best to stay away from how long an increase in his righteousness and all the while who should remain visine is the fact if you look at it, these ads were mentioned right after the

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the Mujahideen and the pirating.

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Now, especially if a person is living in a place where the majority of people don't practice it, but it's mandatory upon him

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that he should live a life of comfort in his own house.

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If he does that, what's going to happen eventually, is Dean is going to be affected, the Dean of his children are going to be affected. And we have seen that people who did migrate to such lands, they knew how to recite the Quran, but their children did they know how to recite the Quran?

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Did they learn how to recite the Quran?

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Why is it that we see that the older generations they know they're solid, they know their God, they know their Quran, the Quran, but the younger generations, they don't know much. Why?

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Because we are not doing the head. And I don't mean by Jihad going out of battle.

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But what I mean is propagating or teaching the people about the dean,

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and remaining as a dean, in our own houses, living our own comfortable lives.

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All that I know is my job, which is nine to five, I come home, I have dinner, spend time with my family, watch some TV and go to sleep.

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And then the whole cycle begins again.

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Where's the hakala?

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Where's the Hakata? Dean? Where's going to the masjid and learning how to read the Quran? learning about the deen Where's that?

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If a person does not do that, eventually it's going to affect his Deen

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and if it doesn't affect his Deen, it's going to affect the Dean of his generations of his children and their children.

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So in order to protect the dean, it is almost incumbent upon those people

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who don't live in a Muslim land, to do jihad, through the knowledge of God through the Quran.

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We cannot live in our own private lives and think that it's enough.

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It's our obligation to preserve this blessing this huge man that almost paneled Allah has given us

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Elon Musk

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From the sides and people say that, you know you're not allowed to live in a non Muslim then.

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Okay, if you go from here, where will you go?

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Tell me one place which is ideal.

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One place where no sin is committed

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in some ways, unfortunately our Muslim lands are much worse. In some ways, they're much worse.

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So, at the end of the day, what do we learn

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that wherever you are, whether it is in North America, or South America, the North Pole or the South Pole, Asia, wherever you are,

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what are you supposed to do?

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What are you supposed to do?

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Live with caution, and preserve your deen

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and spread the deen. wherever you are. You cannot go to any place and think that you don't have to work for the dean. No. You have to,

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especially today, no matter where you are, because if you don't become active in your religion, then you're going to lose it.

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If you don't lose it, your children will lose it.

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So no matter where you are, you have to be active in your day.