Hasan Ali – Reward that YOU get, which YOU don’t know about

Hasan Ali
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Subhan Allah Allah thing to know these backwards I'll give you an example right? I'll give them some people don't know about but then they can reward for this they don't even know they can do it for this you know the shopping that you do every single week for your family yes guys

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to costume shopping

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when it's up the first plan is to go shopping for the

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you know the shopping that you guys do for your family every week. Yes

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every family member breadwinner, head of the family who himself earned his salary took that money went and did some shopping doesn't matter where you went to the shopping bought that those items in the house you're feeding yourself and the family the fact that you are completing your responsibility you have now got the reward of Saba and charge

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that doesn't mean you stop giving yourself a compiler

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pay you know my minister that

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I gave you to hold me

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you will get the reward or something

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you guys going for to college in university. You guys think that oh I'm not learning anything religious.

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You go to the you go to college, you go to university you spent about six years the two years college four years University. After you get your degree kind of thing. Oh, that guy. He went to this religious course of Narcos Narcos, guys, if you don't know your religion, you're going to feel like this. If you have the intention of learning this certain profession to benefit humankind to benefit people. You're getting rewarded for that. You're getting rewarded for all those lessons that you went through a

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lot of people don't know this even simple things you get into offering you don't even know at another one you get to work for

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you even though this is something beautiful. And you come across this hadith is the man who

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does a hadith in nursery that says the Prophet Allah says he says I guarantee I guarantee the middle path of Jannah Kumar follow His rasa a very very lush basically a lush portion of Jana very good place of Jana I guaranteed for that person who was in the right in an argument so now he's having an argument someone he's in the right in the argument that he gives that up for the for the sake of peace

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for the sake of peace

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people don't know this industry people get into solid frustration.

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