Annoyed and Fasting

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Sit down with a combined with a love hate cartoon, this is this theme. I'm here with another adult on public service announcement. One of the things that is very common during the month of Ramadan when someone's been fasting, especially for 10 1214 hours is that because they're so hungry because they haven't eaten all day, it's very easy for them to become super irritable, in everything that everyone else does, is super annoying to them. They're always frustrated and this and that, which is a, it's normal to feel that way. But that really is the test of the month of Ramadan. And some people actually use that the fact that they're fasting as an excuse to go off and other people were

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to be rude to other people and all that. And so how to love that goes completely against the spirit of fasting, what are the some of the processes that have taught us that if you are fasting, and someone comes in, then they do something to you that you find to be very annoying, or very bad or very hurtful that you say in the file, which means I am passing and two parallel scholars mentioned that there's two parties that actually benefit from that statement. Number one is a person who you say to to remind them, basically we're saying is, hey, listen, calm down, go easy on me. I'm fasting. Number two, you're actually reminding yourself, you're telling yourself, I'm fasting, and

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I'm going to be patient, I'm not going to lash out on this person. And that really, as we said, that really is the test of the month of Ramadan. And we've had a lot most of people around us, especially those of us who live in America or whatever, are in the West, the majority of people around us are not fasting and so we can't turn to someone like that and expect them to understand that we're rude because we have eaten all day and they'll be like no what, Who told you that? That's right. And even with Muslim that's normal. So even with Muslims, it's never never an excuse to be rude to someone or to be irritable or to be super mean to them just because we think that we are fasting and therefore

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we have the right to lash out on other people. Until next time insha Allah savoir equal to lie