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The second thing that leads to a heart heart is what is known as Koffler. And that's heedlessness, that's basically, when we stop caring, right? We're, like I said, we see sins happening around us, we see people reminding us of a lot. So we may go to like a hotel, or we may come to a lecture, and we hear somebody reminding us but it doesn't make a difference because we're careless, were heedless, right meaning all the all the reminders that we get about the realities of life, and the house cut off, and paradise and hell and all this kind of stuff, and this

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and this, and this and this, and we hear it and it just like bounces off of our chest. Right? So he the lecture, there's no difference in our email, right? It's to say, this is what is known as a right a state of people this is when we stop caring stop thinking about the realities of life and the property a lot. So to call the people like this, a lot of these people will be in the Hellfire

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level life kabuna we have that these are the people that was talking to people they know

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they have hearts that they don't use to understand. Now.

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Now you will see they have eyes, that then by which they do not see right now.

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They have ears, but they don't use these ears to hear right and then allies door that says

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that these people are like cattle, right like animals, right? Why a lot described to people as like animal. Why?

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What is this thing? What is What is it? What is the what is what do we avoid that type of state? Where are we seeing all these things around us? Like I said, we see the signs of Allah, we realize that death is certain we see all that stuff, but still where he lists. What does that do with the mcats? Anyone know? Yeah.

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Exactly. So like an animal, right? Where your only concerns in life are your base desires, right? Eating, sleeping, drinking, having sex, etc. That's it. That's your that's your only goal in life. That's all you're concerned about. This is why I said that these people are like an they're like cattle. And then Eliza says, burn him out, buddy.

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So once we have a picture was we can we can picture cattle and we say, Okay, I don't want to be in that state. Allah says that the people who are like this bundle of oil that they are more misguided, they're further Australian cattle.

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So when we are in that type of state, where do we stop paying attention to the world around us? We start paying attention to the cries of our soul, and the cries of our spirituality. When we become hedonist. Allah says we become more misguided than the cattle.

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Right? And then Eliza says,

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that is those people who are the half you knew that people weren't egoless and this is a beautiful idea because here a lot gives us such a vivid picture of the type of life that we're living and those that

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have been there rather than they are more misguided than even counting